Blogging is DEAD. Blogging will NEVER die.

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Last week I had some secret meetings in NYC jetted off for a brief trip to N.Y.C.

My plan was to go (in style thanks to the husbands frequent flier miles), see (yay broadway!), meet (yay secret stuffs!), sleep (ok didnt do this one much), and return (I love my home routine!).

What’s not included above? Ill give you a hint. It rhymes with SLOGGING.

A touch of social media exhaustion coupled with planning LIVE not BLOG ABOUT LIFE resulted in the decision to (brace your collective selves) leave the laptop at home.

The trip was fantastic.  The trip was…enlightening.  The trip wasnt complete without my writing for at least an hour a day.

Even though I knew this about myself—-the craving surprised me & brought me back to something I (and the rest of the world in its post SXSW interactive-haze) have pondered lately:

Is blogging a dead medium?

The answer for me remains NO.

Here’s why:

  • Writing is living memoir.  For the reader and the writers.  I blogged my way through my months in Guatemala. I love reading you blog your way through life events big & small.  Blogs are fluid, alive and *constantly* updated.  It’s the reason why The Real World started initially and why The Truman Show was such a success.  We are all curious & voyeuristic. We all have stories to tell. For me blogging is living memoir.



  • Writers write.  They may also tweet, facebook, instagram, PINTEREST, but for the most part we write. Carefully crafted sentences. Plural. Many of them.  I could intellectually make the decision not to blog on my trip—but I innately longed to write.  I frequently hear bloggers lament the fact they love blogging but loathe writing.  I always encourage them to find the medium which resonates with them.  I like vlogging.  I love the written word.


  • Blogging is my therapy.  I dont lifecast, but by the time I share thoughts with you (from family yoga to meditation) Ive spent considerable time working through the, uh, issue at hand.  I view my blog posts as a launching pad for the (therapeutic) discussion, wisdom and normalizing you share in the comments.  Without one there could be no other.

A friend who works in publishing captured what Id been unable to aptly express when she said:

 I miss the days when blogs were lower-case b, when someone could quietly blog about this and that and if others were charmed they could read it and if not then not. Now blogs are vehicles for platforms and topics.

Admittedly my initial reaction was

Wait, in order to get our books published the industry demands platforms & hooks!

My next thought, however, was:

I agree. That’s itMany days the charm feels forced for page views & Google ranking. As a result, many days I wonder if the old school way of blogging sans ads and sponsored posts will die?

Now you.

  • Do you think blogging is shifting? changing? dying?
  • Will micro-blogging/vlogging be the demise of the written blog?
  • Do you loathe blogging from the ipad as I do?


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  1. says

    I don’t feel like blogging is dead, although I do often feel like my blog is dying. I don’t get the interaction, comments or questions that I used to get. I know that has a lot to do with shifting gears on my subjects… but it’s something I’m trying to deal with. Now, it just seems I get over run with spam.

    I, however, live for my writing and my blogging…and regardless if anyone is reading it, commenting on it, or not.. I will continue to write it.

    • says

      Interesting Joanna, I’ve noticed a shift as well towards less interaction unless a giveaway is involved! But it does make me totally treasure the people who do comment, and even more, the people who come back and reply to each other! Gives me huge warm fuzzies.

      And the spam, omg! Has anyone else noticed it’s getting MEAN now too? Even though I know it’s fake, spam comments complaining about imaginary typos or other complaints always get me riled.

      And Miz, SO GLAD YOU STILL BLOG! Always a struggle to figure out the how/when/where/how much, but it’s great to see you still here pondering and experimenting and bringing your quirky fun generous energy to it.

  2. says

    First, yes I loathe blogging from my, otherwise loved, iPad!

    I have only recently (within the past year) ventured into ambassadorships, reviews, guest posts, etc. A whole new world has opened up to me via blogging and my passion for health and fitness! So, is blogging dead? I don’t think so. It serves as an outlet for so many and in so many ways. Has it shifted? Probably but that opinion is based on the fact that the blogs I interact with the most blog as a profession and/or blog as an ambassador and product promotion so maybe my opinion is skewed. I’m sure there are millions of bloggers out there that blog just to write and share their journey. There must be right?

  3. says

    I do think lifecasting as blogging is dying out. There are just SO many people doing it (and more starting up daily) that I think you have to have real substance to maintain an audiences interest. I also don’t think vlogging will win out anytime soon. Whenever I do a vlog it doesn’t receive nearly the same kind of attention as written posts!

  4. says

    I’d say it is evolving…much of my blog is very similar to when I started 3 yrs. back, but much is different. One of the things I want to focus on this yr. is keeping my blog more of a blog and less of a sponsored post arena. That’s not to say it isn’t a vehicle to other sponsored opportunities, but I like to keep that space a personal blog as much as possible.

  5. says

    I feel like I haven’t been blogging enough to be commenting on the demise of blogging. I blog because I am a writer and I have things I want to write about. I enjoy reading other blogs because I enjoy learning other people’s insights and following their experiences. Then there’s that whole community/support/encouragement thing. :-)

  6. says

    There will always be people who want to write and people who are curious to read! I think it is very much alive!

  7. Pattie says

    Oh GIRL it is changing and I don’t like the direction.
    It’s too much about the money now.

  8. says

    It is changing for some, staying the same for others…just like life.

    So many blogs I was reading a year ago are either gone or left without updates for months. Others are turning into constant commercials. Still there are a few gems out there that I hope never go away!

  9. says

    I think of blogging as mini episode of life waiting to be share, waiting for the next series. we all want to watch, be encouraged, etc. I learned A LOT from watching YOU. Being present, but also working on campaigns you BELIEVE in. That will never die, it’s balanced! mini vlogging doesn’t do it justice, in my opinion

  10. says

    Hi MizFit, I’m glad you wrote about this. It seems to be a topic of discussion lately, and although I can see both sides of things I feel the same way as you.

    Sure there are other ways to paint a picture these days, but an artist will always choose a canvas and paintbrush first.


  11. says

    I think all industries shift, change and grow, but as always it comes down to what the blogger wants from blogging. For me, I love to share my travel experiences and earn a living. For others, it may be a way to put their memories in writing. I don’t think blogging is dead or dying, at least I hope its not.

    • Nettie says

      The challenge is earning a living without the blog becoming a GAG sales pitch constantly.

      • Angie says

        Agree 100% with this. Reader, not a blogger- when I first started reading blogs (about 4 years ago) I LOVED it. Couldn’t wait to read every day. Now? I have a very (very) limited amount of blogs I actually read, and I’m really choosy about them. I used to read dozens every day, and now it’s maybe a handful. So many have become advertisements and shills that I just cannot relate and I need connection.

        Like people said above, I don’t think it’s dead- but it IS changing. It will be interesting to see how all of these people that have quit their jobs to blog transition in the next few years!

  12. says

    Interesting… it certainly does seem to be evolving and changing. Like you, I love the therapy of writing and don’t see that going away. But the push does seem to be away from lifecasting, there are so many new blogs all the time, it seems you have to find your voice and distinguish yourself in some way.

  13. says

    I did a post about blogging from the iPad! I’ve gotten the hang of it! I did a could of vlogs but like writing…it IS therapy!

  14. Nettie says

    I am like your friend.
    I’ve grown to loathe reading blogs because they like Twitter are too salesy now.

    Writers write, not blog.

  15. says

    I blog because the need to write is firmly entrenched in my psyche. I need to get words out of my mind before they fester. If I’m irritated with something, or want to share a funny tidbit of my day, or have something to say…I blog. Lately, if I find I’ve had less to say, or if my blog isn’t precisely the right place to say it, I don’t blog that day. Since I am no longer monetized, I find it really freeing.

    I also really like to cook, so there’s that. recipes and writing. odd combo sometimes, but I like it.

  16. MIZ says

    To be completely candid I do think too many bloggers blog when they’ve nothing to say…arent feeling it…dont feel called to share—and that shows.
    And that’s such a disservice to the readers.

    • says

      Comment-cutting (props to Cranky Fitness for coining that term) here to wholeheartedly agree with you and Cat – I like seeing a new post from a favored blogger pop up in my reader…er, feedly. I get disappointed when it’s a shill post (Ocean Spray drink), or when it’s a stupid one-liner post with a question, where they’re obviously only blogging because they promised sponsors that they post XX number of times per day.

      I will always read blogs. But I want to read REAL thoughts, and not feel like they’re just using me for pageviews.

      • MizFit says


        But I want to read REAL thoughts, and not feel like they’re just using me for pageviews.

        That is why I shall never be rich :-)
        My pageviews arent high.
        I turn down more opportunities than EVER these days.
        If I have loved a product BEFORE THE PR PITCH and there is indeed an authentic story there (thanks for that Healthy Mama) only then do I say yes…

        • says

          I relate so much to this. I too will never be rich until it’s profitable to be critical, skeptical and ME. Or at least until I care about being rich ;) But I do think there’s a shift in blogging and it does have to do with the fact that companies have realized how profitable our blogs are and have began capitalizing on them. This can be great for both parties (if it’s a fair partnership), but it does make it harder I think for bloggers to maintain their voice. I stop reading blogs when i believe the blogger has simply become an indiscriminate mouthpiece for companies. That said, i follow many bloggers who are ambassadors of companies & who still maintain their persona. I guess it’s all about honesty. As a blogger, too, I’ve noticed that it’s becoming harder to get sponsorships from companies I’d actually WANT sponsorships from because 1) the space is so big now and 2) there are many bloggers who will do stuff for free

    • says

      To further comment on this…I don’t think that blogging makes me live any less (not at all) but I do see the importance of logging off from social media from time to time (which is what I need to put more into practice as stated above).

      I love to live and I love to write/blog. Writing captures my feelings and through blogging, I can share what I’m living and have lived. Blogging is not dead but like humans, things evolve and change.

      Blogging/writing is a passion of mine and I couldn’t imagine not doing it. Either on a keyboard or with a pen and paper!

      Blogging is very much alive :)


  17. says

    I don’t think blogging is dying. But there are many different reasons people write and read blogs. Personally, I love reading blogs I feel connected to, but what I read has changed quite a bit over the years. And I definitely read and write a lot less because that’s what works for my life. So overall, I spend a lot less time on writing and reading blogs than I did a few years ago. But I definitely want blogs to be a part of my life.

  18. says

    Blogging is therapy to me as well. Plus I just love writing. I don’t really ‘get’ photo blogs. And I do get what you’re saying about ‘living’ and ‘experiencing’ it. Sometimes I’ll be so busy having my iPhone at the ready to Facebook / Tweet something I’m not actually looking and making the most of a situation.

  19. says

    I think those who blog just to blog still do. And there are other ways (instagram and FB) to share the little everyday bits of life now so blogging as a life record can change for many people. Those who use the blogs as a medium for other things may be embracing other media to enhance or replace their blogs. My blogs are for me. I know it saddens me when poeple change their blogs to be corporate or sell things because i read blogs to enjoy bits of others lives and thoughts. For me, I am always tickled if people actually read them and I choose to experience things and log them less now, but it is really just a personal choice i think.

  20. says

    I do agree it’s changed but I made a conscious decision early on to make my blog just for me (well, not private, but you know what I mean). I have had friends suggest me taking it big-time and doing sponsorships and books and all that, but it’s never appealed to me. I love my other job (ironically, in strategic communications). Blogging is just a way of chronicling (that’s a word, right?) my life. I don’t get the comments I used to, and I’m ok with that. I have a hater IRL who reads then gossips about me. I don’t really care. In 7+ years I stopped for six months and missed having the outlet; the space to put things and write and frame them out. I can’t imagine having to write for metrics or ads or anything. I have a google ads account and have never figured out how to work it.

    • Olive says

      I believe what you mention is where the death knell begins.
      Many blogs write for SEO or ads and it becomes exceedingly apparent to the readers.
      I loathe that kind of blogging.

      • Angie says

        YES. When blogs are written because there’s a passion there (ahem, Mizfit) it shows. When it’s written because of obligation/$$, it shows.

  21. says

    This hit home with me. I started blogging back in 2006 basically to keep my family up-to-date on what was going on in my life. Prior to having Facebook and all that other stuff. I’ve never considered myself a writer. Most days it was one solid paragraph with run on sentences and all. I blogged daily because it was easy to write about what was going on.

    As time has gone on blogging has gotten more and more difficult for me. It feels forced and time consuming. Mostly because of everything that comes along with it. Adding photos, link backs, asking myself, “Am I going to offend someone by saying this?”, trying to find my niche. And while I don’t consider myself a writer, I just want to write. I don’t want to have to worry about that stuff.

    But the reality is, I don’t have to worry about that stuff. Sure, there’s no doubt that I’ll get passed up because I don’t have 50 million page views or have my own niche, but do I really want to fit that mold?

    I don’t think blogging is dead/dying. I think it’s changing…like everything else in life. And although we all evolve that’s not to say that I have to make the same changes as everyone else. No doubt, I gave it a try because I believe in the saying, “Don’t knock it til you try it.” I had some amazing partnerships. Maybe I’ll have more in the future. But when those become more important to me than actually blogging, I lose my voice.

    I’ve never been one to follow the crowd, why change now? =)

    • Maria @lift love life says

      I have to completely agree with everything you said. It’s hard for me to get enthused about it nowadays which is why I take long breaks. But at the core I still love to write and feel like that at the very least, I’m helping someone out there. So I keep chugging. But it’s definitely not what it used to be, blogs are so monetized now that sometimes I even question the integrity of it all. But ultimately I love the escape, and the motivation it all provides so blogging I’d definitely something that won’t die for me :)

  22. says

    Blogging is definitely changing in some ways, what with lots of sponsorships, etc. I turn down so many more opportunities than I’d ever take because my primary goal with blogging is writing, not making money, and I pour my heart into my blog (and everything else I do!) and I can’t fake it for a few bucks. I also absolutely blog as therapy.

  23. says

    Blogging has been around for centuries (where’s my chisel?), and as long as there are writers, there will be blogs in some sort of medium.

    I do sense a change in blogging in this niche and not always in a positive way. Some are starting to read like constant commercials and promotions. I love reading about new (or new-to-me) products and services, but I think we’ve passed the saturation point. There are days when I think one more hashtag will have me tossing my computer out the window. (That’s always a good sign that it’s time to take a walk or do something more productive. LOL)

    I read blogs for stories and information, in hopes that I can learn or help someone else learn. I’m counting on that continuing for a while.

    • MIZ says

      I used to adore twitter and found so much comfort and support there when the Tornado was little.
      It seemed FOR ME to peak about three years ago and shift to HASHTAG, HASHTAG, HASHTAG, ONE WORD, HASHTAG, HASHTAG ever since…

    • MIZ says

      I LOVE when you respond with a link, too.
      The fact your blog is a form of prayer for you is revealed in each post.
      It’s clear you–and CATBTAN is another who springs to mind—write when you feel SUMMONED TO and not to fill space.

  24. says

    I’m so new to the blogging world and reading blogs in general. I (embarrassingly?) never read a blog until I started blogging. I had this image of bloggers and the community (which obvs turned out to be false!) and just felt I didn’t have the time or desire to read about other people’s lives.
    So I don’t really know it’s changing.
    But I think some bloggers have maintained the down-to-earth easy-flowing writing that I have come to love and crave while others seem to blog about topics trying to get social media attention (trying to sell big brands to their readers).
    You are the former =) xoxo

  25. MIZ says

    and Im not trying to say or intimate being the former is better. it’s just for me being the former means I will always blog.
    I live.
    I write.
    whether you like or loathe my voice/style—Ill always write.
    FOR ME.
    not SEO :-)

  26. says

    Before blogging there was diaries and journals and morning pages. Now people have been brave enough to open these up for public view.

    There is probably bot some good and bad in doing that, but it’s what is.

  27. Mollie says

    Thank you for bringing this up.
    I don’t blog but love older blogs like Pasta Queen.
    Talented people with fantastic writing skills.
    I’m tired of the hashtagged sales pitches.

  28. says

    WOW!!! Since I do not consider myself a writer but a blabber, it is hard for me to really comment constructively AND I have not been around as long as many. I do think though that this paragraph you wrote:

    Many days the charm feels forced for page views & Google ranking. As a result, many days I wonder if the old school way of blogging sans ads and sponsored posts will die?

    This is my major prob now with blogging.. it seems to be all about your KLout # & ranking & views & all that – even if the higher ones are not always the best ones. IT frustrates me & stresses me out & that makes for me not wanting to do this anymore…

    I am not sure if it is dying but it is changing!

  29. says

    I think the thing about blogging that I’ve seen change is people used to write as an outlet and to express themselves, now I feel like a lot write just to get paid. I can’t say I don’t have sponsors and clearly writing is now my job, but I LOVE how it allows me to express myself and even when it’s no longer a job once again I’ll keep it up as along as I love it

  30. says

    I’m not an iPad girl. I need a real keyboard under my hands!

    I’m feeling so distant from my blog right now. There are ideas, but I don’t have the 1) time 2) passion and/or 3) energy to write about them. The ebbs and flows of the art form, I suppose…

    I need to rediscover what makes me a “writer” – instead of a person that just throws a few pictures in a blog post.

    sigh. hopefully it will find me again.

  31. says

    I think there is room for the old style blogging WITH the new – things evolve and change, but the SUCCESSFUL blogs are those that blend both, and blend well (which means moderation in all things… except the comment section?) ;)

  32. Healthy Mama says

    I don’t blog because I am not a writer.
    I’ve noticed it takes deftness and skill to create blog posts about products which do not feel like shameless shilling.
    I enjoy your posts (yesterday’s comes to mind about the Street Strider) because you invite us in and tell a story.

    That is writing.

  33. says

    As a marketer, blogging is very much not dead, it is actually on the top, much more than it ever was before. As a blogger, blogging is not dead and hopefully ever will be – I have found my outlet in writing when I didn’t even think I enjoyed writing so much before. It has helped me get better at it and actually crave it as well.

    All hail BLOGGING :)

  34. Wendi says

    I agree writers WRITE.
    The problem seems to be for me bloggers don’t edit.
    They write and wave in our faces :)

  35. Sam says

    I hope that blogging is not going anywhere soon – if only because I would not be able to do without my daily MizFit fix. :)

  36. says

    My blog isn’t dead yet; however, the vet suggested we put it down soon (Doctor Jones doesn’t have a sense of humor about weight stuff).

  37. says

    I haven’t been part of the blogging world long enough to really see lots of changes yet but I do see lots of differences in some of the blogs I read. Some people blog daily, or weekly, others are very random and sporadic. Some of the blogs I read are small with few comments but lots of neat information. Some of the blogs I read always have lots of comments. So much variety in how people present information and the information presented.
    I blogging doesn’t die – I love it as a way to learn so many things that I otherwise never would. For me, blogging has been a great way to chart a year-long goal. After the year I may change my style or just start another year – who knows?!

  38. says

    I think blogging has taken a couple major shifts:

    1. it’s become for many a commercial vehicle (platform), not merely an online diary.

    2. it’s been taken by those NOT driven to write.

    3. microblogging has taken some of the impetus to blog away.

    4. there are still writers who want to write, but they are almost lost in the detritus.

    5. I think the “specialization” of many blogs has damaged the ability to write about truly inspires someone.

  39. says

    such a topic after my own heart…back in the day 2005 my very first online printed *article* was about blogging and being sucked into the vortex of writers….THAT is still my proudest piece of writing.

    Blogging isn’t dead its the intention of blogging that is dying a slow death – in my humble opinion. Back in the original day it was all about link, link, link to produce caravan parties… It was streamlined between blogs. Now with ALL the other online communication tools and smart phones it breaks apart the lines of communication and makes it more like a game of telephone.

    Oh so much more to say….I think a post is forming

  40. Jana says

    The very word monetizing ruined blogging.

    Suddenly everyone is a writer or tries to be.

  41. says

    I love this post.

    I definitely don’t think blogging is dead, and while I’m certainly not a writer, I do enjoy being able to share my recipes, meals, and whatever other words I may have with people. And I enjoy reading what other people have to say too.

    I think a lot of blogging has come to “oh shoot, I have to write a post now..” (admittedly, I do that sometimes), but the best posts are always what you really feel and care about. Not the ones that are thrown together. It comes through in your writing.

    The same saying goes for blogging as for the rest of your life; you get out of it what you put into it.

  42. says

    I admit…I was worried when I saw this title. There was an overwhelming fear that came over me that thought you might think (as so many others do) that blogging is and will die soon. I couldn’t agree with you more on the reasons why it will not die –> at least not for you, at least not for me. I love this post, Carla. You and I are so different in our blogging focus and passion, but we are SO ALIKE in the overall passion for the art of blogging itself. I love that about you:) xo

  43. says

    My venue is small. I love my small but loyal readers. I LOVE the written words. I love reading others’ thoughts, ideas and input. I often wish I had the sponsors and numbers that so many good blogs have, but my writing has done so much for me personally! Who knew that would be an outcome? I never post when I don’t have anything to say. Who has time for that? Thanks for making all of us take the time to think and share!

  44. says

    Years ago I had a persoal website (in the 80s pre blogging) and then another to keep friends and family updated on our sailing adventures.

    Then I found the blogging platform and not sure I like it better.

    I am not a fan of vlogs. They are usually boring and too long and I would rather read than watch.

  45. says

    I wrestle with the “writing” blogging and “blogging” blogging all the time. Back in the day I used to say “YES!” to anybody who’d waggle a free coupon at me. But over the years, I say no more than yes, and when I do it has to be something that organically fits into my life (5ks, eggs and organic pizza crusts, for example). Fortunately, those companies do find me, but I have to make sure to space out the product reviews and giveaways or the blog looks too “salesy.”

  46. says

    Not dying, but always shifting. I love that you said it’s like a living memoir, I always read my old posts about my son.

    • says

      I totally agree! While sometimes it’s easier to use another platform to share about our daily adventures, it’s much harder to go back on FB or Twitter and see what we did, than to write a blog post.

  47. says

    I have not mastered the art of finding time while dashing off to conferences, vacations, or fun to bring my laptop. I love blogging because it is as close to getting me to record all the happenings in my life as I will ever get and it doesn’t clutter my house.

  48. says

    Great post! I agree with a lot of commentary already. I don’t think Blogging is dying, I think it’s evolving and is going to be different for everyone. I started out a few years ago with a sports blog, because I’m a huge football fan and had a lot of witty things to say. Over the years my time has been limited and interest waned a bit. I became a more active runner and after some health issues this is the direction I chose to take my blogging. I love to write, it’s therapeutic. And if no one ever reads my stuff I’m getting what I want out of it and I think that’s what matters.

  49. says

    Yes, I hate blogging from the iPad. While I don’t think blogging is dying out I think there will always be giving, taking, and shifts as more people begin blogging and as bloggers try out new things.

  50. says

    I hope blogging isn’t dead ! I’m new to blogging, just started last week. I’ve recently become disabled and I’m unable to practice my chosen profession (of 27 years). So I started spending a little time online, exploring around, and yes blogging. I am finding the online community fascinating. I think I’ll be here awhile.

  51. says

    What a great question. In the early days of my blog, I really did just write. And I look back at those posts and see the simplicity and the reality in them. Now with sponsored posts and all the extra activities, it’s hard to maintain that voice that I loved early on. I try very hard not to get too wrapped up in all the brand ambassador programs, the sponsored posts for things I care nothing about but it’s tempting all in the name of exposure, etc.

    I may not be the biggest, most well paid, but just like you, blogging is a way of therapy for me and I love supporting others so as soon as it stops feeling like that, I know I’ve gone the wrong direction.

    Blogging is not dead. Changing..possibly but not dead.

  52. says

    I blog primarily for reference. For me, it’s fun to go back and see what I was doing, feeling, and thinking. Sometimes, it’s how I remember what happened when :).

    If people are inspired, entertained, take anything away from my blog, awesome. But I’ll always keep a “log” of what I’m doing if for no other reason – I like to write, and I have a terrible memory.

  53. says

    What a great topic. I think blogging has def shifted. I think I’m part of that shift since I am not comfortable or unable due to time to blog every day. But, I do have a client/patient base that appreciate information on a weekly basis, and updates…. It’s a great way to stay connected.

  54. says

    Like language, like communication in general, it is living and growing and changing. It doesn’t die, it just flows and morphs.

  55. says

    I really haven’t been blogging that long (2.5 years), but it’s amazing how much it’s changed in such a short time. I’m all for sponsored posts and giveaways and whatnot, but the fakeness? Not so much. I miss the days where people poured their souls into their blogs – not because Kleenex or Crest asked them too but because they just wanted to get their feelings out. I hope we can get back there someday.

  56. says

    Very interesting questions. I myself swore I would never vlog but now I find myself wandering into that territory. I also find myself watching more YouTube channels than reading blogs. It could for me be a phase. I’d say blogging is changing, definitely not dying.

    P.S. I never blog from the iPad…if I feel compelled to blog I’d rather the iPhone believe it or not.

  57. says

    I love all the different platforms that we can ‘blog’ on, but I still come back to real blogging. I’m wordy and I love to write – so that’s where I go. And, I must have a real keyboard that clicks. No iPad blogging for me. Occasionally, I’ve blogged from my phone and it’s torture.

  58. says

    I think that while blogging has changed somewhat, has become more media and sales focused, down deep it is much the same. Those of us who love to write, read, vlog, blab about our lives, have intense discussions with strangers, will continue to do so. The sponsored posts can be kind of a PITA, but since I’m part of the problem I don’t have the solution (except don’t read on sponsored post day).

    I hate blogging on my ipad, though I’ve done it in a pinch (on my phone too!). It’s hard to let your thoughts flow when you’re cursing the stupid keypad and the auto-correct.

  59. says

    I hope blogging isn’t dying! I’ve “met” so many interesting people through my blog. I feel it’s opened up so many new avenues that I never knew existed. Although I’m new to blogging, I have noticed that the trend is for monetizing blogs. I do accept sponsored posts but only if it’s for something that I would use or be doing anyway. I’ve noticed quite a few blogs doing reviews/giveaways at least once or twice a week now. That’s a little too much for my taste!

  60. says

    I don’t think that blogging is dead! Far from it really… I do think that it has changed though even in the few years that I’ve been doing it. But that’s okay… I’m going to keep on doing my thing and not worry about it.

  61. says

    I think I hit cycles where I am burned out or tired of blogging… but like a great friend I find my way back to it. Far cheaper than therapy and fun to go back and re-read when necessary. Sometimes all I need is a good post by another blogger to remind me why we bring strangers and friends alike into our homes & lives through a blog. Yeah, blogging via tablet (or phone) is not my thing.

  62. says

    i’ve only been in the blogosphere for a short time, so i can’t say whether or not itz changing. but i love it. i love everything about it. and how can bloggers say they hate writing? that confuses me lol

  63. says

    I hope blogging isn’t dead as I am just getting started :)

    I enjoy blogging about fitness and I hope I am able to inspire and motivate others.

  64. says

    You were in NYC, my backyard. hope you had a great time. i don’t think blogging is dying. i wish i had more time to blog and more time to put in more work into it but i always remind myself that i am doing this for me and if i can help or inspire 1 or 1,000 people i am ok with it. i do think how people consume media and interact with blogs is changing. i only like to blog from my laptop. i’m old school like that :-)

  65. says

    That’s so great you left your laptop at home! Sometimes a break is good and makes us come back more creative, energize, and refreshed. Just like everything else in life things change and so will blogging, but I don’t think it is dying or will die. Have a beautiful night!

  66. says

    I love reading your blog, I love how you make me think, it is never fluff. Sometimes, I catch myself checking numbers, being obsessive about my growth and then I step back (read one of your eye opening posts) and I remember why I started and what is important. Just be yourself, write quality posts that come from my heart, that is what comes through loud and clear, it’s the right way to live my life and it’s the right way to blog for me personally….thank you so much for the reminder. Ahh, love you lady! #MyCoffeeAndSunshineMizFit

  67. says

    I hope vlogging doesn’t become the “thing”. I hate it. I’m a reader, not a viewer (I don’t really enjoy tv or movies either, but you’ll never find me without a book). I write so that someday I can remember all the fun stuff I’ve done. ;o)

  68. says

    Interesting subject. I’m very new to blogging and still learning the ropes. I have to say I have noticed that many blogs are so monetized that it’s a real turn off. And yet I don’t blame the bloggers really – nice way to make some money, writing about your area of interest. But I do feel like some bloggers are selling out – that too many of their posts are like blog QVC ads for products. And what’s with all the sponsorships? That’s not a rhetorical question…I really don’t understand them. What’s the purpose? I added a badge to my blog thinking perhaps more traffic would somehow come my way but I don’t think that’s happened. Will likely remove it. Also, am not too worried about visits since I really haven’t figured out how to read all the stat stuff yet. :) So I will just keep writing, because, like you, I kind of get a kick out of it, and some people seem to kind of get a kick out of reading it too. That’s enough.

  69. says

    As I am pretty new I cannot really speak to blogging and its demise???
    However, I know that for myself blogging, just like running is therapy. It lets me vent, lets me talk it out, and has provided me with a fabulous supportive community.

  70. says

    I love this post so much. Personally I love writing. It’s my therapy. My release. My joy. I’d write if no one ever read it again. But I have to admit that it’s better – I’m better – when other people do read it:) To me blogging = community and in that respect I hope we never lose it:)

  71. says

    I’ve still been thinking about this a lot and I do think that it’s changing and evolving. Yes away from life casting. Similar to what you said, I’ve worked through a bunch of stuff by the time that I get the words down on the page. And that process? Helps me tremendously. Writing is therapeutic for me and what I love about blogging is the community and interaction. It’s different than what you get from Twitter and FB because those platforms feel so much more fleeting. That’s why I have a hard time with the whole microblogging thing (or maybe because my brain can’t think fast enough and keep up). I think that blogging will always be around. While it might not be the flavor of the month with brands and PR agencies right now, writers need to write and they will always write.

    (PS it’s late and I hope that this comment makes sense!)

  72. says

    I love this post. And I think I love the comments and discussion more. In fact I wish the comments were on Facebook so that I could go through and like so many of them.

    I love READING honest blogs with honest emotion. I rarely look at VLOGs. I love Instagram – but it can be single dimension. Through writing and words we can find expression and a mirror to a soul, a soul that we can connect with, a soul that can reflect ourselves back to us…

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have favourited, and it may become part of a future post in which I muse about my reasons why… <3

  73. says

    “Blogging is a living memoir.” Oh yes. YES. I started my first blog in 2005 and I go back and read old posts and wow. Yes. All that you said. I’m never going to stop, I don’t think, but it is changing, and shifting, as I change and shift.

    And YEAH. Writers gotta write!

    PS. Is your Guatemala blog still up? Can I read? Pleezey pleeze?

  74. says

    Heck no blogging isn’t dead and I actually use it as a form of therapy. I’ve always loved to write and due to being in the military for almost 10 years, the time to do so was scarce. Now, I’m out and have started a blog to share my thoughts and other things.

  75. says

    I hope blogging never dies. For me, it’s a creative expression that I lack in my workday, so can make up for it in “real life”, its a way to connect with my friends, and I LOVE the online friends I’ve “met”. (you included!!) My blog will not change the world, but it changed my life in a small way. It gives me something to commit to daily, I love playing with my photos and writing about “whatever”, and it’s mine. I see it as a journal that I share, and can look back on over time. Thank YOU for blogging Miz…please don’t stop. PS: Look forward to hearing what the secret meeting in NYC was about. OOOOH! :) Have a great day.

  76. says

    Oh geez I hope blogging isn’t dead. I am only into the blogging arena for a few short months and I do love it. I don’t think, as far as I can see, that it is a dying art. I think if anything it evolves like the blogger themselves.

  77. says

    Blogging will never die! Our world has become more and more connected with the technological advancements offered to us, and if anything people are writing more and getting more involved with an online community.

  78. says

    I recently wrote a guest post for someone in regards to the topic, “is blogging still relevant” and at the end I wrote:

    I am not exaggerating when I say that blogging…
    Creates awareness
    Makes me think
    Helps me find my voice
    Helps me to be heard
    Is a big part of my overall health plan
    Gives me clarity
    Helps me continually discover my true calling
    Keeps me grounded
    Keeps me honest
    Creates relationships and connection
    Nurtures friendships
    Changes my life
    Saves my life.

    Do I believe blogging is still relevant?
    I’d say it is one of the most relevant things I’ve ever done.

  79. says

    I totally disagree with this news, blogging isn’t dead and it will never will. This is our way to express our feelings both the reader and the writer benefit from one another. As a reader, I’ve learned a lot of things from different blogs and it just feels so great that you get to acquire new knowledge and all. Blogging is a way to communicate with a lot of people, and it’s very helpful.

  80. says

    No, it isn’t. Blogging is a way to communicate with a a lot of people, and it has helped a lot of communities. There’s no way that blogging is dead, that would be ridiculous.

  81. says

    Blogging, just like other forms of writing should not be allowed to die. It is a beautiful way to share stories that can teach and inspire other people. For the writers, it is also a way of venting out their emotions. You can tell your experiences and let the whole world know, even the people in the future, so they will learn and be inspired.

  82. says

    I loathe typing on any sort of touch screen. I refused to give up my old school black berry forever until it started to have technical issues and my only options for the newer, sleeker phones. I hate mine. Sure, Candy Crush Saga is great to play but when it comes to trying to even type a website in, I get frustrated. I’ve practically given up texting. If I have to send an email or explain something in length, I prefer to pull out my laptop and email or send a Facebook message with what I have to say. It’s horrible. I’ve often thought how great it would be to be able to take my phone to the beach and get caught up on blogs but my comments would consist of probably three words “great post” because I wouldn’t want to have to type anything more. I’m a writer. I love writing. So obviously I enjoy reading and commenting on blogs. It is like a miniature form of a blog. I don’t know what the future of blogs is but I hope the personal blogs stay around. I feel like the Internet is being flooded by blogs on particular topics and it is hard to know which source to trust. I like real people. I like humanity. I like the human story so I love reading blogs and I hope they are around for awhile.

  83. says

    I truly believe BLOGGING IS MORE ALIVE THAN EVER! Not dead one bit!!! If anything, blogging is TOO ALIVE and it’s hard for the people who have amazing blogs to truly expose themselves to the masses!!

  84. says

    Blogging, like everything else on the internet, is ever-changing and evolving. I can definitely see why seasoned bloggers don’t like the direction its taking but its inevitable. I think the bad part about the changes blogging is taking is that its becoming more self-serving and self-promoting; people using it solely to make money or create a blog as a marketing tool to get a job or ahead in business.

  85. says

    Blogging is what it is for me and I am enjoying it! Like most things, it’s changing. I write and read because I enjoy. Will it end? Probably, at least change forms.
    Blogging is good for now and that’s all I know! And you Miz, are great!

  86. says

    Blogging is still alive and kicking. It may be facing competition from other mediums, but that does not mean it is dying.

  87. says

    I believe blogging is bigger and better then ever. More companies are making it easier for beginners to make a blog site. I know many of my friend would not be living and traveling the globe if it was not for blogging. x

  88. seewead says

    Blogging for me didn’t last long when I started hearing from people who wanted me to promote their products and I was reading people who called themselves “‘writers”, “athletes”, “_____” (fill in the blank) when they were none of those things-
    Blogging is about ego mostly and posting pix of self, family, workouts to have others go “awwwwwsome”, or “I wish I were you”…blah blah blah.

    Real writers work on their computers(or still even write by HAND in journals! gasp!) and have their pieces “worked” in actual writing classes or edited by real editors.
    Real athlètes don’t write much about what they are doing, because they are too busy actually DOING it.
    That’s what I see.


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