Im in love with Sweet Relish!



OK People.

Ive made no secret of the fact Im not a fan of Pinterest.

Ive been repeatedly admonished Ill never be a big, behemoth brand *whew* thank goodness right? if I dont get to pinning.

And Im ok with that.

As a result, when the opportunity to partner with Sweet Relish came along, I almost missed out on a because I immediately assumed it was a Pinterest Wanna Be.

I be woman enough to say I was wrong.

It’s awesome.

It’s Pinterest for MISFITS

It’s a place PERFECTION for this online shopping lover who erroneously thought she didnt like LISTS.

Allow me to define.

  • Sweet Relish refers to itself as the secret sauce of shopping because it’s the “missing piece” in our online shopping experience. which leads me to:
  • Sweet Relish is everything I never knew I always wanted.  If you hang with me on Facebook you KNOW how I adore sharing shopping stuffs I find.  With my Sweet Relish lists I can organize, save, share, buy, see what youre buying all in one place.
  • Sweet Relish is where *I* am right now and, judging by our interactions online, where you are too.  Metaphorically.  I wanna know where you got those tights I covet *and* be able to buy them right from the site.  CLICK. Done.  No more I love this!!! Where can I find this?! as I always experience other places. Sweet Relish lists allow us to do precisely that.


Allow me to explain.

  • Relishing is simple. I am easily confused.  Register, get a relish button for your tool bar (see below) and CLICK THAT BUTTON each time you want to “save” an item to your lists!

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 2.26.41 PM



Allow me to share.

  • Im RELISHING the Northern California stuffs this TEXAN is now addicted to for warmth.
  • Im RELISHING all the PLAYout toys the Tornado and I adore.
  • Im RELISHING the random foodSTUFFS Im addicted to always chatting about.

You get the point.

Im in.

Im smitten.

Im RELISHING every minute of this.

And seriously.

I challenge you to not love Sweet Relish (yes I adore saying the name) as a place to organize your shopping/gift buying (<—this has been huge for me), and sneak a peek into what your friends are purchasing.

  • Got any RELISH-questions for me?
  • All ready to come RELISH with me?

Ill be snooping around your lists and featuring one of them/linking back to you next month.

(cue movie music fraught with suspense)

FTC: This is a sponsored post.  The fact I almost turned down without exploring the site and subsequently fell unflaggingly in LOVE with the RELISH is all my own.


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  1. says

    Part of me really wants to hate this because I can’t imagine having yet another social media outlet that I need to attempt to keep up with, but i’m willing to check it out cause i do love ideas on great new workout gear

    • Miz says

      AHH THE BEST THING? It’s all for me :-) it is a “social site” but really….all a way to say stuff I want and love and covet with friends so there feels no pressure to keep up :-)

  2. Miz says

    That made me laugh but that really is it for me too.
    All my addictions (MUSCLE TIGHTS ANYONE?!) in one place so Im organized when I gets me a little cash :-)
    And I can share THOSE instead of always telling friends:


  3. Bea says

    Love your boards, Mizzy!!
    I may have just spent some money there too.
    Do you make money from them?!

  4. says

    So how is this different from an Amazon wish list?
    Is it just more “social”?
    Do you follow your friends the same way you do Pinterest?

    • Miz says

      Thats how I explained it to my parents, Kate.
      It’s like amazon wish but open to the whole internet :-)

      you CAN follow other peoples lists and you CAN make private ones too just for you.

      my parents were thrilled to have any clue what to get me for valentines day :-) and 90% of the quirky stuff I want isnt on amazon…

    • Lynda says

      I’m like you, Miz.
      Many things I would put on a birthday Wish List aren’t on Amazon. I can’t wait to make lists at Sweet Relish.

  5. says

    I hate shopping in stores, so actually, this site is for me. Online is my friend these days. I know, i swear i lost that shopping gene when i was younger.

    • Miz says


      What I LINKED ABOVE that I “RELISH” are all my individual lists so you can get a sense of how it works.

      again I also LOOOOVE the private ability.

  6. Olive says

    Really cool, Carla!
    I like your board for after-workout things.
    You really use the soda stream?

  7. Sam says

    I am not a lover of social media sites generally, but this sounds like one that would actually be useful to me and FUN. I’m excited to check it out! :)

    • Miz says

      and I pretty much loathe anything LISTS.
      I dont get it.
      THIS I GET.
      for the big reason of Im always struggling with:

      I wanted to get the child XYZ for her birthday.

  8. says

    That is the best explanation I’ve heard re: Sweet Relish.

    I’ve heard the brand mentioned often via Social Media. Thought it was a purse store until now. Looks like fun!

  9. Irene says

    If I want to share boards with family and friends (items for a surprise party) do they have to join?

    • Miz says

      I believe currently yes. They do not ever have to create a list—but to see yours they have to join.
      Ill check with them and see if this will ever shift.

  10. Sarah MomRunningonEmpty says

    I love this explanation and the sounds of Sweet Relish! I’m off to explore right now :)

    • Miz says

      for me the FUN CRUX of it is the easy of buying.
      CLICK BUY DONE :-)
      but also the fact Im not a crafter. Im not a quote lover. Im not a decorator.
      I DO LOVE ME SOME SHOPPING and more than that I love trends.
      I adore seeing what other people are getting (like virtual window shopping?) and seeing whats popular.

      • says

        This is such a good point – I’m not a decorator, I’m not planning a wedding, I’ve failed at every craft project I’ve ever attempted (haha)… It’s nice to have all of my shopping wants/needs streamlined in ONE place!

  11. says

    This sounds really cool! I’m bookmarking the site so once I am done with my move I can spend some hours figuring it out! Love the concept.

  12. says

    Well… since I am not shopping these days I don’t think this is for me BUT I will check it out. I personally am not a fan of online shopping for myself with clothes cause I have to try everything on due to my bod fitting clothes differently due to the muscles. I wish I could buy fun things right now but not to be.. not sure I want to torture myself with looking at all the goodies. 😉

    Nver heard of it either. :)

    • Miz says

      I LOOOOOVED it too for a private list Jody for organizing for a soiree…a tiny one…but I planned and organized and then POOF deleted the list when everything was done and checked off!

  13. says

    I do like Pinterest, mostly because it makes it easy to bookmark recipes. I do love to shop online though and this seems like a great idea for keeping track of things I like so I’m not left trying to figure out where I saw it. Definitely will be trying it out!

  14. says

    This site looks pretty cool. I’ve had a few instances where I wanted to know where someone got something. I’ll have to dig around and see what treasures I can find!

  15. says

    I knew Kansas was behind!! (I’m going with the fact that the whole state is because that sounds better than just saying I’m way behind!!)
    I have never heard of Sweet Relish before today and now I know that I’m going to be hooked. Oh, I can’t wait (I’m sure there might be packages headed my way soon!!!).

  16. MizFit says

    and there is yer list :-) STUFF I WANT, CAN’T AFFORD, DONT REALLLLY NEED. by Mimi

    I need that list too…

  17. says

    COOL. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and why I haven’t used Pinterest much (other than to keep cool photos for sewing/costume ideas).

  18. says

    Ok this explains a lot. Your links didn’t take me past the front page, but I’ll spend some time later exploring.

    But I’m not much of a shopping person – so I’ll probably be sticking with the P.

  19. says

    Sounds like an awesome website to check out! I know I have a personal addiction to online shopping and I always have to make sure I double check myself to make sure I’m not making too many frivolous purchases so I hope I remember to do that when I look at this!

  20. says

    I’m with Amanda, you know I’m going to check it out and will probably end up additicted in one way, shape or form but I won’t go down without a fight. :)

  21. says

    I’d never heard of Sweet Relish before but I just checked it out and it seems pretty legit! Pinterest can get confusing and frustrating when you go to click on something you find awesome and the “Cannot Fetch Pin” or “This Site Has Moved” disaster shows up. Relish seems to have fixed that problem pretty easily! Thanks for sharing this!

  22. says

    Looks interesting. My first thought too, was oh another Pinterest wannabe site though. I’ll have to check it out some more.

  23. says

    This does sound awesome and I would definitely use it to share and buy. One of these days I will have a laptop that’s not subject to my work rules that keep me using am outdated browser with no toolbar extensions ….

  24. MiZ says


    S.R. is only lists of stuff I wanna buy or explore more.
    no quotes or crafts or phrases o’motivation.

    I stalk :-) my friends at S.R. to see what THEY are currently coveting too and to find out where they got that XYZ thing of theres which I love.

    Make more sense?

  25. says

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