Im your second best friend.

Fitbloggin' 15

A few months ago, I had what felt like a momentous conversation with a friend. We were messaging fast & furious on the Book of the Face (something I try never to do as I envision a Zuckerberg-glitch spontaneously making secret tidbits public) following a long discussion-thread on my personal wall. I'd started the thread in an effort to find a yoga retreat and, as a result of poor ... Continue Reading



A friend recently shared this thought with me: You need an intermission to reconnect with your mission. More than growing defensive (a reaction I've *finally* learned indicates someone has completely captured something about me I wish to avoid)--I immediately realized she was right. These next few days will be my intermission of sorts. Stuff to sift through. Musings to be ... Continue Reading

Girls wearing bikinis.


competing.  one of FEW bikini-clad moments. It was the summer after senior year of high school and the start of those months where I lived at home under parent-rules, yet knew I'd soon be gone and creating my own. I can't remember why I involved my mom in the bathing suit shopping (typical teen wanting to wrangle her into paying? honestly looking for an opinion?), but decades after that ... Continue Reading

12 hours of YES!

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YES! It's a donut eaten with a spoon. About two years ago I came up with the idea of gifting my Child 12 hours of YES! (If by "came up with" you mean I'm sure other parents do this which I do. The older I get the more I realize there's nothing new under the sun.) Our initial YES! Day was born out of the realization I'd been on a NO-rampage. Some NO's! stemmed from a desire to keep her ... Continue Reading

Creating community through CRAPPY dinners.


When I first discovered Friday Night Meatballs I was heading back to Oakland from Austin. I was in-flight, clicking around on spotty wifi, when I stumbled upon Sarah Grey's article. My first reaction was: This is brilliant! I am SO doing this when we move back to Texas! It was August '14. I knew we were returning to the ATX. I wasn't (yet) allowed to widely share. As a result, ... Continue Reading

My four types of friends.

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My funky friend fun shoes! The musings below came to me attending at conference for women. The event focus was on social media but, ever the misfit, attending prompted me to step back my greater social experience. To consider my introvert status against the backdrop of meeting so many new people at once. To realize I'm dependent on different varieties of friends for different ... Continue Reading

4 questions I ask my daughter each day.


summer walks = best time for talks. I'm not one to assume people by nature are duplicitous. I'm am, however, consistently surprised how transparent people are when offered opportunity to reveal themselves. When one is silent and listens kids will people will share everything. Everything which, at times, includes "turning themselves in." Allow me to back up and bring you into my misfit ... Continue Reading

Who is your safe person?


What feels like a lifetime ago, Austin was the land of unflagging sun. During our first stint living here I rarely checked the weather forecast as it was always the same. Sunny. Sunny. Hot. Hot. (To that end I donated my rain boots when we left the Bay Area.  I'm a moron that way.) It seems I've either become Rain-Elsa (a thought which intrigues me) or the climate of the ATX has shifted ... Continue Reading

What if it all went away?

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Gratitude is a tremendous part of our duo's day-to-day living. A constant focus. It's not so much the Child has gone through an ungrateful stage (yet?)----I just believe in focusing before the potential fall. On prophylactic gratitude if you will. We have a lot for which to be grateful. A lot. An embarrassment of riches with regards to opportunities and experiences. Because of ... Continue Reading

Structured procrastination.


Structured procrastination. I stumbled upon this term, coined by John Perry, and immediately fell in love. Not only did I finally have a name for how I lived, amazingly enough it included the s-word. A word I'd never dreamed would be applied to the way I conduct my life. Structured procrastination. At first, paralleling the way I approach my To Do list, the two words seemed an ... Continue Reading