My social media love story.

Filled with love.

We’ve chatted about how EXHAUSTING and depleting social media can be.

We text, email, phone-chat, face book discuss and tweet about how it is simply impossible to have it all and how we’re all a weetad WIPED from the attempt.

Today, however, we’re getting all kinds of thankful for Thanksgiving & focusing on the *social* side of social media.

Ive been truly engaged online for only a handful of years.  Maybe seven?  And in that short time Ive fallen in love.

Completely, wholly, utterly and gratefully.

Before I share a few of my love stories, however, allow me one diZclaimer:

the below is symbolic of many relationships Ive found, fostered, nurtured & nudged into existence. one person representing a category of interaction. in no particular order and Ive left out many many many specific individuals. 


My first type of social media love is the ‘takes time to develop’ love.

I met Miss. Kelly Olexa years ago.  I can not recall where or how—but I immediately recognized her balls to the wall work-ethic and unapologetic love of the Mommy Merlot (AKA Diet Coke) as a kindred spirit.  Ahh how we’ve matured from our first vlog together to our latest hotel room workout.

My social media tip here is if you see someone regularly on a social media platform & wanna be her friend—reach out.  Take risks. Sure it wont *always* result in friend-love, but you wont know unless you try.

fitness magazine meet and tweet

All growed up & speaking on panels together!


My next type of social media love is one I STILL reflect upon and think: “dang Im so so glad I reached out.  what if I hadnt?”

The fabulous Joyce Cherrier & I worked together back-in-the-day.  Not so much togethertogether but for the same brand. I liked her. I wanted to know her better.  I direct messaged her on twitter & she messaged me back her digits (!).  She’s been an integral part of all facets of my life ever since.

My social media tip here is put yourself out there. All of life is like dating.  I wanted to date Joyce I wanted to get to know Joyce & I put myself out there. Life is too short to wait.

With this one social media was JUST LIKE DATING!

GROUP LOVE is another kind of social media smittenhood as is my LOVE LOVE LOVE AFFAIR with a group whom I call the Original Gangsters (OGs) of fitness blogging.  Workout Mommy, Charlotte, Cranky Fitness, & Roni.  There are no words for my adoration & appreciation for these women.  They are my virtual water cooler peeps.

My social media tip here is to create a network of virtual coworkers.  Ours happened by accident.  There are no accidents.

crabby mcslacker

Crabby McSlacker & me in 2008 (!).


There are no words/classification for the SOCIAL MEDIA & overall LOVE I have for Ryan Sullivan and his family but I shall give you six: Id. Not. Be. Blogging. Without. Him.

My social media tip here is dont be an island. Ask for help.

These two define the words GOOD PEOPLE.


My next classification of social media love began as the AWKWARD, PLEASE BE MY BFF, I ADORE YOU love.  I read her book. I longed for her to be my BFF.  BingBangBoom (I seriously cant recall precisely how–can you, Shauna?) a friendship & a podcast was born.

My social media tip here is sometimes–just occasionally–when you read a book and think DANG WE COULD SO BE FRIENDS! it really is true.

Yep. I made her be my friend!

Which brings us to the social media version/reminder of the fact true love is lasting.  Mrs.Fatass and I became cyber-bffs YEARS ago.  Life, work and crazinessment has butted into our relationship yet we can still pick up where we left off as if no time has passed.

My social media tip here is sometimes social media love can seem ephemeral and fickle.  Look again. It is not.

Blurry love.

And then we have the Seriously, you’re a ROCK STAR. I cant imagine knowing you love.  I give you Bitchcakes. (I love love love I knew the News Radio reference immediately.  Still. I never thought I could call her friend.)

My social media tip here is dont ‘pedestal‘ people.  ’nuff said.

tattoos, women tattoos, pin ups

I never thought I’d meet Sheryl!


Ive only fallen in this LOVE once—but it’s still worth a shout out.   The I met you only once yet thanks to social media we shared an experience none of us will ever forget! love.

My social media tip here is to take risks! Feel the fear—do it socialmediaANYWAY.

real women models, fila personal performance

What an amazing experience!

My final type of social media love is the love which takes you by surprise.  People whove become shockingly important on a day-to-day basis many of whom Ive yet to meet in person.  All represented by the photo at the top of this blog post. 

My social media tip here is to be yourself.  Be authentic. Be vulnerable. Be real. Tone down the sales pitch (be it items or your brand) and connect on a deeper level.


Those are my NINE (!) TYPES of social media smittenhood & all the people/representations of people Im uber grateful for during this month of thankfulness.

And you?

  • Do you have a different type of social media love so we can make this an even ten?
  • Who would you like to shout out to & thank for being a love’ing social media force in your life?



 Longing for a more traditional, tips-filled Thanksgiving post? Wanting some help for navigating tomorrow healthfully? I give you A MizFit Thanksgiving


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  1. says

    Aww this is so special. I’m still so new to the social media scene and I’m already feeling like I have friendships forming and it’s so fun. I can’t imagine meeting any of the bloggers I stalk daily in person (including you Miz!!) I look forward to having experiences like you have one day!!

  2. says

    I was a little hesitant to join the social media scene. I thought it was impersonal and creepy. SO NOT SO!!!! I’ve met such genuine and supportive people through it. Without twitter I never would have connected with some amazing local bloggers. Hope to meet you one day soon!

  3. says

    Love this….so many wonderful faces.

    Social media definitely has its share of good people. You, Ryan, Joyce, Kerri, Josie….all help me keep going with this bloggity bloggin’ and I appreciate it so very much.

    Happy Thanksgiving my internet friend!

  4. says

    This post made me smile BIG TIME! Not because you called me an OG (so freakin’ cool) but because I feel lonely on a daily basis. I do (kind of) miss my real water cooler at the old desk job, but this post reminds me how awesome our online tribe really is and that I do have “co-workers” and “job acquaintances,” we just don’t happen to have the same boss.

    Oh! and just for future reference here our grainy pick from Quaker Chicago meetup in 2008… The first time we met face to face. :)

  5. Valerie says

    You make me want to go back to blogging. :-)

    You’re right, though. I’ve met – sometimes in person, sometimes not – some of the most amazing people via social media, and my life would be less rich without each and every one of them. It’s kind of fabulous really. :-)

  6. says

    Two of my best friends I met in what I suppose was the early days of social media. One I met via a Yahoo group and the other via an old ezboard message board community. They have both been there with me through good times, my oh-so-ugly divorce, a couple of surgeries, some amazing vacations together, and more. I can’t imagine my life without them as a part of it and I’m so thankful the interwebs brought us together.

    I’m also very thankful that the interwebs brought you and I together as well. You’ve been such an amazing cheerleader for me on my journey and I can’t thank you enough. YOU are my ROCK STAR. I cant imagine knowing you love. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! xoxo

  7. says

    these are such wonderful people, people i look up to as well. Thankful for their stories, for their inspiration, for their online friendships. YOU included!

  8. Jill Engle says

    Great post! When I was going through infertility, my best friends and strongest supporters were four women I met on a chat board (is that what you call it?!) of a website about infertility. We chatted daily about every single aching detail of our frustrating situtations, shared pics when 2 of the lucky ones had babies, and the like. I even exchanged fertility meds with one via snail mail! It was by far my most important support during that heartbreaking stage of my life. We’ve all lost touch but it doesn’t matter. We needed each other for a while, and then we didn’t anymore, so we let go. It was a very profound experience.

  9. says

    Yes, as much as social media can be draining, it really does FEED me with support, inspiration, and FRIENDSHIP. I am thankful for the example YOU set in reaching out to newbies and supporting EVERYONE. xxooxx

  10. says

    You have such a way with showing all sides to a “story”! I love this post for yes, as much as I bitch about the craziness of social media, I have met so many wonderful people who I have never met yet care so much! Amazing!

    YOU are very special to me because you are one of the first if not the first who really reached out & made me feel welcome in this world & for that I AM GRATEFUL!!!!

    I can shout out to “the unknown”. Those that really are not part of our little world yet when you need it the most, they send or tweet or FB something that really lifts you up.

    You have quite a list of wonderful people above & I can’t disagree with a one – AMAZING PEOPLE!!!!!!

  11. says

    I have met so many people through social media that I am so incredibly lucky to call my real life friends. There are some amazing people out there and I love that we can reach out to each other through social media. Love this post!

  12. says

    I can’t tell you how many times you pop into my head day to day through all the things I’ve come to learn from you. You’ve deepened my perspective on so many levels and have opened my eyes to many other things as well (be it tangible or not). That’s not weird…it’s love :) Thank you xo

  13. says

    I loved this round up. And the best part about being involved in social media for me has without a doubt been the people I’ve met. Lucky me is going to a race in two weeks where I’ll meet more of the bloggers I’ve been following for some time!

  14. says

    Do not even get me going on the social medial love and how thankful I am for it. I could go on for eons. I have met so many WONDERFUL, SUPPORTIVE, FABULOUS people via social media. I have made lifelong friends. I have cried with these people. I have laughed with them. I have gotten butterflies before meeting them for the first time in person. I have dreams of meeting others in person and I know it WILL happen one day. And I have never been disappointed because the people I meet are just as genuine and real as t hey are online. Like YOU! <3

  15. says

    When I started blogging almost a year ago, I never realized the amount of support and ideas I would receive from the blogging world. I didn’t even know what a blog was until just before this time. Bravo to all of you!

  16. Joyce Cherrier says

    I’m so thankful and honored to be in your life. The dating part made me giggle. I remember meeting you at Blissdom on our first “date” — I was so nervous!! Crazy thing is, if it wasn’t for social media, we might have never met. That’s the awesome thing about SM and why I love it, although it can be completely exhausting at times. When I read this post and see your friendships, and look at the awesome people that comment on your posts, I’m grateful we all have this amazing opportunity.

  17. says

    social media is like a great game of telephone, but everyone is held accountable through tweets, posts, and chats! The people I’ve met both online and off in my little over a year of blogging have completely kicked my old professors false notions of the ever-changing social media bug! Love this post!

  18. says

    What a lovely tribute to your friends!

    I still don’t use social media very often (read: semi-annually), but I treasure the friends I’ve met through blogging over the years. Present company included, of course! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  19. says

    My short experience with blogging has already filled my life with so many wonderful people – a side effect of blogging that I never knew existed…I’m grateful to have had these people come into my life!
    Thank you for the tips!! I’m a sponge and still trying to learn as much as I can from the pros! =)

  20. says

    awwww, thanks for the shout out! Makes me miss blogging! 😉 and that pic that Roni posted totally brought back memories! Cannot believe that was 4 years ago!!!

  21. says

    Here’s a possible #10 the introverted and/ or newbie Love….

    The introverts or newbie that lands onto the scene blogging their hearts out, feeling socially awkward yet seeking comfort, and the time they take that chance to comment, blog, or tweet and that response of pure childlike admiration – joy you have that while they believe you made their day…in actually they made YOURS!

    it’s a childlike kindergarten friendship that may only occur once but warms your heart forever!

  22. says

    I’ve met so many awesome peeps through social media! More recently through Fitfluential and Kelly O herself…maybe ill get to meet ya at Fitbloggin this year! 😀

  23. says

    I enjoyed this post. I’ve only been blogging about 2 months and I see all the blog friendships and frequent commenters on certain blogs. I’m still completely unsure how to really get into social media full force. I don’t even know how to meet other bloggers. Time?

  24. says

    Don’t know that mine is different, but i once took the chance and traveled to meet several women i only knew online.

    Every year since, we get together. This year, it was at my house. Next year, our plans are underway already.

    Sometimes, you just have to step out, i agree with that.

  25. says

    What a sweet love story! I only blog, but am so glad I started and found all the wonderful people that make up my circle of friends.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Carla!

  26. says

    LOVE this love story!!! I SO hope we meet in person one day Carla. I know we’d be fast “real life” friends. Have a wonderful day, and big happy Thanksgiving to you, Renman and the Tornedo. Hugs

  27. says

    When I started blogging a year ago, I had NO idea the friendships I would make.
    Thank you for taking the time to write this post. It’s a nice reminder that we need to nuture our relationships and reach out.

  28. says

    Funny how we can connect instantly with some and with others it takes time and with a few it just never happens.

    I have recently connected with someone I had given up on cause I thought she was never gonna pay any attention to me, but lo and behold, I persevered and now it is paying off!

    Love your post and your honesty.

  29. says

    Awwww Carla, this was such a beautiful post! I’m thrilled to be part of it! Thank you for including me and for what you said. It’s mutual – I was so drawn to you and excited to meet you. I love your no holds barred personality and think you’re incredible and a wonderful inspiration. I’m glad to met you, proud to know you and happy to call you a friend! (and I love seeing the relationship you have with your daughter, it really makes me smile since I never had anything like that.) Keep on being amazing… not that you have a choice! 😉

  30. says

    Isn’t it amazing all of the wonderful people that come into your life through a blog? My list is so long, I could go on and on. When I started my RunWiki I had no idea that I would make true friends. I can honestly say that some of the people I have met may be the reason that I keep going… many of them fill my life with so much joy, I would be missing a space in my life without all of the people who reach out with their kindness. Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  31. says

    I love this because I think it’s sooo important to not only look to social media to “build connections” and get a foot in the door, but to look for impressionable moments. You never know where you will meet your next friend!

  32. says

    I love this post!! I love social media and the ability to bring people together. I love you!

    your list here is a wonderful one, and it includes a few that I admire as well. I get all excitedly giddy when I think of the close friendships and connections I have made online. I especially appreciate your pedestal reference – this is so true! we are all just people!

  33. says

    I am happy to say I have met my blog editor who lives in San Diego! It felt like an old friend, and I liked that very much. I’ve heard that writers do not like their editors, but not me :-)

    I am sorry that I have not met any other blogger :-(

  34. says

    Miz, I felt a bit teary reading this because I’m realising more and more how much my virtual friends mean to me. There are bloggers I read from across the world and SO many people I am in contact with via Facebook and Twitter.

    My list of ‘people to meet and visit’ if I came to the US (for eg) would be very long!

    I had a comment on a recent post (in my Debbish blog) about how my identity has always been caught up with what I’ve done for a living – not who I am and Satu said that she only knew me through my blogging world and that I never talked about work. It made me realise that sometimes having people NOT know that mundane part of you can actually be a good thing. She probably knows more about what I think and feel than many of my IRL friends / some of my family (who don’t read my blogs!).


  35. says

    I love this. I was so skeptical about social media and blogging and all the stories that I heard about the friendships – totally didn’t believe it was possible. I seriously have been so surprised by the friendships and connections that have opened up via social media. So thankful.

  36. Tommy Phea says

    I really like this post. It perfectly describes all the things I avoid or am scared of in life. I especially like the last social media tip. It basically sums up all the things I feel I need to do to be more happy and successful in life