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Yes, People, it’s the last day of the first month of the New Year.

Or, translated, almost the month where most of us realize we’ve dropped our goals & it’s time to get back on track.

Dropped, changed, tweaked, revamped—anything but failed because failure isnt an option with ELEVEN months left to git back to our healthy living paths.

There’s NO NEED to be the eighty-two percent.

This year my commitment was to stop re-reading my last chapter & start writing my next.

Ive *so* rocked the commitment.

Ive not reread.

Ive peered only through the windshield.

Ive let a few healthy habits fall by wayside as I did so.

(FULL diZclosure? more than a few).


I need more Big Carl...

I need more Big Carl…

So, in complete misfit fashion, TODAY IS MY NEW YEAR.

Ive got the mind/spirit piece going & today Im re-committing to the body.

Im reminding myself all three are necessary.

Im committing to NOT phoning in my fitness but doing the best I can each day & getting up again the next and doing the same.

In the NERDIEST of fashions: Im reading a chapter from my own e-book which lays out MONTH BY MONTH how to layer our healthy habits for the rest of the FLIPPING YEAR.

Im taking my OWN ADVICE & for a mere 3.99 you can join me.

Dont wanna take *my* opinion for How To Build Muscle and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind being worth your THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE pennies?

And really.

Whether you plop your pennies down or choose to go it on your own—-JOIN ME.



Mind (check!doing!)

Body (Must!Git!On!Track!)

And spirit (Om trying!).



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  1. says

    First, thanks for the link. 😉

    Second, your E-book was a big part of me getting started (and staying with it) this month. Your mantra of consistency finally soaked through my thick skull.

  2. says

    Body I’m on track with sold workouts that feel joyful and good. I’m also staying focused in my time…but I’m still working on making sure I maintain the right attitude and confidence.

  3. Sam says

    Joyfully – I have the body part in check for 2013. I still need to work on some long term life goals, so I will join you in recommitting to myself today. Happy New New Year! And, btw, I bought your ebook as a Hanukah present for myself and I would have paid far more than $3.99 for it. :)

  4. Healthy Mama says

    I am with Sam. I have done really great with the body and let the spirit flag.
    And I would have paid more for your e-book too LOL

  5. Runner Girl says

    I love you are HUMAN, Mizzy.
    I am running like a boss, but no meditation.
    Are there tips in the e-book for that?!
    I need helo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Miz says


      and in a way it is as simple as this.

      SHORT. LONG. AM. PM.



  6. says

    I am always the opposite with this.. working the bod but not the other stuff enough.. so time to do that too! :)

    I love that forward view you write about though – so necessary around here! 😉

    Now off to bed – OMG, I am sick again but with a sore throat/cold this time. Year 55 is being mean but I am going to fight back – when I feel better! 😉

  7. Sam says

    I forgot to mention that I am wearing my MizFit skort today to celebrate the New New Year! Another present to myself that motivates me to keep focused on positive things.

  8. says

    Mind. Body. Spirit. It really does take all three working together {most of the time} to let us be successful in our journey.
    I cannot believe January is over after today. Maybe I wasn’t 100% with food or workouts, but like you, I am not looking back. Each day is a new one for me to rock it!

  9. says

    A poster at our vet’s office says that a cat would tell you, “Don’t give up, lose interest.” Reading that always makes me smile.

    That said, i haven’t lost interest, so i won’t give up.

  10. says

    I found it easy to do on the days I was outside in the sunshine (restoring my vitamin D). But on the days I’m running around -here and there- it hadn’t become a habit yet. It’s not something I crave each day (like coffee. I need my meditation to be my new coffee).

    But I’m working on it! I’ve “new skool” enough to have found apps that help and encourage me (a reminder each day!) so I’m on my way!

  11. says

    This month has been good for me…Regular workouts and healthy eats. Seeking balance and trying to listen to what my body needs.
    I’m back on track and feeling really good. So encouraged to keep on going and be fearsome when the summer comes :)

  12. says

    I read this post at the perfect time. One month into my fitness plan, and two weeks into my running training, Someone asked me if I was pregnant. Such a low point, emotionally, that I wanted to quit. But like you said, I haven’t failed, I’ve got 11 months left to retool and restart. Thank you!

  13. says

    Thank you for the motivational boost! I got your ebook and must get going on reading it.

    I am starting to be able to be more active post foot surgery and now have more than just hope that I can get healthy again. I am moving and walking on the treadmill – albeit slow at least I am moving.

    What I would love are some exercise ideas that can be done sitting down. I will be needing to do low impact exercise for a while yet.

  14. says

    I hate the word failure. Hate it.

    I’m actually doing really well on my goals. Nothing more than a few misses this month, but I’m still chugging right a long.

    I’m still working on the mind part. I tried meditation but just couldn’t get into it. I may try a little longer for a little longer (upping the meditation minutes for this month), but I acknowledge it’s the area of my life that I lack in.

    Plus, I was reading your book the other day and got to the part about doing intervals during your cardio and I was actually DOING intervals during my cardio.

    Cue creepy music.