Old hands: part two.

I snapped the picture below as the Tornado slept on our way home from her birthday adventure.

I can barely tell her hands from mine.

When did she become so grown up?

So mature?


Today is a MizFit flashback post because it’s a late start day for her school.

Im grabbing me those hands and BEING PRESENT.

Im living not blogging about life…


Anyone else recall the (late 70’s) commercial where two women compare the tops of their hands & the chronologically OLDER is proud to possess “younger looking hands” all thanks to XYZ product?

Was it Palmolive?!


I somehow internalized way.back.then. my age would always be revealed by the state of my ‘hand skin.

I also somehow internalized (I was a misfit way back then) this was an interesting thing & not a ‘bad’ thing.

Rather than fret about wrinkles or age-spots (another 70s term) might be coming my way I looked forward to possessing these as a sign of having lived.

I still do.

My rapidly wrinkling hands make me smile.

Not only am I thankful to still be here no matter the state o’the hands—my calloused, rough hands are emblematic of all Ive done & the fact Ive LIVED & not let life pass me by

Last week I surprised The Tornado at school for lunch & snapped a picture of our hands.

As my smartphone camera froze & clicked I was was shocked how old the hands in the frame appeared.

Her hands.

These have seemingly vanished overnight.

The chubby, dependent pair has been replaced by hands which, to my biased mama-eyes, look stronger, sturdier and far more capable.

Hands which look able to give as well as receive.

Im off to spend the morning with those hands (& the child attached to them).

Im taking advantage of her late start day and making her weave those newly sturdy fingers in mine.

Whether you have the gift of late start or not—I encourage you to make time today to take note of the myriad strong, loving, capable, having-lived hands around you.

And if you, too, are feeling ballsy like some closeness—GRAB THEM & make their fingers intertwine with yours.


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go grab you some hands.


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