Three ways I’m Miss. Piggy’s doppelgänger.


Movies and musicals are our thing.

We see most everything and have done so since the Tornado was about two.

We get excited before movie releases, count down the days, and usually go opening weekend.

Shrek the Musical to The Wind Rises.

A month or so ago the Tornado & planned to see the new Muppet Movie.

On the afternoon we’d decided to go it was raining.


The sort of rain where there’s no hope of remaining dry even with an umbrella, raincoat and boots.


Even the canines donned slickers.

For the first time *ever* I tried to talk the Child out of seeing a movie.

I tried to negotiate my way out of having to leave the house.

Let’s find a movie on iTunes and snuggle on the couch!  We can make popcorn!

I tried everything—she wouldn’t budge.

I knew she hated the rains as I did—-but she really, really wanted to see Muppets Most Wanted.

Ever the ROCK STAR Mama I sighed heavily, We donned our rain coats & rain boots & grabbed our soon-to-be-wind-whipped-inside-out umbrellas and headed to the theater.


Stripped of our rain-gear SELFIE!

The child devoured the movie.

No popcorn, no bathroom breaks, no fidgeting devoured.

She sat rapt the entire one hundred and seven minutes (!).

I spent the film’s running time thinking:

Great google moogly I AM MISS. PIGGY!!

The Muppet Show had been an integral part of my childhood and my introduction to the concept of curmudgeons.

I’d starred as Kermit the Frog my  school’s presentation of the *first* Muppet Movie.

I currently sang a bastardized version of Man or a Muppet to The Chairman daily.

I’d never realized how alike Miss. Piggy and I were until that rainy, movie Saturday.

Allow me to give you a peek into my soggy AH HA! filled brain.

3 reasons Carla and The Piggy are doppelgangers:

  • No matter what happens I know I rock.  No matter what transpires Miss. Piggy KNOWS she’s a badass.   Things not go my way? It can not be about me—I rock. Rejected from a position/submission? It can NOT be my abilities—-it MUST be about them/what they’re looking for!  My confidence–and that of the Pig–comes from within.   It may be misplaced at times (a fact I freely acknowledge) but it never originates from/is changed by what happens around me!


  • I’m verrry assertive.  Yes, Miss Piggy is a hyperbolic puppet character.  Yes I fear wonder if I’m not precisely as she is in my real non-celluloid life.  I’m assertive.  I lay out and ask for exactly what I want.  Piggy & I speak our minds unapologetically.  Neither of us see any benefit in sitting back and waiting to see what life has to offer.  She karate chops if she doesn’t get what she desires—I just back up, reposition and try again.


  • I’ve chosen not to be Mrs. The Frog…in the same way I believe she’d remain Miss. Piggy, too.  Mine wasn’t a feminist statement—it just was not who I am.  It never really occurred to me to change.  I am Carla Birnberg.  I loved someone enough to partner for life—yet it sounded almost ludicrous to me I’d change my last name to match his.  It’s not who I am.  And it’s not who Piggy is either.



Mister the Birnberg and me.

More than anything what Miss. Piggy and I share is a choice of confidence.

We both choose to be unapologietically ourselves.

Each moment of every day in all interactions no matter what life tosses our way.

And you?

  • Now that you stop and ponder are you & The Piggy alike?
  • Parent or one who brings kids to movies: at what age did you leave them alone in the theater because you’d drank so much Diet Coke you were desperate to pee so you could use the restroom?



you and the pig?
at what age did you leave yer kids and go pee?


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  1. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama says

    Miss Piggy is definitely one brazen chick…er pig. I love all of this!

  2. says

    I can totally relate to one of Ms Piggy’s quotes “don’t eat more than you can lift.” . . . . Thankfully, I’m pretty strong and I can lift a lot!

  3. Runner Girl says

    I laughed out loud at this, Carla.
    I will never be Mrs. The Frog either.

  4. says

    We really wanted to see movie this but didn’t. I really hope I can see it on one of my upcoming airplane trips. I had a Miss Piggy doll/puppet (?) when I was a kid, so I must have seen something in her even back then!

  5. Liz says

    I was dragged to this movie, too, but I napped LOL.
    Next time I’ll watch in your honor.

  6. says

    Being like Miss Piggy is a good thing! She’s one cool pig! My boys are 6 and 8 and I still won’t leave them to pee in the theater. I make sure to go right before the movie and then I don’t drink anything during the movie. In desperate situations they are just going to have to come with me. Lol!

  7. Ida says

    For me it depends on the theater.
    In our little town I will leave the girls and go shopping (ok not quite but I do feel that OK with their being alone) but in the city?

  8. says

    Very creative, Carla!

    I really liked the Muppets also! I’ve even used a picture of Miss Piggy as an “after” in one of my surgery lectures.

    My favorite was Elmo! I’ve been very saddened at his puppeteers failings.

  9. says

    Definitely not her.. too much crap & insecurities from the youth & early adulthood that I am still trying to overcome at 56…

    You are lucky to be her!

  10. Jessica @EatSleepBe says

    I’ve always loved that character. The photo of your face on her image? Hysterical.

  11. says

    I loved miss piggy growing up. I had this sweet miss piggy christmas ornament and it to this day is one of my favorites. I was definitely a lot like the pig as a kid, lost it in my teens and 20s, and definitely getting back there. I ask for what I want now, because I know people are not mind readers. :)

  12. says

    Love that you embrace your unalpologetic MissPiggyhood!

    I’m kinda more the cookie monster myself. Nom nom nom nom.

    (But as an aside, one thing I’ve always disliked about the muppets was that at least back when I watched it there was only ONE female character in the whole large ensemble, and it drilled into yet another generation that male is normal and female is “other.” And on the episodes I remember, we were urged to identify with kermit–Miss Piggy was portrayed as a vain and silly character who was more of an irritation than someone to admire. I think only later did she get more relatable. But that’s my cranky feminist take on the show, I know most people love it.)

  13. says

    That first picture made me laugh – quite a look!!!
    I don’t know if I ever even thought about Miss Piggy before – I haven’t even seen all of the Muppet stuff.
    Now I need to think about if I’m like her or not – pretty sure there are some similarities:)

  14. says

    Miss Piggy has been a favorite of mine since she was introduced as a character. The highest compliment we could pay to our amazingly awesome 9th grade English lit teacher was that we called her Miss Piggy, and she loved it.

    Once a child is old enough to know under what circumstances to shout for help if mom steps out to the restroom, and would be willing to do so if the need arose, s/he’s old enough for mom to step out to said restroom.

  15. Michele says

    Odd. I’ve always seen Miss Piggy as a looks-obsessed, shallow, conceited, man-chasing loudmouth. She’s always been my least favorite Muppet, and I love the Muppets. The qualifies you admire in her, I don’t see at all.

  16. says

    I cannot express satisfactorily my love of Miss Piggy, my passion also goes back to childhood. The hair toss, the voice, her capacity to love a green frog…I could go on.

    In a hilarious turn of fate, I too spent the later half of this most recent Muppet movie in mortal pain because I feared leaving my nine and five year old daughters alone while I visited the blessed bathroom (it was a Daddy deserves alone time kind of event). Honestly, next time I might just go for it.

  17. says

    I am like Miss Piggy because I rock the turquoise blue eye shadow and tons of black eye liner.

    And I occasionally karate chop my hubs.

  18. says

    We’re not movie people so I have no advice. Even when my kids went to the movies I pawned it off on someone else. Because no one pauses the movie while I pee and it’s cold in there. You are a brave, brave soul.

    I don’t think I’m Miss Piggy. I’m more like Waldorf…sitting on the sidelines and making snide comments to whoever will listen. :)

  19. says

    Love that…no matter what happens, I know I rock! That kind of confidence will get you places Miss Carla! My nickname growing up was Skeeter. (another muppets reference)

  20. says

    Okay so first of all those pictures are pretty much the most amazing thing I have seen all week.

    And I love everything about this post. I especially love your Miss Piggy lessons. I always loved her as a kid – glamorous, sassy, independent, and unapologeticly herself Kind like someone else I know!

  21. says

    Love it!

    I’m very independent, like Miss Piggy, myself.

    I can’t remember how old my kids were when I started leaving them alone in the movie theatre. Probably fairly young, it’s a pretty contained location. I know I started letting them go to the movies with their friends at around age 12… Matinees only, and I dropped off and picked up inside the theatre. That didn’t happen often, though. My kids’ friends always liked me and wanted me to come along anyhow.

  22. Sandy says

    Miss Piggy is the best role model! She has confidence in spades and is always fabulous!

  23. says

    haha at your pics. hehe. I’m gonna watch that movie when it’s released on Amazon. But no popcorn, though?? That’s tragedy!

  24. says

    Not Mrs. The Frog <- Is me also.

    If you'd asked me, I would have said that I did not have a strong sense of Self…But somehow changing my name when I got married did not make sense to me. Marriage? All for it. But changing my name felt like becoming someone else and that felt wrong. Twelve years later: still happily married, still happily me. :)