The ultimate couch potato workout (guest post)

theultimatecouchpotatoworkout 300x213 The ultimate couch potato workout (guest post)


G’day! I’m Lauren.

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If the football or your favorite reality show has you glued to the TV, it doesn’t mean you need to make that bum groove any bigger.

Try this couch potato workout that will challenge your inner athlete and make your couch time much more productive!

Strength training is ridiculously important and effective, but you don’t need to leave your living room to get it done.

If you want to grow, lose fat or get stronger you need to put some pressure on your muscles. To get the best result quickly we want to stay in a low repetition range.

Couch Rules:

  • Do the circuit 2 or 3 time depending on your level.
  • Perform each exercise 8-12 times, if you can do 12 repetitions perform the harder version of the exercise.
  • Rest for 1 minute in between each circuit.
  • Drink water not beer.

The Ultimate Couch Potato Workout


The classic squat is functional, a great warm up for the circuit and will work your bum and legs. Stand in front of the couch and move backwards from your hips first, let your knees follow. When you tip the couch push back up again slowly.

T Push Ups

With an added twist to the push up this is great for your chest and core. Start with your hands on the couch just wider than shoulder width apart. Press up into a push up position and extend your body out to a T. If this is too easy, reverse it! Put your feet on the couch and your hands on the floor.

Split Squats

We are taking the squat one step further and really challenging your legs and stability. Place one leg on the couch and step out as far as you can. When you drop down into the lunge your knees shouldn’t go over your toes. If it’s too difficult just drop down and hold in an isometric position for as long as you can. Don’t worry, you will improve quickly!

Upper Back Prone Lifts

This will hit that core and get your upper back in shape. Start with your feet on the floor and forearms on the couch. Keep your body is a straight position and squeeze your bum. From here you want to drop your upper body down so your chest get’s closer to the couch. Press back up and round your upper body out. This should burn between your shoulder blades!

Couch Hip Thrusts

This is harder than it looks! Place your shoulders on the couch and your feet on the floor. Drop your bum to the floor and press back up through your heels until your body is level again. Too easy? Try it one leg!

Want more workouts you can do at home?

Luckily I have another 41 exercises you can do in your living room, check them out here!


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