Our bookstore workout.

20121031 091527 225x300 Our bookstore workout.

Ive unpacked ONE tee!

No school for the child.

Just did a BIG  move.

This misfits *refusing*

To lose her fit-GROOVE.

No time for the GYM

to get to and TRAIN.

Im hitting up N.E.A.T.

Again and again.

532367 10151229976704466 1701541548 n 300x300 Our bookstore workout.

Unpacking boxes.

UNWRAPPING our stuff.

Fitness is there.

but it’s awkward & rough.

PLAYouts abound!

Workouts at the desk.


Was Tornado’s request.

487934 10151249552979466 2001291918 n 225x300 Our bookstore workout.

please mama??

Books were perused.

Mags were flipped thru.

And time it was made

For a WORKOUT…or two.




MizFit note: Absolutely, positively none of this post was said in jest.  As a result, I positively, absolutely refuse to accept any “Ive gots no time to exercise! my 2013 be so crazy already!” excuses from the rest of you. Thank you.


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  1. says

    During the stress of moving and unpacking, some kind of working out would be a nice change and help to destress. I am starting to finally learn (after 50 years) that even a short walk helps calm me down.

  2. says

    You are my “get it done” hero! You’ve had a wild week and still managed to take care of fitness.

    We did our Burn Circuit 1. Wee bit jelly legged now….that’s good though, right? ;)

  3. says

    Holy crap, unpacking & moving all that stuff around is a workout in itself! Not a playout though so glad you got that in & the bookstore – fun & play time is so important! Now how could you resist that Tornado face! :)

  4. says

    What a great reminder that none of us are too busy for the important things – our kids for sure and exercise!!!! Happy unpacking and acclimating!!

  5. says

    You are so creative, love the poem! It looks like your taking some time for your self and getting settled, it’s a journey and you’re making it fun! xo

  6. says

    I’m so glad you’re having fun with all the stress of moving and you’ve got time for fun. That’s the most important part after all :)
    I got out to walk through the winter enchanted forest light display on the weekend which I haven’t done since I was a kid…sometimes the fun stuff is the best stuff!

  7. says

    Unpacking SO counts as functional fitness! And yeah, there are ways to sneak fitness into the busiest of days if you’re creative. Sometimes the mental hurdle is bigger than the physical one. But stairs, squats, lunges, pushups, stretchybands etc can often be worked in in spare moments if time is at a premium.

    Hope you are settling in and finding your way around and getting used to the new ‘hood!

  8. cheryl says

    we need REMINDERS that playing and our kids are important…??????
    which is why our state recently had to pass a law for divorced parents to spend time with their kids…
    the world is upside-down and I don’t mean a yoga inversion pose.

  9. cheryl says

    Here’s an interesting tidbit which you may choose to share or not with your audience (since I don’t have one anymore).

    I workout to race/compete and love it. I typically get in 8-12 hours of workouts in per week. I completed 2800 mi. of cycling, 400 miles of running, 122 miles of swimming and 60 hours of weights/yoga this last year. (2012)

    It added up to TWELVE percent (12%!!!!) of my waking hours in between work/family/other responsibilities. That’s piddly! So yeah… no excuses AT ALL for finding time.

  10. says

    The bookstore–what a perfect place for a little downtime in the midst of it all. And I have no doubt that you are making it work fitness-wise no matter what!

  11. says

    Okay. We must all dance together one day!

    I do a mean robot. I don’t actually move like a robot but…I try.

    Crazy dancing is my favourite…it’s SuperFit’s too :)

  12. Miz says

    TOTALLY LAUGHING as the child was JUST doing the robot. her face whilst ‘botting is HILARIOUS.

  13. says

    Love it! I had planned to do some formal workouts this weekend (biking and swimming) but instead decided cleaning the house, organizing closets, putting away Holiday stuff, etc was more needed and plenty of exercise. My husband’s fitbit agrees! And, considering today is training day #1 of the season, I was ok slacking on the swim/bike/run front since it’s my last opportunity to do so! :)

  14. says

    Hey now did you ever think of unpacking and lifting boxes as a workout? It totally is! I know when I moved into our 5 story walk-up I got the best bum and arm workout of my life aka couldn’t walk down the stairs without limping for a few days after. So happy for your new adjustment! You’ll do just fine, in fact more than fine because you do everything up GREAT!

  15. says

    SO so great, you guys! I love her little voice. “Oh yeah!” :D Way to get it done (and inspire so many who struggle with the “But I don’t have time!” excuse along the way!).

  16. MizFit says

    Im still laughing some of you saw no videos in the post initially.
    it must have made no sense :-)

  17. Miz says

    FULL DISCLOSURE? Ive listened to her little voice a million times. Makes me giggle each time I do, too.

  18. says

    I love when you get “freebie” workouts by just doing what needs to be done! :) glad I happened across this!

  19. says

    My thoughts for the start of the new year have many times gone to the idea that doing something is way better than nothing, no matter how short. Your post reinforced that I do not have any valid excuses! On with the improvement, no matter how little or how long it takes- onward and upward!