*I* am Eggland’s Best.

photo 59 231x300 *I* am Egglands Best.

a misfit can dream, right?

On the final day of school I, like other parents, was greeted with a STACK of papers.

It was all the “special stuff” from the year.

Drawings & creative writings which had been showcased around the building all of which Id seen when I went to volunteer—except one:

1009305 10151982246279466 1193438242 o 227x300 *I* am Egglands Best.

I laughed out loud.

When I asked the Tornado about her seemingly RANDOM artwork she explained:

We had to draw our favorite thing and I know you love eggs and I love eggs, too.  Like you.

Again, I laughed out loud.

It had only been a few weeks since we brainstormed ideas for her Dad’s birthday (whats his favorite thing!?). 

When I’d asked her the question about ME to see what she’d say without missing a beat she’d responded:


And, to my lack of embarrassment, she’d be right (although really.  didnt we all think she’d say SKULLS?!  I did ask about that & she clarified we are a SKULL FAMILY.  Skulls are our FAMILY’S favorite thing).

Ive yammered non-stop how Im an intuitive eater and, completely intuitively, my body CRAVES & thrives on the nutrition found in eggs.

photo111 225x300 *I* am Egglands Best.

title and cover of my picture book.

What I didnt realize (foreshadowing! foreshadowing!) is how different the *quality* of the Eggland’s Best egg is.

Until I did.

Until I investigated (seriously. I WANT THE LIFE THESE CHICKENS HAVE!) and then, perhaps to their dismay, the courting began.

  • I pitched the brand (thankfully they have a sense of humor & laughed at the faked advertisement above).
  • I waited patiently for the brand (during which time I happily, voraciously consumed the brand).

And yes.

When, at long last, Eggland’s Best reached out to me & agreed to a brand partnership I was OVER THE MOON EGG egg’cited.

I cannot wait to share with you, over the next few months, all Ive learned about WHY Eggland’s Best is my fave egg brand.

Everything from what the heck SELL BY/BEST BY dates mean to what the heck they feed those hens which results in the tasty HEALTHY eggs produced.

Today, however, I wanna give you one thought.

A tip which kept me from getting kicked out of a Guatemalan commune as I swiftly learned not everyone enjoys the aroma provided by my continuous egg hard boiling.

Oven hard-boiled Eggland’s Best eggs in three easy steps:

  1. Place a dozen eggs in a standard muffin tin.
  2. Plop said tin in an oven pre-heated to 350 degrees for 30 minutes (you may NOT wanna be me and do a test egg first.  oven ‘heats’ may vary).
  3. Remove eggs from oven & sliiiide into an ice bath (this stops cooking) for 8-10 minutes.

And with that EGGcitment Im off.

Waving muffin tins & eggs cartons & pondering this as my next tattoo:

 *I* am Egglands Best.

Im an EGGcellent Ambassador that way.

  • Are you familiar with the Eggland’s Best brand & smitten as am I?
  • When was the last time you OVEN-hard boiled your eggs?


This is a sponsored post by Eggland’s Best.  The opinions, EGGcitement and love of the Tornado is all my own.


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  1. says

    I just learned about the oven hard boiling from Lindsay (lean green bean) and I think it is the coolest thing (hottest?) going! Congrats on your relationship.

  2. Nina says

    I love your kid, Miz.

    She notices what you love and that’s rare.

    Bring on the Eggland’s!!

  3. says

    So exciting! I’ve been having major cravings for hard boiled eggs and have failed so much this week at making them. I never tried an oven-boiled egg before!

  4. Runner Girl says

    Hold up.
    You can OVEN boil the eggs?
    I lol’ed at the smell comment because my roomies are ready to kill me over the boiling scent.
    You rock.

  5. Yulanda says

    I love eggs, but those Eggland’s Best are more expensive than others.
    (You know I will buy them now but I want to know).

  6. says

    Never liked eggs that much as an adult.

    Had a friend who I met the first time when she was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of an egg and the word, “Incredible” on it.

    Liked her a lot :-)

  7. says

    Major confession here: I can make risotto from scratch and debone a chicken but I have to CONSULT A COOKBOOK every time I make hard-boiled eggs, so I buy the already-boiled ones from EB.

    (Hangs head in embarrassment, slinks away, Charlie Brown style …)

    • MizFit says

      you KNOW Im so so so yer soul sister in the preboiled too. fast easy and happening in my life LONG prior to this partnership ;-)

  8. says

    I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to research them some more!!!! That oven baked method has been all over the place lately & I need to try!!! :)

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! They are lucky to have you!

  9. Sam says

    I am going to try the oven baked hard boiled eggs. For some reason, I can never get the boiled version quite right.

  10. says

    i’ve bought eggland’s best eggs before, but honestly i don’t buy them consistently because of the price. i have a feeling though with the more you share about them vs other egg brands i’ll be making a switch… am i right?

    • Miz says

      Well :-) Im notoriously cheap…errr frugal and I switched. Quickly :-) More than youd ever want to know coming next month :)

  11. says

    Your preaching to an egg respecting crowd. :) I love eggs, so does my husband but i”m still trying to get the kids to like them. I’m gonna need to get creative I guess.

  12. says

    congrats on your brand ambassador position! i am always inspired by your passion for the brands you work with and how you GO FOR IT with pitching to them!
    i have never tried eggland’s best and i have to admit i never really pay attention to what brand of egg i am using. maybe your posts on eggland’s will change that and educate me! i love learning!

  13. says

    Can’t say that i’ve ever oven boiled eggs. Being the energy conserving person i am, i’m more likely to boil them in the rice cooker because it uses less electricity. Heaven knows we eat enough eggs around here, i need to look into these, if the nutrition is that much better and the animals are treated well.

  14. says

    LOVE LOVE EGGS but my doctor told me back in December that I can no longer eat eggs so… since January I haven’t had any! I think I really want to try eating eggs again so badly. I never really felt all that different, but my doc said that my body HATES THEM – AWESOME. Too bad my taste buds LOVE THEM!

  15. says

    Forgive me for being naive, but aren’t most eggs relatively the same? I realize that different companies feed hens differently. Is that the main difference? How significant a difference is there? I don’t ask to question IF there is a difference, but what those differences are and what benefits those differences make. Just trying to get the healthy benefits of a more quality egg. Thanks

  16. MizFit says

    Im so glad you DID question. The short answer is GIGO.
    Garbage in Garbage out. FOR US AS HUMANS and for the chickens which produce what we are putting in our bodies.
    These chickens are well cared for and well/quality fed.
    Pictures etc. to come…

  17. Terri says

    I need to find these as I’ve not heard of them before today.
    Only you would be able to make the photo-shopped advertisement a reality.
    I know you can.
    Go Miz!

  18. says

    I try to buy local and/or organic eggs. I don’t give it much thought after that! And I discovered baking my hard boiled eggs on Pinterest. It’s the only way I do it now! It’s so much easier!

  19. says

    “Eggvangelist” LOL! But yeah, like others here have said– I’ve never tried making hard-boiled eggs in the oven; and I consider myself to be an egg-master..

    Challenge accepted Miz Fit!

  20. says

    Congratulations on your partnership. I love a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it :-)

    I don’t do eggs, but I’m glad to read that Eggland’s Best has made an effort to reduce the cruelty inherent in egg production.

  21. Teresa says

    I uaually steam my eggs. I put about 1″ of water in a pot and then put a steamer basket inside. I bring the water to a boil then put up to 6 eggs in the steamer basket. Cover and steam for 12 minutes. Remove from steamer and put in an ice bath. But, I’m excited to try the baking idea!

  22. Terry says

    I hope they use you in the print ads, too! I see Eggland’s in the store and IMMEDIATELY think MizFit.

  23. says

    I triple puffy heart love EB eggs! They’re the only eggs I buy. I’m not really a hard-boiled egg fan though, I’m more of a poached, omelet, scrambled, or over-medium kind of gal. Congrats on the brand partnership! Totes jealous!

  24. says

    I had no idea you could make hard boil eggs in the oven. That seems so much easier than in the water considering I don’t make them all that often but when I do I lack the skills to not crack one in the process of trying to get it in the water.

  25. says

    Oven hard boiling, huh?! It isn’t often that I stumble upon an idea that I have never actually heard of before. I will certainly have to try it. I’ve been on a hard boiled egg kick lately, too!
    You’re not actually gonna’ tattoo a brand name on yourself, are you?!
    So cute that your kiddo knows you oh so well!