Brita kids water bottles: Tornado guest post.

This is a sponsored post.  Im donating all compensation to MAYAN FAMILIES toward implementing water filtration in the highlands of Guatemala.


It comes as no news to my regular readers that we’re obsessed with water these days.

We make it fun (Hello, Big Carl!!), but living in Texas and being as active as we are HYDRATION is a huge focus around here.

And, on top of all that, because Im one of ‘those moms’ (wink) I would be more likely to prance nekid down our boulevard than ever serve or order the Tornado SODA.

Quite frankly it’s for that reason I said yes to this sponsored post when Ive had a tendency recently to politely decline.

When Brita shared with me they were teaming up with non-profit Alliance for a Healthier Generation to encourage kids to swap out sugary beverages and drink more water I was in.

When I learned as part of their partnership with the Alliance, Brita will donate more than 4,000 Brita Bottles for Kids to schools across the country I was in.

I am grateful to possess all the healthy living knowledge I do.

Im cognizant of the fact Im in the minority (only 15 percent of school-age children drink the recommended amount of water but on average consume 6 sodas per week!)  and Im IN to help a company who wants to encourage healthy habits in kids.

But enough of my serious we need to STOP the kids-drinking-SODA, People!! rant.

Let’s get to the review and, given she’s been a child of a blogger her entire life, I’d say she nailed it.

The box arrived & the Tornado eagerly thrust it in my hands. 

She didnt know it was for her, but she does know with UPS comes many weird items lots of fun & filming.

I opened.  I presented her with the BRITA FOR KIDS water bottle.  She. Was. Excited.

I was a little surprised, but not very.  It amazes me no matter how many water bottles that child has she is ALWAYS excited by the new one.



Being SIX the first thing she noted was *not* the fabulous built-in filter, the fact it is dishwasher safe or BPA-free—she LOVED the color.

Yay, PINK!

I explained there was a filter inside which would remove all water impurities—but what she heard was AWESOME.  THERE’S SOMETHING COOL INSIDE & immediately opened it up.

Again, photo her idea.

When I told her we’d need to ‘force water through the filter before using the bottle she’d filled her Brita Kids up quickfastandinahurry & commenced squeeeeeezing.

She loved this part.

Then the drinking began.

  • She carried the bottle to school.
  • She brought the bottle to soccer.
  • Gymnastics time? BRITA KIDS was right there with her.

Dinner time at Casa MizFit? Since the arrival of the water bottle it’s been all SKULLS and BUTTERFLIES around here.

aargh! shiver me BRITA!


First thing in the morning? Before food or frolicking? She snagged that water bottle:

good gosh it’s early.

I’d initially wondered if the bottle would be too small (it’s still in the 90s in Texas.  we be hydrating!), but I was quickly reminded how six year olds love to have an excuse to fill and refill their bottles. The BRITA KIDS size was perfect.

She loved the bottle.  She thought the filter inside was really ‘cool’ (as evidenced by her showing it around the bus stop).  She definitely drank more water the past week because of it. And, in her inimitable Tornado way, she ‘made it her own’ judging by how I discovered the water bottle this morning:

Yes. I got teary.

Bottom line:

The Tornado loved the bottle.  She drank more water because of it.  I love BRITA.  I know more kids are swapping soda for water because of them.  Two thumbs up.


I have three water bottles to give away (to three winners) and you can be entered to win for the low, low cost of a comment below:

  • The Tornado loves her water bottles.  What do you do to encourage your kids to make healthy choices at home and on the go?




USA ONLY. Winners announced 10.8.12

FTC: The Brita Kids water bottle was free, but the opinions above are all mine & my daughter’s.  Brita also provided the three water bottles for giveaway.



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  1. says

    I love the kids bottle. To encourage water drinking – I buy whatever water bottle they pick out. It really seems to help.

  2. Healthy Mama says

    I love your daughter.
    I am like you are too, Miz.
    I would never serve mine soda.

    Always milk or water here.

  3. Tess says

    Lurve the color!!!! I do have boys so I am assuming I can get these in “boy” color 😉 Football, Lacrosse, hydration before these events!!! Brita is a beast.

  4. Hannah says

    I am always suprised when we go out to eat how many parents order coke for kids.
    We only do water when out at restaurants.

  5. Brandi B says

    I always stash some “healthier” snacks for my son–instead of his favorite cheese itz, I pack Annie’s cheddar bunnies, instead of candy, I pack cliff kids fruit strips. I’ve found the easiest way for me to make an impact is replace the treats with something that is equivalent in terms of taste and crunch otherwise, he wants nothing to do with mom’s “healthy stuff”–fun names like pirates booty also work as well!

  6. Lana says

    Oh gosh.
    I’d have cried at the water bottle with the labels on it.

    I’m not a mother yet, but I need to drink more LOL

  7. Renee says

    We have to send water bottles every day to school.
    I am almost embarrassed to say I send bottles.
    A new plastic every day.

  8. says

    Thanks very much for the Brita Bottle tip! My six year old, pink-loving, water-bottle loving little athlete can’t wait to get hers!
    (She’s very much like your “Tornado”-and fortunate not to even know what “soda” is!)
    Thanks again!

  9. says

    Love this. I’m glad my girls are good water drinkers. They have had soda before but it is very rare. Even at the fair, I drew the line at soda. :)

    I love the filter, so much crud in the water supply these days!

  10. MizFit says

    It was a PROUD MAMA MOMENT this weekend when the child spied a mom buying her little one soda and was horrified.
    The child was MAYBE 2? Id say more close to one.

    All things in moderation—but thats a bit….wow :-)

  11. Tina says

    It is surprising to me how many kids drink soda or choclate or strawberry milk.
    Not in this house.

  12. says

    Aww, what an adorable spokesmodel you have at your disposal!

    Seems like the product is a great idea, and given how kids lose things, I think families would be smart to buy these in bulk.

    She said, belatedly remembering to sip some of the water right next to her computuer she’s been ignoring….

  13. says

    I use a refillable water bottle for myself, but buy cases of water for my kids. They do take them on the go instead of soda, so that’s a start.

  14. addy says

    Very little soda is consumed around here. We just don’t buy it. Let the small people choose their own water bottles and fill them with water and ice. Makes everybody happy and hydrated.

  15. says

    We just keep on putting good things in front of them and educate them on the value of good nutrition. I think what I do best is act as a good example. By eating well and making healthy choices myself, I hope they will see it and do the same thing.


  16. Bridget says

    I helped my sister get my niece to eat by encouraging her to take her to the grocery store! She loved seeing all the veggies and fruits and help picking it out. It worked!

  17. says

    So loved the Tornado post! What a cutie!! Hey she learns this stuff form “someone” so take some credit as well! Love the cause & how wonderful the bottle is too! Course if I won I would pass on to the grandkids! :-)

    The one for you with love – precious!

  18. says

    My son would love one of those! The best thing I do for him is lead by example and more often than not, he follows my lead!

  19. says

    Honestly, what i have learned with the older guy is that he wants what mommy and daddy have – what mommy and daddy drink, eat, etc. All I drink is water (and my morning cup of coffee) – I am not a juice, soda, etc drinker – so from an early age, he wanted water too.
    I am astounded that school age kids drink 6 cans of soda a week – that is insanely high! When I was younger, having soda was a treat that my parents would let me have once in a blue moon!!
    PS. I love your floors =)

  20. says

    I can’t find these anywhere around my location! I like the way brita is stepping up to the plate to help neutralize the soda epidemic that plagues our youth today!

  21. says

    Cute bottle! AMEN! Kay only drinks water and milk. No juice, no junk! I hope to keep her away from soda as long as possible

  22. says

    Beautiful colour.
    Would match the Zumba Teacher’s garb (mine if I could afford it – hopefully soon, but I may be losing my job; so am trying to be careful with funds).

    I could take it to class; though, or even give it to her as a gift. She has four children of her own, so it may be that she may not get to keep it for herself, though.

  23. says

    Oh I would love this for my 7 year old! She hates drinking water from a stainless steel bottle and the bigger plastic one we bought her won’t fit in her lunch box. And she loves her some pink, so this would be perfect!! :)

  24. says

    What a great cause–one about which I’d never heard. And I am depressed seeing that soda stat for kids. Wow. Mine do not drink soda, and after a glass of chocolate milk with breakfast, only drink water. Enough water? Not as far as I’m concerned but I try to trust that they drink to the thirst cues. Anyhow–my girl would love one of those cute bottles!

  25. Donna says

    My water loving, new cup wanting daughter would love a new “sports bottle” like her older brother has.

  26. says

    I encourage my kids to make healthy choices by making them myself. We have a game we play in the car called “Healthy or Junk” (1 kid yells out a food, the other says whether it’s healthy or junk). We don’t drink anything but milk and water (juice pouches are for parties). And most importantly we talk about what will happen to our bodies if we don’t make healthy choices.

  27. says

    Great review – I love how the Tornado took ownership of the bottle and her hydration so quickly! Great fun for kids to refill it over and over, and she sounds like a natural spokesperson with showing how it works at the bus stop. Too cute. :)

  28. says

    OMG I love her!! And I really love the work that Alliance for a Healthier Generation is doing in our schools. They are a great organization and I kind of love seeing the two of you together.

    We encourage our kids to make healthier choices by making those their only choice. We provide them with healthy meals and snacks and they know how it helps their body grow and be strong. They do get treats but they also know that it’s a treat.

  29. Karina says

    Being an outdoor soccer loving family from Houston I get the need to push the water. I love the fact that the bottle has a filter so you don’t have to worry where you fill up from. I’m definitely going to go find me some of these!

    We get our kids to eat healthy by only offering healthy choices, and talking with them about how foods fuel and nourish our bodies.

  30. says

    I love this! My 6yo loves water but hates drinking them from reusable water bottles. He also says the water in those bottles “tastes funny.” Perhaps this is the answer we’ve been looking for??? Also, love the photos, too cute :)

  31. says

    I still get excited about water bottles too! I’d probably buy a kids version over the adult one. #thatjustme 😉

    Loved the review via The Tornado! :)

  32. Morgan says

    I am forever trying to get my kids to drink more water, and the only time they actually do it is when they have a water bottle in their hand. And the youngest one has been begging me for a new one, so one of these would be perfect. But maybe not in pink.

  33. says

    Great question about healthy choices…as the kids get older they have to learn to make healthy choices on their own. My 10 yr old has an occasional soda..often with friends during a trip away or a sleepover or even at grandma’s. She knows to drink the smaller portion controlled drinks, caffeine free rather than the other, or lemonade or tea. to make her lunches fun so she doesn’t want to swap, I give her a store bought water bottle and and individual flavored drink mix packet so she can choose. often the packet comes home and I know she drank just the water. She reads food labels and knows portion sizes. I have just tried to empower her with info to make better choices when faced with peer decisions.

  34. says

    I have a Brita water filter – though it’s stopped chilling so need a new one and I LOVE my water.

    As a kid we were only allowed soda on special occasions – or when out at a sporting event (after a basketball match etc).

    When we were older we probably had a bit more, though not excessive amounts.

    Not exactly sure why I became such a diet coke addict then!?!?!?


  35. Therese says

    How cute! My grandkids love taking their won water bottles to the park and everywhere else!

  36. Em says

    I bought them their own bottles in fun colors. Now, they ask for water over juice boxes for their lunches, and I don’t need to remind them to grab their bottles on the way to soccer (or anywhere). They would love a new bottle!

  37. says

    No kids, no entry. In my fancy pants soda dispenser job, I actually have seen parents talk their children out of getting water or milk/chocolate milk and told them to pick out which soda they wanted. I don’t get it.

  38. Sarah says

    It is a challenge to get my kids to drink as much water as I want them to.
    One thing I do is to slightly freeze their bottles so that when they squeeze them it sounds ” crunchy.” They think it’s funny and are more inclined to drink their water.

  39. Nikki says

    My daughter and I have a water bottle we share, she really latched on to one particular bottle. Funny how a cool bottle makes water better. I love the idea of less soda, more water! :-) My daughter would love her own bottle.

  40. says

    Your daughter’s pictures are fabulous. She looks like such a fun kid.
    As a teacher of 7-11 year olds I eat lunch with them every day. I make an effort to always pack healthy lunches with fruits and vegetables and bring a big water bottle. I am trying to be a positive role model and think the more we can do to start kids on the right path the better.

  41. says

    My 8 year old has his choice of our many water bottles, but he always loves new ones. I bought Capri Suns for his school lunches and the majority of them are still in the fridge after 2 months of school – he prefers a bottle of water with his lunch!

  42. Janet says

    Kudos to Brita for donating to this worthy cause. And your Tornado is the cutest, I just want to hug her. We use the big Brita in the fridge and fill a water bottle that goes to school with my 2nd grader. But like the Tornado, anything new (and pink) is immediately given “best” status. Thanks for the review!

  43. Natalie says

    We have all different kinds of water bottles too! Letting the kids pick which ones they carry helps… Last night at cub scouts my son proudly told everyone during their healthy eating discussion that ‘We don’t drink soda’! Yeah!!! My kid is so darn smart! :)

  44. says

    We use reusable water bottles too – a silly thing, but when we use straws, everyone drinks more, it just makes drinking easy 😉

  45. says

    ohmyword. I need this for myself. Badly. I’m so sad that I didn’t know about these before! If only they came in like 44 oz. size!

  46. Joy says

    I don’t have kids but I babysit my nephews a lot. One thing I did was let them pick out their own water (or juice) bottles because they’re always with us when we are out. The next thing I do is I have them help me bake their treats (I try to avoid “I’m hungry” pit stops that never end up healthy) their favorite is zucchini brownies!

  47. says

    Well our one year old isn’t quite making her own choices yet, but we’re of the mind that if we model what we want her to choose, chances are good she’ll monkey-see-monkey-do. I have water bottles in the house, car, office, and anywhere else we go and she loves to play with them and drink from her sippee cup while mommy drinks her water!

  48. says

    I can understand the power of a cool container! I got a water bottle years ago at a race, in the school colors with a folding straw that was just the right size! Never have found one like that again :-(

  49. says

    I love how this cute bottle helps a child stay hydrated. I can totally see how it would! She probably sees her mama drinking from a water bottle and wants to be just like her. :)

  50. says

    Holy Cow, I love this!! What a great way to get kids to drink more water. I am doing some posts about healthy kids on my blog and would love to do a quick review about this post, and link back to it, if you don’t mind.

  51. Jen says

    Making healthy options fun is my favorite way to encourage them to make a good choice. This bottle definitely fits in that category.