I AM a foodie (CaitPlusAte responds)

I’m a foodie.

I say that with total, complete confidence. The statement is 100% truthful.

Now ask me WHY I call myself a foodie. Well now, I’m happy you asked!

I’m a foodie because the perfect dish awakens a passion inside of me. The first smell of a long-loved favorite meal’s aroma induces hours’ worth of memories. A mind-blowing bite, chewed and swallowed in seconds, sparks minutes upon minutes of enthusiastic conversation and reflection. I experiment throughout consumption of my plate, creating unique flavor combinations by picking out different components to spear with my fork and make up each taste. I eat, appreciate, and repeat.

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Sometimes, I spear with chopsticks.

A special restaurant can make me feel as if the world outside does not exist. Seeing a unique ingredient combo or preparation method on a menu elicits a squeal of excitement. I believe each dish’s designer puts a part of him or herself into the food, and that food is ordered and devoured by a foodie as a professor devours books, as an artist takes in paintings at a museum. A foodie is in awe of the creations of other foodies, and lives to experience them.

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A foodie and her dad.

Food is so much more than something to shove in one’s mouth on the go just to get hunger out of the way. We are fortunate as humans to need to consume food to nourish our bodies and be at our best. The joy that can come of food is a gift that is not to be taken for granted. It is a special and essential part of life that, as it nourishes the body, feeds the soul. Food is our common ground. We all need it. We can all share this passion. It can be a great divider, but is an even greater unifier.

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A foodie and her mom.

A foodie understands all of this, whether he or she has always understood or has had to learn. Foodies are open-minded and respectful of others. They will give any pairing, any use of an ingredient, any cuisine a chance. If they do not like what they taste, they will move on, but also be willing to taste again in time. They will continue to seek out new and exciting ways to stimulate the palate, and the best part is, they will never run out of the ways to do so.

That is because of the existence of other foodies. So long as humans exist, we will need food, and so foodies will exist and create. Foodies long to turn their loved ones into foodies because they want to share the passion they feel with each meal, each snack. Foodies understand that every meal CAN be made special and unique, but does not HAVE to be, so long as each bite is savored and enjoyed and appreciated for what it is – nourishment, memories, emotions, a great equalizer.

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Nourishment from salad, happiness from wine, and memories from a friend.

I love bacon. I love broccoli. I love ice cream, and I love seafood. I love wine, and I love coffee. Foodies know no boundaries. A foodie does not limit him or herself to one food group just because he or she enjoys another. For foodies, balance can always exist because of the great variety of food consumed. Moderation can exist because of the acceptance of a vast amount of different forms of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. But foodies don’t have to like everything. I don’t like watermelon, grapes, or beef jerky. But I don’t discount the happiness those foods bring my loved ones and ones I will never meet. I accept and respect their tastes, and ask for the same respect in return.

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Salad and wine – balance.

After reading this if you still don’t consider yourself a foodie, that’s fine. But my hope is that more often than not, you will read this and realize you ARE a foodie. You may not enjoy the finest of wines or chicken pate, but if you moan in delight at the first bite of your favorite chocolate cake or can go on forever about a great meal you had at a restaurant, then you my friend are a foodie.


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  1. says

    Very well said! Looks like you’ve enjoyed a lot of great meals and fun times. That’s one of the best parts about being a foodie!

  2. says

    I’m SO SO SO a foodie and you’ve written a great response, decribing it perfectly! Still, I’m sure those who are not foodies just won’t understand in the same way I didn’t understand Miz’ post.

  3. says

    Cait put into words exactly how I feel about food! I feel this same way about many things! I want to read this article over and over again, savor every word, just like a fine meal, you and MzFit are 5 star! Lovely, lovely ladies!

  4. says

    Love this!! Now I don’t feel so bad for my love of all things food!!! (And wine!)
    Plus, I love diversity even in foodie/nonfoodie!!!

  5. says

    Two of my favorite people on one subject s and I agree with Caits stance on what a foodie is. I hate the phrase that food is just fuel for your body. Life is to be enjoyed and you spend so much time eating that your food should be enjoyable to you as well – and everything in moderation. I totally think you are a foodie for the foods you love ;)

  6. says

    Well put!

    I realize that for some people food is just fuel. That’s okay. But for many people food is so much more and there is nothing wrong with that!

  7. says

    Yup – I completely agree with what you said :)
    It’s one of the reason I work to find balance in my life where food is concerned…it’s not just fuel to me. It can be a joyful part of life :)

  8. says

    Beautifully written…I think my favorite part of being a foodie is the act of creating the experience. When I take a bunch of what would be blah on their own ingredients and create something that elicits groans and exclamations in teh mouth – I am a foodie!!!

  9. says

    As my stepmom says, some live to eat, others eat to live. I’m definitely of the live to eat variety. I’m at a restaurant talking about how it compares to other restaurants and what food I want to try next. I just love to eat! :D

  10. says

    I am a foodie! I LOVE to eat food, try new foods, talk about foods, cook foods, and share those experiences with friends and loved ones. One of my favorite things to do is dress up, go out, try a new restaurant with friends or loved ones, savor the food, wine, and moment. It is delightful! XOXO

  11. says

    I am guilty of being a foodie as well. While remaining healthy is critical for me one can’t go though life without enjoying all varieties of food. Long live the foodies!

  12. says

    I as well can’t say I am a pure foodie. Don’t get me wrong, I can eat with the best of them but certain foods I can’t bring myself to try.

  13. says

    This was very well written and probably made more people realize they love food like a foodie even if they never thought of it that way. Really appreciating the tastes and savoring the meals you eat or create yourself is what it comes down to. If you whole-heartedly enjoy a delicious food, theres nothing wrong with admitting you’re a ‘foodie’.

  14. says

    I envy your ability and courage to try anything. I am a pickier eater, partially due to a diagnosed stomach issue, and possibly because I can’t bring myself to eat certain textures. I do know however that feeling of moaning over my favorite dishes and I’v been trying new food lately. Hopefully I’ll continue to expand my horizons.

  15. says

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  16. says

    I am definitely a foodie. What’s even more amazing are the memories of events, places, scenarios or people that certain taste can make you recall. So I totally get it. I’m a foodie :)