Life is my sport.

wpid 2011 05 25 08.51.01 300x225 Life is my sport.

This is what I do.


Im not sure if it’s the time of year (fall, kids back to school, most of the moms I encounter finally have time for themselves).

If it’s the people around which I hang (ok VIRTUALLY.  You are all pretty damn badass).

Or if it’s simply a resurgence in the popularity of competition.

Lately, however, Ive been bombarded by the question of what it is that I do.

  • Brands have asked (we may have sponsorships available—what do you do?).
  • Strangers have asked (I run marathons—what do you do?)
  • Friends and family have asked (what’s the end-goal with your working out? what do you do?)

Each time I respond I dont “do” anything.  This is it.  This is my end goal.  Life is my competition. I get up, I do it as best I can, I go to bed and I get it and do it AGAIN the next day there seems to be a level of disinterest (brands/strangers) or disappointment (family/friends).

As if committing to daily, lifelong competition is not in and of itself a goal.

As if choosing to get on this healthy path and not git off isnt freakin hard and exhausting ‘enough’ or impressive.

A little while ago I had a conversation with a bunch of bloggers about the temptation to compete.

About the fact it seems some days EVERYONE IS DOING IT & can be a slippery slope to committing to doing something you (OK, *I*) know is not your spirit.

It’s taken me a while to grown entirely comfortable with the fact I may never compete again in the traditional sense.  To acknowledge publicly and happily Im UTTERLY SOFT OF CORE & for me living a consistently healthy life is challenge enough.

It’s taken me a little while—but Im finally completely comfortable saying LIFE IS MY SPORT.

  •  I dont run races….but Ill cheer you on.
  • I dont do triathlons…but Ill help you in your transitions.
  • I dont compete in bodybuilding right now…but Ill train with you & help you plan your diet.
  • I dont do crossfit…but Ill read your posts & admire your badassnessment.


When I was asked (yesterday. again.) what it was I did the question suddenly reminded me of the poem The Invitation

In that moment I realized it doesnt matter what I do and I dont CARE what *you* do.

It doesnt interest me what you do for your workout—I wanna know where you started and where you aspire to go.

It doesnt interest me how many pounds you lifted or how strong you were in the WOD—-I wanna know how it felt & how you embraced and moved through the pain.

It doesnt interest me how many miles you ran or when your marathon/race/triathlon is– I wanna know what part of the process you enjoy…what facet of the journey nourishes your soul.

Life is my sport.

There’s no cheering to be doneThere’s no training-PRE and focus on recovery-POST.  There’s no finish line.

It’s just a little bit (eating and moving) each day until Im dead.

Life is what I do.

And you?

With that new definition in mind I “invite” you to tell your story.

What do YOU do?


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  1. says

    Miz what a good post. I often feel “pressure” to set goals because everybody is doing it but to be honest I just want to workout 5 to 6 times a week, and the next week again. That’s why I decided not to focus on running a half marathon anymore. I focus on running and enjoying the run. I have a lot of workout DVD’s for at home and I love doing them all.

    Having fun at my runs or workouts is what’s important to me and that’s what I do: try to get/stay healthy and enjoy life and working out is part of my life.

    • MizFit says

      and it is SO HARD.
      I do still frequently fell those pangs of “I just workout. It’s such a small piece of me. I dont compete. Everyone competes. Should I compete?”
      and then I remember—Im not a competitor in that sense.
      It’s a victory each day I try again.

  2. Joy says

    I love this post.
    I play at the gym – I go to spin, body infusion, kick boxing and cardio box
    My heart lies in yoga – but I’m the least flexible person ever!
    And I run – slowly! I hate when people ask me how fast!! I’m slow but I’m hella happy

  3. says

    Love this post! I can really relate! I love to exercise and workout but it is not my whole life and what I have time for changes and what I can handle changed too. My preference for exercise is dancing! But with two tiny ones I find it easier to run or weight train at night. I love to surf, but I haven’t been for a surf in ages, now the beach is a different play ground with lots of jumping and splashing with little ones. They will get bigger and more independent and I will have more time for things I love, but no doubts I will miss the activities I can fit in now and the fun little kid stuff, and realize I loved that too. Plus I’m not a competitive person races and comps make me nervous and sick! Rather just enjoy!

  4. says

    omg, I LOVE this post! I just read it out loud to my husband. Love, love it. I’ve been embracing this mentality over the past couple of years, and while I have felt the temptations, I know it’s not right for me. Reading this really resonated with me because it describes where I’m finally at now (so much better than I could have ever put into words myself). And the Invitation reference–awesome.

  5. Runner Girl says

    I am a woman who loves to move and running is what I do today.

    Maybe not forever.

  6. says

    This is such a great post! It’s so hard to not compare yourself to others or feel like you need to be doing more. But you are so right- life is our sport and we should be proud of ourselves for maintaining a healthy lifestyle- isn’t that enough? I think you are amazing!!

  7. says

    Well, I think there is cheering to be done. That’s why I like forums like Daily Mile, Twitter and Instagram where we can cheer each other on for just doing it.
    I like to do a few races, but don’t think of it as competing. (My son once asked me why I would enter a race if I knew I would never win!) I like the energy of racing and having that event on the calendar does help me “just do it” in the weeks leading up to it.

  8. Hannah says

    Oh Miz this is why I love you so.
    You cheer others on without a shred of resentment or wishing you could do what they do.
    You are 100% you.

  9. says

    Great post! What do I do? Live a life of happiness. Right now that involves running and racing because it brings me happiness. When it doesn’t, I’ll do something else.

  10. says

    LOVE THIS. Printing it for myself and pinning it to Pinterest for others. I don’t under Pinterest but there are people that do….and they need to read this!

  11. Pat says

    I believe somewhere along the way it became a badge of honor to compete and not to be a support team.

    I also know my life is busy and when I don’t skip a workout I feel worthy of a medal.

    Thank you for this, Carla.

  12. says

    Great write up. I struggle with this a lot too, I mean YES I say I’m a runner, but really I’m more than that, right? Why isn’t my life and the way I live it good enough? Why must there always be some carrot in front of us to motivate? While carrots are nice, I’d like to think life is simply a fun and beautiful adventure, not a series of check-ins.

  13. says

    i don’t compete, i leave that to my husband. Like you said. Life is about competing to be your best each day. Miz, you are always ON TIME with these bits of inspiration. Cheers to YOU!

  14. says

    I do gym-dates instead of lunch dates. I catch up with friends over sweat and squats and leave happy and full of endorphins. It’s my happy :) and I get to go to three classes today. Can. Not. Wait. :)

    Love your outlook miss motivation xooooo

  15. says

    Loved this message! It (whatever it is- running, yoga, crossfit, etc) shouldn’t be the goal itself. Those activities should be about helping us live a bigger life, learning to love ourselves a little more each day & finding the strength & courage to push and also listen to our bodies.

  16. says

    Great post and everyone thanks you for being their cheerleader, which you do so well. I can’t explain why running races feeds my soul, but it does. And truthfully, other than when running a relay w/ friends, it’s not about placement for me, but about the clock and how I can improve upon it. All that said, I am definitely mellowing with age. If I had to take all the races away, I’d be pretty darn content just running–it just gets me and I get it!

  17. says

    Love this!

    And I’ve been staring at the blank comment form for far too long trying to think of something sensible to contribute; can only say THANK YOU and give up and go pour another cup of coffee.

  18. says

    love this. i have to say that i have truly enjoyed the 9 months of pregnancy to slow down, enjoy exercising and not have any goals besides just moving.

  19. says

    “badassnessment” <– new favorite word :) I want to compete in figure one day but sometimes I catch myself thinking that when I go to the gym NOW, I'm training for my first show… this is so wrong. And when I catch myself in this mindset, I swiftly assure myself that as of right now, my only competition is MYSELF–to prove that I am stronger than the last time I was at the gym. I'm just getting stronger now. Sometimes I need to reason to go to the gym… no physical reason at least. It's just my "me" time. :)

  20. says

    WE ARE SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carla, I so get this! I just wrote that post not too long ago about competitions & all the challenges in this blog world & how I don’t do them & I only do what feels right for me.

    YES to the fact that we keep getting up & doing this each day & each month & each years for as long as we have done it – that is not enough??? ;-) That is when I gt discouraged with the brand stuff Carla & they say you have to do this or that or look like this.. honestly, come back to me when you have done this for 30+ years & improved thru the years & tell me that is not enough! It so frustrates me!!!!

    But that how much do you lift – got that my whole life or do you race or do triathlons or marathons.. I get all kinds of questions.

    Charlotte is doing that fit Grandma thing & the question was – best tip for staying fit, defying the aging process. I told her this:

    For me, I don’t consider what I do a diet or a “program” or “I have to exercise”…… This is just my life. This is how I live day in & day out.. not diet, no program – just….. I AM LIVING IT! I am always learning & always a work in progress but this is my life & people see nothing but this. I find what works for me & that is all that matters. :-)

    I LOVE THAT POEM!!! I feel strong & accomplished when I finish my workouts.. I feel good about myself! :-)

    • cheryl says

      as long as someone else is paying the bills…then I guess you can just LIVE LIVE LIVE (and lift lift lift and be be be!) Lucky you!

  21. Eve says

    The Invitation chokes me up every time I revisit it.
    I love beyond measure how you tweaked it for fitness.

  22. Miz says

    I LOVE LOVE IT TOO. And will forever think of it when asked by people/friends/family/BRANDS WHAT DO YOU DO?

  23. says

    I do what I love!

    I’m learning (and exploring) more about what I love doing every single day!

    p.s. I love how you put you are not competing in bodybuilding (right now) :)

  24. says

    I live life outside of the box! I always want to remember that God gave me the creativity and determination to do all that’s out there to experience, why to tackle it! Fitness is a way to avoid the negativity…..being unhealthy or other things I can control. Great post sister, amen! ;)

  25. says

    This strikes a cord with me as well since I don’t compete, race, do marathons, or even do spartan events. I workout and remain fit to be healthy and to break the mold that was laid out for me during my upbringing. Having two parents, who were all but incapacitated by lifestyle choices, taught me how I didn’t want to live my life.. As terrible as it sounds, I live my life complete opposite of what they did, so they did teach me what not to do by example; I don’t want to be like my family at all.

  26. says

    Such a great post!! I think we’re all to often focused on the “other” types of sports out there, and forget that if you really think about it, life is the ultimate sport. Thanks for reminding me of that!

  27. says

    I have never read that poem before, I love it! I’m trying to be the “best” me I can be so I can continue to live and love life and be with my family enjoying an acitive life style.

    Shouldn’t that be enough?

  28. says

    I think too often we lose sight of our own journeys and get wrapped up in competing – or comparing – ourselves to others. I run / race to compete with myself…I’ll never be fast enough to compete to win…but having a time to beat is my motivation!
    I think as I get older (and naturally slower) the competition will fall to the sidelines as it becomes more of a lifetime fitness goal!

  29. Sam says

    This reminds me of the movie Parenthood with Steve Martin where he says there is no finish line in parenting. I believe that is true with healthy living too. We just have to do our very best every day.

  30. says

    I totally get this. I run, and I race, but I don’t RACE race, you know? And I’m perfectly fine with that – being a participant is my thrill. Wish that more people would do things for enjoyment rather than always feeling like they have to improve – I think they’d stick with it longer, that way.

  31. says

    I like racing and I like not racing. I haven’t done an organized race in almost 2 years now and I kind of miss it. So, I am going to add a couple in.

    I get a lot of people who ask if I do bike racing because I bike so much, but I so much more enjoy our relaxed long ride days when we can stop to look at the scenery or grab a cupcake or whatever. Events are fun, but there is more to being physically active than training and doing events.

    I do understand how some people need those to keep motivated, though.

  32. says

    Thank you for this, Carla!
    Day after day I get bombarded with racing schedules and marathon finish times and triathlon medals. While I’m thrilled that so many people are getting out and training for these events, they’re just not my thing.
    I wanted to enter the UnderArmour What’s Beautiful Campaign, but couldn’t think of a challenge for myself that compared to all the events everybody else was training for.
    I exercise because it makes me feel good. I train so that other people can see that it’s possible even with kids and a job. I’m strong because I want my kids to be strong too. I guess life is my event as well…

  33. says

    LOVE this. Thank you for posting this. I got some flack last night from a friend when I said I was going to cut back drastically on my racing next year. I’ve done 21 races already this year, and still have 3 to go. I’m raced out. I just want to run and enjoy the journey, and if I want to do a race here and there, great, but that’s not my goal. My goal is to be fit, toned, strong and enjoy myself! Excellent post.

  34. says

    Raise kids and kittens — everything else is to keep me in shape and able to do those. Never thought of it this way, though.

  35. says

    You are so smart Carla!

    If I can get there and think this way imagine all the pressure I’d take off myself. I’m giddy just thinking of the possibility :)

  36. says

    Exactly!! I have not “competed” in a while, and maybe I’ll run a race again soon. Right now I just race against myself and time, or days of the week. I am also a Yogi, which of course embraces no competition. Also, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and family and fortunately it usually involves some type of activity!

  37. says

    What an interesting perspective.

    I love to learn what people DO because I think it helps me learn who they ARE. But I also want to know what they THINK and how they FEEL about it all…

    I agree, it is so easy to get drawn into competing and DOING just to compete!

  38. says

    I’m too highly distractable to stay on course for anything longer than a 5K, and then I just do those occasionally because I want a T-shirt and a finisher’s medal (whee!).

    I just make sure I do something active most days of the week — that’s all I can commit to. I wish I could be more disciplined but that’s something I’m working on (eeeeet’s haaaard!).

    And no, there’s no finish line.

  39. says

    There are so many things I love about triathlon. But the one that’s been pinging my mind lately is that it’s my active meditation time when I train alone. Me vs the road/lake. Testing what I have in me that day vs the road that lays before me. (Also, when I train with Zliten, what’s better than QT + training in one!)

    I also just love the energy of a huge group of people coming together to do something amazing that we all love.

    Also – I don’t do well with just workouts to work out. I like having a higher goal. I’m all about the moremoremoremore.

  40. says

    Oh man, what don’t I do? I compete with myself daily. Sometimes I think lie would be simpler if I didn’t, but the truth is I feel like my body is meant to run. I figure I’ll do it now while I can. :) Um, can I just say that you are awesome?

  41. says

    If I had a bullhorn I’d shout your message from the roof!! people often don’t understand why I run so much if I don’t want to race…because I like it doesn’t seem to be a good enough answer.

    Right now I am trying to figure out what I want to do and yet honestly it’s mostly for other people. I know what I am doing each day and I feel pretty good.

  42. says

    This post speaks to the very deepest part of my heart. Thank you :-)

    What do I do? I swing some kettlebells. I write. I walk to the beach. I chase my grandson. I push him on the swing. I sleep. I eat deep dark chocolate. I help women know they are not alone and that they can love their bodies, no matter what. I create. I care for my grandmother. I love my husband. I sing in the shower. …

  43. says

    This is why you’re absolutely inspirational to me. LIFE IS MY SPORT. Gosh I love that. I wish I could make healthy choices just because it serves me better and in the end I will live longer. I need a push, and for that I admire the daylights out of you!

  44. says

    I LOVE this so much, Carla. I think I love it mostly because people ask me the same thing all the time, too. People assume that there is some HUGE event or undertaking we always find ourselves on when in fact the truth of the matter is that being CONSISTENT is hard a#$, bad a@# work. I train daily for life. For me. For my family. And to remind people that there is no secret, but instead so many secrets.

  45. says

    That’s a great post. I say that because we so often get asked that question, and, I mean, what is that question really asking anyway? We live, don’t we. We pursue happiness and fulfillment and live each day as best we can. Really everyone has the same answer as you, but have it categorized in a different way that is more fulfilling to the questioner. You’re just not fulfilling them, but that’s why you’re MizFit.

  46. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking says

    Wow what a great post! You addressed all of this so tactfully. Sometimes it amazes me the questions people ask!!

  47. says

    In our uber-competitive world it’s so hard to not have an answer to that “What do you DO?” question. I know I’m a competitive person and I enjoy competition, but the day I stop enjoying it (if that should come) is the day I hang up my hat. Contentedly.

  48. says

    Badassnessment – I love that so much. I’m not really the badass kind of person but I admire the heck out of all of you who are!!!

  49. says

    Love it.

    I’m asked all the time at the gym…”do I compete”…I always say “yeah, I’m competing to be the best Brad I can be.” Blank stare. I know it’s a corny response but it’s true.

    PS. for some reason your comment on my blog today went to spam. I un-spammed it and would love to do a vlog combo. Any ideas? I’m open!

  50. says

    Can I ask you something? Do you have some sort of direct line that taps into the pulse of humanity? Or a least what is on everyone’s (my?) mind. Seriously, with Ok, sorry.

    For so long, I was focused on racing and striving – not just in the fitness sense but also the life/career sense and it was just so tiring. I struggle with this though because there is the comparison and expectations, especially from the family. But I’ve started to come around to just being – to do what I can every day.

  51. says

    AMEN to you, woman! For so much of my life I felt the pressure to compete to win the most track and field events, the most crew races, the most field hockey games. And I was just like…. I think I’d like to feel tired after this workout? I didn’t see the point of competing against other people or for a certain “title”… I was just trying to be my best me. The best version of myself so I could be proud of what I was working for. And what was I working for? Well…. fitness! Happiness! Loving myself and being happy because I could make small goals for myself like “I want to lift X weight today” or bigger goals like “I want to have bomb calves because I think that looks cool”. You know? Life is enough of a challenge in itself — embrace that and lead life, head-on. xo lady lovely.

  52. cheryl says

    Thank god for public schools so that moms can have time to themselves -huh?
    I have taught in the public schools for let’s see…this is my 38th year, I think.

    Running at 5 a.m. sets the tone for the day and is my coffee.
    Swimming after work brings me down from eight hours of taking care of everyone else’s children.
    Riding long distances and yoga helps me be creative so that I can go back into the classroom once again on a Monday with great ideas -some of my best lessons have come from running in the dark.

    The reward is doing well at my job, being kind to myself and competing with myself to better my time, distance, weight hoisted or new inversion balance. Competition is what gets me out of bed in the a.m. Nite!

  53. cheryl says

    And it’s easy to NOT compete in the work force when someone else is paying the bills…which I have never experienced, so I HAVE to get to the job every day.

  54. says

    FABULOUS!! I love this post so much! Life IS a SPORT!

    I used to compete in several sports and there’s a ton of pressure–so now I think it’s still abut being the best ME not comparing myself to others–which is always hard! I should do more, run more, lift more…instead of being in the present!

  55. says

    I love this: “I wanna know what part of the process you enjoy…what facet of the journey nourishes your soul.” Like you I find the person and the process 100% more interesting than the goal or the accomplishment. I love people’s stories. And I love that people tell you their stories because you see it in them:)

  56. says

    Miz, you are probably more like me than you really want to know. (You maybe should be scared…) And I have to admit that I am shocked.
    From what I see and read, you are way more into this fitness deal and you seem to have your act together so much more than I.
    And then you go and tell about how things turn out when people ask what it is you do and I can TOTALLY relate. I think it’s because we are both in support type roles. I like to think that I help others be the best they can be by relieving them of some of their stress. I run my own business and the job may be called personal assistant, but I always say: if it’s needed and legal, I do it!

  57. says

    This may have just helped me to stop comparing myself to everyone else in this community. I constantly compare (compete) and judge myself less than, because I don’t run enough, or crossfit, or lose enough weight, or live for the gym. I am still on MY journey, and that is good enough for me.

  58. Heather @Better With Veggies says

    I love that you’re self-motivated like this, not everyone needs that goal to keep moving. I do, but wish I could be a little better at the self-motivation. ;)

  59. says

    OMG I adore this. It brings to mind when I was a brand-new SAHM and at social gatherings people asked “so what do you do?” and when I answered about the SAHM gig I got the reply “that’s allllll???” I wish I’d said “I do life” Ha!

  60. says

    I’m so with you on this! I have no intention to compete, but want to get to a point of fitness where I can do hiking trails, ride a horse, sail and paddle to my heart’s content. I want to do stuff!

  61. says

    I know I’m a day behind on commenting but for me, this was the perfect day to read this post. I’m struggling with the fact that I might never be able to run at a level to compete again and you said the things I think and feel.
    Thank you!!!

  62. says

    I don’t compete anymore.

    I live in the moment each day. I homeschool my children. I cuddle my husband every morning and night. I travel. I meet kindred spirits. I do mundane chores to bless my family. I exercise a few times a week in my gym that is the world. I trust my Creator that it’s all being taken care of and do my best not worry.

  63. says

    I use the competition to help me live my life. I know, for me, without the race, there’d be no training. I want to be healthy and I want to make it a habit, but I know the RACE is what makes that all happen. Without that outside goal, I know that I would sit on the couch every day.

    And that is how racing keeps me alive.

    But I have gotten much, MUCH better with knowing which types of things I want to involve myself in because I love them…and not just because everyone else is doing it.

  64. says

    In life we can also set our own standards and not compete against what others accomplish. This way we can be more happier and not constantly measure ourselves against something we see on other people.

    We also should not be happy by just getting ahead of other people even though our standards are not met.

    Same with sports focusing on our own physical and fitness develop inside a gym or track field lends more satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. We also become healthy not only physically but also emotionally.