The world is a JAW DROPPINGLY wonderful place.


Before I became a mother I really thought the phrase “her jaw dropped in amazement” (or some variation on the theme) was merely something we writers overused.

I never believed it was literally an action which transpired when a person was amazed, surprised or delighted.

Oh the things I’ve learned from my child.

Have an amazing Saturday.

May it contain a moment which makes your jaw drop & takes your breath away.


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  1. MizFit says

    alas it was all kinds of glittery, sparkly, clothing stuffs…

  2. says

    Was intrigued at what the present was, but then saw it in the comments – am sure glittery clothing would be an ideal pressie.

    I always wanted to be a mother and assumed I would be. Once I realised I wasn’t going to meet the right (or any!) man, I tried to go it alone in my early 40s. Alas, to no success and I had to draw the line because of the expense of IVF. I suspect I’ll be one of those sad bitter women, envious of her friends who all have families etc…

    But, in the meantime I’m trying to work out what life is like ‘alone’. Rather than waiting for the family etc to make it complete I have to realise that THIS is it!


  3. says

    I’ve been following this blog on and off for like, forever or something. I think this is my second comment.

    I’m struck by this for may reasons, not the least of which is that my daughter is now 22, and her jaw no longer drops — mine does, in awe of who she has become.

    Enjoy these moments for the are sweet and to be remembered. Someday though, your jaw will drop, as mine will in 12 weeks when she says, “Dad, today I am an Archaeologist.”


  4. says

    Yes! I agree with all of the above. Your daughter is beautiful and amazing. And I would love to know what’s in the box, too. :) Happy Holidays!!

  5. says

    I love the wonder and awe children have for the simple things around them. Having kids has given me a very precious perspective on life: old things have become new. I love it. It has changed me. And 3yo daughter comes up with the best phrases. out of her mouth today: “Oh my goodness! I can’t breath” (She was expressing excitement at seeing her Aunt unexpectedly who is in town for Christmas) Love it. So fun!

  6. says

    I hope you had a fabulous Hanukkah—and yes…jaw dropping has a whole new meaning now as a parent–and that picture—priceless.