And Im super excited about it.

I know all things web!social media! are hothothot these days (and Ill be featured there too) but Im an old school misfit.

I still love me some print magazine & cant wait to share with you whats coming next with the MizFit/LHJ partnership.

I cant wait—but I have to…

(cue suspense-filled music)

photo30 249x1024 Im a LADIES HOME JOURNAL Journalista!


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  1. Izzy says

    This post reminded me of a face book update you did about judging by the company you keep.

    Congratulations, Carla.

    Ladies Home Journal is great company.

  2. MizFit says

    I know this is a BEEP BEEP my own horn post :-)
    but Im so authentically excited.
    Im striving to mature my brand a bit.
    My degree is in educational counseling (masters).
    My passion is fitness.
    I owned a boutique training studio.
    Im a book/learning nerd, err, misfit at heart.
    LHJ feels the PERFECT mixture of all my MEs.

  3. Libby Krah says

    Congrats, Carla! That’s awesome news. Thrilled to see a few more of my favorite ladies will be featured as well!

  4. says

    Congratulations! How exciting :) I love magazines as well. Having a hard time reading them on iPad so I still get some subsctiptions.

  5. says

    Woohoo! :) We can say we knew you when you weren’t all famous-y! I shoulda gotten your autograph before you left Austin. :)

    Seriously, congrats on another awesome venture!

  6. says

    Articles i would read, even if the magazine was old and in a doctor’s office! They won’t regret having you on the team.

  7. says

    You didn’t see me making a big deal out of the fact that I was named Blogger-in-Chief for National Healthy Living Health News for Healthy People Magazine, did you? Well, that’s because I made it up! I made it all up! Anyway, congrats to you (if you’re not making it up, that is).

  8. says

    Wow! Congratulations! I agree, seeing your name and photo in print would be a whole different kind of exciting than on a screen.

  9. says

    How cool is that! Well, it is cooler that an ice cube put down your shirt while you are sleeping… yeah, I never forgave that jerk for doing that.


  10. says

    so cool!!! as much as i love the web/technology, i love paper copies too – and how awesome that you’ll have hard copy evidence of your awesomeness?! :) congrats!!

  11. says

    Oh my goodness I would die if I saw my name in print like that. You are allowed to be beyond excited.
    Now I am the one cheering for you!
    1,2,3,4 – MizFit is on the floor
    5,6,7,8 – We know she’ll be doing great
    9, 10 – Cheer again

    Ha, obviously never a cheer leader. However, I am really loud… does that count?

  12. says

    This is SO cool! What a wonderful outlet for you and a great chance to reach people who might never find your blog. I love this!