Creating a personal mantra.


When I first began meditating I mocked the notion of a mantra.

I now *cringe* at how I made fun of what I perceived to be jibberish syllables—the thing is back then I simply didn’t understand.

And then I meditated.

I attempted to quiet my monkey mind and quickly realized I needed more tools than just brute force (<—you’d think I’d have already learned that never works).

And I surrendered to the notion of a meditation mantra.

And it worked.

And then other challenges entered my life. 

From moving to mascot being (claustrophobia! claustrophobia!).


Life-challenges where I wasn’t meditating–yet now knew a mantra could help carry me through.

And my personal mantra was born.

I’m hanging at Venus’ place today sharing my tips & trips for creating personal mantras and would love for you to join in the conversation there.

You *know* I’m hoping she pops in and shares her fitness/tennis-mantra tips as well.

(settles in and waits…)


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  1. Runner Girl says

    I love how real you are and that you’ll admit you made fun of the personal mantra!
    Great article over on Venus’ blog, too.
    I love you guys are partnered.
    She’s BRAZEN :-) like you.

  2. Izzy says

    I love your tip about how we have to use it and our mantras grow more powerful from use!!

  3. says

    I love your new mantra – It’s just a hard pose.
    I also like what you said about making it something you would say anyway.
    I tend to say “suck it up” a lot but I’m not sure how positive that really is. Might have to think about a nice positive mantra!!

  4. says

    I also tend to think that mantras are a bit wanky… but, at the same time I can appreciate the need for something to calm, clear and (more importantly) direct my mind.