Teva Fuse-Ion shoes. (Ren Man review)

I love Tevas.

I have a pair of the original sandals with the ankle straps.

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(Please to not tell him I tried them on)

I don’t know how old they are, but it’s more than 10 years.

(MizFit note: Ive known him for 19. I cant recall a time he didnt have these shoes…)

I still wear them all the time.

I remember when Teva stopped making this style.

I was devastated – not knowing that Tevas are so hardy that I would never need to buy another pair.

(MizFit note: I also recall this.  There was crying involved.  Mine. I wanted a matching pair. A lot.  That day my hopes were dashed.)

I also remember when I thought I’d lost my Teva sandals in a move. 

(MizFit note: I first read this as saying he thought he lost them in a movie.  I spent a few minutes pondering why he’d have taken his Tevas off in a movie until I realized that WASNT what it said.)

I was inconsolable that I would never be able to replace them -  finding them was a glorious day.

So I was very excited when Mizfit told me about a new Teva lace-up shoe. 

(MizFit note: love is patient. love is kind. love lets love get new shoes even though she kinda wants the Teva Fuse-Ions too.)

wpid 2012 06 19 06.15.37 Teva Fuse Ion shoes. (Ren Man review)

I really like the way they look – very stylish.

(MizFit note: HIGH PRAISE.  Ren Man may now have a grown-up job, but he spent years selling fancy men’s clothing in NYC).

They are also very comfortable, but I prefer wearing socks with them as I found the material around the toes to be a little abrasive on my bare feet.

They provide good support and don’t slide around when youre running around.  (…chasing a Tornado of a girl).

They are made for water and are great for a romp in the river.  The only problem is that they look so good I don’t to get them dirty by wearing them in a muddy swamp.

wpid 2012 06 23 10.58.05 Teva Fuse Ion shoes. (Ren Man review)

 MizFit note: 

I giggled when I saw the Teva Fuse-Ions were billed as: “The highest performing water shoe you would gladly wear to the bar.” 

Given our lifestyle these shoes are PR-perfection. 

The water we’d most likely to be covered in comes from water BALLOONS or a small creek & the drains in the Teva  Fuse-Ions keep Ren Man’s new shoes light and non-sloggy.

The bars we shimmy up to these days more likely proffer PROTEIN SHAKES than PROTEIN ‘TINIS (is that a thing? should we make that a thing? did I just share my million dollar idea?!) and Ren Man has definitely worn his new Fuse-Ions there.






FTC the shoes were free.  The fact I couldnt help but jump in during the husband’s guest post is all my own issue.



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  1. says

    I agree with Erika! I LOVE your comments and notes throughout the post. Unfortunately, I can’t see my man wearing these. He’s too particular with his shoes…wearing the SAME style of shoe for the past several years. :/

  2. says

    This post made me giggle mainly because of your commentary. I would be the same. I fell in love with Tevas in high school. I didn’t know they made “shoes” and kind of love these too. Maybe I can convince my hubs to get a pair.

  3. says

    I have to share this w/my hubs who happened to be wearing Tevas the very first time I met him. I have to admit I thought they were the ugliest things ever. These fuse ions look pretty cool!

  4. says

    I need to try Teva shoes…been drooling over them in the title nine catalog for a while. I like the flip flops and the lace up shoes they make. Cute stuff.

  5. MizFit says

    OK Im trying not to butt in today—but LAUGHED OUT LOUD Brittany about your dad comment.
    Methinks we ARE your parents’ age!

  6. says

    I love that you included notes. It’s like Ren was speaking, then after he said something you popped up over his shoulder and made a comment. Love it!

  7. says

    You two are adorable!!!!! If Dennis and I were in your area, we’d strap on or lace up some Tevas and go for a walk with you and the Tornado. Much laughter would ensue I’m sure. Happy Monday!!!!

  8. mimi says

    These look amazing, and i hate trying new stuff unless someone i know has tried it and says it’s worth while. Thanks for the review.

  9. cheryl says

    Teva used to be worn only by paddlers/boat people in the Grand Canyon and elsewhere. Now they are mainstream. And expensive. Give me Teva in the 80s. Don’t like the company anymore…

  10. says

    I laughed the whole way through this post. Why? Because I imagine that this is how you two are in person; one talking, the other jumping in to clarify or provide backstory. Here’s to long-lasting relationships and knowing someone so well that we can finish their sentences!

  11. says

    Those shoes looks incredible…and I laughed out loud at the wear in the water and to the bar comment. Ha!

  12. says

    Wait a sec, didn’t Cranky Fitness review these a little while ago? I’m on to you crazy fitness bloggers… Now where do I get my free pair? Or do I have to be a famous blogger… There’s always a catch…