Forget LEAN-IN how about CHANGE-IN (guest post)?


As a busy mom, do you feel like you juggle a bazillion tasks before lunchtime?

Then, it feels like every day is filled with managing your family’s schedule while somehow getting stuff done.

With all of this activity, you would think it is easy to change.

I used to think that I could handle change.

Until I lost my job after 10 years of work. It devastated me. After all, it’s one thing to seek out change. It’s another to be a victim of it.

Have you ever struggled to understand a big change in your life?

Whether it was job loss, divorce, health complications, or family emergencies, life is guaranteed to throw a monkey wrench at us. Those are often the moments when we are least equipped to handle change.

Those are also the moments when we should actively seek change!

When I was a teenager, I saw an Oprah show with a guest who could write with all four of his limbs. Yes, the man could write with not just both hands, but also both FEET. What an odd and unnecessary skill. It intrigued me.

I spent that whole summer trying to write with all of my limbs. I

t wasn’t easy, nor was my writing entirely legible. But, I did it.

That small change impacted how I approach everything in life.

That small change also helped me lose 100 pounds.

Losing 100 pounds requires completely changing how you eat and move.  But, I took the same approach to losing weight as when I taught myself to be ambidextrous (ambi-pedous?).

Instead of focusing on my end goal, I took small achievable steps that I practiced and perfected every day.

None of that would have been possible if I had just said, “No, it’s impossible!”

There might be things in your life that you feel are impossible. It is only through small and unnecessary change that you can allow yourself to believe.

I never believed I could lose 100 pounds.

I did believe I could write with all limbs.

What small change can you make today?



Jennifer is a former fat girl who is dedicated to helping busy working women achieve weight bliss without counting calories or joining a gym. She works to inspire women to make small changes through her speaking and writing.


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  1. Carla says

    what you can when you can.
    and knowing thats enough.

  2. says

    I love the concept of small change. Makes it all doable, you know?

    And seriously on the writing with all four limbs? That’s just too cool!

  3. says

    You’re so right, once you accomplish something that is “impossible” its as if you’ve broken down a wall and you can take your life to the next level. There was a study done about Olympic track athletes and how no one had broken a certain record. But, once that record was broken then all of the sudden everyone started breaking through that once held “record.” And today it’s just expected that people will beat that time. What everyone once thought was once “impossible” is now something that everyone believes in their hearts and mind as ” possible.” Lol was it Audrey Hepburn that said “even IMPOSSIBLE has the words I’M POSSIBLE.”
    – Great post!

  4. cheryl says

    I have changed jobs/school districts about four times-don’t remember how many schools I have worked in and people/parents/kids I have worked with over the last 38 yrs. but have embraced every change thrown at me. You are only given what you can handle and makes you stronger I believe!
    Messy divorce, raised daughter myself (while working full time), ballet mom in the evenings and on weekends, own my house, put daughter thru college single handedly, moved her to Chicago this year for a Master’s program, training for my 119th triathlon and 8th swim from Alcatraz… I love the challenge of change!

  5. says

    I can feel the changes in the air! Thanks, ladies, for your great comments on my article :) A special thanks to Carla for posting it. I really do believe you can have it ALL, just not all at once. Kudos to Runner Girl and Cheryl for persevering through marathon training and raising a child single-handedly. I am humbled by such excellence.

  6. says

    Oh my gosh! I love that you were inspired to teach yourself to write with all of your limbs. And that you did lose 100 lbs even though you thought you never could.

  7. says

    Noting’s impossible in life – I really believe in this – If man walked on the moon, then woman can lose weight!! All it takes to lose weight is the real desire to do so and to remind ourselves about all other achievements that we as humans have made so far – the best way to plan to lose weight and stay lean is to program to do the right things each day and every day – we all know being overweight can be harmful to our health as well as not being able to have the ideal figure and looks for most of us. So be determined to get rid of all the excess fat off your body and make sure you will choose a healthy diet or supplements to aid you if you really have to.

  8. says

    Very motivating post right here! I agree that we shouldn’t focus on the end goal and take for granted the journey that we have to endure to get there. It begins with a single step. Without that first step, reaching the end goal would be impossible. Nothing changes overnight, we have to work for it and get used to it. Changing a lifestyle is not just about THE CHANGE itself, it involves changing your perspectives and your habits as well. Great post!