ThE SuRprIsE CoMmEnTeR oF tHe MoNtH is:


Fancy Cat.


I love me this woman.

In a weird stalker way.

My yammers of love?

I tweet out each day.

Her writing? AMAZING.

“Book deal!!!” I shout.

The way she weaves words

I just DREAM about.

Cat’s love for her family

does leap from the screen.

Two kids. One Cop-husband.

READ! See what I mean…

In person we’ve met.

Two times so far.

Shes same offline as on.

(So * few* people are.)

Her story? Inspiring.

She’s not one to brag.

Shes a weight loss success


And then there are recipes.

At her site *galore.*

Creative. Fab photos.

Gluten-free & more.

Shes supportive of others.

Shes the first one there.

To share a kind word

and show you she cares.

But the snark? Oh the snark.

In her sar-cas-tic way

She brings out your  best

With the words she does say.

On twitter, on blogs,

and YES in real life.

Cat’s a badass actresswoman


I always surmise 

you read who I do.

That youre loving you CAT.

Breakfasttobed, too.

If youre not or just need

more CAT in your day.

Click away. Go there now.

Tell her HI I do say**!




**This will sound entirely bizarre and, in fact , if you know WHY it is happening please to share. I can read Cat’s blog on my PC.  I can read Cat’s blog on my ANDROID.  I caint comment either place.  Once in a rare while I can get a comment in if I type reallyreallyfast, but typically the moment I go to comment the screen goes entirely WHITE.


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  1. says

    Love this & your shout out to a fell FFA! She is a fun writer for sure. Now go enjoy your ‘mill! :)

  2. says

    Can you try a different browser? I can’t read her blog in Camino, but I think I’ve succeeded in Firefox. (I’m on a mac) I get the same white screen, usually before I can even manage to read.

    What I’ve managed to read has been awesome.

  3. says

    Love how you expand my blog reading and book reading (and I’m sure you don’t mean to do the latter)!

  4. says

    OK – NEW TO ME & GONNA READ!!!! I need to know that weight loss story & all about now that I saw this AND that she bakes COOKIES!!!!! My go to treat! :-)

  5. says

    Following her now…her blog had me at Healthy Fried Plantains! LOL! :)Seriously those are my FAVORITE!

  6. says

    YAY!!!! LOVE the poem…but especially love your choice this month!! Cat is one of my favorite people I met and you described her, her blog, and her snarky ways better than I ever could have!!! She is THE BEST!

  7. says

    I love me some CAT too! I stalk her on Twitter, but for some reason her blog was not subscribed to in Google Reader – I have thankfully rectified that now.

    Congrats to CAT on being the commenter of the month!

  8. says

    Thanks for the blog recommend. I’ve checked her out and you are right. She is all that and a piece of gluten-free cake! I added her to my Reader list.


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