Exercise is not my passion.

Ill admit to loving me some OFFICE'ercising.


Exercise isn’t my passion.

This fact will come as no surprise to most of you.

I workout.  Consistently.  I have for close to two decades.  I have no plans to stop.

That said, when we (the royal) meet up at blogger conferences or other social media events I’m always the first to announce EXERCISE IS NOT MY PASSION.

For me the word passion is indicative of something you’d choose to do all day every day if you could.

For me the word passion is something which lights a fire inside you, sparks you to growth, & satiates a need or desire.

For me the word passion is something you long to talk about, read about, & engulf yourself in 24.7.

Exercise is not my passion.

I was reminded of this when I read a recent post by Kate .

(if you do not read her–you must. shes insightful, brutally honest & has a gift with words.  so much so I grow excited when I see a comment left here by her as I know, whether it’s what I want to hear or NOT,  there will be wisdom/loving honesty contained within).

The post in its entirety is here, but it was the two sentences below which prompted today’s blog:

Life is more than our bodies. We need strong, healthy bodies to live our life to the fullest, but when our bodies become our whole lives, we miss out on the things we wanted those bodies for in the first place.

I completely agree with Kate’s words.

Exercise & leading a healthy life is the backdrop to my daily existence.

At 42.5 I need a strong, healthy body in order to live my life the way I define as “full.”

I need energy (so I workout). 

I need strength and functional fitness (so I workout). 

I wish my back didnt hurt want a strong core & lower back (so I workout). 

I want to lead a long and vibrant next 42.5 years (so I workout). 

I want to be able to do, live and be my passion *without* bodily limitations (so I workout).

Exercise is neither my life nor my passion. 

It is, in a way which works for me, a mere (consistent!) snippet of my day which allows me to pursue my passion with limitless strength & boundless energy.

My passion (please to see definition above) is helping people & promoting healthy living.

Spreading the word about exercise is one way my passion manifests itself.

And you?

Will you take a moment & share with me what makes you come to life?

Will you take moment & share with me what you could do all.day.long. & be happier than the proverbial high-protein clam?

Will you share with me YOUR passion?




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  1. says

    You couldn’t have said it better :)
    I feel that people have a tendency to become SO consumed with exercise in itself (my pre-weight loss self included), that they forget why they’re doing it to begin with! We should be exercising to live, not living to exercise.

    Such a great post :)

  2. Runner Girl says

    I’d have said running is my passion.
    I want to talk about it and read about it and everything you say.

    Now I wonder if that makes me selfish?

  3. says

    This is so interesting because I see your point so clearly, yet it was finding a kind of excercise that lit a fire in me that made me able to achieve consistency, you know?
    Maybe the part that I’m most passionate about isn’t the exercise itself, but it’s more about the part where I get to help other people. Just last night after class women were practically disrobing to show me emerging muscles and stories of strength and that fuels my desire to find more for us to do next time.
    So I don’t know. I’ll have to think on this some more.

    • Shelley (@Stuperb) says

      I love Carla’s post, and I love this really honest & thoughtful response, Mrs Fatass. Really.

    • says

      A great post by Carla, but I’m with MrsFatass on this one. Over the last two years I can genuinely say that exercise has become one of my deepest passions. Yes I have my writing, my personal relationships and all the factors that are part of my general pursuit of happiness, but it was exercise that originally made me see that I could achieve anything I wanted. It’s no longer about dropping weight, that part of my journey is over, but nothing gives me the same euphoric feeling of truly testing my body’s capabilities and finding out just how strong I am—physically and mentally. Now inspiring others to test their boundaries and push their limits has also become something else to feel passionately about.

  4. says

    I workout for the same reasons as you do and it’s not my passion either. In fact the reason I work out early in the morning is that I have time to do everything I love in the evening.

    My passion … hmmm. I don’t have something I could do all day long but a perfect day would be filled with Bella (playing and walking), some cross stitching, some reading, some cooking, watch some TV shows I love, make a Japanese puzzle, have coffee or dinner with a friend, spend time with my love. Guess you have my passions now :)

  5. says

    THis may sound weird to you, but I had a ah ha moment reading this post.
    I have been all comsumed by yoga lately and it is all i think about and on and on.
    I think my passion is helping other people find the inner calm I found through yoga even if that isn’t yoga for them.

    I LVOE THIS!!!

  6. says

    Love this post! Teaching Jazzercise is my passion. I couldd do it everyday. Like you I exercise to stay healthy & set the example for my family.

  7. Healthy Mama says

    You know that I agree with all of this, Carla.
    When I first started losing weight exercise was my entire passion.
    I found I got too narrow focused and almost lost friends over the fact all I wanted to do was exercise and talk about exercise.
    Now I just want to help other people like you do and let them know how healthy living can help them.

    Fantastic thoughts here.

  8. says

    I love the way you write from your heart. It is so real, raw and brave! xo

    My passion is running, nature, creating, learning and above all of these my children

  9. says

    ummm, did you write anything because I can’t stop staring at your arms!! holy jacked batman.

    My passion is triathlon–really. I enjoy the commitment to training, the challenge of racing and the feeling of crossing that finish line. There is just something so euphoric in all of it.

  10. says

    I love this! My kids and family are my passion. We must take care of ourselves physically to pursue life with full energy.

  11. Renee says

    I have one more idea after reading Miles Muscles Mom.
    I think for me it can be the finishing.
    Maybe my passion is completions and finnishing goals!

  12. says

    spot on!!!!
    I’m not passionate about it yet I do it…
    I’m 44.25 and want to make it to a healthy vibrant 108!
    Thus, I work out. I eat healthy (though I’d much prefer gorging on Resse’s Peanutbutter cups)

    What am I passionate about?
    life in general…making the best of it and encouraging others on the way.

  13. says

    Fabulous post! What a great reminder. I’ve become passionate about running…but not because it’s a way to control my weight, but because as a SAHM, it’s a way to control my sanity:)

  14. Tia says

    I like this.
    When I lost weight exercise was my passion and my only passion and hobby.
    I got far too thin and my hair started falling out etc.
    It was no wonder no one listened to me when I told them they needed to workout like I was LOL.
    Now I am more balanced.
    My passion is helping others too through volunteer work.
    I exercise in the way you do so I have the strength to volunteer.

  15. says

    Well, if I can stop blushing and stammering and get a comment out…

    I don’t know that I have one great, all consuming passion. I’m passionate about a lot of things: I’m passionate about education, environmentalism, politics. I’m passionate about my kids, my cat, and Taiko. I’m passionate about nudibranchs, binturong, and I’m becoming passionate about pika.

    I think the important thing is to not be totally consumed by one thing, to not let your life, and your possibilities be totally restricted to that, closing you off to new experiences.

    And while I believe that people have talents that they can use, or some primary goals in their lives (and I think that’s good), I think it’s important to simply be passionate about LIFE… to be in the moment, to experience fully (and if possible, joyfully) whatever the universe lands at your door that day.

    Now here’s an example: One day I was planning to go to Tingley Beach and help out with an education program. I’d already told the director that I couldn’t commit to being there, and they were overstaffed anyway. But I figured I’d walk down anyway. On the way, I heard cranes. I love sandhill cranes, and hadn’t seen any that year. So instead of taking the direct route, I waked down to the bosque to take the bosque trail to the beach. Suddenly the sky was full of cranes along the bosque. It was amazing. It was beautiful, and I wondered what had startled the cranes, since I was too far away to have been the cause. Then, when the cranes had left, I saw the one thing I’d been wanting to see along the bosque for the last 5 years: A bald eagle soaring over the water.

    If I’d been so intent on my goal, so intent to get to Tingley that I didn’t open myself up to the moment… so stuck to my path that I couldn’t detour for something equally (or more) valuable, I never would have seen that eagle.

    And while I know that my moment wouldn’t be important to other people, I’m not ashamed that I stood in the bosque long after the eagle had gone and found myself weeping with joy over the beauty I’d just experienced.

    Our passions don’t have to make sense, they don’t have to be common to everyone, and they don’t need to be approved of. They just need to be experienced.

    • Miz says

      POINTS UPWARD. That is it. The final two sentences.

      I really appreciate your responses to this post as I almost didnt share it..

      I asked myself if it *needed* to be shared. (I wasnt sure. I could keep living as I am with exercise not as my passion and that would be just fine :-))

      I asked myself if it could be misunderstood. (what?! you dont like exercise? how are you a fitness blogger?!!)

      I really appreciate your responses to this post.

  16. says

    I’m right there with you. I actually LOVE working out and running…but my true passion? Is showing that a healthy lifestyle is achievable, maintainable, and FUN. Love me some MizFit in the morning!

  17. says

    Great post!

    I get in that pool to move better the remainder of the day. I work with “weights”, RUN!, pretend I am on the elliptical underwater(lol), and I can’t do any of those things without being submerged in a pool that is heated to 92 degrees for therapy purposes.

    I know to live my life the way I want to I need to MOVE IT! Or I will just turn into an 80 year old woman who’s body is riddled with arthritis.

    I like to MOVE IT MOVE IT

  18. says

    I liked your post and Kate’s quote, but Kate’s comment above really resonates with me. In one of Barbara Sher’s books, she sorts people into 2 groups, scanners and divers. Divers find that One Thing that lights their fires and then dig deep and immerse themselves in that thing that is their passion. Scanners flit from thing to thing, and it’s not the things that make them happy but the act of flitting.

    In summary: I’m a flitter! :)

    • says

      Thank you for that, Cammy. After reading Miz’s post and the question about what my passion is, I really don’t have one thing (and god knows it’s NOT exercise, either! LOL). I’m definitely a flitter. I’m going to look for that book :)

  19. says

    oh how i dig this. Exercise is fuel for my passion. I want to live with zest and energy and in order to get there, we must take care of ourselves. Exercise is a release, its a mind body connection, it’s a fuel for my passion… LIFE WELL LIVED

  20. Shelley (@Stuperb) says

    I’m really glad you posted this. I love that to you exercise is a means to an end, not the end itself. I think that’s what makes you resonate with readers: it’s obvious your life is about so much more than exercise.

  21. says

    Right on sista! My passion? Helping people. Helping people do what you may ask? It’s just that. Just helping people. Helping people get from A to B. Helping someone by giving them a smile. Helping someone reach their goal. Helping light someone else’s fire. I am all about random acts of kindness or as I call them RAoK.

  22. says

    It’s funny that you write about this, because when you defined passion I thought about running. I am SUPER passionate about it.

    But luckily for my slow slow self, I’m also passionate about performing, and I’m much better at it than running! I get to do that almost every day, too. It has its drawbacks (mostly monetary and social), but there is nothing like making a roomful of people laugh, cry, or simply sink into a meditative music coma. My jobs are the best!

  23. says

    This one is a thinker… in a good way… as a fitness and healthy living educator myself, it made me stop and go hmmm…

    No. No I wouldn’t do yoga all day long every day non-stop…

    I love yoga. I love doing yoga. Yoga changed my life… but the doing of the yoga is NOT my passion… which is sort of scary to type…

    However… what lights me up is making this stuff accessible to people. Showing people that you can do this too! It’s easier than you think. It’s not scary or intimidating… and when you start moving and discover how strong you are… your whole life lights up – I love the hell out of showing people that. That’s my passion.

    WHEW… thanks for helping me pull that out of myself!

  24. says

    “I asked myself if it *needed* to be shared. (I wasnt sure. I could keep living as I am with exercise not as my passion and that would be just fine )

    I asked myself if it could be misunderstood. (what?! you dont like exercise? how are you a fitness blogger?!!)”

    Carla, I think you know I think this needs to be shared, because all of us who are following a fitness blogger are looking to understand our own feelings towards fitness and our health. And we experience this. and (gasp) some of us still don’t like “exercise”. Yeah yeah, sometimes it’s because we have a narrow view of what exercise is, because we don’t see going out and playing football with the kids as exercise, but jazzercise is. But sometimes it’s because we see exerting our bodies in any way as being a waste of productive time, or somehow unnatural.

    For many of us, it’s hard to understand people who get joy out of doing crunches. Oh, it’s easy to see that it’s joyful to have a great body, but while we can rationally connect the dots between the two, we don’t do it emotionally.

    So to have someone like you, someone who KNOWS, who’s been there, and who’s a leader in the community say that their passion isn’t the exercise, its the exercise that gets them to their passion is an important and supportive thing.

  25. says

    I LOVE THIS! Definitely a means to an end for me. Except Zumba… I love it coz it makes me feel foxy and aliiiiive! :)

  26. Irene says

    Until this I would have said fitness is my passion.
    Exercise all day? Hello no LMAO.
    Knitting is my passion.

  27. says

    My passion comes in the form of a 2 yr old with big brown eyes, the most wonderfully high-pitched belly laugh imaginable and more attitude than a room full of teenage girls and a pudgy 5 week old with big cheeks, big smiles and (likely) big attitude.

    Workout all day long? Ummm…no thanks. Laugh, hug, marvel and even argue with my little men all day? Absolutely!

  28. says

    Love – you really put it is perspective Carla! I do think working out may be certain people’s passion but yes, your helping others live a healthy life along with many other things you help people with – passion for you!

    Let’s see – honestly, I would lift weights all day long if I could & I would not overtrain or hurt myself! 😉 BUT I do love helping others understand what a healthy life can do for them.

    If I could, I would be in Hawaii living a healthy life & weight training there & enjoying the outside & spreading the healthy life love!

  29. says

    LOVE your honesty, Carla. I feel that way about writing–it’s a passion. I love it.

    And I work out because I have to — to be healthy, fit, strong. But I don’t love exercise. Truth be told, the only exercise I LOVE LOVE LOVE is Zumba. In a class. With others. I admire my marathon-training and yogi friends, but that isn’t me.

    It’s good to admit that sometimes what we’re most passionate about isn’t what we’re “labeled” for. In my personal dream world, I’d be blogging and Maya would only be in daycare a few days a week. I’d take Zumba classes and cook dinner for our little family and spend time with my husband after work that didn’t involve dishes or finances or any of the usual daily grind. That would be my perfect world! :)n

  30. says

    You always make me think.

    I get it. I do. I think that running might be one of my passions, though. One of. I would run every day, if I could. I would talk about it all the time, if I could. My dream would be to make money from running (while still taking cars of my boys full time).

  31. Annie says

    I think exercise is my passion! If I could workout all day and get paid I would be blissful. I love exercising.

  32. says

    Love this post! Exercise is my daily maintenance of my aging body. It’s necessary (and makes such a difference in the way I feel), but it doesn’t consume me anymore. It used to, and it wasn’t good.

    My passions are teaching and trying to build a community around food in my area.

  33. says

    So very true. Anything that takes us out of everyday life is harmful. Everyday life should be our passion.
    I’m getting my head around this thought. Thanks for the reminder.


  34. says

    Very healthy, balanced approach and I’d say you are fulfilling your passion. Well done!

    Running truly is my passion, I will admit. It fills something in me that nothing else can. When I was injured last year I actually spoke to a sports psychologist and he described passion as something that you anticipate with pleasure, enjoy doing, and then think about with joy after it is over. That is running for me. I will admit, I wish it weren’t quite so important to me, but I embrace it and try to share it with others in the form of coaching.

    • Miz says

      Id actually ask why you wish it werent so important? there are days I know if I were passionate about exercise Id get off my duff and DO SOMETHING MORE with it.
      Im just not.
      and it is what it is.
      I admire your passion for running.

  35. Meredith says

    I appreciate your honesty in this post and will return the favor with some of my own.

    I used to read lots of blogs, but I found I grew obsessed with exercising as a result.

    Unhealthy obsession.

    I needed to find a passion which wasn’t harmful to me.

  36. says

    Carla! I LOVE this post – it is so true. When we start to idolize our bodies or do things that make us focus on how our bodies look, we get so much further from ourselves and, to your point, our passions!

    I have a lot of passions! I love helping others lead healthier lives through plant-based living and fitness. I love writing. I love singing and playing piano. I love being with my boyfriend, who makes me a better person every time I’m with him. All of these passions add up to lovin’ life!

  37. says

    I’m a first time reader of your blog, but it couldn’t have come at a better time. This is exactly what I needed to hear (read). Sometimes in my own pursuit of fitness I forget that my real passion is helping others on their journey to a higher level of health and fitness. Thank you for the insight!

  38. says

    I’m not sure if it’s a brain chemical thing or a soul thing (both?) but fitness really is my passion. Does that make me shallow? I hope I’m implementing it in a way that complements my life and not eclipses it but you know I walk a fine line with balance.

  39. says

    Oh, heavy sigh. I have wondered about my passion for years, ever since Oprah got into my head talking about it. Still don’t know what it is. Or what I want to be when I grow up.

  40. says

    My passion is spreading the word through blogging that it IS possible to lose weight by yourself. If you’re willing to make changes to your lifestyle, it can happen. I love blogging and I hope people enjoy reading my blog. I love your’s Miz!

  41. says

    My passion….I use to think it was helping others but not as much anymore…I have followed a path to understand myself at a deeper level…what am “I” truly about…

    My passion is my curiosity and how the mind works…science and creativity…I haven’t moved into the “physical” exercise stuff ….yet

    I guess you could say my passion is AHA moments for myself or if I can share something that sparks that in someone else..

  42. says

    EXACTLY how I feel! Of course I could never express it in words the way you have – the amazing wordsmith that you are! That’s why I don’t really blog or talk, or tweet about exercise all the time, but rather life, healthy living, and relationships. Exercise, for me, is just the vehicle that makes adventures possible. My passion is life itself – healthy living – family, friends, the ocean. Those things fuel me.

  43. says

    Great post. I made the mistake of making sport and exercise the centerpiece of my life for many years. It was only when I reached a point in my life when I was physically unable to train, that I realized how much of a crutch it had become, and just how one-dimensional I was as a result. Best thing that ever happened to me was coming to the realization that fitness and sport is meant to enhance life, not be the point of it.

  44. says

    I’ve called fitness my passion. Not so long ago fitness, weight loss, and my ‘diet’ consumed a large part of my life. I say consumed because for me it was an unhealthy thing. Now that I’m past that healthy living is a backdrop, as you said. So much so that I struggle with my fitness blog ;)Fitness has a steady place in my life, but am I passionate about it? I’m passionate that it’s important and encouraging others.
    There’s just so much more that I’m passionate about now. I guess it’s an evolution.
    I’m passionate about my family, about learning to grow/raise our own food, about living my priorities and not just spouting them, and writing/blogging/sharing/encouraging.
    I used to always say running was my therapy…lately it’s your blog that’s my therapy!

  45. says

    My passion is insipring others. I workout to make sure I’m at my best everyday and to show people that even though it might be hard to fit in, itwill make life that much better. It’s so important for all of us to realize this. Hugs to you! You’re passion is definitely working!!!

  46. says

    I loved reading this. SO true, and sometimes hard to remember. Exercise is definitely fun for me (okay, once its over usually). But I do it to feel great about myself so I can be a better friend, family member, student, worker etc. Because those are what matter, not how much I can deadlift or how many reps I can bench press. Nope, those really DONT matter, but how they make me feel about myself and how it affects how I live my real life are what matter.

  47. says

    I like lifting, but it isn’t my life. I *love* biking and would do that all day if I could. I don’t even consider it exercise.

    I also adore gardening and I would certainly find a career in that if I could get one that pays enough to make it worthwhile changing it from hobby status.

  48. says

    One of my passions right now is racing and training with my husband. It’s now another extension of our quality time together. We both marveled that we enjoyed the 61 mile bike race this weekend so much because it was by and large uninterrupted time together without the normal life interruptions.

    It’s much more of a passion now and much easier to indulge in now that I have a partner in crime that’s all in as well!

  49. says

    Yes I’ve realised that exercise for me is a way to keep healthy so that I can go on doing the things I really enjoy. Some exercise I like better than others, and some of the things I enjoy involve exercise, but I don’t exercise for the sake of it. My natural instinct is to lie on the sofa eating cookies.

  50. says

    I love this post too!! You’ve summed it up so well. I love working out and staying fit because of the way that it makes me feel and what it allows me to do. Honestly, I don’t know what my passion is – what I would do all day every day. I feel like I’ve lost some of that lately and am trying to figure it out. Right now, closest thing for me would be surfing.

  51. says

    wonderful post!! you said it perfectly. we love to workout but not our passion. we do it because we enjoy feeling good. we enjoying being strong. and we never plan to stop like you!! we hope to look like you…strong, beautiful!!!


  52. says

    I get what you’re saying. There are things about fitness that are my passion though. I LOVE swimming. And biking and hiking. I would actually choose to do those things. :)

  53. says

    Great post!

    Exercise is A passion, but not my only passion. I also feel passionate about eating, writing, socializing, eating, napping, music, eating, chatting, researching, eating, exploring the outdoors and eating!

    OK, gotta go, I seem to be a bit hungry.. :)

  54. says

    I agree with Kate also. My passion is breathing, taking in oxygen. One way my passion manifests itself is by being able to function physically in this world. Then I can exercise and move and walk the dogster.
    Hope you are doing well.

  55. Alex says

    Fantastic post. Exercise used to be my passion. It was all I did thought about and talked about.
    My friends had an intervention of sorts and it saved me.
    I had become obsessed and I was too close to see it.

  56. Cheryl says

    There’s a fine line when it comes to passion and addication. Sometimes they overlap-if you find yourself HAVING to workout then you have crossed that line. Me- have been swimming/cycling/running/lifting/yoga for about 40 years now. Helps me chase around special needs kids at work and have enough energy for family and the “have-tos” that interfere with out lives at times.

  57. says

    I love dance and design and color. Actually, I think I love all things that bring fun and life to people. I don’t do things so much as specifically exercise every day, but I do insist on feeling good and strong.
    I love knowing that the MizFit is not obsessed with exercise just for the sake of it!

  58. says

    Funny, I actually have a post about this percolating in my mind. I’ve identified what I really want to do with my free time and to do that I need: energy, flexibility, good posture, mobility, strength and endurance. So, I have to work out and eat well enough to support the kind of physique these activities require.

    I want to do the things I enjoyed when I was in my early twenties – hiking trails and horse-riding.

  59. says

    Man, your arms are amazing!

    I was just talking to my husband last night about the fact that I have NO IDEA what my passion is. There are things I enjoy (running, blogging, reading), but I don’t know that I’m exactly passionate about any of them. I really don’t know how to go about finding out my passion, but I’m going to start thinking about it.

  60. says

    I totally understand! I often share with clients who are grumpy about training that I, too, don’t always look forward to or enjoy training. I have periods of time when I’m jazzed about training, but in general it’s not something I love to do. But I know I need to do it anyway. Commitment is the absence of choice, and, being committed, wanting to just doesn’t factor into the decision. I may be bitter about it, but I do it anyway.

    That having been said, I am also very passionate about inspiring and leading others to live in a healthy way that impacts the totality of their lives positively. It inspires me to do that, gives me purpose.

  61. says

    I totally resonate with this post, Carla…While I do LOVE exercise (or perhaps it’s more movement in general – I love to be in motion), what drives me and one of my passions is motivating others. I LOVE to encourage other people and motivate them towards living a healthier lifestyle so they can enjoy life to the fullest. So while I do like to feel my muscles burn and run long simply for the joy and accomplishment it brings me, it’s deeper than that, and rooted in giving myself a body that can live fully and motivating others to do the same. My heart is all about encouragement and lifting people up through movement. :)

  62. says

    Great post as always Miz. My passion is writing… I blog because I love to write. I don’t see myself as overly creative – but I do love my words… and a turn of phrase.

    And, by the way, you do YOUR passions proud!

  63. Therese says

    I love to be able to travel and not have to worry that I will not have the stamina to enjoy every minute of my adventures. I have been refining my exercising and nutrition lately, so my most recent vacations have been filled with entire days of exploring new cities and countries! Fitting into pretty clothes while I am active is definitely an added bonus :)

  64. says

    i LOVE this post so much!!!! You are so right, and so is Kate. If exercise becomes our entire life, we obviously don’t have a heck of a lot going on. I’m a firm believer that if we’re not happy doing it, we’re probably doing it for the wrong reasons. And no one in the world can tell me they enjoy or are happy spending every second at the gym.

    My PASSION isn’t running. I love and enjoy running, but my true passions are writing and traveling.


  65. says

    I really love boxing and wish that I had found it earlier…

    What really makes me come to life?

    When I can workout with friends and family. :)

  66. Sara says

    I went crazy when I first started Zumba. I’ve learned I need other passions or I ruin my passion.

    (Does that make sense?)

  67. says

    This is a thought provoking posts. My passion is being open to learning more about better health so that I can keep off all of the weight I have lost. I love that is always something new for me to learn.

  68. cheeweed says

    My passion is getting to wake up every morning to a new day…I DO it every day and all day, so I guess that would be IT!

  69. says

    Awesome post!

    My passion? A certain brown haired mowhawk touting poodle and helping him bring joy into this world… (he’s a therapy dog) I’d like to say my passion is also training other dogs to be as good BUT I havent put that to the test (yet)

  70. says

    Love this post MizFit! Just this morning I woke up thinking that if I change my career, I want to do something I’m passionate about. Personal Training came to mind because I do enjoy exercising, helping my family and friends with exercise/nutrition advice whenever they ask, and just constantly trying to improve on what I’ve been doing.

    But I am also passionate about the food I eat. And kids, although, I am not yet a mother – this might sound silly, but I hope to be a good mother all day long, when I am!

    Thank you for a great post.

  71. says

    I’ll be honest. I don’t think I’ve found my passion yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am passionate about things I do some days, but in general I don’t have that one thing I know I was meant to be/do/whatever. There’s a sneaking suspicion my destiny is to be a good wife and mother, but my time for that has not arrived yet, and so I wait and do other things I at least enjoy very very much.

  72. says

    Wow! I totally agree with Kate’s words! My passion is similar to yours – To empower others to live a healthier lifestyle. I am also very passionate about serving God and being the best wifey I can be.

    Enjoyed your post and pic!

  73. says

    I love this. Love. This. Thank you for sharing. I become passionate when I consider my opportunities. I think this is a bi-product of the fact that I have not discovered my passion, as I read above. I look forward to something concrete becoming what consumes my mind 24-7.
    Thank you again for sharing.

  74. Tamara says

    Carla, not sure how I missed this fabulous and honest post.
    Agree, agree, agree!

    I am passionate about a lot of things (fairness, good manners, organic greens and knitting, to name a few), but like you, exercise because it gives me the strength and energy and fire to live my life to the fullest!

    I blog about fitness because I want others to embrace it too, not to devote their lives to it, but to feel better and lift themselves up.

  75. says

    Absolutely beautifully put! Health (mental and physical) is my passion, both maintaining my own and helping other people achieve theirs. For me, being healthy has a lot to do with exercise and food but is also means triumphing over my eating disorder. Therefore, I talk about exercise and food a lot differently than most people, even though everyone is looking for “health”. Exercise, health, passion…these all means very unique things to each person. Thank you for reminding us.

  76. says

    Thought provoking idea Carla! As an Anti Aging Doctor and Nutritionist from Mumbai, I advise scores of people on nutrition and the benefits of exercise and physical activity to a race of people who are just about starting to wake up to a burgeoning waistline that has come with increased income. I find that when it comes to ‘exercise’ or ‘working out’ for that matter, it is hard not to get passionate about something that pumps dollops of endorphins into your system, makes you feel and look great and increases your zest for life. But here’s something I would like to share. From my experience, I have seen that the vast majority of people who are hooked to exercise or yoga or other forms of physical activity are either pursuing it full time or are actually leading rather mundane lives with jobs that are emotionally less fulfilling which is one of the reasons that exercise with it’s positive highs becomes such an important part of their lives. http://www.eternesseclinic.com

  77. says

    Wow, that’s actually a really great distinction between the two – passionate about helping others live a healthy life, but not about exercise, in the literally sense. This is a tough one to answer in full off the top of my head, but I would say I am passionate about staying fit and healthy and leading that life. A wholesome, healthy life with good balance.

  78. says

    It is an important distinction between doing something as a tool or doing it as the end result. I think sharing the lessons you have learned in life is one of the most important things we can do. The key is to teach, not preach. That’s what I try to do with my online business, nothing is better than hearing how you have helped someone.

  79. says

    I’m not quite sure what my passion is, but I agree that working out and being healthy shouldn’t run your life but instead be a way to enjoy your life. I guess maybe my passion is just simply enjoying life in general – seeing new things, learning new things, and above-all eating new “healthy” foods!

  80. says

    Great post and SUPER interesting way to look at exercise! So much more fun and worthwhile when you’re doing it to improve everything in your life, not just physical fitness. My passion is showing people that dealing with their money doesn’t have to be a boring snore fest.

  81. Kitz says

    Exercise is not my passion as well. When I wake up its either I take a bath directly or just eat directly and then walk to school.

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