My workouts.

Back on this post a few of you asked for specifics on my 20 minute workout.


workout 300x215 My workouts.

Let's pretend this isnt blurry, ok?


It’s also a question I get pretty frequently by email.  It seems you wanna know what, exactly, I do for my weights routine, how frequently I lift etc.  You crazy.

The thing is, ala the We dont need no STINKIN’ HOOK! post, it almost doesn’t matter what *I* do.

It’s taken close to 43 years for me to find what works for this bod & one thing I do know is it isnt necessarily what will work for anyone else.

That said, I entirely get your frustration when that’s my response.

That said, I entirely OWN the fact it would piss me off be a bit irksome if I asked about someone’s workout plan & they merely said it might not work for me.

Id wanna decide that last piece for myself.

As a result, I give you my workout routine in three different forms so you may consume the one which works best for you.

In 86 seconds of rhyme:


In 107 seconds of (more) serious yammering:


And, finally, in terse bullet points:

  • Far more important than what my workouts consist of is the fact they are consistent.  ZERO  fits and starts.  When you’re consistently healthy–almost 19 years in the house!–no single day needs to be “perfect.”
  • Im soft of core.  My training is for functional fitness not competition. When I’m lifting in a traditional fashion (read: not PLAYouts) I break down the body parts so my sessions never exceed 20 minutes.  As I say in the silly rhyme video: chest, back, legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders.  All individual workouts.

And thats me.

And precisely why Ive never blogged about my workout routine as methinks this could replace Ambien as sleep inducer.

Now you.

Does your workout routine resemble mine? Care to share?

Is your training schedule not at all like mine? Wanna divulge?

Anyone else care to vlog their exercise approach in rhyme or rap? Ill link! Ill link!


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  1. Runner Girl says

    I always think I’m doing too much cardio when I see what I do then I remember Fitness isn’t about fitting in, right?


    I’m off to run.

  2. says

    Do I get a prize for watching both vlogs?? :)

    I agree 100% with what you say about the hook and your workout.
    I do entirely different stuff and much more, but it doen’t matter what we do just that it works for our bodies.

    Love the rhyme.

  3. says

    We are the same and yet different! Being an endurance athlete, I spend lots of time running, cycling and swimming, and only about two sessions/ week of strength. And those are short. I think from a vanity standpoint, my body would look better if I did more HIIT type training. But I”m about function for the sports I love, so that’s where I spend my time.

    • Miz says

      YES YES YES TO THE VANITY PIECE. Im sure Id look different or better if I did, um, something which rhymes with SCHMOSS SCHMIT but Im all about the functional these days :-) and what FITs into my life.

  4. says

    Recently I have incorporated just two short strength workouts into my routine and my running has taken off in a very positive way.
    Your workout proves that it doesn’t take a huge commitment to get results. Thank you! Have a wonderful week.

    • Eve says

      I agree. I frequently see women at the gym who workout for hours a day and don’t look great.

      I know it isn’t about how we look, but isn’t than an indicattion something isn’t right?

  5. says

    yes, its so so hot! but you MIZ look good. You are functional and i love how you “play.” thanks for the rhyme! teehee

  6. says

    I’m addicted to running, so I hit up the running all the dang time. I’m also a constant moveer – up and down the stairs, some walking here, some jumping jacks there… I am, however, trying to get more consistent with my weights. Like you, I’m very efficient and manage what I want to do in about 20-30 minutes. The question is why I can’t “find” those minutes more often…

  7. says

    I’m definitely going to VLog my workouts this week. Maybe it’s a new opportunity for me to squeeze VLogs into my posts.

    Mine are like yours in that they are consistent EVERY day!

  8. says

    I’m still trying to figure out wh you’d want to be oustide more in the hot Austin summer! Loved the rhyme though!

  9. Sara says

    I’m already at the office where videos are blocked.

    Transcrip of the rhyme, please?

  10. says

    These videos are awesome!!! My workouts are sort of dictated by the days that I teach spin classes (Monday and Wednesday. I run every other day except for my rest day (which is Sunday) and do about 40 mins of weights on those days as well. So I suppose you could say my routine is very predictable and indeed VERY ‘routine’ than yours, but I’m aiming to do a lot more functional every-day fitness (eg walking instead of driving) while the weather is nice!

  11. says

    You. Make. Me. Giggle.
    After almost three years of you saying it, (I’m sure you’ve said it longer, that’s how long I’ve been reading) I feel like I finally get it. Light bulb. Consistency, it works.

    • Vonnie says

      I was going to leave a comment asking where the specific workout was, Miz.

      Never mind. I get it now.

  12. says

    Because I am always short of time at this time, I will watch the videos later.. BUT you know my workouts are much different from yours YET we both have our love of weights! Yes, I do my cardio but the weights are my love. AND I do longer but always have & seems my body type needs more work even though I am very focused & intense with my workouts. As for weights, I hate to stop – a big prob of mine! ;-)

    I love that you do what you do & what is right for you. I do the same & people think I am crazy but it works for me…. and the older I get, the harder I have to work! ;-)

  13. says

    Like Amanda and Lisa, I am mostly focused on running, and have mostly added weights to benefit it… but I’m definitely seeing those benefits.

  14. says

    I love that you always point out that each of us has to find what works for us. And what works today may not work as well tomorrow.

    I also love the consistency reminder! It’s so key.

    I work out five or six days a week (strive for six but sometimes it ends up being five) and do the following: 1-2 hikes/longer cardio, 2 weight workouts, 2 barre classes. I also throw some HIIT in there but am not as consistent with it as I should be right now. It works for me at this point, and I am especially happy that my low back pain is under control. As others have mentioned, I know I would look better if I did more weights and more HIIT. But it’s much more about how I feel at this point… Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t maybe re-evaluate things though… :)

  15. says

    My strength training ebbs and flows (lately much more ebb), but my cardio? No problem, since it became OK to “just” run 2 miles several times a week…don’t ask me why that seems so much more doable, but it’s working so I’m not going to question it.

  16. says

    This summer I walk at least one mile each morning with my husband. Then I run 1 to 3 miles 5 days a week. And I’ve also been doing weights in 20 minute increments, 2 to 3 days a week.

  17. Miz says

    I LOVE how many of you are chiming in. I await your rap videos :-)
    Ill be a backup dancer, errr, VLOGGER!

  18. says

    I love the efficiency of your training program! I hear of so many people doing 10km runs and 2hr sessions to burn 1000 calories – it just doesn’t sound like fun… or even bearable.

    Listening to you though, I probably need to ‘up’ my strength sessions a bit as I just do a ‘Pump’ class and a circuit class. A third weights session would probably be good for me.


  19. says

    My workouts are short, planned, intense and focused like you! I do one a or two muscle groups a day until I’ve done each of them! I love weight lifting (and your be present tank top!)

  20. says

    Hey! That was my question :-) I’m famous on MizFit today :-)

    Hee hee… thank you so much for answering. When I saw you blog post title, I was so excited and thought – “that’s what I’m going to do today!”

  21. says

    Carla, you’ve hit the nail on the head! It’s not how long, but about how consistent are you. You’re obviously doing exactly what your body needs to look the way you do; fabulous!

    I like to cycle between body part training and whole body, metabolic style workouts. Usually I got 6 weeks or so of one type then switch to the other for 6 weeks. I really despite traditional cardio, so if I can get it done between strength sets by skipping, box jumps or burpees, I’m happy! (when I’m done, that is!)

  22. says

    I love the rhyme video =)
    I have more of a schedule when it comes to running, but b/c of family (aka toddler son) commitments, I’ve learned to keep my weekday workouts vague – so if I only have 30 min to run, I make it a speed day. If I have 60-90 min, I’ll focus on a longer run.
    And I try to tell myself that even if I don’t get a chance (like today) to run, I’m still carrying my 28 pound meatball for good stretches of the day, walking up and down the stairs, and taking him on long walks – so although it’s not necessarily going to help my running performance, I am getting some exercise in.
    Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo

  23. says

    I agree wholeheartedly – keep workouts with weights short.

    It is very easy to tax ones body (and immune system) when lifting intensely with weights. The key word is intensity. Always try to do the minimum, i think, when it comes to weight training. Stimulate growth and strength grains via continual progression and then leave the gym.

    Good site, by the way! I’ve only just come across it.

  24. says

    “When you’re consistently healthy–almost 19 years in the house!–no single day needs to be “perfect.”” I love this quote and thank you for it. I have had a lackluster set of workouts lately, just not quenching my urge for that kick-ass “I just rocked that” feeling that I crave after a trip to the gym, but I need to focus on the positive and see the big picture – I am consistent. I consistently try, and every session can’t make me feel like a rockstar. There is always another one coming because I keep with it! Also, love the idea of the rapping/rhyming. I think we need a FitFluential Beat Poetry Reading.

  25. says

    I do full body workouts 3 days a week, usually 30-40 minutes per session. I also walk and/or ride my bike 3-5 days a week, for at least 30 minutes but usually closer to an hour. And then some weeks I change it up. I just try to make sure I do *something* every day. Except when I’ve hurt my back. :(

  26. says

    I just finished a 20 minute weight workout! I was inspired by your last post. I love them – sometimes I do 20 min concentrating on a single muscle group or groups (ie legs or arms, etc.) and sometimes I do a real quickie full body workout.

    Mizfit, you are an inspiration. :D

  27. says

    I’m all about functional fitness and have been for quite a while. I do the best I can to stay lean and strong. Running is my base because I want that feeling of being in shape as in good V02 max. Then I mix up weight lifting and body weight stuff, but not that intense, just consistent. Finally, martial arts, tennis, kayaking, biking and other sports to have fun with the fitness. Really, just working out without doing stuff makes no sense to me.

  28. says

    When I work and have an hour of lunch to spend at the gym, I like to do a good hard workout. I tend to split upper and lower body up. I try for 30-45min tops (used to do 1-2 hours…for shame!). Last bit of time be spent in the shower, for the sake of my co-workers more than me, I’m used to my stink.

    Whilst on mat leave, I may get 20 min tops so I try to squeeze in as much as I can while working my body effectively.

  29. says

    My usual routine actually is fairly similar to this one. Although there are a few differences, but we kinda have the same mentality about it :D. My training schedule is completely different though. Mainly because I work graveyard. I have to adjust and work around my work/home schedule.


  30. says

    My workout never resembles anything coherent;) But I always have a lot of fun. For me workouts used to be a means to an end but now they’ve become a means to a feeling. I don’t know if that’s better but I hope it is!

  31. says

    When I decided that nothing clean rhymes with “heavy-assed squats” I got more creative:

    Wendler’s my man
    I’m working his plan.
    It doesn’t take long
    It’s making me strong.

    For Function it’s Chip
    The Tribe that is Hip.
    Brutal Recess is gassin’
    Did I mention this gym as resident cats and dogs?

    For reference:
    Wendlers 5/3/1:

    BodyTribe coolest gym around): How many gyms describe themselves like this:
    We’re one of the very few gyms in Northern California that exists as a sanctuary for a philosophy. Not just a training hall for like-minded folks, but a dojo based on personal and tribal empowerment through movement. But this stuff is for anyone. Competitive athlete? We’ll make you better, in fact we’ll put our years of experience against anyone in Northern California. But if you’re new to movement and physical challenge, we welcome you to an exciting new journey. Many of our tribe have only recently embraced a passion for action in their muscles and minds as well. Somewhere in between? Prepare to increase your abilities and your awareness of who you are.

  32. says

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. I run and add a couple of HIIT workouts to my week. I love the challenge of intervals and they don’t last longer than 20 minutes. I run because I enjoy it and do the HIIT workouts (also enjoy) to focus on weight management and building muscle.

  33. says

    Thanks for this post! DH and I have been working out together in the morning and part of it is to help us get to exactly what you say about consistency. We’ve been getting in 3-4 days of cardio for 45 minutes and last week I started doing some ab work too 2-3 days. We both talked today – even before reading this post – about getting in some weight training. We already know we want to be more consistent about our cardio work too, building up to 5-6 days. It’s tough right now, as we have 3yo twin boys who recently have been moved out of cribs to big boy beds, so sometimes in the early morning hours we end up with a lurker getting out of bed early, LOL! But no excuses! It’s doing great, and on the days we can’t get to workout, we play hard with the boys and our 11yo daughter.

  34. addy says

    Ya no ryhmes here – ummm no. My workouts vary depending on me. Lots of cardio when I feel like it and minimal when I don’t. Not in a competition so sweat and heart pumping and I’m good.

  35. cheryl says

    no-no-yes and no.

    What I do is go go go-

    Love to race and get first place

    Headed to 60 years with strength and …..grace?

    (hardly-but it rhymes!)

  36. says

    love the rhyme!! and we keep our workouts to 10 minutes most days, as that is all the time we have. our workouts can be very random at times, haha

  37. Amanda says

    I’m in agreement with the consistentcy idea. I find it much easier to keep to strength training when I’m doing it everyday. It’s also amazing how fast you get out of shape when you are not doing it everyday. However, I am a planning guru! If I don’t have it written down, exactly what I’m going to be doing that day, forget it. That’s my only way to stick with it.

  38. Kiya says

    Haha, nice rhyme! I teach Zumba, so that takes care of my cardio for the week. I also attend a twice a week ballet fitness class which is a mix of ballet, yoga & pilates. So strength. Then I’ll randomly throw in my chin-up/upper body lifting routine 1-2 times a week. Most of my workouts center around the classes I teach or sub for. Alhouh, I’ll go for a random run sometimes too. So I guess I’m a lottle all over, haha!

  39. says

    Always love your writing and videos, Carla! AND…your workout approach is so important for busy moms…busy anyones, and that’s making it a fun and active life…getting in…getting intense…getting out, quickly.

    In the meantime, if folks want more of YOU…they can get your My Trainer Fitness 100 Calorie Workouts, and also your contribution to My Trainer Fitness for At Work.

    When I get stressed about feeling like I’m not getting enough done at the gym, I remember YOU and break out the MTF 6-packs, OR, just do some extra brisk walking with the dogs…kids…and remember to get some squats in by getting up from my desk chair OFTEN! :-)

    Ciao Bella!