Fitness mission statements.

why are we doing this??

why are we doing this??

I believe in the power of intention.

I look to my vision board as a source of motivation and inspiration.  (I also turn to my gratitude board as a reminder of what Im thankful for).

I have a personal mission statement.

Ive created a blog mission statement.

Im working on a spiritual mission statement.

We have a family mission statement.

The older I get, however, Ive realized none of the above WORK if Im not on my healthy living path.

If I dont have a FITNESS mission statement.

hooping, fila

seriously. whats the point?

What is a fitness mission statement?

  • Almost as important —-is what it is NOTA Fitness Mission statement is not a workout plan.  Nowhere in your statement are you committing to X race on Y day or announcing a plan to shed X pounds by Y date.
  • OK, then what the heck is it?!  Your Fitness Mission statement is an announcement of purpose.  It’s an answer to the query: why are we here? what’s the point? and is created with the backdrop of what you value in life.
  • EW! Im not motivated by flowery words, MizFit!  No worries! A Fitness Mission statement is sentences which have a GOAL that is an ACTION.  A chain of words you choose which, when read and reread and reread, spark you to MOVE.  Quantifiable not flowery vague.
why am I up here?

why am I up here?

Um. Im lost. Can you clarify!?

  • Fitness Mission statements….arent about fitting in.  As with all aspects of healthy living creating my statement took trial & error.  The result is sentences which motivate me *every time.*  It can help to explore core values.  It can be illuminating to reflect on where youve started & challenge yourself to define where you want to go.
  • Ask yourself: “WHY AM I HERE?”  The next time you exercise (or PLAYout!) write a sentence describing EXACTLY what got you moving that day & what your end-goals are.  SpecificsClarity about where you are going is the surest way to get there.
why ARE we here?!

REALLY, why ARE we here?!

Are Fitness Mission Statements lists of workout routines/competition goals?

  • Fitness Mission statements are sentences which help in planning routines to achieve goals.  They’re the umbrella underneath which we place our specifics (goals/exercise programs).  A statement might read:  To live a long, active, healthy life extolling the power of play and practicing what I preach.  
  • Your statement should provide clues to answering the question: what approach to healthy living should I take? Are your goals endurance? Does your statement specifically mention flexibility? Did you choose to focus on the ZEN?
this fits my MISSION!

*this* fits my MISSION!

Are you moderately muddled? kinda confused? lets get started…

 How do I create my Fitness Mission statement?

  • Be brief Initially I limited myself to eight words.  Id definitely say a maximum of three or four sentences. Clear, concise, terse.
  • Identify your healthy living focus (for example: leadership, improved overall health, more flexible) and whom you desire to be in the fitness realm of your life. A lean mean machine? A more calm centered you? A role model? Be specific.
  • What would the *ideal* end result of this healthy living look like (yes it’s morbid but I mean endend.  once we start we’re not stopping.)?
  • Be positive. Do not include in your statement things you currently DISLIKE about yourself. PERIOD. Take any negative urge (I hate my fat thighs and stomach) and turn it inside out (Crossfit will give me the sleek leg muscles I desire).
  • Include how healthy living habits/behaviors will impact relationships.  Through the practice of yoga I will be more calm and far less tempted to rip Renaissance Man or Toddler Tornado a new one.
  • Create a statement you could use as backdrop to your life (I will do yoga consistently and grow to become more calm, have lowered blood pressure and be more present throughout my day) and which is in harmony with your PERSONAL mission statement if you have one (this was important for me. I worked to be sure that all my values were in alignment).

(pauses to serve snacks & acknowledges this post is long. and it’s the edited version.)


Quite frankly the next step is to git to writing.

And to be patient.

It can take a few tries to craft a statement where you read it and think: Ive nailed it!

For me it took writing, putting it away, rereading/tweaking and *then* I had my this is it!! moment.

I felt Id created a phrase so ‘right’ it not only inspires me to stay on track it’s energizing on the days Id much rather slack than work out.

Now you:

  • Do you also believe the body follows where the mind leads?
  • Have you written mission statements for facets of your life?
  • What words/phrases might your statement contain?


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  1. says

    I haven’t created a fitness mission statement but as someone who succeeds through the use of mantras and goals, this is a great idea! The other day, my long run was challenging so I kept telling myself “mind over matter” whenever the run got hard. I knew it was mental and that my body was able to finish those 6 miles successfully. Mantras are easier so now it’s time to get to the real writing… 😉

  2. says

    Hmmm – my mind has been racing for a few minutes now trying to decide what my fitness missions statement is. Perfect timing since I was planning to create my first ‘real’ exercise plan today for the next 2 months. Should know what my end goal is before I put the pen to paper!

  3. says

    I’m not musch of a mission statement person. I usually get out of bed for my workout because I know I’ll regret it later if I don’t, but I probably am motivated by a deeper purpose that I just haven’t taken the time to think about!

  4. says

    I feel like mine changes daily. Well, kinda. When i wake up i just want to live purposeful. So what’s my bodies purpose for the day? Rest, play, train, run, yoga? I feel like that helps me connect mind and body a little more, ya know?

  5. says

    Ok, I love everything about this post! Love the board ideas too! I need to work on a true mission statement for my fitness. I kind of just go with the flow with it now. I have goals in mind, but a true mission statement is not really something I’ve thought about. Oh and yes, I do think your mind leads the way when it comes to your body. Running has been a HUGE mind over matter deal with me. 😉

  6. says

    I love this idea! I once wrote a mission statement for work (teaching) and I have a life mission idea in my mind, but never thought to write it down. I’m totally doing this for life, for fitness and for my blog! Thanks, Miz!

  7. Healthy mama says

    Very interesting.
    We definitely have a family mission statement which touches on fitness, but I’d never thought of this.

  8. says

    You must’ve been readin my mind or something, Miz! I just declared on my blog that I want to “uplevel” my fitness because probressing at this pace is like watching grass grow – it puts me to sleep… :-)

    Creating a fitness mission statement is a good idea. I already have some kind of vision where I want to be eventually, but it’s not the same as mission statement.

    Good food for thought!

  9. Wendi says

    I like how you kept asking WHY ARE WE HERE?
    I need to create a statement which reminds me I am here for more than a bikini.

  10. says

    How is it that you always know what I need to read at the right moment? I’ve been struggling lately with fitness and I think that doing this will help me get focused again {I hope}! :)

    • MizFit says

      TRULY for me the asking: what got me to workout? what motivates me? why am I here? what do I hope to gain from being healthy? HELPED tremendously.
      Then you can place under that “umbrella” the “what will get you there” (yoga running etc) — but youve already identified where youre going.

  11. says

    Staying true to me, always! There is not one thing I live by but yet many things! I have many statements for different parts of me. At the end of the day, they all lead to one place…that place being where my heart resides….within myself. In all the things I do and the mission statements I make, being true to myself always leads the way in getting me to where I want to go :)

  12. says

    Love the idea of creating a fitness mission statement. Businesses looking to be successful create them. It’s a must!

    Think I’ll start jotting down some thoughts. Hmm

  13. says

    I have my fitness mission statement — it’s built in to my personal mission statement since, after all,my fitness is a part of my person.

    I recite aloud every single morning of my life as I sit in a darkened shower, lights out, and warm water falling on me from above. This, THUS is how I come to life…

  14. says

    Oh wow. I love this idea. I’ve never ever thought of a mission statement for fitness – or really life to be honest. I guess some words that immediately come to mind are: healthy, fit, strong. But I know it’s much more than that. My fitness is sort of “me.”

  15. says

    My life is in such flux right now AND my emotions are crazed with the change – just another phase of it – so I am going to calm down before I work on this! 😉 It is a great thing to think about though!

    I have not done mission statements – I guess because I ma never quite sure where I am going these days.. maybe a good time to think about it… the Hormone change years have been my most challenging or close to it so they get my mind all messed up! 😉

  16. MizFit says

    and yet yours seems so …apparent? to live as a role model for fitness as a PERMANENT way of life. To inspire others to GET and REMAIN fit no matter their chronological age.

  17. says

    I don’t have a mission statement necessarily, but I have always said that running makes me happy. It is my happy-making thing. It is true and it sorta informs all that I do, fitness wise. I cross train to be able to continue to run, so I can continue to be happy :-)

  18. says

    I don’t think I have ever thought about a fitness mission statement before. Thanks for the suggestions…

    Mine would have to include strength & fun. Other than that, I had better start thinking and writing. Thank you!

  19. says

    I admit I balk at doing this since it seems like another management visualization tool that I’ve been bombarded with in my new job, but I have seen the merit in putting what I want and hope for in writing. By clearly defining something you can focus on it. For me it condenses down to an essence of these few words: Joyful movement. Find something that brings me joy to do and do it. When that changes, find more. Inspire and be inspired…

    • says

      I’m with Geosomin; even my brief time in a corporate environment has given me such nauseating associations with Mission Statements that I can’t quite go there… but will borrow “joyful movement”; love that! And totally see why mission statements are great for Other People!

        • says

          Oh, and I LOVE the “joyful movement” one, too!

          One place I want to be is similar to where my hula teacher is at. She is over 70 now, and so full of joy and life and graceful movement. As much as I thought I felt comfortable in my own skin, my hula practice has shown me that I still have a ways to go.

  20. says

    YES! I do believe that the mind leads the body…BUT, I’ve never considered having a mission statement. Well, maybe that’s not true. I do have my mantras (practice, don’t preach; be for, not against; and it’s not mine to fix) but they’re not quite the same. I like the idea of coming up with a statement for life, that encompasses all the various aspects. Am gonna think…

    How can I rock my life today?

  21. says

    I’m not good with creating mission statements, but I really should be. I’ve been embarking on a “Get healthy” journey recently and I think there would be power in a mission statement! Thanks for the suggestions!

  22. says

    This is why I have developed a love of the blog (fitness especially) world – the sharing of ideas!!!
    I don’t think I have ever thought about a specific fitness mission statement but I definitely see the value in it.
    I think it will take a bit of time to decide exactly what it is – thank you for providing the steps to get me going!!

  23. cheryl says

    It’s all about the joy of the moment and then sharing it with at least one other person-or guiding them while sharing-which is why I coached for years, and while I still teach and share my joyous moments with those with whom I share an office/workplace.
    I am a firm believer in being present in the moment face to face- not on some media-techno-impersonal level.
    now-off to swim and then work with those who want to/need to.

  24. says

    “To grow in perception and depth!”

    I’ve believe in the law of dominant thoughts:

    “You are always moving in the direction of your dominate thoughts.”

  25. says

    I don’t have a mission statement, per se, but I do focus on eating for nutrition, exercising for strength, thinking for progress, etc. Having and knowing the purpose behind my goals helps me make the right choices. Usually. :)

  26. says

    I don’t have a mission statement for any part of my life… I know it’s sad isn’t it? Maybe I need to just take the time and start to focus on that and see where it takes me.

  27. says

    Oh my God, I love this. Not only for myself, but for my clients. If you really know why you’re doing this fitness thing, you are more likely to stay on track. Thanks!

    • MizFit says

      it is that for me. I never was motivated by fitting into my jeans in the sense of Id skip a workout or sleep in for that dangling carrot :-) a mission statement which encompasses WHY I DO WHAT I DO (do bee do bee do :-)) gets me moving and going every time.

  28. says

    I love the idea of creating a fitness mission statement that describes your ongoing commitment without specific goals for the year. It is a mindset, not an end game. One of the trainers I work out with recently shared her perspective with me that really resonated. It was the idea that she is “training for life.” Yes she has specific goals, but to her it is not about the next race PR or strength training milestone, but rather the ongoing journey to be the very healthiest we can be. To do the right things to make ourselves the very best versions of ourselves. I just love that. Training for life.

    My fitness mission statement would likely have the words “discipline” and “balance” in it. I know at first glance those seem like juxtaposing words, but I want to follow through with what I say I’m going to do when it comes to my fitness, while finding the right balance when it comes to living life and helping others be their best too. This has given me a lot to think about!!! xo

    • MizFit says

      and I LOVE how you immediately identified the key words…thats what I did too and the rest fell slowly into place.

  29. says

    we need to work on our fitness mission statement as well as finish up our life mission statements, we have gone on so many different life paths that we are now just trying to really sit down and figure everything, and having these mission statements are a great starting point :)

  30. says

    I was so excited when you shared this idea and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I’ve been thinking a lot about life mission statements and fitness is definitely a huge part of it. A big part of my reason to be fit is for my kids – so that I can live a long, health and active life WITH them.

  31. says

    Hmmm…good question. I guess mine changes daily/hourly? I wake up intending just to enjoy the day and what it brings but then running, yoga, lifting, sweating just happen. Now I must think…what is my statement?

  32. says

    Wow! Very thought provoking post.
    I thought I had a fitness mission statement, but when I tried to write it down, nothing. (Well, long and rambling and back-tracking).
    What a great thinking and writing prompt!
    I shall get back to you!

  33. says

    Fitness mission statement is a good point. I have actually never thought about the before, but will for sure do it. I guess you can build up a whole pyramid of statements. One overall, for your work, love life and of course you health. Good input to get on a Monday a new start of the week.

  34. says

    I have written mission statements for different aspects of my life, except fitness. My statement that I am following these days (which I know you aren’t really a fan of) is Strong is Beautiful. But it is about being beautiful more on the inside. Developing strength and confidence in yourself, emotions, your dreams, which then I believe leads you to be strong physically too. Does that make any sense? HA!

  35. Bridget A says

    I just might have to create a fitness mission statement of my own. I’m currently down 56 pounds and working to lose those last 10 pesky pounds that seem to want to hang around…

  36. says

    Since I’ve been marveling at my dance friends lately, many of whom are approaching 90 years young and still wonderfully active with minds as sharp as a tack, I am going to say this: To keep sharp and strong as long as humanly possible, so that I might enjoy life fully up until the very end!
    This is such a good idea and will certainly serve to change the way I think in certain situations- and for the better!

  37. says

    This page is awesome!!! I am so happy I found it…I was always fit but when I went to college that all derailed…during a summer break i joined lady of america and I saw the ladies there trying very late to start their fitness routines and I did not want to be late….I come from a family filled with health issues and my mom was confined to a wheelchair…all of that always pushed me and continues to push me…please free to follow my challenge

  38. says

    I haven’t created a fitness mission statement, but probably should think about it. I was at an event last night and someone there asked me for pointers in terms of living healthy. (Note she wasn’t seeing me as someone particularly healthy but we talked about my blog which I said was about my failed weight loss journeys!)

    She was a psychologist and I think testing me to come up with just a few words. Amazingly I told her living healthily is about: not dieting (but sustainable healthy decisions); moderation (in all things); and doing stuff you enjoy. I wasn’t entirely sure I meant exercise but wanted to include it in the mix.


  39. frank says

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  40. says

    Love love love this!!! I never put my finger on this before but why I do not know! I have statements for everything else and ones that apply to short periods of time. I love this idea of the rest of my life…that’s what this is this crazy fitness of mine…not something for today or until I lose the baby weight. It’s a LIFESTYLE!! It’s who I am!

  41. says

    I’m definitely a believer in the power that our mind and thoughts hold. When it comes down to it, we really only put into action what we believe and think we can do. My mission statement would include ideas about feeling strong and confident, as well as using exercise as happiness- exercise endorphins really are the best high!

  42. says

    I have never wrote a mission statement for fitness and in fact it had not really crossed my mind until now. Thank you for breaking it down to so many steps so I can feel better about writing it. I always fear writing something when the instructions are in bulk because it is intimidating but now that is spelled out step by step I am more likely to write one.

  43. says

    Mission statements: family, health and fitness, spiritual et al. I like the idea! If you’re definite on what your goals are, you’re sure to achieve them much better. I’m definitely using these with my clients from now. Thanks so much!!!

  44. says

    Howdy! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  45. says

    I don’t use statements or plans to motivate me to get moving. I just go by what I’m feeling that day and go from there! I’m a fairly positive person and as long as I’m feeling happy and productive, I’ll get moving easily enough without any need for motivational sayings and support.

  46. s says

    i have never even considered writing a mission statement, but it’s a great idea.

    since i just signed up to run a marathon, i made one that is running-centric:

    “through running i will be calmer and more energized to deal with the day’s challenges.”

  47. says

    Creating a mission statement actually works because it guides and inspires you to reach your goals. It is a simple reminder that you have very important things to do and I also agree that it can be considered as a purpose.