Wordless Wednesday: before and after?

Pose idea all hers.


Pose forced upon me.


Yes there’s a story.

There’s always a story…


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  1. Miz says

    whether she is or not she has been clomping around in the house wearing that outfit (and the way too big gogo boots) since I seized it from her so I could borrow it for an, uh, “event.”

    And announcing shes “a big girl like mama.”

    I love 6 :)

  2. says

    Too cute – can’t wait to hear the story…..

    I wonder what the world would be like if a generation of mothers were able to support, nurture and encourage self-esteem in their daughters the way you do with The Tornado.

  3. says

    Love how the boots disappear on the Tornado only to reappear on your long legs just below. Great juxtaposition! And where’s your hat? I admit – I love(d) disco and still do!

  4. Kristin says

    Please, please, print those pictures out and frame them side-by-side! That is just too cute not to make a memory of it.

  5. says

    Gorgeous… though I have to say Tornado’s pose has a bit more attitude going for it than your’s does!


  6. says

    What precious photos! I’m relatively new to your blog, and I’m not sure why. As I look at the people who’ve commented on this post, all of my friends are there. Why am I so late to this party?

  7. says

    I saw some of the story on FB but had to drop in to say HOLY CRAP YOU ARE GORGEOUS. You rock the 60’s mod vibe like nobody’s business (forced pose and all!). And the Tornado is utterly adorbs as well! Yay for mother daughter dress up:)

  8. says

    that is so cute. She is fabulous, of course, but you really look amazing. you may not have chosen that pose, but you really worked it!