Rhyming Miz. What’s my workout is**.

img 02221 300x194 Rhyming Miz. Whats my workout is**.

Crass? yes. Truth? YES.*


My workouts? Not sporadic.

About that Im EMPHATIC.

It’s not so much *what* I do–

it’s consistent training. Good food, too.


Im really NOT all that fit.

Im nonetoosad.  I *own* it.

My weights time? Short!

Im the fast moving sort.


I plan, hoist, 30 seconds between sets

I *never* chat. No friends Ive met.

I breakdown my  body parts.

(This works cuz there’s no fits&starts.)


Chest. Back. Legs. Bi’s. Tri’s too.

OH! And shoulders there’s a place for you!

But *more* than that I see my day

as one BIG chance to move & play.


I take the stairs. I skip some rope.

No workout time? I do not mope!

I skip. I run. Hold my core tight!

Remind myself that it’s alright.


Somedays I workout traditionally.

More often than not it’s creative for me!

Im doing NOW what I can for *life*

And be a mother, friend, employee and wife.


*This image was sent my way by many people after seeing this video. I have no idea where it originated. If you know–let me know below so I may credit…

**This is in response to the five millions of you who cannot watch videos at work & requested a transcription.


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  1. Healthy Mama says

    Thank you for this!
    I always get sucked into the ‘I need to do a race’ mindset as everyone else seems to be competing.

  2. Miz says

    I get that entirely. When I’m interviewed & the get to the ‘whats your sport’ question they are always dismayed :-) when I respond LIFE.

    I get up.
    I do it.
    I go to bed.
    And I get up and do it again the next day.


  3. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that postcard – LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your post & although I am more a gym freak & less a play one, I do get it & even at home I find ways to move when not “working out”. I park further, I take stairs, I leave thing downstairs or upstairs & go get them…. not as fun as you! ;-)

    I always get, “are you a runner” OR “what sport do you do to look like that”… me, I say, yes, training to grow old healthy & have been for years! :-)

  4. says

    Your workout videos make me smile.
    You always go the extra mile.
    I nod as I sit there eating my orange.
    Dammit… nothing rhymes with orange!!!!!!