I’m a CHIMP.


If I could *choose* to be a CHIMP Id either be one of Jane Goodall’s or one of the Tornado’s.

The former being understood & heard on an emotional level while the latter immediately clothed in bright apparel & have ears lovingly pierced with fancy hoops.

I’d be a happy chimp either way.

Alas, my CHIMP’ing is neither scientific nor fancy.

I’m choosing to be a mail chimp.

A this kind of chimp.


(He’s no David Greybeard)

You see, to have hung with me from the start is to be highly aware technology is not my friend.

And yet?

Unlike men, toxic friends and bad shoes—I have trouble breaking up with it.

Unlike all else in my life I stick with the bad relationship technology until it misfires to such a vast degree I’m forced to change my approach.

Which brings me back to my CHIMP’itude and the fact many of you have pointed you used to receive my posts by email and do no longer.

(drops to knees, wraggles fists at sky and shouts: Whhhhyyyyyy?!)

Which forced me back to examine the reason I initially rebelled against being a CHIMP

I’m a storyteller not a newsletter maker.

I spend my days offline meeting & learning about people around me—not online creating compelling content around how! to! become! a! better! you!

sidewalk yoga

New poses not newsletters.

I’ve realized, however, even if I still choose to dance write as though no one is watching reading–it would behoove me to facilitate some easy reading.

(Yep—late to the realization soiree.)

And a Misfit-Chimp was born.

  • Easy sign up delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Easy confidence I’m not in newsletter-creation game.
  • Easy Carla-ask because if you’re here you’re already aware of my style.

Enter your email (quite literally and easily here below).

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    • Liz says

      I do enjoy review blogs, but not when they are disguised as anything other than all sponsored posts.

  1. Healthy Mama says

    I used to get your posts from I think it was feedburner, but I don’t any longer.

    I hate technology sometimes too LOL

  2. Nina says

    I can’t find the post that goes with the yoga in chalk and wanted to send to a friend.
    Can you find it for me?

  3. Holly says

    Have you read the articles about blogs turning more to content than sponsored reviews?
    What do you think about that?
    Do you think story writing will take over?
    Is there hope for me LOL

  4. says

    Awesome, Carla! We use Mail Chimp (he’s so cute!) for our Survive & Thrive events but I’ve never used it for my blog. I don’t think I was ever intentional about driving home my RSS or feedburner or whatever it is – I never looked into it! I might look into Mail Chimp instead if you don’t mind me using your idea, especially now that we’ve expanded! 😀