It’s back to basics bootcamp!

Im sad this is over:

Summertime us!

September came so swiftly and with it a return to this:

Ahh, first day…


It was only AFTER school started I realized how off-track we’d gotten as a family.

Our sleep schedule was *way* outta whack.

Our foodstuff had, uh, welcomed a bit too much of this type of meal:

It IS Whole Foods pizza!

And Id begun to take for granted all the active play time we had at our SUMMER DISPOSAL:

Summertime rocked!


It took me a few weeks, but Ive realized it’s time for a BACK TO BASICS bootcamp of sorts for my family.

It’s OPERATION BACK TO BASICS and Im chatting about that today over at Attune Foods.

  • Did you , too, get wonky over the summer?
  • Did you succeed in emerging from the summer unscathed? (!!!)

Id love to hear your thoughts…



I work with Attune Foods as a brand ambassador. The fact I let my fam get all wonky and sleep deprived this summer is all my own.



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