The IceTee.

Once upon a time there was a misfit who happily lived in North Carolina.

The time came for a move & her Prince Charming gave her a choice of three fantastic cities where he’d found employment for his princely skillz.

I pick Austin Texas! our misfit shouted.

Youll regret that! It’s hot there! EW ARE YOU SURE?! all her misfit-ladies-in-waiting responded. 

You crazy.  It is NOT a dry heat!!! her fairy godmother chimed in.

It’s already hot where we live our misfit replied.  Whats a few more degrees?!

To her dismay she quickly learned a few more degrees was, indeed, horrifically hot  noticeably warmer. 

To her chagrin she adored her new city yet found she began to perspire upon merely reading the weather forecast each summer morning.

While she attempted to only exit her misfit’ly domicile before the hour of 10 am and after the hour of 2 pm she was frequently forced (by her lovely dynamo of a daughter) to do otherwise.

It was for that reason alone she QUICKLY THREW ASIDE her “I shall never do a product review again!” proclamation and shouted a “Hell to the YES please to send me a sample!!” to a local Austin company.

It was for that reason our misfit happily, quickly and gratefully agreed to review the ICETEE.

The child adored said IceTee arrived in its own “purse.”


She refused to listen to the fact said “purse” was meant to transport the IceTee’s gel packs to and fro athletic events and expressed clear intent to procure said purse after review to house Sweet Talking Ken & Barbie’s accessories.

The shirt—to our misfit’s tremendous delight was purple, sleeveless and quite flattering if worn sans freezerpacks! (which she’d never have done as soon as the IceTee arrived while she waited for the freezer packs to solidify.  Or she did. We shall never know.)

Finally the morning of the GREAT! COMPETITION!** came.

The day our misfit planned to don her IceTee to see if, indeed, it helped her “perform her best by limiting the increase in her body’s core temperature  before and during strenuous activity.”

In went the three gel packs and ON ON ON went the IceTee on the misfit.
(2 gelpacks in the neck:)


(one gelpack down the back)

And she was off!

What did she discover?

  • In short the ICETEE rocks.  It isnt cheap. It requires pre-planning (freezing yer gel packs). It cools the core—and as a result the bod—like nothing else on a hothothot day.
  • After a few hours she was glad she’d brought her freak flag along so she could yank out the gelpacks and plop them somewhere.  She did NOT think ahead enough to bring the ‘purse.’
  • For her athletic endeavors (playground time, walks with family, hula hooping, hopscotch, badminton, Skip it!) the IceTee would be perfection.  For cooling down AFTER high-impact activities it would rock.  For wearing DURING high-impact activities (running, tennis etc) she’d have to make the dynamo of a daughter try it do further testing.

Our misfit’s 4th of july parade experience? 

COOLER.  BETTER, MORE FUN and LESS SWEATY than in years past.



Have you ever seen a “cooling shirt” like the Ice Tee? (how had I missed this sort of thing existed?!)  Have you tried one?
If you  haven’t used a cooling tee before—for what athletic endeavor (or non) would YOU use it?




**If by Great! Competition! you mean the flipping hothothot 4th of July parade which we do.  Said parade is hot & a longass walk to and fro.

FTC the Ice Tee was free.  The sad little attempt at story-telling and profuse sweating is all my own.


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  1. says

    I hadn’t heard of anything like that before. What a great idea and it certainly looks great – very wearable for any occasion sans gel packs!


  2. Tina says

    You do the best reviews Miz.

    I would love to check these out for park time with the twins.
    I wonder, though, if running in it would be cumbersome??

  3. says

    Ooh! I wonder what it would be like to run in that shirt – the cooling collar is so very appealing! Alas, I must go, now, to run, in my non-icetee shirt…

  4. says

    What a really smart idea for keeping cool during the hot summer. Although, I think I’d forget to “freeze” the gels and I’d never have them when I needed them! Oh well, I can respect the idea of the ICE TEE.

  5. says

    Cool product idea! (ooh, an accidental pun) I keep wet washcloths in the freezer for post-outdoor activity recovery. They’re pretty washcloths, but they don’t exactly lend themselves to wearing outside the house.

  6. says

    Pretty cool Carla!!! Pun on words! 😉 I had not heard of this but I did do my review post on those cooler things I put around my palms & they did help. My gym is so friggin hot I could wear it in there & it would be perfect… apparently the money I pay does not help them with turning on the AC – I look like I have been swimming when I am done & soaked tot he core! :-)

    Very interesting product!

  7. Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family says

    Oh wow!! This would be pretty awesome for summer running. If I am not out the door by 7 I am way too late! My bro-in-law still lives at Hood so I might have him check them out for me :)

  8. says

    never heard of anything like that but looks awesome! I live even further south than you so I totally get the heat and humidity thing!

  9. says

    Interesting idea! Makes sense in a hot climate (in which I do not live). 😉 I’ve never heard of the product but if I had one would likely use it on long, hot road trips (you know the ones you can’t get out of the sun/cool down on?) or while walking (which, I’ll be honest, I don’t really do. I run and don’t go for strolls too often even though I love the idea of it!)…Maybe it would turn me into a walker?! 😉 Love the style of your post too – a fun read!

  10. mimi says

    While i knew race car drivers wore a cooling suit so as not to need A/C in those cars, i didn’t realize there was a similar product for exercise.

    Although i would, at this point, only need to use it infrequently as i live in south Louisiana and still have to wear sweaters in summer when i go into any type of retail establishment and get cold at the drop of a hat.

  11. Sam says

    I have never heard of such a thing. Question – did the gel inserts make you look/feel lumpy and bulky or like you were wearing one of those cordless mikes that they use on reality tv shows. That would be my fear.

  12. says

    OMG, I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before. I love it. Even though I don’t think we get the same heat as you do down south, I’d love it. We could wear matching ones when we went to Centergy classes together!! :)

  13. cheryl says

    Would never use one-you can do similar with a bandana and ice at aid stations in an Ironman. Gel packs melt too quickly .

  14. says

    Ah, the heat! It’s a constant question up here too. I don’t think we got as hot as Austin? Maybe? (We’re consistently in the 90’s – 100’s with high humidity) But my new weird solution this summer is layers. As in long sleeves, pants and all. It started when I read an article about bedouins and how they survive such intense heat because their layered robes have a cooling effect (somehow)? And then I decided I really liked it because I sunburn faster than Miley Cyrus changes hair extensions and sleeves help more than any sunscreen. And once you’re sweat drenched, you’re sweat drenched, you know? Anyhow, I look like a freak:)

  15. says

    Want, need, must have! I heard about Olympic athletes wearing ice vests before the marathon in Athens but have never seen them on sale to the general non-Olympian public. As you say, it would be difficult (perhaps hazardous?!) to try to wear it with ice packs during athletic activity! But for before and after – fantastic!

  16. says

    Love!!! I hate being hot (and yet I live in Virginia. I know.) I think I’d use it most biking the kids to and from school each day. Must.investigate.

  17. says

    Oh Wow! That is really cool (no pun intended) If it is really hot out, I generally put a cooler filled with ice water and wash clothes planted in the bushes somewhere on my long runs, then wrap them around my neck to cool off. This could potentially eliminate having to do that. I might have to make the investment.

  18. says

    At the 100 mile race a few weeks back someone had on a shirt/vest thing made for ice and made to stay cool for several hours. I was impressed. However this is MUCH nicer looking and as I’m partial to purple it wins. I overheat easily though, so I should think about trying something at some point in my running career.