Parting is such sweet, 100% egg white, sorrow.

Ahh people.  The time hath come to bid Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites a fond fond farewell.

Up in herre I mean.

And, even being a misfit who turns down 76.77% of brand-partnership opportunities because they are *not* an organic fit, this has been one of my fave.partnerships.ever.

I celebrated when they picked me because I’d been chasing them for eons always been interested in partnering with them.

Id eaten them for years.  They work for me. 

My body thrives on protein (yours may too!*)I feel better, more energetic, and less prone to mood swings.

I adore how easy Egg Beaters 100% egg whites are to slip into my meals, snacks & car (when the Tornado was little the number of eggs I broke trying to carry *her* and my groceries are immeasurable).

All that said, Im celebrating one.big.thing. even as this brand partnership comes to a close:

It has reminded me yet again how when we practice what we preach–there’s nary a need to say a word.

Ren Man now makes a Meal in a Mug for breakfast each morning and to say this is a ginormous change for the healthy would be a dramatic understatement.

The Tornado had *already* noticed Egg Beaters were my fave food (as per the picture below):

redacted 300x225 Parting is such sweet, 100% egg white, sorrow.

(upper-right corner)

And apparently had a ‘moment’ with her teacher over my Mothers Day card when she insisted I liked my eggs from a “box” and they did NOT have the yellow middle:

wpid 2012 05 18 15.55.12 Parting is such sweet, 100% egg white, sorrow.

(Please dont tell Tornado what they look like.)

I also adore how many stranger-friends now associate me with Egg Beaters.  Reason #19478347 why I never align with a brand I do not fully embrace:

EBwhites2 300x53 Parting is such sweet, 100% egg white, sorrow.

I loved. I loved.

Blather blather love love aside—I wanted to take a moment during this last post and share with you something WE are loving right now:

wpid 2012 01 20 14.46.59 300x225 Parting is such sweet, 100% egg white, sorrow.

"The Poach Pod"

(the pod was a gift but Id imagine a google-search would turn up the source? Id also imagine if youre a true “cook” you already know how to poach without needing said pod)

We’ve been poaching the EB whites non-stop around here because it’s something the Tornado can do (practically) by herself and also something she can get utterly creative with.

She’s tried adding cheese, crumbled sausage, veggies, salsa & a few other items (fruit alert! fruit alert!) which didnt go over so well in her mouth.

wpid 2012 01 21 06.07.09 300x225 Parting is such sweet, 100% egg white, sorrow.

She pours in the E.B.Whites...

Our breakfast, snack, lunch, whatevers is ready to be topped served:

wpid 2012 01 21 06.06.38 300x225 Parting is such sweet, 100% egg white, sorrow.


And that’s where we are on this Wednesday.

Saying farewell, poaching up a storm, and remembering when we practice what we preach theres nary a need to say a word.

And you?

Have you noticed, when you live authentically & act in accordance to your mission/beliefs, people around you cant help but follow?

Have you any tips for the Tornado for her poach-toppings?

Please to hit us up in the comments below.



*Studies are increasingly showing it is PROTEIN which serves to keep us awake & fight the mid-day slump not sugars.

This post is sponsored by Egg Beaters 100% egg whites. As always the rest of the mishegas is all my own.


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  1. Helen says

    Have you tried pouring the whites into boiling water?
    I wonder if that would work to immediately poach?!

    Fun stuff Miz.

  2. Nettie says

    What leaps out here for me is the fact the Tornado wants to be like you are, Carla.

    You’re a fantastic mom.

  3. says

    You know I think of you (and send you pics from the store) when I get me my Egg Beaters whites!
    as far as poaching ideas…drawing a blank!

  4. says

    Oh, I have some of those pods, but I’m too impatient to boil water. LOL at the incient over what eggs look like!

  5. says

    i think better things are coming, but i agree you should have been paid $$! I think of you too now when i see egg white beaters. But this poach pod, where do i get one?! I NEED it ASAP! The husband is obsessed with poached

  6. Wendy says

    I work in PR (cars not fitness) and this is a strong success.

    I always hope people will associate my clients with the car brand I work with.

    Rock on Miz!

  7. says

    I need to get that Poach Pod, I have always wanted to learn how to poach eggs.

    Agree with you 100% about finding and working with a brand you honestly stand by! Glad it was such a great partnership!

  8. says

    So, even though I’ve used Egg Beaters over the years, it was your blogging about the Egg Whites that got me interested again :-) I add them to my hot oat bran cereal for extra protein. So easy. And yes, in a mug!

    And yes, I definitely agree that when I stand in my truth, I am a beacon of light :-)

  9. says

    I will never think of liquid egg whites again without thinking of you!!! I use a different brand due to hard to find your brand near me & where I shop.

    That pic of “Her Favorite Foods is” – CRACKED ME UP! I won’t tell her! ;-)

    POD is cool!

    So why is this ending?

  10. Lorraine says

    Oh goodness. Your daughter is too funny.
    You are correct too. We need to lead not talk about leading.

  11. says

    I, too, think of you when I see egg whites, haha! And that’s mostly just from seeing your tweets :)

    I love when bloggers only choose brands and products to work with that they do or would use in real life. It makes it so much more authentic and trustworthy. I follow suit and turn down a majority, holding out for quality products I believe in. Kudos to you!

  12. Shelley (@Stuperb) says

    I lovelovelove the mother’s day card/discussion with the teacher. Hilarious & adorable.

    And I will forever associate egg beaters with you. I have for a long time, since well before they were a sponsor! It’s awesome when partnerships work this way – nothing seems forced or superficial about it. Way to go Miz!

  13. says

    I think of you when I see egg beaters. :) And I so wish I liked eggs, I know they are the perfect food – the one time I was able to choke down half an omlette I was full forever. It’s just a texture thing (and a flavor think with the yolks).

    And hehehe! I got eggs from that picture but they definitely do a have a similarity to… errr… something else.

  14. says

    Poaching the whites is cool! I do a dish in the micro and get the egg white puff.

    Jam/jelly (sweet and egg whites actually go well together)
    laughing cow

  15. says

    I can’t see a carton of EB’s in the store without thinking of you! I had them this morning with salsa & Braggs sea kelp delight seasoning – but my kids like with oatmeal, cinnamon and applesauce.

    I will miss your EB love posts! :)

  16. says

    Every time I see EB Whites in the store, I think of you. No joke. You actually inspired me to add EB Whites to my smoothies as a way to get some additional protein. Love it!! Thanks for sharing your love with all of us!

  17. Miz says

    OOPS. See? I thought I was superclear yet was not :-)
    Nothing more than my contract ending!

  18. says

    I feel I’m living proof of the fact that protein fights mid-day slumps. I try to keep the sugars/refined carbs out of my diet or if they are in there, keep them LOW during the day because they drag me down so much and cause me to crash. I keep protein high ALL the time and always feel awesome. Coincidence, I think not!

  19. says

    Liquid egg whites make me think of you…and biotin. Crazy nutritional science. I love them because they’re fast and healthy. You represented them well, Miz Fit. Kudos.

  20. says

    I’ve NEVER had those… Can i scramble them like I do with the eggs I eat now? I like the yellow in my eggs, it goes so well with the red in my ketchup. And yes, it’a ll about the color palette on the plate.

  21. Rita says

    Hells bells they need to rehire you as a spokesperson.
    Maybe if they came to the grocery with us they’d see how you spent any money you made back on them.

    Love ya girl!

  22. says

    I think of you, and how you “crack” be up when I walk by the “break free” whites we get here in Canada. Thats no yolk!!! You did egg beaters proud!!! (and I can’t believe I wrote the bad egg jokes…I think I’ve had a bit too much coffee this mornign!!) Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  23. says

    I so need to video my breakfast in a mug – even though I blow it up in the microwave every.single.tim. Maybe the pod is more my speed…

  24. says

    When I think of EB Whites your face comes to mind! That and the fake tattoo you posted some weeks ago with their logo! :)

  25. says

    The poach pod is awesome. A few years ago, my husband and I decided that if we were to invent anything, we would have to throw “pod’ in the name to make it a success.

  26. Bonnie says

    I’ve enjoyed these posts, Mizzy, because they are personal and authentic.
    Great partnership.

  27. says

    Poached topping? First thing outta my brain to say was “chocolate chips”, but that would just be all kinds of wrong. Feel free to flag this comment for it’s absurdity.

  28. says

    I have such a hard time eating enough protein. I don’t know if it was my years as a vegetarian or just a natural dislike but pretty much the only animal protein sources I really really love are fish and (yay!) eggs. I eat alotalotalot of eggs. Someday we shall eat omelettes together:)

  29. says

    OMG I am ROFL at the Tornado pic with the yolks in the middle. I promise I will not tell her what they look like. ;)

    This has been a good campaign and I’m glad we could band together on it.