A gluten-free vegan cookbook: a PURE2RAW guest post

I adore these two women.  I feel as though Ive known them forever & Ive had so many opportunities to celebrate their successes with them along the way.

I invited them here to share with us a little more about their new cookbook.  I love it. I know you will as well.


Hello MizFit Readers!

It is the twins, Lori and Michelle, from purelytwins.com.

Carla was so kind to allow us to share our latest accomplishment here with all of you.

We made our first ebook cookbook.

This has been on our to-do lists for years, and finally this past summer we decided we ARE going to do it!!

We are the type of people who have a million projects going on at once and never really complete any of them. (MizFit note: I disagree. All you need to do is glance at their blog and you shall disagree too. They rock the completions.)

We just start up another one before finishing another.

Do you do this? So for us to spend many weeks only focusing on completing the cookbook was a huge undertaking.

We checked our emails less frequently, unplugged from social media more often, but it was worth it! As we did it.

Goal completed!

uswithcookbook A gluten free vegan cookbook: a PURE2RAW guest post

And saying those 3 words means so much to us –> we did it! We finished something. (now we just need to follow our own advice and finish other projects of ours)

rawbrownie A gluten free vegan cookbook: a PURE2RAW guest post

Our cookbook contains gluten-free and vegan recipes.

Does this mean you have to eat gluten-free and vegan? NOPE.

These are just some of our favorite recipes that are great for people that have food allergies or those wanting to try to eat more gluten-free.

We do eat gluten-free, and although we are not vegan we still enjoying vegan baking!

There is a mix of raw and baked good recipes that will please anyone in your family!

If interested in purchasing the book please head over to our blog here for more details about getting it as a PDF for you download to your computer or ipad. Or you can get a printed book here.

bakeddonuts A gluten free vegan cookbook: a PURE2RAW guest post

This would make for a great gift for a friend, co-worker, or even yourself!

Thank you for letting us share the news and excitement with you!

Have a happy, healthy 2013!


Lori and Michelle the Purelytwins


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  1. says

    Sounds like a great shout for anyone going on a detox.

    In the past I certainly found myself distracted when doing a project…becoming distracted by something bigger or better.

    I’ve now learned to stick with something to completion, and set a timeline for future projects when I think of them, making me much more productive!

  2. Leeann says

    I can’t believe I’ve never read their blog before. I was just lost in there for an hour :) reading reading.

  3. says

    We’re a Gluten free household and often talk about going vegan as well, I’m so interested in taking a look at this to see how to make that combo happen. Looks great!

  4. says

    CONGRATS ladies on this awesome project! I am also the kind of person who has a million ideas and projects going on. I need to FOCUS more and tackle them one at a time. Have a beautiful weekend! XO

  5. Clara says

    It looks like a very healthy as well as tasty cookbook. Since i am very fond of cooking new recipes i would surely try this vegan cookbook for myself soon. Thanks a lot for sharing.