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    I did list specific things in Texas I was grateful for almost every day in December on Facebook because I’ve been ANGRY for the past year or so that I had to move here from my beloved Colorado, even though I KNEW the move was God’s purpose for us. (It was a challenge from a friend of mine.) Sigh. I guess now I should start looking for a pretty jar. ;-)

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    I started my jar on January 1. It sits on the top of the fridge and I have my papers already cut up and ready to record upon. Like you, I plan on spending NYE 2013 reveling and reviewing all the goodness that is mine for 2013.

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    This is a fantastic idea.

    Most people take things for granted….I know I certainly and having a gratitude jar sounds like a great way to re-focus on whats most important in life.

    I’m going to start doing one right away…

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    Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, I haven’t been able to get into a ‘gratitude practice’ before. When I have really bad days I will force myself to come up with a few things I’m grateful for, but I need to do that regularly!

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    I thought about a gratitude jar. As you may recall, several weeks ago I talked about starting a gratitude box. But as I considered it, I realized that even if I only put in one thing a day, I’d need a good size box, and a jar just wouldn’t do for 365 slips of paper. Let me know how it works out for you!

    Me? I started an online gratitude journal. Every day I just add one thing that strikes me most that day. Usually it’s a little thing: Hot tea, warm fleece throws, the snow… but I find thinking of all the things I’m grateful for and picking one makes me more conscious of them all. For me it becomes “I’ve so many things to be grateful for today, which will I select to record?” I suppose I could select them all, but just listing them isn’t enough… there’s the consideration, the weighing, and the savoring…

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    gratitude list to start my morning pages. LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time habit. Go back to it once a month and then follow up with a gratitude plan of paying back my gratitude to another. I have the names of people, places and things to give back to.

  7. Tina says

    I am going to try to get my boyfriend to do this with me. I Like the idea of reading them together next NYE!

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    On the floor of my shower, in a darkened bathroom, with warm water running over me, I sit each morning and take inventory of my blessings. Blessing from the day prior, and blessing from the day yet to be.

    I have done this for many years, and will do it each morning until I am no longer able. I do this in my head before I build me day. My head is my gratitude jar is my head. I suppose this makes me a jarhead.

    I have done a great deal wrong in parenting. I hope — I believe, I taught gratitude well.

    LOVE this idea….

    • MIZ says

      and, when it comes from a place of trying, is there really much “WRONG” we can do? I know Ive made myriad mistakes (and lots of them yesterday :0)) but Im trying…

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    I have seen this around the internets & Instagram Carla. I great idea!!! Since I started my Gratitude Monday pots – it really has helped but maybe I should join in on this too. I think we all need it in a way. I do like Roy’s way too but the notion of going back & reading is cool! Many of us focus too much on what is not going right vs. what is going right…

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    I don’t have a gratitude jar or journal but I do write down every night for the past 3 to 4 years something positive of my day. This can be that the weather was good, or that I met a friend. There’s always something positive (or something to be grateful for) to find in a day, even on the bad days.

  11. MIZ says

    and you NAILED IT FRAN. It doesnt need to be seemingly momentous either which is what Im trying to convey to the child.
    Yesterday I was GRATEFUL BEYOND COMPARE when I drove to my new grocery with the smooooshed tiny parking lot that I procured me a SPOT where my car would fit!!!

  12. Sarah MomRunningonEmpty says

    My son’s class has a gratitude jar that they will read the last week of school. They rotate turns getting to be the person who shares their daily moment in the jar. I LOVE that his teacher found this to be a necessary message he wanted to send to the kids!

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    I absolutely love this! We don’t have a jar, but I make a point to state the positive, especially with my boys. They’re getting older and know when times are tough on us so I think it’s important to let them know that there is positive even in the negative. I woke up this morning with a completely new outlook and I’m happy to say that I’m keeping this for awhile. I like feeling positive and looking forward to the future!

  14. Ida says

    This is a neat idea, Carla.
    I have never considered the fact my three and five year old could be old enough to learn gratitude.

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    We have this row of 25 little stockings and every night during the month of December each of the boys writes down one thing they are thankful for. When I undecorate, I take out the notes and type them up and put it in our Christmas book – then they next year we read them.
    I like the idea of having something year-round, too!

  16. Olive says

    I am really good about gratitude during the holidays.
    The twins take on a volunteer project and that kind of thing.

    THis might be a good addition.

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    We don’t have a jar but now I think we need one. Right now we sit down every Friday and reflect about our week, all the good mad bad things! ;) xo

  18. Sam says

    I’m going to add one of these to our house. We can never focus enough on the good things (small or large) that we have in our lives. Thanks for reminding us of this! :)

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    That is a great idea…a while back I was asked to write in a gratitude journal every day at least 1 thing I was thankful for. At first I found it tedious and superficial, but I have to admit that starting or ending my day by finding the good things in it really pulls your focus back to where it should be :)

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    I love this concept!

    My 8 year old son just (like yesterday!), suggested that we start a jar to keep track of every time we doing something ‘good’ or ‘fun’ as a family. (Lately, there’s been lots of ‘not’ fun; arguing, whining, complaining, door slamming).

    You and he are so clever!

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    I love the jar idea. I will start this.

    Recently, I posed the question the to my b.f. if he thought gratitude could be learned through teaching. In other words, if it’s something we could teach someone (at any age). The question seems simple enough but I still look for more insight as to whether it is something that can be taught or if it is learned (by observation and practice)- or if it’s truly a mix of both.

    How is it that we become individuals living with gratitude (and become conscious of it)? When does it happen…how does it happen. Do we teach ourselves or were we taught (more or less, in whichever way or form)?

    Am I making any sense?

  22. MizFit says

    I think with a child it is a mix. With 99% of my healthy living I practice what I preach—and say nary a word :-) with GRATITUDE I quickly learned this didnt work.

    When she was little (4ish) she had no idea how much GRATITUDE I felt for, say, having air conditioning in the car in the hothot TX summers.

    I remember saying to her (she may have been 5 at this point?):
    Im so grateful for our car’s air-conditioning.

    of course she responded:


    and a conversation about gratitude was born.
    Big gratitudes. Smaller.
    Gratitudes for things we’ve always had but are still thankful for.

    For some reason, at least here, there seems to be a need to talk and WALK THE WALK.

    I dont know–at least here—if just walking the walk would be enough.

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    I’ve done a gratitude journal for years. Many years ago I first read the book Simple Abundance. It has daily readings in it and one of them is to start a gratitude journal. I love this idea of a jar, though, as it is constantly visible and I am a visual person.

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    I love this idea! What a great exercise for your child to grow up with! I have a gratitude journal where I write down 5 things I’m grateful for every night before I pray and it has been so life changing. It really helps you recognize and remember the little things!

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    We don’t have a jar but I’d like to think I have a “gratitude frame of mind”. I completely agree that it’s important to pass that along to your kids so I make a special point to call it out whenever the time is right.

    For example, when E gives me a hug (unsolicited), I tell him I’m so grateful for his hugs. When he gets something he really likes (i.e.toy,etc), I make a special point to tell him how grateful he must feel for being able to get that from someone.

    I’m trying to make him aware of what that feels like and at 2 years old, I think I can see shining glimpses that he gets it.

    Crossing my fingers that when he’s tornado’s age, he does.

    Nice work mama!

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    I love this idea!!!! I’ll say it again, your Tornedo is so lucky to have you and Ren man. You truly are great parents who are giving her the BEST foundation. I’m grateful I “know” you via our blogs Miz!!!

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    SO on board! I’ve been doing this since January 1st and I love how it reframes my way of thinking so that I focus on the positive aspects of my day. At the end of the year we’ll have 365 days of good memories, and that’s definitely something to celebrate.

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    I am finding that I really need to do this. It’s so easy to fall into the woe is me. While some things are worth being upset about, most are not. I also want to teach my son that not getting everything you want isn’t a travesty.

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    Great idea. We started a jar January 1, where we write down good things that happen during the year. It isn’t specifically “gratitude” but it will give us a chance to look back on the year and be grateful for those moments.

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    I use the little notebook I carry with me at all times to capture both gratitude moments and joy thoughts. In odd little pockets of open time, I enjoy flipping back through the book and revisiting those memories and feeling the joy and gratitude all over again.

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    My daughter and i starting making mixed media journals. Its my mama stealthy way to make sure this pre-teen has a way to journal her feelings. but at the end of the day’s journal entry we write down what we are grateful for that day. And if we are not writing, we let eachother know what we are grateful for.

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    There’s a gratitude list on a website i frequent, and i started last year to post daily. It’s a blessing to me to stop each day and acknowledge, to others, what i am grateful for each and every day.

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    I love this idea! I feel like this is sort of akin to the “thankful in November” thing all the cool kids (re: me) were doing, but it sure would be fun next Christmas to read them!

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    I’ve heard of this idea and love it!! I think it’s so important to take time to appreciate what we are thankful / grateful for. Sometimes life moves so fast and we lose site of all that we have and only focus on the bad and what we don’t have. =)

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    I love the gratitude jar! I got all Martha Stewart and fancied up some mason jars for our house and both our neighbors. Next New Years Eve we’re all going to read them together – we talked about doing some as charades!

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    this is such a lovely idea. I find that I experience a happier over-all life when I remind myself of all the things to be grateful for. I feel like years later it would be such a great thing to read over. ahh. love it

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    Such a brilliant idea, I don’t know how close I am, but I do write a piece of gratitude each day in my ‘regular’ journal, if that counts? :D

    You have indeed inspired me to get a jar though, I can already see it in my desk, I just need to find a jar!

    Here’s to abundance, and the awesome world within which we live, it’s always worth looking back at what and who helped you to get where you are today.

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    I have a good things of 2013 jar and I’m loving it! Each time I put something in the jar, I find myself so happy. I’m already looking forward to looking back on the great things that have and WILL happen this year!

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    We used to go around the table at dinner and say one thing we were thankful for that day, but we’ve gotten out of the habit. I need to restart that.

    I do a Daily Thanks on Twitter and Facebook and have a note going on Facebook so they are all in one place.

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    Brilliant idea and such a beautiful way to bring up a child focused on being grateful. I recently read a bloggers recap of her gratitude jar from 2012 and was inspired but the creativity. We often forget how many simply wonderful things happened over the past year. Sometimes the few not so great things over shadow all the good.

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    I used to do something similar in a journal at night. (Occasionally I’d list 3 good things and 3 bad things that happened, but then just focused on the ‘good’!)

    Just thinking back over your day and being ‘present’ must surely help appreciate the moments more!