Gluten-free egg in a frame.

I am the Eggland’s Best brand ambassador and the below is a sponsored post. The topic, opinions, & and my obsession with forcing their egg-into-a-gluten-free-frame are all my own.


Once upon a time I was a misfit who was compelled to take Home Economics (seriously. just typing those words dates me. Home Ec in 2013 sounds crayray.).

I failed sewing (barely made a jacket. when done discovered Id accidentally sewn front and back together.), but loved the cooking part of class.

Or, more aptly put, I loved making Egg in a Frame.

frame? hole? it's all the GLUTENsame...

oh GLUTEN’y frame of yore.

I framed for breakfast. I framed for snack. I framed for brinner.

I framed ‘on the reg’ (as the kids no longer say) until I went gluten-free about twenty years ago.

Yet, as the child has clearly noticed, Eggland’s Best eggs have remained my fave fave food.

Even sans frame.

yes. our new dog's fave food will be dogfood...

(yes. our new dog’s fave food is dog food…)

As the Tornado grows interested in preparing her own meals—I wanted a way to share with her my Egg-In-Frame love.

Oh tattooed-ovals. I long to frame ye.

Oh tattooed-ovals. I long to frame ye.

At the same time, I sought additional ways to practice what I LONGED TO PREACH about the benefits of consuming vegetables.

This is faked. Neither of us love the raw peppers.

Neither of us really love raw peppers.

And a Gluten-Free Egg-in-Frame plan was hatched.

Something she could practically make herself & one where we *both* could harness the tastiness of Eggland’s Best eggs to lessen the green pepper flavor we dont (yet!) adore.

First I created a ‘frame’ whilst simultaneously tuning OUT the mutterings of EW! I HATE GREEN PEPPERS! from the peanut pepper-gallery.

frame made. center removed.

frames made. centers removed.


Next she demanded a photo-op.

her idea. I knew she'd NEVER bite the frame.

I knew she’d NEVER bite the frame.

I heated a splash of oil in a pan while the Tornado excitedly readied to plop in our frame.

indeed. it WAS a tad too thick.

indeed. it WAS a tad too thick.

Next I embraced all my motherly “you’ll burn yourself” fears and let her plop her own tattoo’ed oval in the frame:

cooking can be empowering!

cooking can be empowering!

We cooked for the length of a Beiber song (about three minutes).

I smile. You smile.

I smile. You smile.

And then we flipped (both out that it was working and over the egg):

dang. you purdy!

dang. you purdy!

After approximately ten minutes total (from whole pepper to final framed egg) we were done:

Egg in a Pepper Hole!

Egg in a Pepper Hole!

And, if we say so ourselves, it was gluten-free egg in a frame PERFECTION.

Now you.

  • How did you last *frame* your egg? Gluten-filled or gluten-FREE?



 Im confident we did not create this idea. After making, eating, laughing, and cleaning I did some googling.  The first to come up was MARTHA


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  1. says

    I’ve never heard it called that (we say “toad in the hole” around here) but that is an ingenious idea. Need to buy a big pepper and try that.

  2. says

    He, he…home ec. I remember that! It’s family and consumer sciences now (FACS). An improvement?

    I am trying this with my pepper loving daughter this morning!

  3. says

    I keep meaning to try this! My kids used to love having an “egg in a hole” (very fancy name) at my dad’s house. They used a cookie cutter to cut out a fun shape from bread to make the hole.

  4. says

    i think my husband would fit right in at your house. He LOOOOVES his eggs. Every day, any way! And i do too. But he’s pretty passionate. In fact, he wants an egg sponsor for his racing. haha. i will try this, you know i LOOOOVE

  5. Olive says

    Carla this is GENIUS!!!
    I’m not gluten free, but am looking to lessen bread consumption.

  6. Renee says

    Did Tornado really put your husband’s favorite as Reeces??
    I wonder what my daughter would say my favorite foods are!

  7. says

    My best friend’s mom used to make “eggie-pies” for us as kids! She used a slice of bread with a hole cut in the middle!

  8. Eva says

    I was at the grocery yesterday and saw Eggland’s Best and immediately thought of you, Carla!!

  9. says

    I do love eggs. And this idea rocks. Now if only I enjoyed the egg and pepper combo. I love peppers, but raw and alone.

    I’m excited to hear about the puppy!

  10. Andrea says

    Growing up my grandmother would make me “birds in a nest” and to this day it’s still one of my favorite comfort foods. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of using the pepper instead of bread. Will definitely have to give it a try.

  11. says

    Love this! I saw our local newscaster use a tomato as a frame (they had fun holiday recipes every day leading up to the holidays) and I thought that was a fun take on the bread part too.

    I also still say Home Ec and sitting Indian style…

  12. says

    Dang that’s a great idea! You would make a great home ec teacher (I know it dates me, but I still love the economics part of the phrase because running a household is so much more than cooking and sewing)

  13. says

    Great minds! I have a recipe for these on my blog too.

    I also like to cut a pepper in half and BAKE the egg in it in the oven.

    EGG LOVERS we.

  14. says

    Growing up my Grandma would make “toast on an egg.” As a struggling to go Gluten-free adult, I WILL try this. Thanks for sharing…looks yummy.

  15. Kera says

    I love this!
    I bought a few “egg cookie cutter” options when I went gluten free and my whites always run out of the cutter.
    Go Carla!!!

  16. says

    Try rainbow colored peppers, the red, orange, and yellow. They taste much better than the green. You might also try slicing rounds out of and cutting the seedy center out of larger seeded items like eggplant.

  17. says

    Oh – I want to try that!! I never liked the framed eggs because the bread always seemed soggy (ick!!). But, the pepper frame? Perfect!!! You are genius!!

  18. says

    Ohhh…just as soon as this chest/head/death flu leaves, I am totally gonna try this.

    I’ve never been a bell pepper fan, but lately, cannot get enough of them raw. I like the red ones best, though. Weird how things change.

  19. Ashley says

    Wow, I regularly dice up peppers to put in my scrambled eggs but I had never thought of framing an egg with a pepper! I’ll have to try it. Thanks!

  20. says

    In case I haven’t mentioned lately – you are an AWESOME mom. You do so much cool stuff with her and she will remember cooking with you forever. I still remember that I was my mom’s “Official Toffee Stirrer” every holiday

  21. says

    I failed sewing in Home Ec… and I did poorly in cooking cos I tasted the yummy stuff and wouldn’t eat the healthy stuff!