Travels with Charming: equine-style.

The post below is sponsored by KURGO.  The fact I cannot stop myself from handing the reigns over to Charming *and* my LOVE of their stuffs is all my own.

kurgo harness


When last we spoke I was getting used to my new harness

I cant lie–please don’t tell my owner roommate–I love my harness

I feel safe, secure and the RED makes my fur look ahhhmazing—but I digress. 

Ive more pressing matters at hand paw.

Today I got dressed and just knew something out of the ordinary was going to happen.


My owner roommate had on jeans (she does not wear these on the reg), she filled her backpack with odd stuffs, and crammed the car with coolers and poop bags.



The next thing I knew my harness was affixed to a strappy thing  (owner roommate note: that would be a seat belt) and I was connected to the seat.



To my surprise instead of feeling constrained and less…Charming: I felt free! 

Free to relax, free check out the scenery and FREE from worry about falling or flying through the air. 

My owner roommate is NOT known for her ability to brake gently.



I was tethered.  I was safe.  I still had room to relax and hang with my BFF friend Marge. 

I still had no idea where we were headed.



As soon as we stopped—I made it the entire way without a pee break BTW!—the big biped leaped from the car and greeted the sunshine with glee.



She was overjoyed. 

I was nervous. 

Where were we? Why were we there? Why was my little biped roommate shouting in delight?!



For once I was thrilled to see my six foot leash

Long enough to give me sweet sweet freedom—but not too much.

What the HECK is that large animal I see in the distance?!



Seriously, Lady.  You’re cute and all but QUIT POSING.

I think there’s something SUPER SCARY behind us!



Yep. Terrifying.  Look at those BRAIDS!!!



Why is the little roommate so fearless? Doesn’t she see the beast above her?!



I’m so out of here. A-SAP!

I have an idea!

Lets go back to the car and you can strap me in!!



Are you ready to leave? It is scary here!!

What?! You love it? You want to *play* with the big creaturebeasts?!

Fine.  I’ll watch from afar.





…and steal some of the Beast’s water from a’close while he’s distracted.



Go brave little biped go!!!



Speaking of which Ive had fun, but I’m wiped out.

Perhaps it is finally time for us TO GO! as well?




 (cue dreams of couch-lolling and bully stick gnawing)




Charming is a five month old goldendoodle.  He enjoys his new freedom after being fully vaccinated, getting brushed and pretending to have swagger when he’s really a mama’s boy puppy.


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  1. says

    Charming’s adventures have begun! I love the idea of the car harness…Tori thinks she belongs on my lap while I’m driving. Not really ideal!

    • Alfie says

      I love that too AND how you know the importance of keeping him safe.
      Rock on Carla and Kurgo!!

    • Carla says

      I was totally shocked he doesnt chew!! I wonder if it is because he’s been tethered in the car as long as he can remember?
      I wasnt as smart with our bullmastiff–I shall blame ignorance–and he was crazy while I drove and if I stopped and got out (even for a MINUTE to pop something in the mail box) he was in the drivers seat…

  2. Rita says

    Fantastic pictures and such a fun post.
    We never restrain our Golden when we drive, but we probably should.

  3. says

    We definitely to get the seat belt harness for TL. So glad Charming is hip with the on the reg lingo. (Love the pic of Tornado feeding(?) the horse)

  4. says

    We have something very similar for Sasha and while she doesn’t LOVE it, she tolerates it. That last picture with Charming’s paw reaching toward Tornado…precious!

  5. says

    I love me a labradoodle – they seem so happy. My Brittany Spaniel hates being put in her harness, maybe it’s not as comfy as this one — need to check ’em out.

  6. says

    OMG, LOVED this from beginning to end! Like reading a story for fun!!! Pics – always love but really love & that last one – PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. says

    My dogs are such a mess in the car. I have done the harness thing and I have 2, I’m just lazy. Must. Stop.

    Love Charming :-) I’ve had dogs that were petrified of horses, it’s rather entertaining to see their confusion. ‘What are those huge things and why are you not scared?’

  8. Hannah says

    That last photo is priceless.
    I don’t have kids so my dogs are my kids.
    They are always buckled.

  9. says

    Charming really is charming!!! I had no idea that such a strap existed – what a great way to keep your pet safe!!
    And – look at the Tornado – she looks like a pro!!!
    Sweet picture of the tired pals on the trip home!!

  10. says

    Matthew hates the harness (which as a trained service dog is totally surprising!!) but stays right at our side on a 6′ leash, but since he comes nearly EVERYWHERE with us, I need something to secure him in the car. But….our car is too small for him to have his own designated seat. Therefore, he lays on the floor under the kids feet in the back. I need a much bigger car.

  11. says

    While i don’t have a dog, i now know what some relatives and friends who do have dogs will be getting for Christmas.

  12. says

    …and now I’m thinking… Child Harness. Ya know, for walking the kid around the mall… ain’t the first time I used one. It was necessary.

  13. says

    Oh my goodness I love this. I must do a Teddy post too! His new thing now is putting the leash in his mouth while I walk him…so it’s almost like he’s walking me lol I see as, we are walking together 😉

    I’m so happy you got a Doodle :)

  14. says

    I love the idea of a harness. I never used one with my husky and although he doesn’t jump around like a puppy anymore I wonder if he would be safer with a harness? Is it too late to start using a harness if a dog is already 3 years old?