Four steps to becoming an early bird.

DiZclaimer: Ive always been a morning person. A morning girl. (tell me you know the musical?) I didnt drink coffee until long after college & have always leaped out of bed like a puppy.

Now that I have a partner-in-crime for all this it’s almost worse.  We both adore the promise of what could happen during any given 24 hour period.


When I owned my training studio I was frequently asked what time I thought was the best to exercise.

My response was always the same:

The best time to exercise is when you will actually do it!

I definitely saw greater success with morning exerciser clients, but I credited most of that to the fact they rarely canceled.

Meetings, kids, conference calls and LIFE simply seemed to intrude less at 6am versus 6 pm.

Regardless, I believed morning-time ROCKED for some yet for others–the OWLS among us–mornings were to be avoided at all costs.

I respected that.

I could no more summon the energy & motivation to do hot yoga at 8pm (!) than I could….do something else which requires a preponderance of energy later in the evening.

And then I read a few new studies.

And then I moved & was reminded of the DOUBLE DEPRESSION whammy of colder climates & shorter days.

And then I saw this:

photo21 300x281 Four steps to becoming an early bird.

Health Mag. 12-12

GONE was my benevolent:

Explore & discover what works best for you!

And back was my verging-on evangelical from my FIRST days of working out:

OOOH People. Mornings are the ONLY time to get your workout on!!!




  • Make the decision/tell accountability partners  (friends,  family & social media).  This is the easiest and most challenging step.  It’s like letting the proverbial cat out of the bag (types the blogger whos never had a feline): once you’ve announced your plan you cannot easily take it back. And, quite frankly, that’s the plan!  Announce.  Commit.  DONT START.  Which brings me to…


  • Plan/practice workout routine. For any life-transition to work it requires we set ourselves up for success.  Im a mindful-exerciser now, but when I launched my morning-routine I planned in advance precisely what I would do.  Whatever approach works for you (old school workout log to newfangled online source) prepare workouts for the next few weeks and PRACTICE.  Eliminate any excuses (“It’s too early to think! I dont know how this goes!”) before they occur.  And then…


  • Wake up & dont workout!  Set alarm for the intended waking time and dont exercise.  Im a firm believer in the power of visualization (this isnt lolling time! envision yourself getting up and exercising in precisely the manner youve planned). I also found this acclimated my body to the new routine.  Dont get stuck on this step—I recommend a week—but do allow your body to grow accustomed to the change.  (Here’s where many experts say: Move your bedtime up earlier! I do not say that because Im pretty damn aware we’re all so busy an earlier bedtime may not be an option.)


  • Go go go!  The goal here is get up and do your best.  One morning you may ROCK the workout.  The next you may practically phone it in. No one workout matters more than any other.  We arent training for competition—we are striving to shift exercise time!  Each morning you wake, climb out of bed & workout is a victory.  Whats most important is you commit and dont stop.  ConsistencyZERO FITS AND STARTSThat is success.

 Whatcha say?


  • Are you ready to transition to morning workouts? 
  • Do you have life-challenges I failed to address?




*This is the process I used when committing to my 5am workouts.  I wont lie: I repeated steps 1-3 few times before I nailed step 4.  As with all things healthy living this is a simple process….TO EXPLAIN.  It takes time/patience to implement.  Be kind to you as you transition.


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  1. Coco says

    Early is the only time that works for me but I have heard that one benefit of later is that your muscles are naturally warmer from a day of activity, so there’s a lower risk of injury. As one who used to roll out of bed and hit the TM cold, I can understand that. (Now I usually walk the dog first)

    • Renee says

      I wish morning worked for me because i usually skip runs and get sidetracked with meetings.


    • says

      Coco, I’ve read the same research, and it seems like the studies go back and forth, so I kinda go with Old School Miz that the best time to work out is whenever you’ll do it!

      I have the opposite problem right now: for my schedule, afternoon workouts would be a lot better, but I’m such a morning person the idea of hitting the gym later in the day fills me with dread. Some day I’m gonna try it though!

  2. says

    I’m already a morning workout person. I have always been a morning person but till about 2 years ago I never exercised in the morning. I tried after work, after dinner, later in the evening but nothing really worked until I started working out before work and it works.

    I even get up early at weekends to get my workout in and have a long day ahead of me to do things.

    I need sleep but that doesn’t mean I like to, I’d rather not need it and use all 24 hours in a day. So much to do/want, so little time.

  3. says

    I’m a huge advocate for embracing the morning hours. Hence my commenting at 4:22 am (Chicago time). :) I’m up and ready to hit the gym in 8 minutes. And I LOVE it. Wouldn’t have it any other way–it’s MY time. So quiet and peaceful . . . before the craziness of the workday begins.

    It’s not a chore to get up this early. When I first transitioned to working out before work, rather than after, I only did it three days a week. But then I realized I enjoyed it so much, that I started doing it every day. And now my body does it naturally. So, yes, I go to bed early too, but I’m okay with that. It’s worth it for what these early morning hours do for me. :)

  4. says

    I used to be a night owl, but in October, I set a goal for myself of getting up early every day (on weekdays, that meant 5am; weekends, it was 8am). For me, the key was exactly what you said above: not forcing myself to work out when I first got up. I actually made my goal for the month JUST getting up early (but getting to do whatever I wanted – stay in bed and read, watch TV, go to the gym, anything as long as I was awake).It felt so incredibly decadent to have time to sip (not gulp) coffee before work, and do some reading! Getting up early is now not a problem for me, and it really was not that difficult using the above trick. Plus, now I’m so used to getting up early that it’s easy to go work out at that hour!

    Here’s my post about the month:

  5. says

    I’m a fan of the morning workouts and client training sessions! I agree that these are the ones that normally don’t cancel and seem to be the most consistent with their workouts. I think finding the best time that you can make “me time” is what will work out best for anyone. I’ve always considered the early morning hours “me time” because nothing could get in the way of that time. Great post!

  6. says

    These are excellent tips and great advice. There are loads of benefits of workouts out early and it really is a great start to your day.

    Personally, I need to get up early in order to train clients. Most people work office hours so have to train either before or after work, meaning some fairly dark/cold mornings through the winter!

    I love it though and always find myself with more energy and being more productive when I have an early morning client.

  7. Nellie says

    Getting up at 4:40 am to workout, sucks, I can’t lie. However, I usually end up feeling nothing short of amazing for the rest of the day. It’s a great trade off.

  8. says

    I’ve done the “wake up and visualize” tip – it works!! I might get a bit of a later start, but it reminds me how grateful I’ll be an hour later. Here’s hoping it works tomorrow morning…

  9. says

    Amen sister! THere have been times in my life when I hit the gym after work. But overall, getting up and out and having my workout done first thing is best. Before life gets in the way!

  10. says

    I became a morning person after I found the things in life that made me want to get out of bed – a good workout and a job that made me proud and excited. Now, I don’t get work out in the morning everyday because I am training others. But my best days start are my morning workout days!

  11. Valerie says

    I totally agree with all the reasoning. But I personally don’t do well exercising early – very injury-prone – and I never understood why until I was finally diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, enthesitis and fibromyalgia. I do need to let joints and muscles warm up more, and a little more slowly, before I do anything very strenuous. The problem is that to do that, if have to get up at 3 a.m…and while that does occasionally happen spontaneously, I don’t want to do it regularly! :-)

    But evening workouts interfere with my sleep quality. So I guess midday workouts would be best for me. Now to convince my boss. :-)

  12. says

    I don’t think you can *become* a morning person. I’m not talking about when you wake up, but how you feel when you wake up. My Dad & my sister were early risers. They wake up feeling great. My Mom & I on the other hand…waking up is a painful process. And, for myself at least, I can say this is not due to a lack of sleep. I go to bed early enough to get 8 (or 9) hours of sleep, which seems to be what I need.

    I did try morning workouts. I did it for about 6 months. I was able to do it. But it felt way harder than working out later on in the day. Also, I hated it and it made me cranky.

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t try it – I’m glad I did! But if you do try it and it’s not for you, Don’t get down on yourself. We’re all different!

    • Melinda says

      I think I agree with you. You can be up at dark thirty and not “be” a morning person. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t workout in the morning. I’m starting now to get ready for early morning bike rides in the summer. I was up at 6 this morning. That’s early for me!

      Another tip: if you can, wear your workout clothes to bed. You’ll have less excuse when you wake up. Oh and put your alarm clock somewhere you HAVE to get out of bed to turn it off. That helps, too

    • Mary Anne in Kentucky says

      I have never been a morning person. Now (thank you, menopause, NOT) I cannot sleep past six a.m. no matter what, but it doesn’t make me a morning person. I’m drowsy, slow, and cold, and the times when I have to get up at four-thirty to be at work by six-thirty don’t change that. The idea of using more energy than absolutely necessary first thing in the morning is craaaazy.

  13. says

    I used to be a morning person. I loved it. I loved getting up early and working out and being productive. But then, something happened. Maybe it was kids? And I got into the bad cycle of staying up too late. I want to get back to a morning routine instead of jumping out of bed and rush rush rushing to get breakfast/lunch prepped/kids out the door. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  14. says

    I have recently “seen the light”. Ha ha! At the first suggestion that I meet my friends at the gym at 6:00 a.m., I thought they were nuts! I did it once and then never again for another maybe 8 months. But things have changed. I now get up at 4:50 a.m. at least 4 times a week, sometimes 5 times, and either go to the gym for a workout, a class, or we meet for an early morning run, in the dark, with our headlamps. I still think it’s a little crazy, but LOVE IT! It get my workout in, most times am energized to get through the morning, and it’s so much better. I used to be distracted during the day worrying about whether I’ll have time for a workout. Now, as long as I can get out of bed, I get the workout in and that distraction is gone.

  15. says

    Totally agree. Morning is the only time to workout. With 2 small kids, morning is really the only time I can fit it in. By the time my husband gets home in the evening, a workout is not going to happen.
    It doesn’t hurt that I pop out of bed singing “forget your troubles, come on get happy…” most days. ;-)

  16. says

    What an interesting study! I definitely feel better when I get up early, and my daughter has turned me into more of a morning person. It is by far the best time for me to workout, for all of the reasons you listed. But now I’m working on getting up BEFORE her so I can get some other stuff done… did it this morning! :)

  17. says

    When I first started serious workouts, it was always later in the day or evening. However, because of the responsibilities of work, this had to change, so I just started doing it in the morning and that changed everything! It works much better that way for me. Now I do aerobics in the morning, but strength training and sports later in the day. I do have my limits :-)

    • Healthy Mama says

      I’m shifting to this now too.
      Cardio kicks my … is hard. LOL
      I like to do in the morning.

  18. says

    I do feel better when I wake up on a set schedule in the morning. Being able to sleep in makes me sluggish. It must be for the reasons you mentioned!

  19. says

    Funny, I just wrote about this a few weeks ago. After a 13 year streak of 4:30am exercise — nearly 5,000 cardio sessions prior to sunrise, 6 or often 7 days per week,I have decided to do it later in the day.

    Partial from boredom, partially because, as you now know, California is the coldest place on earth, I have decided to get my cardio in mid-day or in the evening.

    These days I just enjoy my pups, my coffee, a space heater, and my love of writing . That’s how I wake up now.

  20. says

    I have never been a “morning person.” However, I still get up early (4:30 or 5:00 many days) and get my work-out in because I love to work-out and that is the only guaranteed time I have without sacrificing family time in the evenings. (Plus, then I can have an evening cocktail!!!)
    My husband is a morning person and gets up early for work but he knows that just cause I’m up doesn’t mean we can converse – I have strict rules about not talking for the first couple hours I’m up!!!
    Great tips! (I always lay out my work-out clothes the night before and have a plan for what I’m going to do when I go to bed – less thought and effort required for the morning!)

  21. says

    You know I am all for morn workouts. It has always worked for me since 24 gyms opened up & I feel so much better with them. Also, nothing else gets in the way as the day wears on…. I do feel the morn people are most likely to succeed at their workouts long term BUT… the big but – I do know people that feel & swear by feeling better at lunch or later in the day. If that is there thing, I say go for it as long as they can commit & do it & don’t let other stuff derail them. I always try to convince people to try morn because of all you said above – sine just don’t feel their best then & I have o=to respect that… ME – all about morn & my best gains & life that way. When I worked out after work when no 24 gyms were around – never got as good a workout.

  22. says

    So on board with you here. My parents used to tell me I had the job of waking up the birds and that has stuck with me ever since. I’ve also only acquired a coffee taste well into adulthood and still don’t use it as a wake-up tool–it’s just my body’s preference to be up early. The downside to this lifestyle– don’t ever ask me to see midnight on New Year’s Eve…

  23. says

    in theory this sounds wonderful and something to really aspire to!! I m always jealous of the morning folk, however, I think I am simply wired differently. I am a night worker-outer. To the point where I can’t sleep without it. This makes rest days near impossible. I long to be a morning person.

  24. says

    I was a morning workout-er until about 2 weeks ago when I got a new job. Now I’m an evening workout-er. Which is working amazing for me. I have always subscribed to the ‘just get it done’ schedule of getting in a workout too. I’ve got Tina’s Bootcamp going right now, so I’m super motivated to get it done in the evenings. It totally helps get a burst of energy after a day of work. When Bootcamp is over, that’s another story.

    But, I’m also a morning person (at least since having kids). I get up at 5:30 most mornings to enjoy a cup of coffee and my quiet house for a few minutes.

  25. says

    As a person who’s always required more sleep than the average, I don’t consider myself a morning or an evening person. I do agree though that when I work out in the morning I feel great all day. My morning workouts happen at about 10am. Thankfully, as a SAHM I have the luxury of working out in the late morning. I absolutely hate working out in the evening.

  26. says

    I LOVE morning workouts when it is warm weather and the sun comes out earlier. In the -10 degrees right now anytime after 9 a.m. is good to me. I am a lover of spin in the evening in winter but when spring comes around early bike rides are the best! I guess I am a seasonal gal ;)

  27. says

    I’m not a morning person but I like my morning workouts, now that I’ve gotten used to them being in my life. When I don’t get them for a few days I miss them. Yes it’s painful to get up at 515, but once I”m up and in to the gym, because I’ve dragged my butt out of bed that early I’m more likely to workout and do it hard than I am to slack off, because getting up is half the battle :)
    I started with just getting up and eating breakfast for a while before I started doing short workouts at home and then transitioned to going in to a gym to workout (I’m lucky enough to have a gym on the campus where I work).
    It makes it hard some days but I would never go back. :)

  28. says

    “the promise of what could happen in any given 24 hour period” <– THIS! I love my early mornings, I love 'getting ahead of the game', I love the possibilities of a new day.

    Jason traveled a lot last year – day trips that would have him, so US, up at 4 am… as I got used to this time, I found I LOVED this time! I get some things done at home BEFORE the gym EVEN OPENS, or I find new television to watch as I run the treadmill at 5am at home…

    but especially the getting the jump on the day thing – knowing I have already worked out and started on my to do list. it's also an EXCELLENT time to go grocery shopping! ;) okay, clearly I'm just rambling now – hey, I've already been up for a while- this is my "mid morning" :)

  29. says

    I have to say that I tried being a morning exerciser and it was just not my bag. But even though I’m not a morning exerciser, I still get up around 5:30 or 6:00am. I have found that if I still get up early and knock some things off my to do list, it’s much easier for me to go workout at my preferred time of 10 or 10:30am. I’m loving how it’s working and I’m much more consistent now.

  30. Deena says

    I want to disagree, but 90% of the time I cancel my trainer because conference calls come up.

    I think you’re right.

  31. Wendi says

    Interesting point from Health Magazine.
    I do believe I am more “chipper” when I rise with the sun.
    I had not considered it had to do with maximum exposure to day light.

  32. says

    I’m working on it. I really am! But I noticed that little clip says “max out daily exposure to MORNING LIGHT” which is why I just can’t bear waking up when it’s still DARK. I can deal with getting up with the sun, but not a minute before!

    • Miz says

      for me the bounding out of bed is also in part I KNOW the light is coming.
      Im bad at night … ok not bad but more mellow :-) because I know once the dark comes that’s it till morning.

      I dont mind the am dark because of the promise of the sun.

      • says

        Maybe it’s a copout but I really kind of believe in working with the sun. Ie I pretty much shut down when it’s dark out. Which means a lot LESS gets done in the winter than in the summer and I’m OK with that. It’s kind of physiological and seasonal. I’m not ever going to do work or other stuff in the middle of the night. I might read, but that’s not… work! ‘-)

  33. says

    Lifelong early bird here. I don’t often come off as chirping, as I don’t exercise in the morning. Still an after work workout person for no reason other than its when i can get it done.

  34. Cate says

    I don’t exercise until the night, but I love the morning for other things.
    I am an any time of day person!

  35. says

    SLEEP! I’ve known forever that I’m a 9-hour-a-night girl. While I survived on less during college finals and the first years of my children’s lives, I do not THRIVE unless I get my 9.

    Sure, I could go to bed earlier, but I also need time with my husband at the end of the day, sans children. Now that the last one isn’t tucked in until 9, those us-only hours don’t happen until then.

    I’m okay with my mid-day exercise; once they’re older and can do more for themselves in the morning, I just may switch (for all the reasons you describe)!

  36. says

    These are really great tips! Right now I’m an after the baby goes to sleep workout gal (except on the weekend and Thursdays). On Thursday my friend comes over with her baby and plays with X so I can go run… then on Tuesday I go to her house with X and play with her baby, while she goes to the gym! It’s an awesome set up! Thursdays are amazing :)

  37. Pat says

    I LOVE how you say to take this slow.
    I am a whole hog kind of person and stick with it for all of a week.

  38. says

    I’ve always been an early bird. I think being a teacher where I have to be “on show” early in the morning forced me to be that way!! These are great tips!

  39. Jenny says

    I really like your message of DO IT and it’s enough.
    I focus too much on crafting the perfect routine.

  40. says

    Mizfit! I love that your blog has taken off like crazy. Well deserved and finally very useful and helpful information flooding the internet. Let’s take over ;) Just wanted to pop in to say G’day again. How I became an early riser? Knowing if I don’t make it to training on time I will be running the stadium stairs. ha!

  41. Miz says

    the whole notion changed my life and allowed me to stay on my healthy path for closing in on two decades.
    Here no one workout needs to set the world on fire (Im not training to compete!)— but it needs to be done.
    for my mental and physical health.

    • says

      Amen to that! Individualisation is underrated… trust me even in professional sports they miss that beat. You’re an inspiration! Plus I like your skort.

  42. says

    I love working out in the mornings! I turned it into a pretty consistent routine until my work hours now start by 6-7am(already wake up at 5a), it makes more sense for me to do it in the afternoon/evenings.

  43. Vinnie says

    Greatest work out any body can do early morning is running outdoors. Air is fresh and cool and we are fresh after a good night sleep. Even working out at gym early morning, gives us a complete day to work for longer hours, get more work done and retiring peacefully at bed on time.

    Though most of us are aware of these advantages with early morning but the biggest challenge is to force ourselves out of bed and resist the temptation to silence the alarm and doze off again.

    • cherylann says

      Putting the alarm clock all the way across the room and having clothes laid out the nite before helps. Get DRESSED. Then you will more likely get OUT!

  44. says

    I am pretty lucky that my work schedule pretty much helps make me get my workout done first thing! Lori and I worked out everyday in college at 6am ;) slowly getting back into being an early riser

  45. says

    Yes, i’ve always been a morning person, and believed in earning my breakfast, too.

    A great way to become more of a morning person is to wake up at the same time and get out of bed every single day at that time, no matter what. Then, at night, go to sleep as soon as you feel sleepy. Your body will get used to being up in the morning, and you will get sleepy at exactly the time you need to in order to get enough zzz’s.

  46. Linda W says

    I am a night person, but that is when I want to PARTY.
    Exercise? Needs to be morning for me too.

  47. says

    Anytime I attempt a workout any earlier than 7am that isn’t yoga, I usually end up feeling like crap. I am sure I could adjust to any schedule but for now my weekday evening and weekend not-super-early morning workouts are workin for me. I do like how unique the tip is about waking up early and NOT working out. And probably a good idea to throw in the “don’t get stuck here” wording haha!

  48. cherylann says

    The best time is between 4-5 a.m. to run outside(have been doing it for 40 years!)…no one is around and I can have my thoughts to myself and run down the middle of the road if I want to . Plus having to be ar work before seven a.m. with a 45 min commute is a reason too. After a day of herding 40 preschoolers…well, I don’t have much left in the p.m. except maybe a yoga class or an easy swim.

  49. cherylann says

    Put clothes needed out the nite before on the other side of the room where the alarm clock should be!
    if you get DRESSED you will get OUT!

  50. says

    I love getting up early, but I have trouble falling asleep, especially if I go to bed early. This basically limits how early I can wake up. Can’t figure out how to overcome that.

  51. says

    You’re killing me! I am so NOT a morning person.

    I do get up fairly early during the week, but I don’t like it. And my workouts are after I take the kids to school so that I can do what I want.

    Maybe someday I’ll be a morning person…

  52. says

    Since starting my own business, my internal clock and workout schedule has totally changed. I am OFFICIALLY a morning person and LOVE it. I love working out early too. I find I’m so tired at night to do any sort of movement. Plus it is my time to just slow it down and chill.

  53. says

    I like getting up early. I can’t remember the last time I slept past 8am (even that seems late to me now!). By starting my day early, I feel like there’s more time to enjoy the hours I have before me :)

  54. says

    I wake up early because I’m a teacher and I like to get to school early. I want to fit in some more cardio. I signed up for a boot camp that starts tomorrow. At 5:30. A.m. OY vey. I failed at it last year. I’m not giving in.

  55. says

    I don’t know if I’ll ever really be an early bird. I go through phases where I can do it and it’s not the most horrible thing, but generally I’m a night owl. My most creative hours are between 10 and midnight. It probably will always be that way, but I do keep trying to be an early bird!

  56. says

    I definitely need to work on getting up earlier. It’s harder with my Seasonal depression, but I’m finding that if I wake up and do my light therapy right away, it’s not quite as hard. These are some great tips. Thanks!

  57. says

    I’m a morning person and have been for years! My favorite time of day is 4:00 a.m. It’s when I feel the most energized and motivated. Just yesterday I had to run after work (ugh!) and my performance and the way I feel just doesn’t compare to morning running. Great info, as usual, Carla :)

  58. says

    I am a morning person and love morning workouts, but can’t do it during the week when school is on. Love summers for that though!

  59. says’s 6 am.
    i’m up.
    i’m tired.
    i’m bored.

    Part of my brain is thinking ‘you should put on that workout dvd”. I think that part has severe damage as there is no way I can coordinate myself to sweat.

    So, ok. Up early and do nothing – i’m good at that. But cranky as all ..crankiness about it:)

  60. says

    I’d love to go to the gym early in the morning, but I leave for work around 7am, start at 8.30 (get work done before things get started) but my gym opens at 10am. I’d rather go to the gym in winter, it’s cold, dark and I’m exercising alone. In summer, I tried going out super early (around 5am) and found that I often failed to get back before the heat kicked in, so I moved my runs to early evening when they’re more bearable. I believe you that morning workout rocks, but for now, this is what I’ve got.

  61. MizFit says

    NOT SO SHOCKINGLY I blogged this because I believe this ;-)
    that said, I am still so excited and SHOCKED by the number of emails etc Ive gotten this morning/last night saying youre in! youre trying!

    you can do this…Ill see ya after my workout.


  62. says

    The crazy/cool thing is I woke up early this morning and ended up working out (on a complete whim!) and I am feeling pretty amazing, 4 1/2 hours after the fact :) Knowing that I won’t have to squeeze in a few HIITs later, or do some squats, has made me much happier this morning. Seriously! I’ve been complaining about not having enough time to workout, when really all I needed to do was set my alarm for an hour earlier. So simple!
    Are there any home exercises you would recommend in particular for a 45min workout?

  63. says

    While morning might technically be better, I have to agree with “when you can.” I do better if I plan it in the morning, as you said, before life interrupts. But really, I think whatever gets a person to be consistent IS the best for them!

  64. Kat says

    I’m uncertain about the exercise part (I’ll try) but I do think more sunlight in these short days would help me.

  65. says

    I love this! I’m a die-hard morning exerciser too – always have been:) I’ll workout at night if I end up with no other option but I don’t prefer it. In the past I’ve shared your attitude about just finding what works best for each person but I do think you (and the research) are right. Thanks for gathering it all and getting it out there! Your steps are great. Something that’s helped me: either setting out my clothing (shoes included) the night before or just sleeping in my workout clothes – they’re stretchy and comfy!

  66. says

    I used to cry at the thought of waking up EARLY to workout. Now, I love it. I just decided one day that if I wanted to workout without being able to make lame excuses on why I “couldn’t” workout I HAD to get up early. So I did. And now I live for my morning TRX classes! :)

  67. says

    I have the lamest excuse… it’s too cold. My gym is 3 block away which is too close to drive but I HATE starting my day freezing my butt off. I do get up and go the treadmill in my little condo gym so I get my blood flowing first thing… but the realy workout doesn’t start until it warms a bit. :)

  68. says

    I absolutely agree. If it doesn’t happen in the mornings for me it is unlikely to happen later in the day…at least in regards to fitness. :) In the winter, when it’s darker and colder out, I do usually finish the paper and have the extra cup of tea before heading out, but am still usually out of the door before 8:30.

    Thanks for the post.

  69. says

    I like the idea of setting my alarm early and not working out (yes, for many reasons, include the obvious one – laziness) but… as you say, to acclimatise myself to the early mornings!

    I hate mornings and am better at the end of the day. However… I hate exercising in the evenings! Grrrr…

    Am going to start setting my alarm for some time before 8am!

  70. says

    I’ve always had the best results with morning workouts. It’s easier to keep the weight off and regardless of how sleepy I am, I feel like I work harder. If I want until the evening then I’m more physically tired and won’t push myself as much. As far as the motivation to get up, it helps when I teach a spin class or have an early client. Snoozing is not an option. :)

  71. says

    I have always been a morning person and have had more success exercising first thing in the morning be for anything can get in my way. Right now as I am recovering from foot surgery and not given the okay to exercise yet I still get up early so when I get the permission to exercise I will be in the habit of getting up for it!

  72. says

    Great tips, Miz! I think my favorite part of this post was that reminder to give yourself grace as you start changing over your habits – it DOES take time and patience! Good word.

    I’m more or less a morning person…I’m finding that I’m using my weekends to really rest in the mornings (unless I want to get some exercise in without disrupting the day’s events ahead) because I’m up most mornings early-ish. I used to love morning workouts but now fit them in around my clients (perhaps you used to do the same when you trained? blocks of time here and then there…), so I’ve become a mid-morning or late-afternoon workout-er! But EVERY time I get up and run before the sun’s up and pump some iron before others are up I am GLAD I did it then. :) It’s a rewarding feeling!

  73. says

    I love working out in the morning. The main benefit I’ve had from morning workouts is that I get it DONE. Once the day starts, it’s too easy to get distracted and occupied with other things. However, finishing first thing in the morning makes me feel positive and invigorated for the rest of the day.

  74. says

    Love this and totally agree! I wrote a similar post last week about how to become a morning exerciser. I too see the most success with clients who come in first thing in the morning and I think it’s because there are way less excuses…you aren’t at work yet so you can’t get stuck doing one more thing. I love morning workouts and feel so so so much better when I do them. I can’t train at night either!!


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