National blogging day of remembrance

I was torn about whether or not to post today.

Do my thoughts and musings matter? 

Would my blog be better left “dark” as a sign of solemnity and solidarity?

Is there anything really to *add* when words of remembrance have been expressed by those far more articulate than I?

And then I went to Sunday School with the Tornado & was given her consecration photo.

photo19 228x300 National blogging day of remembrance

And in that moment my heart broke for all the parents who would never again celebrate seemingly ‘routine’ rites of passage with their children.

I spent last night wondering and challenging myself if Id have had the presence of mind and the COURAGE shown by the six adults who gave their lives on Friday in an effort to protect the children they loved.

Today I am living not blogging.

I am mitzvah‘ing in memory of those whose lives were cut short.

I am working to create light in the darkness and I invite you to join me in whatever manner feels right to you.


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