Ive found connection.


A few months ago this image made the rounds on social media: Image created by Sweatpants & Coffee. I want the sweatshirt. The picture & its text brought to mind when I taught playground yoga in Oakland to wiggly second graders. It reminded me how the kids struggled to be still (they were monkey mind […]

An introvert outside her comfort zone.


This post has rattled around in my head for a while.  It crystallized recently as we edge toward book release and I’m repeatedly shoved from my zone of comfy. And finding it exhausting. Once upon a time, I was chatting with the Foodie McBody pictured below, when she remarked: You know, people say you’re like […]

Strong just is.


There’s been discussion recently about a photographer who, according to the articles, is teaching her daughters Strong is The New Pretty. As the story goes, Kate Parker was prepping for a gallery show when she realized all her strongest images were of her daughters. Her daughters simply being themselves. Brave, dirty, confident, messy, strong. Thanks […]

I owe nothing to other mothers.


For me it was shaving my legs. I can’t remember how old I was, but I do remember pulling on my overall shorts (hello ’70s), looking down and thinking. It’s time. Ever impatient, I decided it was quite literally “time,” grabbed scissors (?) and attempted to trim off my leg hair. When this didn’t provide […]

Are we as sick as our secrets?


Out & proud with the SecretStroller. Secrets are complicated. As with much of life they never felt complicated until I went from single, to married, to mamahood. Some were fun (don’t tell Mom but for her birthday I got her…). Some were not so (don’t tell Mom and Dad, but I didn’t get that job….). […]

The first signs of wings.


Since we’ve moved back to Austin the Child and I have been like frick and frack. I think it’s like this in most two adult households with kids. One parent has more flexibility and, as a result, has more interaction time with the child/children. I love my work and am grateful I’ve been able to […]

I loathe the phrase binge watching.


Once upon a time, as a practicum during my Master’s degree, I worked with college students. Mainly freshman women, but as word spread of our chats & hangouts (oops) I often ended up with a mixed aged group all chatting about the same thing: Food & body image. Years later, in a land far away […]

Im lonely.


I was skimming through Instagram recently when I spied a quote which stopped me dead in my tracks (an overused phrase, certainly, yet captures my reaction exactly). We’ll get to the quote in a moment, but first let me back up. I’m lonely. Have I mentioned that lately? Lonely. Lonely. Lonely. I’ve got that lonely […]

In favor of snap judgements.


We’ve talked about the fact I’m working not to be judgmental. I’ve not walked miles any shoes save my own (I may think I know what theirs feel like—I have no idea). For me, however, judging is different from intuitive living. Passing judgement is not the same as trusting our guts & going with the […]

How much do I charge?


where the magic happens. The other night the Child had a meltdown of sorts. It wasn’t either of our best days, a few misplaced words turned into an explosion of words and only hours later did we both entirely calm down. (Charming, proving canines are indeed smarter than humans, ran downstairs and “hid” on the […]