What are you GIFTING yourself?

mizfit gc2 300x133 What are you GIFTING yourself?


If you live in the USA you may still be feeling the, uh, repercussions of the great Thanksgiving Stress-Out.

Family, food, schedules thrown for a loop, routine replaced by mayhem.

No matter where you reside or what you celebrate we’re all thisclose to being knee-deep in holiday frenzy.

Ive shared my tips for Fighting Holiday Frazzle.

They were fantastic tips (according to my mom, anyway), yet they were generalities.

Vague What *I* do to stave off holiday stress musings in hopes they’d spark thoughts/insights for you.

Today we’re about the concrete.

About building a long & creative list of specific actions we can take to make these next 3 weeks as smooth as we can.

A list this misfit Jew can steal, print, hang on my fridge & use as a “go to” when at a loss for ways to lighten my holiday load.

A list to make our Holiday Season 2013 fun, frazzle-free and PRESENT so we can cruise into 2014 as our best & most healthy selves.

I’ll start us off.

Hanukkah ends Thursday night.

The thing is, a result of my being as busy as a COUGAR Hanukkah Harry, I realized only a few weeks ago Thanksgivukkah was year.

Upon that realization, right in that moment, I bestowed upon myself the gift certificate pictured above.

I immediately recognized how *crazy* card creation would make me (I love personalized photocards. I caint mail said-card without heartfelt note inside) if I attempted to make/mail before 12.5.13.

I immediately acknowledged, while some things necessitate holiday hecticness (preparing for company, purchasing gifts on time, decorating before Hanukkah is OVER), this was not one of those things.

I immediately gave myself the gift(certificate) of time.

It’s not an exaggeration to say, after releasing myself from that obligation, I felt as though I could b-r-e-a-t-h-e again.

I felt so *ENERGIZED* by the sweet, sweet gift of freedom I started us a list of stuffs we could gift ourselves these next few weeks.

  1. Never say YES when your heart & head is screaming NO.
  2. If you have a vacation from work dont use *all* the time for others dedicate some to self-care.
  3. (should you be a weigh’er) Bestow upon yourself a break from the scale.
  4. No! More! MUSTurbation. Do what you can when you can & shed the shoulds & oughts.
  5. Please to hit us all up with your number five below…


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  1. says

    I love number one, I really do. My number 5 would be “don’t try to see everyone” if you are traveling. From years of living away from family, we’ve learned that a trip to the homeland is overwhelming if we try to see everyone. Instead, we focus on the immediate family members and get in quality time with them.

  2. says

    I have to admit I don’t get one bit stressed about the holidays anymore…I feel like maybe i am supposed to or not caring enough about others that I don’t. But I spend my time enjoying the breaks, enjoying cooking the food, etc. We don’t do hardly any gifts anymore because I like EXPERIENCES over gifts so…wohooo I got one thing right!! ;) now I can go stress about work

  3. says

    #4 cracked me up! my #5 would be to spend time with family and friends!!!! so many people get wrapped up in “doing” holiday things and they forget to do what’s most important!!

  4. cheryl says

    I love this time of year-except for extra get togethers in the work place. I handmake all my cards each year and have some big sewing projects going on for gifts also, but I will get them done because I enjoy doing them. I will say “no” to workplace parties and scarfing of desserts. Just isn’t my style. I will also stick to my weekly workout routine-up early before work to get it in-so that I don’t have to worry about it after a crazy day with preschoolers, who are even more energetic this time of year.

  5. Izzy says

    Being flawed.
    Every year at Christmas I try and be perfect.
    I’m not perfect.
    Any time of the year.

  6. says

    Yes! You have to give to YOURSELF before you can give to others most times – or you spread yourself too thin!

  7. says

    my #5… it’s okay to not keep up. I thought about cards, then it was late. so i’m not keeping up with the jones’ this year. I’m just gonna let it go… slow down… yes

  8. says

    As you know, the MUSTerbation thing is a biggie for me. But, it’s also about saying no sometimes.

    I’ve started part-time work, but it’s been a reminder of how precious the remaining time is. The work is pretty full-on and so the two days I have off have been more important and I’ve allowed myself to have a break from ‘work’ stuff on those days.

    Such a delight.

  9. Wendy says

    This time of year can be one where I lose myself.
    I’m committing to not doing that this year.

  10. says

    While I must admit that I am secretly enjoying the potential use of playing the “C card” to keep the holidays from being too overwhelming physically, mentally it is tricky to not try and DO ALL THE THINGS and get worn down. I am learning to prioritize and pick a few things I really do want to do and the rest will just have to wait and see :)

  11. says

    I am giving myself- because I have to- time to figure out how to slow down because I seem to be running myself into the ground because after the last year I am run down physically and emotionally.

  12. says

    Because I have the mind of a 12 year old, #4 made me giggle too. OMG the holiday cards stress me out for exactly the same reason – I don’t like just signing my name. I like writing a personal note and that takes time! Holidays this year in particular are stressing me out because my whole family is coming to visit. Oy. Didn’t we just see them in Hawaii? That’s right. We did :-) PS can you email me your address pretty please?

  13. says

    Let go of the feeling that you have to recreate all of YOUR childhood traditions for your children. Pick one or two that really matter and let the rest go.

    I’ve given up the ‘need’ to bake 8 different types of Xmas treats just because my mom did. Better for my stress level and my waistline!

  14. says

    Great suggestions, though I’m already pretty good at the saying no and not overextending stuff, being pretty self-centered and all.

    My gift to myself is to relax a bit and give up the idea of finding “perfect” gifts or expecting others to have any clue what I’d like, even if I tell them… the inefficiency of holiday gift exchange always drives me nuts. But I’m going to try to give my Inner Grinch a chill pill this year and just enjoy the good parts of the season.

  15. Valerie says

    This time of year always gets extra ridiculous for me, because it seems that every single year – this year being no exception – we have a trial set in December. And every year, I nonetheless leave holiday prep till the last minute, despite my best intentions, as a result of which the turning of the calendar to December initiates a month-long panic-attack. (Literally a panic-attack, in many cases.)

    This year, I guess my number 5 is to be very, very mindful and not follow my instincts, which are always to deal with the stress by eating the wrong things, sleeping less, and generally being as unhealthy as possible because it’s just easier. Except, in the long run, it isn’t.

    So this year I’m making a conscious decision to be extra-kind to my body. I will CERTAINLY not weigh myself (I’ve sort of sworn off that anyway, as it’s about health, not weight for me these days) and I may never have time to pick up a weight or don my running shoes, but I can feed my body what it needs and minimize what it doesn’t, I can set a strict bedtime for myself, and I can be firm about early-morning time to meditate and be quiet. Things are so difficult already, why make them harder by screwing up my blood sugar, glutening myself, or depleting my body of hydration or necessary nutrients?

  16. says

    Love the number 1. It’s SO EASY to over-dedicate yourself. I’ve already said no to a couple of cookie swaps. It’s not really my thing anyway, haha.

    Also completely agree with 2. My mom is still here over a 10 day vacation, and one of my sisters wanted to have plans every single day…. I said ‘TIME OUT.’ Let’s take a day to get some of our normal things done. Mom is on vaca too and loves the time to just lay around, plus 10 days is way too long to ignore daily life chores. :)

  17. says

    My #5 – the gifts should not be the focus of the month!!!
    Trying to make sure my boys understand this concept, too.

  18. says

    My #5 was to commit to me time. Using the #wycwyc farther than exercise, what I can, where I can for the holidays..ironically, it meant adding exercise time to that. Wednesday, I start at a new fitness center…no frills, personalized, and a place to go for just ME!

  19. says

    5) Laugh. At least once every day. Keep the JOY in the season.

    And…holiday cards. We don’t even do them at all. Sometimes I feel bad about it but mostly I feel thankful that I don’t put that pressure on myself.

  20. says

    I say NO ALL THE TIME when I have to!!! I actually get a tiny bit stressed because I am such a people pleaser that I feel like I am letting people down, but in a few days I get over it and so do they and then we forget about the whole situation in general!!! Saying NO when you need/have to… That’s the best tip anyone could give someone!!!

    I have a blog post coming up on Wednesday (GASP – not tomorrow!) that details a bit more tips and tricks, because I mean… Why not follow the blogging trend that’s currently taking over, right? ;)

  21. says

    I’ve been *trying* to commit to doing only the things that I can do with absolute joy. There are some things I have to do, of course, but I try to tip the balance far in favor of joyful things.

  22. says

    I am gifting myself aloe vera gel from forever living products. It is a miracle in a bottle. Try it and you’re hooked.

  23. says

    but what if I “should” and “oughta” do the laundry?
    GAH! I’ll add that as my #5. You talked me into it, Miz. My fams will have clean clothes for the holidays. ((winks))

  24. says

    Saying no is so hard. I don’t want to disappoint people and I already feel like friends are annoyed that my fitness and health come first. Most are understanding but the ones that aren’t make me feel guilty for not dropping the gym to see them!

  25. says

    I’ll be gifting myself a week off of work to spend in my jammies playing board games and doing puzzles with my girls. There will be no guilt if I miss a workout in favour of curling up and watching an hour of “My Little Pony” or going for a family swim.