I’m so N.E.A.T.


These days my life is so so flipping insane jam packed with amazing stuffs the majority of my workouts arent traditional—-but they ARE N.E.A.T.







Im MizRunsInPlaceDuringCommercialBreaks:



I N.E.A.T. because I am my brand.

Fitness isnt about changing & shifting my WHOLE life to fit my workout routine. 

It’s about fitting my workout routine —- N.E.A.T. or not-so —- into my life.

So I ask you:

How will YOU N.E.A.T. today?

(still not sure what NEATing means? I’m over at Life…Supplemented proffering a more, uh, adult comprehensive definition.)


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  1. Tia says

    Thank you for this and the other post.
    I needed the reminder today since I have class and then nannying after.
    I can at least move some.

  2. says

    Love this!!! I skip and hop too!! Would love to get into hooping! Fitness should totally be a natural part of the day!

  3. Healthy Mama says

    It’s cold and rainy here, Miz.
    I will sprinkle with the twins as my N.E.A.T.

    You’re so neat.


  4. says

    I like your NEAT. Sounds like fun to me. Mine is not nearly as creative–walking the dog, playing sports w/ the kids, etc. But I agree that we should fit into our everyday.

  5. says

    I tend to pace, I think because it makes the dogs chase me, which then turns into a run away from them, which means dodging furniture, and then I’m suddenly in a Bruce Willis action movie! :)

    • Pattie says

      I loved that as well.
      And when you said you were a NEAT cook.
      I spend a lot of time preparing meals. That’s a great tip.

  6. says

    Well……. I don’t really do that nontraditional stuff very often – just me as I love my traditional weights… so.. I use a 24 hour facility so I can always fit it in no matter what. I love that you do what you do & when you have kids in the house AND a job like yours, well, it works & it is so you! :-)

  7. says

    I forgot to say that I do fit in NEAT stuff by walking up & down stairs & parking further away & standing when I could sit & I do core work/stretch while watching recorded TV or just the news.. I get that in too! :-)

  8. MizFit says

    YES!!! you get an award for that one! helping-people-whilst-calorie-burning trophy shaped like a heart.

  9. Connie says

    I easily fall into the “if I cannot do thirty minutes why should I bother?” mindset. I liked your tips.

  10. says

    Last night I started practicing my push-ups and planks while listening to the debate. Might be my new favorite TV “work out”.

  11. says

    Um, non-exercise activity thermogenesis, well I plan to bounce a bunch of ideas off the wall today. The wall I will be bouncing them off of is very far away, so lots of walking before I get there.

  12. Sam says

    We had the Lemon Twist when I was a kid. It’s a variation of the skip it. Also – love the hula hooping video. Especially the part where you ask RenMan to video you when he already has been for several minutes. 😀

  13. Wanda says

    I love this concept and that it’s NEAT.
    Yes I still use that word all the time to my son’s dismay.
    I will be NEAT today by doing plank-a-day during my conference call.

  14. says

    I don’t get to talk about it much cos I don’t do it much… but the time I love is after I do a morning walk – or some early morning exercise WHEN I have time after to kick back (and not rush to work).

    I put music on and dance about the kitchen… feeling psyched and happy that I’ve done my exercise for the day – but more of a sense of accomplishment and the fact that i’m feeling energized.

    I LOVE that feeling. That time….


  15. says

    I love you. The skip-it is my ultimate favorite childhood toy. One day my Mom texted me and told me she was “watching SYTYCD and hooping”. My mom is hilariously adorable but I was also impressed. Skip around, hoop, and be NEAT! During the show AND during commercial breaks 😉

  16. says

    SKIP IT! Omg!! I LOVE SKIP ITSSS (if you can’t tell by the overuse of capitals)

    I agree, fitting the workout in is critical to any routine. I realized that I had to block out my fitness time in my work calendar…once I did that guess who started getting less meeting requests at noon? :)

  17. Kristen @ Happy Running Mama says

    Oh I’m so glad I found your blog today! I had no idea what NEAT was and then I just read one of your earlier posts about it. I love incorporating NEAT into my daily life.

    My latest obsession is with doing planks during commercial breaks. I’m up to 2 minutes on my planks but want to be able to do entire commercial breaks. One of my goals! I also love tossing my 2 year-old up into the air (not high!) as it gives my arms a great workout. :)

    Off to do an hour of pool running now…

  18. says

    all i can hear in my head right now is “coconut, coconut, coconut oil”. your daughter is absolutely adorable. Your core workout was hysterical. i totally agree with you. i have realized that now when i can’t make it to the gym, that’s ok because there are so many alternative things i can do to fit exercise into my life. today i wanted to go to zumba class but left work late, so decided to take along 20 block walk. i have also been trying different workouts at home. thanks for the inspiration as always.

  19. Hannah says

    I don’t ever think of dancing as calorie butning, but I do think of my Zumba that way.

    I’m gonna start a walking book club, too.
    You rock.

  20. says

    If I could have your physique just by taking advantage of NEAT opportunities I’d ditch the gym forever and run and play and jump and skip!!!

    Sadly, to get where I want to be it seems to require some dedicated gym time, but it’s a great point that there are opportunities everywhere for sneaking in more exercise if we are mindful enough to look for them.

    You are such a role model for finding these and using them; thanks for the great post!

  21. says

    OMG! My mom is always telling me this is why I manage my weight, I’m a big believer in NEAT. I swear I’m always so restless and shaking my leg. I can’t even sit in a movie without fidgeting and wanting to move, unless it’s super fascinating!

  22. says

    They make grown up sized one skip balls? For real? Sweet. I love those…
    I made my own hula hoop but I’m genetically lacking the ability to hoop I think. I keep trying, much to the amusement of my nieghbors :)

  23. cheryl says

    chasing preschoolers and catching them and lifting them over my head when I do. and getting paid for it. someone’s gotta do it!