Start spreading the news…


She’s leaving today!

And she knows now.


Work for mama.



And, being the misfit I am, I’m not here to seek guest posts (I do love me some real-time, real-life blogging)—but purveyors of F.W.B. and lottsa distractions to bother the husband while we’re away.

  • Any takers?
  • Any NYC-with an eight year old tips?
  • Any fave things or sights we should not miss?
  • Any chance she wont see the musicals and run off to join the traveling shows?


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  1. MamaBear June says

    You might want to be careful about whom you ask to distract your husband! 😉 I have wanted to go to NYC with my daughter SOOOO badly for SOOOOO long. She’d bought tickets to Lady Gaga’s concert there and plane tickets for herself and her brother, then he got sick. I had a broken foot, so Dad agreed to go, but the TSA wouldn’t let us transfer the ticket in son’s name to Dad’s. 😛 A last minute ticket was way more than we could swing right now, so she had to cancel. And I was in agony that we couldn’t make that trip together. I hope you guys have a FABULOUS time and I can’t wait to see the pics! I’ll be living vicariously through you!

  2. says

    I know you guys will have a terrific time!!! I just love NY, wish I lived closer I’d come hang out with ya :)

    • Carla says

      AWESOME. We are seeing it and my parents saw in london, too, and loved it. WHich surprised me as Id thought it was just for kids!

  3. says

    Go to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate. There might be a long wait, but it’s yummy! Since the weather will be nice, visit Central Park and check out FAO Schwartz. Lots of fun things to play with :) For dinner, take her to Carmine’s for family style Italian that is delicious: Enjoy your trip!

  4. says

    YAY, so excited that you’ll be coming to my city!!! As far as healthy food goes, you definitely have to check out Juice Press for juices/smoothies, Candle 79 for incredible healthy vegan food (if you’re into that), Buddakan is a SUPER fun restaurant, Peacefood Cafe, Jivamuktea Cafe…. and you’ve absolutely got to watch the sunset from the Hudson River on the west side :) have an incredible trip with your little one!



  5. says

    Have a wonderful time – so excited that y’all get to go back and this time she knows in advance!! Enjoy every second!!

  6. says

    I’ve traveled to and from NYC a total of 5 times in my lifetime, three with just my Mom and once with my whole family.

    Take her to the MOMA, there is so much for even the littlest of people to be fascinated with there. The statue of liberty and ellis island is a great opportunity to talk about history — and if you buy tickets online you can skip the line.

    Fifth avenue, the toy store there near the park is epic, and the park itself is not to be missed.

    I’m a Broadway nerd, but they almost always have something playing that was originally a Disney movie.

    Finally, Times Square. Have fun!

    All my favourite trips to NYC have been with my Mom. Really great memories.

  7. says

    I think everyone in the world wants to experience Newyork, at least once their lives. I haven’t been myself, but definitely will someday. Have a great time :-)