Fireworks & *FITBLOGGIN*!

Id imagine, if you reside in the USA, your today is more about outdoors and BBQs than ‘net surfing and blog reading.

Still, since I spend last night accidentally wandering down memory lane, I felt compelled to drag you down the path with me I wanted to share a little ‘what we’re up to’ & memory musings with you anyway.

I love our neighborhood.

Myriad reasons I wont bore you with (and yeah. the Princess is still walking).

The specific reason Im thinking of today is our neighborhood 4th of July celebration.

It truly gets all 1950s up in here.

Kids climb on their scooters, trikes and bikes.

2011 02 25 14.41.40 Bee Cave Texas US 225x300 Fireworks & *FITBLOGGIN*!

It’s where most of them have their first “real” (jaw-dropping) parade experience (if by parade you mean random cars driving down the boulevard honking & hurling candy from the windows—which I do.).

wpid DSC 0223 Fireworks & *FITBLOGGIN*!


Kids LINE the streets & cheer (The Tornado’s friend doesnt always dress like that. I failed to get parental permission to post pic):

wpid 1340972657 picsay 1340972657 Fireworks & *FITBLOGGIN*!

One year it POURED (oh how I loved that year) & we had fun anyway.

2009 12 17 13.48.23 Austin Texas US 300x225 Fireworks & *FITBLOGGIN*!

Typically, like this year, it is hot as the proverbial Mo’ Fo’ it is warm outside.

IMG00710 1 1 197x300 Fireworks & *FITBLOGGIN*!

Which can make some of us furrow her brow.

IMG00719 1 225x300 Fireworks & *FITBLOGGIN*!

Until the parade is over & the real PARTY begins.

IMG00723 1 300x288 Fireworks & *FITBLOGGIN*!
In keeping with our ‘hoods 1950′s style the short parade route leads us to a party complete with face painting, jumpy houses and sno-cones.

I love our neighborhood (and shall be instagram‘ing more pics today than you’d ever wanna see).

Before Im off and sweating frolicking, however, I wanted to share a contest with you and NEWS ABOUT MY FITBLOGGIN SPONSOR THIS YEAR.

My sponsor? The host of the contest? None other than the DA ACTIVE company featured in the video snippet below.

The contest is simple and born out of their wanting to know what *we* want in our apparel.

(which is something I adore. the fact that are asking US what we want instead of trying to TELL us what we like.)

Answer seven *short* questions and POOF! yer entered to win.

And you can head out.

As I am.

To giggle, grill, get silly, and yeah SWEAT.


HAPPY 4th of July.

Happy. Happy. Happy.


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  1. Healthy Mama says

    That video is too funny, Miz.
    You’re like a super model.

    Congrats on the sponsor.

  2. Tia says

    We have a parade today, too.
    Not as fancy but fun.

    I entered the DA giveaway.

    You’re so lucky they’re sponsoring you!

  3. Toni @ Runninglovingliving says

    Congrats on your sponsor, can’t wait to see ou at Fitbloggin!

  4. says

    I cannot wait to officially meet you at fitbloggin! I just sat and listened to you and fitblog nyc…to shy to say hi (LOSER!) CONGRATS on the sponsor, well deserved :)

  5. says

    Congrats with the sponsor!
    I love what you did to cover The Tornado’s friend’s head lol
    Have a great 4th of July!

  6. Frannie says

    Miz that video is awesome.

    I want those clothes too.

    You look great.

    Happy 4th.

  7. says

    What lovely memories Miz – I love the photos and can’t wait to see more!

    Have a great day!


  8. says

    Your 4th of July sounds perfect. I’m in South Korea this year, and I was surprised how much I missed the 4th festivities. I wore red white and blue to work, in a rare show of patriotism.

  9. says

    Video is great again! :-) They are lucky to have you & I know you are thrilled to represent them & US! :-) We have a neighborhood thing here too. This is an Association so they do something every year BUT with no kids in the house, we just do our own thing but enjoy watching others enjoy AND they have fireworks here every year. I know some places are saying no due to the horrible heat & fire probs which is understandable!

    I wish I could meet you at Fitbloggin but no $$ here to do that type of stuff. I always enjoy reading & seeing the pics everyone else shares! So happy you got that sponsor!!!

    Josh, I love all the pics in this post! Have a wonderful day!!!

    Yes, I already worked out – my normal time! ;-)

  10. says

    my computer froze for a second when you were showing where the id goes in the pants haha! i’m totally checking out this line right now because i love love love lululemon but my wallet (supported by being a teacher) does not love it so much… happy 4th!! :) :)

  11. says

    Happy 4th to you and yours!!!

    I’m thinking about getting some DA to try this fall. I’m a Lululemon girl (just ordered my 8th pair this week) but they discontinued my favorite stuff. Time to shop around.

  12. says

    Congrats on the sponsor! What do I want when it comes to fitness apparel? Companies to finally realize people who want cute, comfortable, and functional workout clothes don’t stop at a size 12.

    • says

      Amen to that! (I also shared that I want functional yet attractive work out wear options in plus sizes – fitness doesn’t stop at size 18, either!)

      Happy Independence Day, Carla (and all) – enjoy and I’ll look forward to seeing your pics from the neighborhood shindig.

  13. says

    Happy 4th of July Miz. As you will understand it’s just an ordinary workday for me :) Love the pics, thanks for sharing.

    About Downton Abbey: I thought I was the last person on earth who hasn’t seen it but it appears to be you LOL.
    If you like British costume TV shows, it’s a must see.

  14. says

    Hip, hip hooray for Active DA (had to change it up to rhyme!).
    Fabulous news and all on the perfect day to celebrate it.
    I shall see you in Baltimore!

  15. Sam says

    Have fun! Sounds like a great family day. Crossing my fingers that I win the contest. :)

  16. says

    What if tomorrow all the blogs were gone,
    I’ve spent my whole day readin’?
    And I had to do without,
    The inspiration I’ve been needin’.
    So I thank my lucky stars,
    To be livin here today.
    And I still have access to all the blogs,
    To help with what I weigh.

    And I’m proud to be a big Miz fan,
    Here I can read posts for free.
    And I wont forget about DA Active ,
    (Why aren’t they sponsoring me?).

    And I gladly stand up,
    Next to you and comment here for thee,
    Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this blog,
    God bless the M-I-Z.

  17. SinnerElla says

    I love when you say stuff like Mo Fo. I also long to find a ‘Hood like yours where neighbors not only know each other, but like and look out for each other.
    Congratulations on the sponsor. Have a happy 4th! I’m off to locate and register for a black market organ purchase place so I can afford to get to FitBloggin and meet my MizFit hero.

  18. says

    Even though I live outside our nation’s capitol, our neighborhood has that small town feel too. :-) So happy to KNOW that I WILL meet you at Fitbloggin!

  19. says

    Happy 4th to you and yours! What fun neighborhood! I miss those good ole day :)

    I’m finally wearing workout clothes and proudly, I might add, so I entered the contest *fingers crossed*

  20. says

    Love the throwback 4th celebration. So great. We are often at the Jersey shore for the 4th (and are this year) and they have a great morning of old-fashioned field games for the kids. Three legged races, etc. Fun stuff.

    Happy 4th!

  21. says

    Loveeeeee your 1950s neighborhood- and that is now officially part of my wish list for when we buy a house- “I want nice neighbors who have block parties and parades” Congrats on Fitbloggin!! :)

  22. says

    Hope you guys had a wonderful day yesterday!!! Love the neighborhood parade and party – sounds like so much fun!
    I was excited to keep my son up late last night to watch fireworks for the first time, but after a few hours at the beach (first time we went all year), he was passed out by 630pm. We’ll try again next year =)

  23. cheryl says

    Tons of neighborhoods across the country participate in these types of activities yearly- for many years. It’s what makes our country great and keeps it going. Won a contest one year for dressing my daughter up like Betsy Ross making the flag and pulled her in a wagon! (We got a flag-bag of shiny pennies!)

  24. says

    Okay LOVE the 4th lfashbakc pics. They made me smile. And look at you rocking that DA wear. :) Awesome!!!!!! So excited that they’re sponsoring FitBlogging. Woot!!! :)Is it weird that I want to spend holidays hanging with you?

  25. says

    POCKETS. Why don’t fitness clthing company ever give we girls pockets? I’m ending up buying my pants in the guy departments, because nobody would even think of giving a guy a pocketless pair of bottoms.

  26. says

    Great little commercial you created for them!!! Love the clothes and you look fab in them! Hope you had a great 4th of July!