Miz, I want to buy a skirt and give it away anonymously.  On your blog.  It’s the notion of paying a favor not back, but forward.  I do this monthly as it supports my spirituality/who I am and watching the momentum it sparks is amazing.  I believe in your MizFit angel network.

I received this email the day I announced my Miz skirts were for sale (links added by me).

My initial reaction was to implore the emailer to share her name.

It’s not I believe it’s important to take ‘credit’ (in Judaism one of the highest forms of mitzvah is anonymous giving) I just thought it such a cool idea I wanted to share the source.

Our emailer declined & said she cared NOT how I conduct the giveaway. ..what I did for the giveaway…but really wanted anonymity.

And, given her choice of MizFit Angel network wording, I immediately knew what I’d do.

And I penned a post which I choose to preempt when Hurricane Sandy happened.

A post about RAOK & how small acts spark bigger movements ala the MizFit Angel Network reference in our GENEROUS emailer’s missive.

A post encouraging you to do an act of good.  Any act—BIG like skirt giving or small like a smile—which would spontaneously brighten another person’s day.

I almost changed the post for today—but decided not to as our world–in my opinion–is always in need of a little extra loving kindness.

Drawing a blank for your pay-it-forward gesture?

We tend to git weird misfit’y with our actions—so here are a few of our more staid ideas:

  • Use manners as a form of kindness.  Please. Thank you. Hold the door open for a stranger. Done!
  • Stop a stranger on the street & give a genuine compliment and a smile (<—one of our faves).
  • Clean out your toy room/bring gently used toys to fire/police station so they have extras on truck in case they encounter a frightened child.
  • Bring coupons to the grocery & leave the ones you dont use TAPED to the item for the next shopper (<—another one we love).
  • Launch A PRO-ANYTHING campaign on a social media platform (blog, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc).  For example, anti-BULLYING is a great message, but PRO-KINDNESS might be even better?  Pro-positivity.  Another example: not ANTI our healthy living TROLL but PRO everyone else.

Not yet sold on spending your little leisure time PAYING IT FORWARD?

Need to know there’s a little fitness-payback in the deal for YOU?


Acting in a kind/giving fashion can:

  • Contribute to good health & diminish the effect of diseases psychological and physical.
  • Spark the “helper’s high.”  (The rush of euphoria, followed by long period of calm, after performing a kind act. This ‘helper’s high’ triggers the release of endorphins.)
  • Create feelings of joyfulness and vigor (woo-hoo! Im all about the vim & vigor).
  • Decrease intensity/awareness of physical pain.
  • Serve as an amazing distraction from the fact Thanksgiving is merely a week away (!)

You can be entered to win a MizFit workout skirt (men, they make great gifts!) for the low low cost of a comment below.

What act of kindness will you do this week to pay-it-forward?



All my proceeds *plus* a matching donation from abprosports go to the Mayan Families charity in Guatemala.

winner announced 11.21.12 USA and CANADA only


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  1. says

    I do a lot of these things on a daily basis just because it is part of LIVING KIND.

    Something as simple as smiling at a stranger can have a small and simple impact on the day.

    I am going to make sure to help a young lady at the gym who is once again embarking on a quest to health. I will offer her tips, support and encouragement this week…and in the weeks to follow. I know what it is like to be in her shoes and there were several gals who were very kind to me at the start of my own journey!

    Have a great day!

      • says

        That’s so cool that you guys already do this… I tend to THINK I’m the sort of person who “lives kind” but all too often I get caught up in my own world and my own petty concerns.

        Thanks Miz, and all the other commenters for some great concrete ideas as to how to do this!

  2. Tess Moore says

    I have a little bit of a hard time trying to say what I’ll do because I feel RANDOM acts can not be planned for. I love the immediate situation and reaction that results in smiles and it wasn’t planned. I feel you just have to be constantly open to being kind and the rest falls into place…. a definent gift that always gives back ten fold!

  3. says

    I love leaving my grocery coupons for others. I just did it yesterday! Planning on getting a coffee this morning and paying for the person behind me too. Makes my day and hopefully the stranger who gets a free coffee!

  4. Heather@YSP says

    Ever since we had a stillbirth, I carry around “kindness cards” and when I go to the coffee shop, I buy my things plus a $5 gift card and then hand the gift card and the kindness card to the person behind me in line. The card just asks them to pay it forward in honor if my little lost son. It’s nothing life changing bug I hope makes someone smile.

  5. says

    I try to find someone every day that looks like they need encouragement or a helping hand in some way. I work in a hospital, and many times I see people struggling with issues of their loved ones, and it gives me a chance to put myself out there to do what God intended me to do all along, to give and help others.

  6. Tara says

    It has been too long since I surprised the starbucks waiter behind me with free coffee.
    In in in, Miz!

  7. says

    I love leaving coupons for people. My thing lately has been to helps moms of little ones.

    My days of struggling to get a stroller through a door, while carrying a diaper bag and keeping track of the extra toddler beside me are easing. Still, I remember how much it helped if someone opened a door, handed me my dropped toy, etc. Sometimes, just offering to take a cart back up to the store for an elderly person can really ease their day.

  8. says

    Actually, last night on my way to class it was already dark out and I passed a car on campus that was stalled out with the blinkers on. It was one lane only so as I drove past I could see all the other cars just hopping the curb to get around and I saw this scared looking young girl sitting on the side of the road.
    I Didn’t have time to stop (it was a test night!) but I called the campus security and asked if they knew about this. They hadn’t heard anything so I asked if they could send an officer over to hang out with the girl until help arrived. I certainly didn’t do much, but I hope my phone call helped her situation a little!

  9. says

    This definitely touches my interest deeply. I never ever had visited a type of blog which has the description of one’s website. The internet style definitely corresponds the whole subject with the blogger. Thanks for sharing this impressing post.

  10. says

    LOVE THIS! My meditation yesterday was literally about this exact thing. Abundance will come to those who give it away. If it’s friendship you are seeking, be a good friend. If it’s material wealth you crave, give away your money and possessions. The universe brings back to you what you put out into it!
    What a fabulous gift and a great network as well!
    I try to always give out compliments and see the good in others. I love people so much and I try to remember that there is something to learn from EVERYONE! But maybe today I will do something even more! I will let you know how this random act of kindness goes!! xoxox Miz!!

  11. says

    Shoot! I just wrote the longest comment ever and I don’t see it here… Bummerrrr!!!!!!! I was saying how I was meditating about this exact topic yesterday! The key to abundance is to give abundance away. If it’s friendship you’re seeking, be a good friend. If you crave material wealth, donate your money and possessions. The universe will return to you what you put out into it. This is such a wonderful cause Miz. Love it so much!
    I always try to be kind to others. I remember that I have something to learn from everyone I meet. Even super difficult patients deserve me to treat them with kindness and non-judgement. I will have to find a great act of kindness to do today and let you know!! xoxox

  12. Jeanette H. says

    I try to smile at those I walk past wherever I may be. Also my pay it forward tends to be in the form of helping my sister navigate her way through college and making sure she has what she needs and a little of what she wants. I didn’t have any assistance as I was first generation and I figured things out on my own….some good some not so good. I don’t want her to experience that so I help her out in any way possible.

  13. says

    I recently saw a post on FB where a random stranger left a $50 tip “to brighten someone’s day.” I want to do this for someone the next time I eat out. How cool would that be??

  14. says

    spark the helpers high! that’s so perfect for this season! I love that you do that to me all the time. I shall follow.
    Great ideas Miz!

  15. Jenn @comebackmomma says

    I try to do many of these. I am always polite and really enjoy both smiling and complimenting strangers. They probably think I am a wacko, but I think some are genuinely touched. I have also been helping to send relief items to those worst hit by Sandy. Great post!

  16. says

    I won’t enter the comp but I will still try to be considerate to anyone I come across. Remembering that a little kindness can make someone’s day is important. Or a smile, a thank you at the right time.

  17. says

    Oooo, I love this post (not just because of the giveaway, thought that’s awful nice too)! I don’t have any habitat for humanity events this week, so I guess I need to get a little more creative. I bought extra things to have on-hand during Thanksgiving that (I hope) my family likes. Extra giving on my end, and extra thankful they’ll be coming to visit next week. Squeeeeee with excitement!

  18. says

    I’m not sure if it’s an act of kindness, because I’m just doing what anyone would do, but my best friend who is a single Mom and who’s 6yo son has Cancer, car just died yesterday, so I am let her take my car. My kids and I can walk to and from school until she sorts this out. You know any car dealers? Next up operation find this girl a car!

  19. says

    I like to leave coupons for others, but tomorrow I am taking a bunch of my sons’ gently-used toys and clothes to Goodwill. We’ve been blessed with lots of nice things that they barely use. I would love to share with someone else.


    This is so amazing, I love to see people to realize as I, that we are all connected. We are all a part of the one, Soul, Love, Kindness, and everything we do affects every other part of the universe. Just a smile, or kind words, letting the car in in front of you on the freeway, all can make anothers day brighter, which inturn will carry to the next and to the next. I have been given a second chance at life and my purpose is to carry that message of experience, strength, and hope to those who still suffer. I have to give away what was so freely given to me, on a daily basis to keep what I have. I am truly grateful. Thank you giftgiver, and fellow human being!

  21. Francine says

    I was talking to my 14 yo son yesterday about the families who still need donations for the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I asked him what we can do as a family. he took it to the next level. He came home from school and told me that he and the rest of the members of the Student Council are starting a donation drive. They would like to have toys donated for the kids to have a nice holiday season as well as food and clothing. I am honored that he took my words and put them into action. Proud mom moment. I have given him the tools to pay it foward.

  22. says

    I will make sure I compliment every single person in my run clinic tonight (even though I try to do that anyways), so they know to thank their bodies for all their hard work!

    WEEEEE! Love the Mizfit run shirt. My workout gear is too girlie, definitely need some skulls!

  23. says

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the paying if forward! It is weird how yesterday I sent out my “I appreciate you” tweet to some – just because I was sitting here trying to catch up on things & it just hit me…. not for any reason but because these people make my life special. I will continue on with this too Carla – BUT I can’t tell you what I will do or that is like giving it away BUT I intend to do it!!!! Multiple ways of I can! :)

    YOU ARE AMAZING along with your anonymous donor!

  24. Jenne Griffin says

    I have been collecting warm clothes and tents for the homeless asking everyone I come across to help everyday I do something for someone other then myself.

  25. says

    The being polite is one i try to do anyway, but one of my favorites is buying groceries and leaving them at the house of a friend i know is having a hard time making ends meet.

  26. says

    I live in an area of NYC that has been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. I went through my clothing and and am giving away all sweaters that I have not worn in a year and going to the devastated area and distributing warm clothing and canned goods. I plan to be more generous with time going forward

  27. says

    Wow. What an amazing “benefactor”. That’s an awesome way to live, seeking to “pay-it-forward” constantly. I’m refeshed after reading your blog. Right now, since I’m moving, I’m trying to pair down items that I don’t really need and looking for appropriate people who would benefit most from them. For example, a gave someone a guitar who sold his beloved instrument for some extra cash a few years ago when he began his family.

  28. says

    Awesome giveaway contest! It’s so important to think about others throughout the year. I’m going through my house and collecting things to donate to shelters. I hope it helps someone in a time of need.

  29. says

    I love leaving coupons for people but this week I’ve been saying good morning to all people i run past…no mean morning grump here…and stopping to talk to the people I see regularly on my path….it’s a start! ;)

  30. says

    Love, love, love some more.

    We do swaps semi-annually. Anything and everything. Clothes, kids stuff, books, movies, you name it. I love that we can bless each other and help those with limited incomes. All else gets donated to shelters, crisis pregnancy center. Everyone wins. And yet, it still feels like we should be doing more.

  31. says

    One of my really good friends lives on Staten Island. Last week I sent her a care package to share with her friends and community members who were in need of gloves, flashlights, batteries, and hand warmers. It made me feel good when she let me know last night that everything was finding a home and helping people.

  32. Sam says

    You stole one of my favorite pay it forward acts of kindness. I love giving genuine compliments to strangers or acquaintances. When I first started doing this it astounded me how such a small gesture could make such a big difference in another person’s outlook for the day.

  33. says

    I had a single mother purchase a winter coat from me for her son. When she came to pick it up she mentioned how hard it was for her to purchase these things new for her children with such a tight budget while doing it on her own. She thanked me for making it affordable for her to buy. I then felt horrible that I was charging her for a coat my son no longer needed. I offered her the coat for free along with some other warm clothes for her children. She cried and thanked me. I asked her if she could only do the same for someone else sometime. If any of the clothing didn’t work for her children that she would pass them to someone else in need. I try to live my life with the pay it forward motto. I loved this post! :)

  34. says

    I’m driving my friend’s sister to her wrestling managing practices because my friend is super sick and her parents have to work. It makes me feel so good about myself when I help people out. No other satisfaction is greater. :)

  35. Mallory says

    I’m going to clean out my coat closet and get my extra/unused or no longer liked coats to a homeless shelter. The cold has finally arrived here!

  36. says

    I try to show kindness in the simplest gestures, always have manners and be respectful. Smile at people who do kind things for you, and smile even bigger for those that seemed to miss the kindness memo for the day. Sometimes they’re having a bad day and a simple kind gesture can really turn it around for them.

  37. says

    Love this. Tikun Olam. Such an amazingly important way to live our lives. I do feel the RAOK is hard to plan, hence Random :-).

    I have a friend from college who recently lost her husband suddenly. I’ve been meaning to make a donation to her family in this horrible time for them and will do that today.

  38. Debbie says

    Imagine what a beautiful world this would be if each and every one of us performed a small act of kindness each day! So happy that someone directed to me to this page today! I suppose it was their small act of kindness! :)

  39. says

    One thing I learned from my mum was to give for the joy of giving and do for the experience of it all, and that giving to others is a gift. Making people happy is a gift to be given freely and often. I try to do something, every day, that would make her smile :)

  40. says

    I love giving out compliments to strangers! I’ve never been shy about doing so!

    Miz, I like you very much. I love how your words always make me take the time to pause and reflect. Thanks xo

  41. Erin says

    I brought a bag of Skittles for a coworker who had a bad day and was talking about how she hadn’t had Skittles in years, a few days before.

  42. Dcafe says

    I started a tutoring club at Lunch. Anybody can come, and I do my best to help. During my blocks that are devoted to my online courses I usually spend it tutoring other students as well. Great to here the words “Oh I get this now!”

  43. says

    So my relatives were LARGELY impacted by Sandy. I knew I wanted to help generally but didn’t know exactly what to do. So far, I gave blood and donated food and supplies. I also got together a group of family members to send gift certificates to one of my relatives hit hardest by the storm (they lost their house). I would fall over if I won the skirt :)

  44. Jana M says

    I recently started following you. I will volunteer on Thurdsday and make sure my daughters know that when you give you get some much more. I love your blog and tweets. You inspire me daily to take care of myself!

  45. says

    Thanks for this lovely reminder of how easy it is to make somebody else happy!
    I am working on letting go of some built up resentments. Not really good for anybody…

  46. colleenoz says

    Though I am not as adept at receiving them, I love giving out random compliments. I’ll focus on doing that more this week! It will lift my spirits as well, as I’m going through a particularly rough patch right now. Wait, does that make it selfish now?!?

  47. says

    Its like you learn my mind! You appear to understand so much approximately this, such as you wrote the e book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few % to power the message house a little bit, but other than that, that is fantastic blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.

  48. says

    What a neat, neat idea! To “pay it forward” I’m going to make sure my husband comes back to a spotless kitchen today and buy a coffee for the person behind us in the drive through at Starbucks this weekend – I know we have a short road trip ahead of us and whenever someone has done this for me it’s been such a fun, surprising blessing!

    In addition, I’m making it a point to compliment each one of my clients today on their character and not their physical appearance. Thanks for the push! :D

  49. Heat says

    I am hosting a fundraiser to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy. (Anyone who would like to donate can click through from my blog to my website.)

    I’m helping raise money for burial costs of a student at my school who was hit by a car and died 10 days later. The family is having car washes and bake sales. (It is gut-wrenching on top of heart-breaking.)

    (This was an easy week for big examples.)

  50. Pattie says

    What a cool thing for someone to do!
    I will happily pay it forward this week and volunteer a few more hours at the shelter.

  51. says

    My pay it forward is going to be going through our closets this week and donating all the clothes that sit in our closet that we never wear to a local organization. With the winter months coming up many people could use them. Also need to find a new home for two working, but older model printers. :) Loving this post!

  52. says

    I am neither in the US, nor prone to wear skirts – I feel left out! :D

    Seriously, it seems you do a lot of good, Miz, if you can install that feeling of *wanting* to do good in your readers!

  53. Starr C. says

    I love to give unexpected goodies to my children’s teachers! Especially baked goods or a small gift card. Teacher appreciation is all year for us.

  54. says

    A young momma friend is at home with 2 wee small sick ones. She just caught their crud. I took her some OTC meds, cough drops, and soup for lunch plus a gallon of milk for the littles today because I know how hard it is to get out with sick ones. (Her husband is traveling this week.)

  55. Rachel says

    How wonderful! This weekend I’m going to check with friends and acquaintances in our new city to be sure they all have people to share Thanksgiving with–and if not, they can join us! We’ll have plenty of food at our house, and the more the merrier! We live too far away from our families to join them for every holiday, and I know there are others in the same boat.

  56. says

    I love this and I try to do things like this regularly, but even with the best of intentions….I forget. Next time I’m in line at the coffee shop, I will buy the person behind me their coffee.

  57. says

    Saturday, hubby and I will spend the day preparing and sharing a meal with our local homeless. Everyone remembers to do these things on major holidays, but our homeless go hungry EVERY day.

  58. says

    I try to “do the right thing” on a regular basis. Help out where I’m needed. My running helps contribute because I tend to do more runs that are for a good cause than others that are for profit.
    I will be thinking of other positive ways I can pay it forward. Thanks for the giveaway. Love the skirt!

  59. says

    I love the idea of anonymity because I am modest in this regard myself.

    I like to do little things that bring smiles to people’s faces especially secretive little things… leave a little baked something in the doorway of our building mgr’s suite, and I do take my coupons to the laundry room so that other’s can use them.

    Good manners and smiles and courtesy is just a matter of common decency and happen without thinking.. but I ESPECIALLY like to be extra nice and smiley to crankypants! ha

    Fun giveaway and of course I would love to have one of your garments!

    You are such a great inspiration to do GOOD deeds!

  60. says

    I agree with the comment from MilesMusclesMom. I try to be aware everyday. From making cookies for the local library’s Veterans Day program (and extra cookies for the staff), to holding the door open for someone, or getting an item off the shelf for someone who is unable to reach. I also like paying for the next person in line, but haven’t done that for a few months as I am currently out of work.

  61. says

    Trying very hard to do this daily. I did remember to do it today, when I handed an extra coupon back in the line to another woman who forgot hers.
    Loving you, Miz, for reminding us all to keep paying it forward!

  62. kc says

    On our way to the bakery, my kids and I passed a woman and her child holding up a sign asking food, money etc.

    Instead of buying just one bag of rolls for us, we bought two and my 6 yr old gave the extra bag to her on our way back to the car.

    It was a tiny gesture but I hope it taught them that a small gesture could help brighten up someones day.

  63. Rebecca Leigh says

    Giving the gift of life with blood donation, then some food donations for the hungry this thanksgiving. It’s not the holidays without it!

  64. says

    I love this! I love to clean out my wardrobe and the kids toy box and mend and restore everything. Give it a great wash and then give it away.

  65. Joy says

    I love doing surprise kindness acts
    This week is all about the dogs for me…
    I went to the pet store with my dog and they had dog treats on a GREAT sale so I bought 3 (they’re 10 pounds each) 1 for my dog and all his buddies and then 2 for the shelter. As Christmas and Hanukkah come near I also drive through the poorest sections of Boston and give homeless people wrapped presents. A typical gift is (all from the dollar store – it’s not much but it’s what I can afford, I’d rather give to 10 and spend $40 than to 1 at the same amount): a 6 pack of water, magic gloves, a treat (sometimes peanut butter crackers sometimes rice crispy treats) and a glow stick (so its something to drink, something to eat, something to keep them warm, and something to bring out their inner child) all nicely wrapped or in a gift bag WITH A BOW (one of my nieces as a wee one didn’t believe it was a real gift unless it was wrapped with a bow)

  66. says

    Beautiful post Miz. I have a sign in the kitchen that says “kindness matters”. I try to practice this daily where ever I go. A smile at a stranger works wonders – i do this all the time and most people light up and smile back! Giving a compliment to a stranger is so much fun, you can just see the delight in their face. We give to local chairty groups as well as global ones. Hubby just donated his time to help get a free dental clinic set up in our community. This will help keep people without dental care from ending up in the emergency room getting pain meds but still not getting the source of the pain taken care of. When talking to the director of a local shelter she told me that they always need personal hygiene products. She asks everyone she meets to save the little free shampoo and soaps from hotels and donate them to shelters. Everyone can do that. They also need travel size tooth paste and regular tooth brushes.

  67. Melissa says

    Thank you for hosting a wonderful give-away. I just took on some extra volunteer hours at school for various classes (I love being around my children and giving the teachers a break)!

  68. says

    I always do my best to be kind to everyone because that’s how I’d like to be treated. That said, I’ve been working to donate whatever I can to local charity food banks/collections for the holidays. No one should have to go hungry especially during the holidays.

  69. says

    I try to pay it forward by helping an ED community I once ‘belonged’ to by encouraging them to use Sport as a means to recovery. Answering questions/advice/just listening…

  70. says

    Ok, I’m doing this anyway and I’m a little embarrassed to be ‘using’ this. But I really LOVE skirts. Anyway, I signed my mentally challenged 62 year-old Aunt up for a 5k turkey trot. She’s been walking for the past year and it was a really big deal when she started. Getting a t-shirt and crossing a finish line will be an even bigger deal. I’m really excited about it.

  71. says

    I will be teaching people to make yummy desserts for the holiday season so they don’t get sugar mood swings. I’ll also be sending out a care package to my boyfriend’s Americorps team to lift moral.

  72. SharonF says

    I get books of pet food coupons from my niece who works for a company that makes pet foods. I give some of them to the pet store to be given to people who adopt pets.

  73. says

    I am going to practise forgiveness. I will try and see things from another’s point of view and realise that, while I am trying my best to help them, they may not see it that way. I will also try to empower those around me instead of swooping in to fix their problems – they can do it, they just need confirmation, and in the long run disempowering them leaves them discontented and feeling lost.

    Phew! Sounds simple but, eek!

  74. neca says

    This week I am stretching with a friend who needs to accountability to go and do it. What a win for me as well!

  75. says

    Love this….I just try to appreciate others uniqueness more…especially my children and hubby…God made us all OUR way and its special to HIM so it needs to be special to US!

  76. Olga says

    I try to live every day as a kind person. Sometimes, it’s not that easy to do. I don’t have much in the way of money, but I do have time and talents, that I share with whoever is in need. This weeks ‘big’ thing: quilting some fleece and flannel blankets for Sandy survivors, because everyone should have something snuggly at the end of the day.

  77. says

    1. We will be splitting and stacking wood for 3 different families…helping get ready for the winter here.

    2. Making 12 dozen muffins to bring into my sons new school for them to use for a fund raising effort.

    3. Donating a portrait session to my daughters school for their project graduation silent auction.

    4. Continuing with our regular basket and bag makings for our anonymous “drop and run” for those who are not feeling well or are having a hard time financially.

  78. Therese says

    Only say positive things about other and not spread any negative comments. People don’t need to bring one group down in order to lift another up.

  79. says

    I can’t drink coffee right now, but went to my local coffee shop to hang out with some friends. Bought a coffee for the guy behind me because it felt odd to not buy one :)

  80. says

    This week I’m going to buy my little sister a coffee when we go out shopping for Black Friday – just a nice little surprise for her, she has no money since she’s in school and doesn’t have time to work!

  81. Caroline says

    What great ideas! I especially love TAPING the coupons to the product! I try and incorporate a lot of your suggestions into my every day routine – smiling, holding doors, etc. this week I’m definitely going to make an effort to hand out some compliments as well! I’m also driving a bunch of people from my school (whom I’ve never met) home for break, so we’ll see how that goes!

  82. Suz says

    Once a week, usually, I will buy someone else’s coffee when I am at Tim Horton’s. Sometimes I hand it directly to them, sometimes I just give the cashier money and say “apply this to the next person’s order”. It’s the one way I can do something small, which will make that person’s entire day better, and I don’t ever have to reap the rewards of it, other than knowing I did something to make someone smile that day.

  83. Megan says

    I absolutely LOVE this way of life, and appreciate all of those who promote it. All too often we get caught up in the world we currently live in which is a demanding world, one which demands our time, money, etc…leading to exhaustion. I have found that when I live to help serve others, I have seen generous benefits in my own life! As a physical therapist I strive to make small impacts throughout each and every day. Today I will take the time to listen more thoroughly when talking to others, so they can see I truly care.

  84. Amy says

    I think this is just so awesome!!! Well done MizFit for coming up with the idea, im a huge fan of paying it forward, but sometimes life gets in the way and I forget, so from now on it will be forefront in my mind :) thanks for the reminder :)

  85. says

    Whenever I see one of my students struggling or feeling frustrated – I make time to sit and talk to them. There’s really no time allowed for that in schools anymore – but they really seem to love it. Even high schoolers.