It most likely comes as no surprise I love me some hula hoop.

  • It’s childish.
  • You cant hoop incorrectly/wrong if youre laughing and enjoying.

I dont talk much about my hoop-LOVE here because Im definitely no role-model/expert o’the hoop.

Even after a few years, Im still an awkward hooper (translation: Ive not progressed beyond the video below), yet my herky-jerky moves are definitely eclipsed by the FUN I’m having.



…by the fun everyone has when they hoop with me.

The child loves being the expert & gleefully shouts directions & tips to me whilst I wriggle.

hooping, fila

Oh Mama. You so crazy!


The husband works his core as he laughs *at* me getting my creative cardio on.

And they *both* get to show off (the Tornado somewhat more successfully) when it’s their turn to hoop it up.


Check out these 7 year old hips, Lady!

(lest you think Im spasming in the photo above it is almost as good a core-workout to merely do the hooping motion.  seriously.  pull the shades. blast some tunes and try it!)


Hooping is fun. 

Hooping is a calorie burner

Hooping, as Mara taught me, can be an exercise in self-love and discovering self-esteem.

Since the day Mara shared hooping changed the way she felt about her body and, more specifically, her hips hoops have been one of my GO-TO gifts for friends and family.

Who doesnt need more laughter, levity, self-love & HIP-ADORATION in her life (not to mention the clothes. I covet me the hooping clothes, but I digress…)?

Join me in celebrating World Hoop Day today? (Im so so so throwing a party next year.)

Whether your hoop be fancy (be me. Ive scored and found tons at The Dollar Store) or homemade.

Whether you party solo or with your peeps.

Get out. Grab you a circle. And GO!


When was the last time YOU hula-hooped?


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  1. says

    You make me want to go buy one right now! Although I am horrible at hooping….it’s worth a shot to practice. Maybe I’ll get good at it someday!

  2. says

    My brother and daughter got the hooping genes in our family. Even when I was a kid I could never hoop. Love the picture with you and your daughter

  3. says

    My daughter can hoop like no other!! I think I may take some lessons and get in on the hooping action. I LOVE the exercise that is not like “work” but fun!! =)

    Here is to Hoop Day!!

    Love the photos too! Awesome!

  4. says

    I’m a hopeless hooper. Never could do it as a kid. We have a couple of hoops now. Girls can’t seem to hoop either….maybe it’s genetic.

    In the meantime, if you hold it around yourself and run, it makes a great force field for your spaceship according to L (it’s how they use them in P.E. at school). haha

  5. Jenn Peas & Crayons says

    Now THAT is some air hooping lady! Though belly laughing is my favorite workout I must partake in some hoopage too! :)

  6. says

    I had no idea it was world hoop day – I’ve been thinking of picking one up for a while and now I have to! My Mom was a total BEAST with hula hoops while I was growing up – the kind that could get one going around her waist, arms, neck and legs at the same time.

  7. says

    BEST VIDEO! Haha. And hooping in a sweatshirt–that’s a challenge! I used to hula hoop all the time when I was little. My old hoops are probably still in my parents’ garage. I should go snag one!

  8. says

    Okay so #1…you are an awesome hoola hooper (did you see how much wind was blowing and how you managed to twirl like that?!)

    #2 Did I ever tell you that my Dad held Hoola Hooping classes at this TKD School? An instructor would come in and teach…I watched in pure amazement (this was a couple of years ago). How I wish I would have joined.

    If you have a party…I will join in…and…I will even shoot a video! :)

  9. says

    Tweeted it! I also love hula hoops. What a fun way to keep yourself toned :)
    And I like to be an “expert” when my boyfriend is trying to hula.. He is so bad at this :) so I can work out my core muscles while laughing..

  10. Che Angela says

    What? Pull the shades?!?!? Pshaw… Unapologetically hoop. They catch you hoopin’… They hatin’…

  11. says

    Hoop Day?!! Who knew such a day existed? I’ve never really nailed the hooping around the middle thing – I always put them on my arms and spin them there. I also really like to impress my boys by skipping the hoop. Maybe I will try the middle again since that is the one that really gets your core – plus the boys can have some entertainment!!

  12. says

    I have a serious lack in coordination and cannot hula hoop! I wish I was good at it. It was always so embarrassing back in school when I couldn’t hula hoop like my friends lol.

  13. Sam says

    I have two barely used hoops sitting in my garage right now. I am heading out there to get one now. They belong to my stepdaughter, but I don’t think she’ll mind… 😉

  14. says

    I’m terrible at hooping, which makes it even better exercise for me. I get in lots of squats picking up the hoop! And endorphin rushes from laughing at myself. :)

    Off to find my hoop and celebrate!

  15. says

    It’s been a long time since I’ve attempted to hula hoop. I’m pretty sure I’d scare everyone within a mile radius with my “moves.”

  16. says

    Hooping is so so so fun. I used to be a rhythmic gymnast and one of my favorite apparatus (aparatuses? aparatii? :D) was the hoop. :) Happy hoop day!

  17. says

    Love it! That was a really cute video :) I just started hooping classes and really enjoy it! We’re working on crazy stuff, which is just frustrating and hysterical.

  18. Teresa says

    I bought a Hoopnotica hoop and I just love it. I think it’s way easier to use than the others. I think it’s because it has a ribbon wrapped around it which helps it “cling” to your clothing. The one I bought is a travel hoop, so it breaks down into pieces for portability and then snaps back together for use. I haven’t mastered all the moves yet (it came with an instructional DVD), but it’s great fun.