It’s back to basics bootcamp!

Im sad this is over:

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Summertime us!

September came so swiftly and with it a return to this:

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Ahh, first day…


It was only AFTER school started I realized how off-track we’d gotten as a family.

Our sleep schedule was *way* outta whack.

Our foodstuff had, uh, welcomed a bit too much of this type of meal:

20120912 115041 300x225 Its back to basics bootcamp!

It IS Whole Foods pizza!

And Id begun to take for granted all the active play time we had at our SUMMER DISPOSAL:

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Summertime rocked!


It took me a few weeks, but Ive realized it’s time for a BACK TO BASICS bootcamp of sorts for my family.

It’s OPERATION BACK TO BASICS and Im chatting about that today over at Attune Foods.

  • Did you , too, get wonky over the summer?
  • Did you succeed in emerging from the summer unscathed? (!!!)

Id love to hear your thoughts…



I work with Attune Foods as a brand ambassador. The fact I let my fam get all wonky and sleep deprived this summer is all my own.



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