My PV BODY story

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My STOLEN PV Body tanktop from Fitbloggin12.


By now you have probably heard of the AMAZACOOL concept which is PV BODY.

  • It’s new (I love me some getting in on a trend).
  • It’s easy (take a short quiz to determine yer workout apparel type and DONE! a monthly box arrives at your domicile perfect for you.).
  • It’s EASY (you can cancel anytime. EASILY.)

All those things are great—but around here the love o’the concept started a long time ago (that’s your cue to settle in and enjoy the ride).

Back in theses days:

20120825 063658 300x300 My PV BODY story

why yes. this WAS before I found fitness!

Ive always loved me some OF THE MONTH clubs.

Was it your birthday? You mightcould receive BEER OF THE MONTH!

Celebrating a graduation? PASTA OF THE MONTH club is coming your way!

I loved me some “of the month” and yet, deep inside, I knew the boxes were pretty much just crap not as great as I wanted.


I received a post card about a new! apparel! monthly gift box! subscription service! and I scampered up to my hotel room.

I grabbed my ipad. I got out my credit card. I plopped down on the bed, fully aware I “needed nothing”, and got ready to order.

I felt those old OF THE MONTHS feelings of love rise up and KNEW this one was finally my OF THE MONTH soul mate and would not disappoint.

To my immense dismay delight just as I was about to take the quiz to determine what kind of TREATS I’d receive—I realized it was time for me to present.

And, even though I had all plans to sign up as soon as I arrived home, life intruded and I seemed NEVER to make it to the computer with my credit card in hand.

As a result, when asked to do this sponsored post, I LEAPED AT THE CHANCE TO CHECK OUT A PACKAGE (<;----- caps = a misfit leaping).

I give you my experience. Sponsored, yes, but opinions all mine. With the above long, rambling disclaimer of how I was pre-destined to be smitten.

And smitten I was.

photo12 225x300 My PV BODY story


What did I love about my PV Body package?

  • My love started with the quiz. Im an old school misfit. Anyone ELSE recall the Cosmo general magazine quizzes from back in the day? I love me some quizzes. Not only did it feel as though they were taking into account my preferences in fitness apparel—-it caused *me* to think more about my color, fit, style preferences too.
  • My love continued with the fact they SHARE sample boxes on site & the easy easy way to cancel. I loved what I saw in the samples. It made me less panicky about committing with the knowledge I can cancel.
  • I *love* they work with different brands. Some brands look awesome on me. Many make me look shorter & stumpier than I am. I like the service doesnt only provide apparel from one company.
  • Pretty, pretty packaging. I wasnt exaggerating my love of the monthly clubs. That said, back in the day, said treats arrived in boring boxes & *not* looking like gifts. Whether a gift-to-self or a gift-to-other I want my TREATS to look, well, TREAT’y.

20121122 062049 300x225 My PV BODY story

  • I loved the outfit. Quite frankly when I opened the prettypinkpackage I couldnt recall what I’d said on the quiz about color preference etc. I ADORED THE LEGGING COLOR. Id never have picked it myself! I loved the style and print of the sport top. Id never have selected it myself.

20121122 062235 300x225 My PV BODY story

  • I just loved. —->;this is a sponsored post. I received one package for free. gratis. after receiving said package I decided I’d sign up. Im paying. Im prying open the purse strings. really. theres no better endorsement than that (although that would have made for a very brief post). <;--------


What did I dislike about PV BODY?

  • I severely dislike the fact Ive not yet been hired to travel the country sharing my love of PV as their spokesmisfit Quite frankly nothing. The old business adage goes: price, quality, service. You can fulfill two of the three. PV BODY has managed to aim for *all three* and does them all well.


Are you longing to check them out as I was?

Does the promise of a 150.00 outfit for 50.00 get your heart a’racing as it did mine?

Have you already run to snag yer wallet and are you ready to clickclickaway?



Sign up today and receive a $15 Lululemon gift card.

(and yeah. if you purchase PLEASE let me know what you get and how you like it. tweet me. tweet them. we await.)





DiZclaimer: As stated above this is a sponsored post. The yammerings of love are all my own.




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  1. Runner Girl says

    That’s you in the photo?!
    I’ve seen lots of people write about this. I’m apprehensive about letting someone else pick my clothes.

      • Miz says

        for me that was a lot of the FUN of it!
        what am I getting?
        what color style etc…
        you can exchange—but (and I cant recall the statistic right now. I can check) their exchange rate is SUPER LOW.

        Most likely because of the initial quiz!

  2. Hannah says

    I used to love magazine quizzes too.

    I’ll check them out if you like them.
    You look amazeballs in the outfit,

  3. Sam says

    I LOVE this concept. I really want to fo this. I think having a new outfit each month will even further motivate me to get to the gym every day. One question – if you don’t like the outdoor they choose any particular month, can you send it back (without canceling the whole monthly service)?

  4. says

    I’m going to check them out! Being the miniature muffin that I am, I’m always worried most gear will not fit me correctly….but it does sound SO intriguing

  5. addy says

    Very cute indeed! And fits you well too. I am just not picky at all about what covers me at the gym. I’m just gonna sweat….

  6. says

    I love “of the month” clubs as well! I always wanted to get into the “Wine of the Month” club, but of course I just can’t grasp the love of wine. Think I may have to make this my present to myself once I hit my weight loss goal. 70 pounds down…getting there! I’ve got it bookmarked (and yes, I took the quiz. Haha.)

  7. says

    The Cosmo quiz had me racing to the link lol!

    I loved it – am i a bold top? A solid? What does that mean about me?

    I did not love that they don’t do plus sizes:(

    I’ll have to wait until the waist is smaller to buy these workout clothes. That sentence is really annoying.

    I love the I am EPIC shirt though!

  8. Mary Anne in Kentucky says

    I love quizzes, so I took that one, but wow! annoying! You can only choose ONE type of workout and ONE location? What’s with that? No “all of the above”?Also, I was pretty sure the bottoms wouldn’t have pockets, and I don’t wear clothes with no pockets, so I was out without even checking the site to see the fiber content….

  9. says

    Hi there,
    I have to let you know that it’s not the same experience now since the company has gotten more notice . I did the survey and paid on Nov. 9 and have yet to receive anything. I have spoken to Justin at pvbody who is very nice but they are overwhelmed.
    I am hoping to have the great experience that you and so many trusted bloggers have talked about, it’s just not happening.
    Just thought you should know.
    Love you, love your site and all your advice!

    • says

      My package arrived yesterday and it was amazing. The pants fit like a glove and the top actually fits.
      I joined to have workout clothes or my new smaller size and its such a pleasure to see me in the new clothes.
      I can’t wait for next month.

      • says

        Hey Phyllis! So happy you love your clothes! Thank you for bearing with us in November! I’m happy to tell you and the rest of our fitness community that we’ve hired 11 new members to the pv.body team to handle customer service, packaging and shipping! Yay! Orders are being shipped pronto and we’re excited to have you as one of our PV Babes!

  10. says

    That sounds really cool! I would be concerned about sizing b/c in some things I wer different sizes etc etc but everything looks like it fits you perfectly!

  11. says

    I got a PV Body package and was thrilled too!! It was so fun to open it up and wonder “what will it look like?” I got a bright blue tank that was a smidge smaller than I prefer but totally comfy!! And I am loving the pants!

  12. says

    I’m excited to post my own pvBody review this Fashion Friday! My leggings are SO COMFY and I love your purple color. Very you. Oh and I love quizzes too. I totally bought this American Girl doll book of all quizzes when I was in middle school and it kept me entertained for…a week. Because I did all the quizzes i n a week, haha!

  13. Melinda says

    This looks great and I was all ready to sign up but it says the price is $39 in some places and $49.95 in others. ???

  14. MizFit says

    Id thought it was 39.99, but it may have increased in cost 12/1/12.
    Im checking and will make corrections if it has.

  15. says

    Hooray! So glad your experience with them was a good one!

    I was all ready to work with them until they realized I’m in Canada…yet another disappointment on my part. Maybe someday…

  16. says

    AHHHHH! You’re working with pv. body too?! I just signed up with them as an ambassador! I’m so excited! I LOVE the idea :) woo hoo!

  17. Dana says

    OK….that is FABULOUS!!!! I was told about something like this but it sends you candels and stuff I do not need. I saw a woman out this weekend and loved her cute workout wear and thought — I need me some new things….but I dont motivate to do it.

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!

  18. says

    I just now noticed your DiZclaimer spelling. Gotta love that attention to detail! The outfit does look RAWHTUH cute on you! I think PB for SURE needs you as a spokesperson to tour the country — or at least come to Santa Barbara — and rock their wear!

  19. Candice Cossel says

    Everyone keeps saying its $40 but their site says its $50. What’s up with the hike?

  20. says

    Sounds like a cool concept! I tend to be a bit too weirdly shaped and bright-color averse to make a good customer myself, but sounds like an outrageously good deal for those who are easier to select for. Thanks for the suggestion!

  21. says

    I’m afraid it’s not in my budget, but I *love* the idea of a) a great deal, and b) getting a gift package every month. Maybe I’ll just mail myself some of my current workout wear every month until the budget improves. :)

  22. says

    This was so funny – I remember those “of the month” clubs. My downfall was the records (b/c I’m old!). I loved seeing the picture of younger you, so cute. I’m not sure I need new workout gear once per month but I like the concept and it’s cute!

  23. says

    Cute–and so fun!! Though I think my husband might raise his eyebrows at me–but this might be a good motivator or reward for reaching my next fitness goal!

  24. says

    Love the color of the leggings, and all the stuff looks really comfortable! I think its pretty cool that they give you a quiz at the beginning to determine you workout “style”. I used to love taking those magazine (cosmo) quizzes too.

  25. ANNA says

    I would think twice before joining PVBody only the sponsored bloggers seem to get the good items. And the company has MAJOR staffing, and organization issues. I would hold off. If you dont believe me just look at their FB page

    • says

      Hey Anna! Thank you so much for your concerns! We were going through some growing pains last month but I’m happy to tell you and our fitness community that we’ve hired 11 new members to the pv.body team to handle customer service, packing and shipping. Orders are going out pronto now! As for our items, we mail our ambassadors the exact same items we mail our members.. and we always do free exchanges if you’d like something new! Thank you for bearing with us as we’re getting better too. :)

  26. says

    I am really upset!! I ordered this on NOVEMBER 16th and I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN MY PACKAGE.


    Super BUMMED!!!!!!!!!

    I even emailed them, and NO reply. I am considering contacting the BBB because truly GROUND shipping shouldn’t take over 3.5 weeks!!!!!


    Sorry for the long, rude, angry comment. I am having a bad night and this blog made me even more upset because I want MY package!!!!

    <3 Amelia

    • Bianca says

      I’m with you on this Amelia! I don’t care what their excuse is. There’s no excuse for lack of communication. They’re the ones that contacted all of these fitness blogs to get them to do PR for their company, they should have planned for success, not failure.

      I wanted to believe that they were good and this was going to be a great deal, but I honestly don’t trust them anymore. As soon as I get my box I’m canceling. I was supposed to get 20% off my box and they charged me the full rate. It’s been over two weeks and I still have no box.

  27. Kelly says

    I also thought this was a great idea until my second order. I received the same top as my first order. My emails and calls went unanswered until I commented on someone’s blog and the public was able to see my situation. I still have not received a replacement item from my October shipment. My November shipment which I paid for on November 24 still hasn’t shipped. None of my calls or emails have been returned AGAIN!! Some sort of communication from them would be nice instead of just taking my money and then radio silence.