Roller Derby FITNESS…

Self-portrait on skates.


Because nothing says GOOD LAWD I NEED TO BLOW ME OFF SOME MOVING-STRESS STEAM like skating around yer own garage.



And no.

Im *so* not going to get all “Top five health benefits of roller skating” on you today either.

This experience was not about uber-serious health benefits (although if you seek that theres an article here which plainly states skating will make you hip & glamorous. who knew?) and all about the PLAY.

We laughed.

We burned off some franticnessment.

We lessened our anxiety & increased our joy.

We took a much needed life-break and returned invigorated.

We reconnected.


Be it on scooter, Razor scooter, or traditional skates as I have (purchased USED & on the cheap!) I encourage you to get out and ROLL with family/friends.

I’d almost forgotten how much fun it could be & surmise you mightcould have, too.





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  1. says

    What a fun race! I miss the days when my kids were younger. Who knows maybe one day I can have races like that with my grandchildren. I remember when I tried roller skating years ago. It wasn’t a pretty sight :-)

  2. says

    You KNOW how I love roller skating! Even at my age, “rolling” closer to the big five-0, it’s one of my favs. Haven’t been on my wheels in months though. Didn’t want to risk it while marathon training. Funny, I had planned to go back to the rink last night, but didn’t work out.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone getting back on wheels. I had been a big roller skater as a kid and teen, then gave it up as the number on the scale climbed. In the midst of my weight loss journey, I returned to the things I loved, skating being one of them, and as soon as the wheels were on my feet, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

    LOVE IT!

  3. says

    Love that video!!!! Too fun! Those roller skates bring back kid memories!!! WE never even though about how they help tighten the butt back than in the dark ages! πŸ˜‰ Hubby does roller hockey & his butt is staying up for a guy turning 60 in December!!! :)

    Love the fun of your family!

  4. Sam says

    Is it bad that this post made me think about how much I wanted shoe skates when I was younger – remember those sneakers looking things that had the wheels that folded out from the shoe. My parents wouldn’t get them for me because sensibly they believed that they weren’t as well made as real skates. I wonder if they still make them and I could find a “vintage” pair online for myself along with a sensible pair for my stepdaughter. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Happy Skating! :)

  5. says

    I’m too much of a klutz to be trusted on skates. So around our house, we stick to scooters when we need to roll. Either way, we love having family “playouts” and try to do them a few times a week. :-)

  6. says

    When I was in high school AKA never going to the gym ever, I was not a huge mover/player. But when I did play I could often be found scooting around the neighborhood on my Razor. It was so fun!

  7. says

    When I was a teen (many many moons ago) my friends and I would go to “Lloyd’s Rollercade” on Saturday afternoons and skate. This was long before the days of rollerblades…and we loved it. I’m now all nostalgic thinking of it, and also wishing you and I lived closer so we could rent roller skates and go to a rollercade together. And you could laugh with me as I fell. Alot.
    Have a great day Miz Carla.

  8. says

    Argh!!! Thanks for the reminder. The roller rink down the street has adult skate (nothin’ against the little ones, I just don’t like tripping on them) on Tuesday nights, I go a few times every year and then get caught up with training and forget. Now that I have downtime, I gotta remember to go again! So fun!

  9. says

    awesome! I give you props – I’d die if I attempted any form of rollerskating, blading, derby, scootering (is that even a word?).

  10. says

    haha LOVE. Fun fact, while I was home between MD and moving here to ATX, my friends were trying to convince me to try out for the local roller derby. One day on skates and I decided I’d prob just break my neck πŸ˜‰

  11. says

    So. Much. Fun.
    I’m not showing this to my kids lest they think I’m boring…

    P.S. Where’s the video fo YOU roller skating????

  12. says

    Yes, thank you! Living and playing. Romping and frolicking (on wheels). It’s not always about the workout. It’s always about the experience.

  13. says

    OMG I have a “no wheels” rule for my safety and the safety of others. I can barely keep upright on my own two feet. Klutzy is cool, right??? πŸ˜‰