Preview of coming MizFit’tractions.

this. soon. hilarity ensues. pinky swear.

this. soon. hilarity ensues. pinky swear.


Need an extra CLUE?

It’s all in here:

“You’ve finally found something less cool than those pants that rip off into shorts.”
“My shants. Which you’ve been gunning for since Day 1. Does it matter to any of you that this actually an extremely efficient cardiovascular workout that could prolong my life?
“Hmmm, yeah, but what kind of life?”


Any guesses?


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  1. MizFit says

    why am I so excited no one can guess??
    Im soo excited about this whole thing–including my wrinkly stickered helmet :-)

  2. says

    SCOOTER!!!!!!!! I sent you that link to the world champion.. you love it.. scooter derby! 😉 Other than that – bicycle riding or maybe that Elliptical thing for outside! :)

    How long do we have to wait!!!!???

  3. says

    I was thinking a scooter…of the Razor variety. :) (and is that a Modern Family quote or something from a movie?) LOVE THE SUSPENSE! 😀

  4. MizFit says

    SEE? and I thought I gave it away! no one has nailed it yet–big reveal coming in a few weeks!

  5. says

    For a brief second I saw you in a side car of a motorcyle driving down the pacific coast highway. :) Made me giggle but now I’m pressured by everyone else. It could be roller derby too. :)

  6. says

    Hmmm … less cool … a schooter? Shorts that become a scooter? A scooter that becomes a skateboard? A dessert topping that’s also a floor waz?

  7. says

    Horseback stunt riding? Skydiving? Being shot out of a canon? Breakdancing?
    Any of these close??