Five months later….

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Yes. That’s my “dress” jumpsuit.


and what feels like a lifetime later—-we’ve got Listen To Your Mother show videos!

Much like going to Fitbloggin last week the opportunity to be a part of a group of women who just “got” me was amazing.


We were an eclectic group who had little in common outside of the fact we all use the written word as our way to best express ourselves.

Not all of us were mothers.  Not all of us were bloggers.  Not all of us were performers.

Some of our writings were funny (as in laugh out loud. some of the best writing Ive heard.).

Some of our writings were powerfully sad (as in I choked up.  as in it’s very very hard to make me do that with words.)

Some of our writings were both.  Rollercoaster rides in three short minutes of happy to despondent to elation (as in that’s a gift I covet.).

I remember coming home from our first table-read, waking Ren Man and telling him:

These women are UNBELIEVABLE.  Their writing is stunning.  Breathtaking.  I cannot believe Im part of this group.

He harumphed and rolled over and went back to sleep.

I know he didn’t ‘get’ what I was saying until the night of the show when he was able to hear for himself.  (He thinks Im the best writing he knows.  He’s sweet that way.)


I share these videos knowing how much we—the royal—dont much love videos.

Theyre just time consuming in a way blog reading is not.

Still, I urge you to bookmark Wendi’s post for later.

For the weekend or an evening/afternoon when you have a little YOU-time.

Mother, sister, aunt, friend, cousin, nanny, babysitter WOMAN I promise you’ll find a story in there to which you *entirely* relate.


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  1. Sarah says

    We had that talk this weekend too about the videos!!!
    I’ll make the time for these though :)
    Thank you for sharing, Miz.

  2. Miz says

    OOPS. I’d thought the comments were closed on this one…so people didnt feel the need to, well. COMMENT :)
    and yes.
    I loved our chat.
    The videos rock and yet are a time commitment in general.
    The women are amazing.

  3. says

    Going to bookmark to watch later. For some reason the link isn’t working right now. Could be user error…I’ll go drink coffee and try again. 😉

  4. Miz says

    LAUGHING. now I feel as though I cant close the comments.
    worked for me too :-)

    feel free to talk about the weather and your weekend…

  5. says

    It worked for me – I’m saving the others, but of course I watched your video. So sweet. Thank you for sharing that with us. How long did you end up staying in Guatemala? I’d say you brought back the best souvenir, ever! :)

  6. says

    I am constantly amazed by the power of women. After years of not being “connected”, these past few years getting connected with a number of different groups of women (bloggers/activists/cyclists) is directly proportional to the happiness/energy/saneness I feel in my life. I look forward to seeing the video. Thanks, Miz.

  7. says

    So glad you wrote this post! I kept waiting to hear the entire reading and figured I had just missed it. Bookmarked for dinner prep time later!

  8. says

    I will come back to the videos, I’m habing trouble with them on my tablet. I do appreciate the written word but I knoe doing a video is way more work. At least in my experience.

  9. Myra says

    Thank you so much. You have inspired me in so many ways for the last few years. I have always been so happy when we had something in common. From Shabbat to chia, being a mama to tatoos( not because I’m still afraid my mom will kill me) I had no idea that we had this in common. I was only in China two weeks, but my daughter too loved to hear our story. You’re correct. It is her story to share. But it is yours too. You unrolled the red tape (wow) to have the life you love.thanks