Be your own self-care SUPERHERO.

This was *so* not the plan for today, but I really need me a tiny break to snag back my superhero status & SPREAD the superhero smiles around OAKtown.  Cape and ALL Im off to cavort & cause trouble. And LAUGH.  Because for ME laughter is the ultimate in self-care.

Guess what? Ive decided to change things up today.


Join me?


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    Oh….so hard to do spontaneously! Especially when I feel like I’ve been unproductive lately. But I do have lunch scheduled today with an old friend and I think that will feed my soul, thus accomplishing the task part way!

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    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to see you fly at the end! :) I have this planned for tomorrow or Friday when our weather will be really warm & I plan to GET OUT IN IT so.. I will delay my off day for 1 more day – is that OK!!?? I know you love the warmth so I think you understand me waiting for the high 70′s to hit first. :)

    PS: Thank you for that wonderful comment on my blog today.

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    Since I don’t have a cape, I did a different kind of superhero gig – in honor of being a self-care superhero today, I did supermans for my daily 43.
    Now I’m off to do something good for myself today – thanks for a great idea!

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    Although I can’t leave my 8 clients in the dust today, I CAN treat my body right with food and practice good self care with my thoughts and self-talk. Thanks for the reminder! (and I LOVED your exit; was hoping you’d fly away) :D

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    Probably won’t be doing this today… but tomorrow I start 4 days at the beach with my girlfriends. Four days of self-care and laughter! I’ll share with the people and dogs on the beach…

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    I need a break. I think I am feeling dog tired lately because I am just over-exerting myself. But sadly, I don’t feel like I am going to be getting a break until… Maybe April?? UGH! I miss the HOLIDAYS!!

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    If we don’t care for ourselves, no one will — and if we give ourselves only to other people’s plans for us, we will find their plans for us don’t amount to much.

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    That shirt rocks :)
    I’m with you on the self care. I’ve been doing a lot lately…thanks for the reminder to head to bed early and be nice to little old me today!

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    Brilliant idea to love and care for the only person who means the most to us and can ultimately make any different we want in our lives and that is ME!