Five reasons I still love me some Dr. Oz.


Oh people.  I love me some Dr. Oz,  but Ive been burned before.

Allow me to elaborate.

I used to HEART me some Dr. Phil.

Back in the day, when he was merely an occasional guest on the Oprah Show, I was completely smitten with that man.

Id Dr. Phil myself myriad times a day (“Whats the WORST that could happen?”)

Id find myself creating my own wacky Phil’isms (“You see, if a monkey cant read upside down then you should take that job or he might get himself a down pillow!”).

Basically I thought he was smart, stern, wise, and no nonsense.


And then, for me at least, he swiftly went the way of the Springer.

So you can see why I was sad & not excited when my healthy living boyfriend, Mehmet fave Dr. Oz got his own television show.

It seems Oprah has the golden touch—unless said ‘touch’ involves bestowing upon you a 60 minute TV time-slot.

That said, for me and for *now*, Dr. Oz has escaped the Oprah Curse & is still is somewhat of ‘balanced’ healthy living role-model.

Allow me to share exactly why.

  • His information is clear, concise & easily understood.  I recall seeing him asked once what one unhealthy food we should all completely avoid.  I was nervous & curious what he’d say. Being an intuitive eater I practically define myself by the fact NOTHING is ‘off limits.”  His answer?  Anything white which is not a fruit or vegetable.  Clear, concise, easily followed and YES, even for me, VERY TRUE.
  • He is consistently empathic.  And authentic. I can’t imagine he’s ‘acting’ or as he’d be on the stage/in the movies rather than hanging with us in the healthy living realm.  He possesses an inimitable ability to relate to everyone & discover/find commonalities where there seemingly are none.  All of my favorite bloggers possess this skill, too.  It’s truly a gift.
  • He’s firmly anti-multitasking.  As I am.  Admittedly I should watch his show more (I pinky swear I will when we procure us that extra hour in the day), but Ive heard him say repeatedly how important it is to do one thing at a time, finish that task, and then move on.  Sure he paralleled this to his time as a surgeon (insert joke here he DID NOT MAKE about jumping from body to body mid-operation) but in my opinion this applies to all of us.  I know when I multi-task I end up doing nothing well and rarely completing any task.
  • He believes ‘fitness small stuff’ adds up. (PLAYouts anyone?) In the land where too many trainers & experts advocate long, lingering workouts it’s refreshing to hear him sing the praises of his 7 minute morning workout.   I have nothing against long & lingering, I just know for many of us that isn’t an option. I also know I had many clients skip workouts because they didnt have a a full hour to dedicate to exercise.  Im anti-SKIPPAGE.
  • He validates my repetitiveness, err, consistencyMy morning meal tends to be the same.   I love my breakfast. It works well for me time-wise.  Ive also heard him say people who eat the same things over & over (day in and out) consume fewer calories overall.  Im not sure there’s science here (anyone?), yet I do agree with him when it comes to repetition! Change is good. We need to shake our ‘stuff up’ so we dont plateau, but it’s ok to have  a place in your life where you dont.  It’s fine to have an aspect of your life where you just LET GO AND GET ROUTINIZED!  For me that place is my morning meal.


Im a firm believer in & tell anyone who will listen:

Find gurus! Read books! Buy magazines! Watch movies & television shows! Listen to doctors and professionals around you—but remember, in the last analysis, you are the expert of your own body.

One of the people I listen to/information-gather from is Dr. Oz.

Now you.

Do you love you some Mehmet as I do or have you, as many have, turned on The Oz?

In your mind has he been a victim of the dreaded Oprah TV Show CURSE?

Please to also tell me how much you ADORE I rock the 1980’s photo-shop in the picture above.



Edited to say: I just saw on Twitter, where I procure all my information, The Dr Oz show is reviewing the JumpSport Fitness trampoline tomorrow! My yammerings of love above remain, even though The Tornado & I werent invited on the show to share our rebounding wisdom.


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  1. says

    I also liked Dr. Phil in the early days, too. (“You either get it or you don’t.”) In fact, I still have his first book around here somewhere. But, yeah, he went a little wacky along the way and became a big disappointment. For some reason, I’ve never warmed up to Dr. Oz., despite his cuteness. (Maybe I was afraid he’d lead to another Phil heartbreak?) Now that he’s hawking supplements and potions, I’m even less likely to become a fan.

    Which all leads me to promise that when I get my own show, I won’t jump the shark and break people’s hearts in the process.

  2. Nettie says

    I am in between.
    I love him for the reasons you say, Miz and then say he was now trying to sell us stuff :(

    What can they never just let it be!!!

  3. Runner Girl says

    LMAO at the photoshop Mizzy.

    I don’t think much about Dr.Oz either way these days.
    I love what YOU said about gurus.
    I printed that!

  4. says

    I honestly don’t know that much about him! But, I wasn’t all that impressed with his raspberry ketone segment recently. It didn’t seem like a balanced assessment of the supplement with all the facts regarding testing clearly stated. That said, it was just the one segment I’ve seen, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be judged by one article I’ve written here or there! Kinda like you said, listen, enjoy, but remember that “experts” are humans, too, and they don’t always get everything right. :)

  5. Hannah says

    I like that you listen to YOU over everything.
    I do really enjoy Dr Oz’ brand of wisdom, but I didn’t know he had gone the way of Jillian with supplements!!

  6. says

    I used to love Dr. Oz when his show first started but he turned to sensationalism. You know, sort of like the Woman’s World magazines that yell headlines like, “Lose 37 pounds by (insert holiday 20 days from now)!”

    I haven’t watched in ages actually so I just set the DVR to record today’s new, “9 Metabolism Boosters” show. I hope to be surprised but I’m pretty sure he’ll tell us all to eat some sort of ancient plant root from the darkest recesses of the rainforest (or something equally corny sounding). Our local hippie/health food store will add said supplement to the shelf dedicated to “Supplements Seen on Dr. Oz.” :)

  7. Miz says

    UHOH ya’ll are making me feel glad he is languishing on my DVR.
    I can maintain my love through my mental image of who he used to be…

  8. says

    Would you believe I’ve never watched him…
    I watch very little tv, most of which I do watch ends up via netflix with hot men in it…
    perhaps I shall turn on the tube of boob and check Dr Oz out one of these days!
    and anyone who’s doing a show on Jumpsport is worthy of my time! Though I do think you and Tornado should’ve been on there..jump jump jump around!

  9. Sallie says

    I loved Dr.Oz until he had his own show, too.
    LMAO at the Oprah cures Miz.
    You’re right!

  10. says

    oh i totally agree!! i miss him on OPRAH! I don’t even watch oprah but i did if he was on. He’s pretty open and real, i like that too. And the multi-tasking advice… AMEN!

  11. says

    OMG I was a huge Dr P fan when I could only get slivers of him on Oprah. To the extent that when Thing 1 was 4 she told me she’d get me a Dr Phil birthday cake! But I agree, once on his own, no bueno.

  12. says

    I hope he doesn’t go the way of Dr. Phil either. I like the way he is able to relate to all types of people and completely agree on the way he keeps it simple!

  13. says

    I find myself oddly addicted to his show. I do love how he lays everything out in a very SIMPLE manner with great examples.

  14. says

    I subscribe to the “routine meal” thing (for me it’s breakfast as well) and I remember reading that in his book, which I still think is a great resource, although a little science-y for my brain. But his show? I tried watching it recently (while knitting – multitasking? lol) and couldn’t stand what he’d become. He’s changed quite a lot from his charming Oprah segments, and not in a good way. I’d say hold on to your good memories and don’t bother with his show.

  15. Missy says

    I agree with all five points and al so with Kerri.

    NOT a fan of his.

    Of yours but not his.

  16. says

    I am with you on Dr. Phil too… As for Dr. Oz, I like that he has a lot of subjects I want to tune into. I always record because I know there is stuff I want to buzz thru – stuff I am not happy about since he got his own show. Last season he got gimmicky with his bits which U really don’t like. I also am disappointed in all the pill pushing. One day he says one thing with 3 pills & later in the week or following week he has 3 more different pills for the same thing. As much as I like subject matter, I think he is getting creamed by the people behind the scenes & it is really starting to bug me – every weight loss show has a different hour of advice so people lose track of what they really should do – no pill is magic, they have to eat better & they have to move…

    Last Friday he was talking about big fat arms & big fat butts & using that verbiage which turned me off. Then he proceeded to tell people they can eat certain foods to reduce for that area of the body….

    I know – too much blabbing by me.. I just have to record & only watch what I want to watch… that is the way I work him now – NOT when he first was on air though…

    • Miz says

      I LOVE YOUR BLABBING and adore when you share a different perspective. Is it the pressure of ratings which makes this all happen?
      I still love the Oz in interviews (print and otherwise *not* on his show).
      It’s sad how easily people change to appease the masses especially when he has a lucrative day-job as well.

  17. says

    I think what you are saying you love is the Former Dr. Oz who was actually sensible and credible.

    Do not watch your DVR :)

  18. says

    I hadn’t seen Dr. Oz in a loooong time but caught a couple segments of a recent show while I was doing cardio at the gym. I was really surprised because each segment focused on selling a different, weird sounding supplement. One promised that you’d lose 17 pounds in 3 months without changing anything!

    I totally get your point that there are still great things about him (and I agree with your 5 points!) when you look beyond the constant “commercials” his show seems to have turned into. However, I think the problem is that too many people will focus on the “commercial” parts and only hear that they’ll lose 17 pounds without changing a thing… And that is kind of sad…

  19. says

    I actually record his show every day and then can fast-forward to watch the parts that interest me. Mostly, I like him. But I admit to being frustrated that he often gives a bit of information but not enough. (Time limits of TV, I know.) And that sometimes the information conflicts. Is it just me or does he seem to be spending a lot more time on dieting and weight issues this season? One thing that does drive me crazy – he says “is that fair” a lot! But I’ve learned some great things from his show so for now, am still a fan.

    As for Phil, I gave up on him a long time ago. I loved “no matter how flat you make a pancake, there’s always two sides to it.”

  20. says

    I have to say, I kinda feel the same way… about Phil and Oz. They started out OK… good, common sense sort of stuff… but once they had their own shows they were peddling all sorts of nonsense. It’s been a few months since I posted my last “Why Dr Oz is dangerous” post. (it’s because people BUY this nonsense and do things that are risky or unbalanced as a result)

    The one thing I can say about Phil and Oz though?

    They sure know how to make money on other people’s problems!

  21. says

    EXTRME HOT BUTTON TOPIC FOR ME, WARNING, WARNING!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I despise Dr Oz (the show, not the man). Before I went back to school I rarely watched him but I knew all about his ways because clients of mine would flock into my store every time he did a show about beauty. “Dr Oz says I have to use retinol, what do you have with retinol? Witchhazel? Hyaluronic acid? etc, etc” I would want to pull my hair out trying to convince customers that just because Dr Oz said to use it, doesn’t mean it’s best for THEIR skin. Everyone’s skin is different and they should use the ingredients that will best address their specific concerns. I imagine that people who work at a health food store feel the same as me. He doles out “popular” advice without information about WHO should use it. I think he confuses people and simplifies what can be complex health issues. I actually think he’s being pretty irresponsible for a medical professional.

  22. Miz says

    I love and appreciate your honesty! More when I can :-) weird wonky family day but you make some great points.

  23. says

    My favorite Dr. Phil-ism: “How’s that working for you?” :-)

    Dr. Oz? LIke many others said, I think he has sold out. That said, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full episode of the Dr. Oz show. I liked him when he was on Oprah though.

  24. says

    It’s hard. I like Dr. Oz; I’m disappointed in his show.

    I’m beginning to think that when Oprah gave people a show, she should have also given them a great, visionary production crew. I can imagine his staff picks a topic du jour and hits the Google.

    “What supplements keep eyes healthy?”

    Writes down a few of the things listed, and writes some kind of “skit” for him to do with that information.

    He’d be better if sat and talked with experts about each topic instead of turning the show into a game show…

    Though I was happy to see him say about another miracle weight loss drug last week: I have not thoroughly researched this and am not necessarily recommending it.

  25. says

    I love Dr. Oz too! Ever since he was on Oprah, he had a way of giving advice that was more like he was understanding each person’s individual circumstance, and giving them genuine input with his knowledge, not being a know-it all and yelling their faces about what they ‘should’ do (ehem, Dr. Phil). But I do have to say, on his show there are some things that totally gross me out… giant nose with fake boogers made of green jell-o? No thanks!

  26. says

    It’s times like these when I regret I don’t tend to watch daytime tv, so miss out on some fine folks like Ellen and Oprah and apparently Dr. Oz.

    Good to hear he hasn’t been a disappointment, and if I ever make any headway on my ever expanding “to do” list I’ll be sure to check him out!

  27. says

    I don’t watch his show that often, but if I hear about an interested segment I’ll watch in on the computer or will go to his website for info about it. I have to agree I like the things you listed that he stands for.

  28. says

    I like him but I always listen to anyone with a strain of will it get wacky out there. I tried his workout online thing competition, can’t even remember the name, and was not impressed. Either you can do the workout or spend time recording and fighting the recording system to compete.

    I like your comments about the gurus also. I want to try some of his ideas but then again is it just hype or science facts that you can find truth to all the ideas presented. Morgan@ Life After Bagles says it pretty well.

  29. says

    Totally agree with you, Miz. Love the Oz man. Nothing fancy – just straight to the point. Used to love Dr. Phil (pre-his own show days) but am just waiting for the day they start throwing chairs on his show – or did it already happen and I missed it? P.S. Thanks for the welcome home.

  30. Mandy says

    I am with you kind of.
    I love the old Dr. Oz and all your points above. The one who shills supps? No way.

  31. says

    Well Dr. Oz changed my life as you know he started me on my weight loss path before he had his own show when I went to his all day seminar with his wife, Dr. Roizen and his “7 minute workout” trainer Joel Harper. I really did take away from that seminar that just 30 mins of exercise a day can change your life, I know it changed mine. Joel also changed my life when he became a real friend through email, a motivator and someone that said “be consistent” to me at least a hundred times and still does :) As for The Dr. Oz show well I can’t say I watch it much but I will forever have a soft spot for Dr. Oz and Joel, two men that really do care about the health of people.

  32. says

    Well, I used to really like Dr. Oz until he got his own show. He seems to have to talk about too many things now that he had a daily show to fill up with stuff and he also talks about questionable things like HCT diet and pushing of too many supplements.

    That said, when I was on stage with him for the 100 episode anniversary, I hugged him and thanked him. He truly seemed very genuine and that he cared about all of us. I think his handlers and sponsors get in the way of that. Or at least I hope so and he truly hasn’t changed.

  33. cheryl says

    Blissfullly ignorant of Oz, Oprah, Phil and Andrew Weil. They are using the lost art of common sense and taking it to where it should not go- hence “it worked for me, so do as I say, not as I do.”

    I have been living what they have been preaching long before anyone ever knew of them and their “healthy” lifestyles.

    I doubt if he is a real MD.

  34. says

    We are the experts of our own body. I, like you, do not change up my morning meal too often (very seldom). I like it, it works for me, and that’s all that matters :)

  35. says

    I was actually just thinking about how much I USED to love Dr. Phil the other day. They were re-running the 3 or 4 year (cant remember exactly) reunion of the first Dr. Phil family they had on. The girl who was pregnant at like 16, and again at 17… and again at 18.. and now she’s addicted to drugs and what have you.

    I was cracking up the whole time, but also slightly sad. I remember LOVING him when the family was first on the show all those years ago. He was harsh, he was smart, he was a little funny from time to time, (in his oh so dry humor sort of way) and now its just all a joke. I watched them chase her down the high way and try to catch her in the act of buying drugs and all i could thing was “am I watching the Maury show?”

  36. says

    Well, initially I liked Dr. O, but now I find he has gone more for ratings than reality.

    Too much fame I suspect.

  37. says

    First, I went through the exact same Dr. Phil arc as you! Used to only watch Oprah on Tuesdays because I knew he’d be on. And now? Can’t stand his show. Second, I am pretty ambivalent about Dr. Oz. Sometimes I love him, sometimes I think he sacrifices his professional integrity for attention grabbing (although now that I write that, I realize that’s probably a survival skill for having your own show – reason #246 why I’ll never have one).

  38. says

    Believe it or not, i turned the TV off over 10 years ago and i do not watch. However, i read, and i like him. He seems to be spot on about so much, and i appreciate a doctor having the courage to tell people they are the experts on themselves — i’ve had way too many tell me something that i knew wasn’t so for me, and had to go find another doctor.

  39. says

    I do like Dr. Oz.I don’t personally watch his show but I do have patients who talk about his suggestions for exercise and food. I am glad that he does provide some sensible advice rather than over the top sensationalism like other talk show hosts.

  40. says

    I do love Dr. Oz. I do. It’s true. And even if people say ‘stuff’ about him, even if I may agree with that ‘stuff’ (I don’t know if I do, I don’t know what said ‘stuff’ is…I just know there is some….) but were I to agree, I would still love him. Husband’s Granny died 2+ years ago and she loved his show and we watched him together many times. I love Granny. So Oz gets a pass from any ucky-I-messed-up-cuz-I-got-my-own-hour-on-TV. LOL!

  41. says

    I’ve only seen his show a few times (while training a client in her own home; she has to have the TV on while she works out even though it drives me crazy!).

    I hated the gimmicky aspects of it and was appalled at the general lack of knowledge about health issues amongst the audience members.

    I like to tell my clients that they are the experts of their own bodies, not me, not their best friends, not television show hosts!

    P.S. Saw your happy, healthy tweet; so relieved for you!

  42. says

    I don’t watch Dr Oz, but cannot stand Dr Phil who I think comes across as supercilious, egotistical, arrogant, smug etc etc… (and yes, I realise a few of those mean the same but I was on a rant!)

  43. says

    It is true that Dr. Oz is very knowledgeable. It bites though that these kind of people do not usually make a name for themselves unless they get a little boost. In this instance, for example, from Oprah. In any case, its great that he gets to help a lot of people these days.

  44. says

    I’m not a fan of Dr. Oz because he’s had a number of things on his show that were scientifically unvalidated (like the whole arsenic in apple juice thing). He has a huge field of influence and I do hope he uses his powers for good. Overall, he’s doing good…but I have to admit that the number of women I’ve met who will blindly adopt anything because it was on Dr. Phil kinda weirds me out…

  45. says

    I LOVE YOUR BLABBING and adore when you share a different perspective. Is it the pressure of ratings which makes this all happen?I still love the Oz in interviews (print and otherwise *not* on his show).It’s sad how easily people change to appease the masses especially when he has a lucrative day-job as well.

  46. says

    Doctor Oz is good, but sometimes he oversimplifies things. At the end of the day, weight loss = good diet + regular exercise + the right habits + the right supplements.

    I think much of his audience is looking for a “quick fix”.