Tricep dips in a wheelchair.

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If you’re squinting at the photo above and uncertain what it’s supposed to capture—then you’re precisely as I was. The Child and I were walking around Oakland, enjoying one of her last days of summer, when she grabbed my hand and shouted: WOW, Mama.  Look!!! He’s super strong! Here’s where I share the fact, while [...]

What’s your one book on the shelf?


my personal first aid kit contains a fave! We all have self- definitions. While this can be a limiting thing for the sake of today’s navel gazings post it’s not. For today lets choose to view our collective self-definitions as merely information on how we see/view ourselves. A chunk of my self-definition includes the fact [...]

Keeping up with pop-culture.


Once upon a time there was a misfit who devoured pop-culture. She loved trashy magazines. She was a fan of PEREZ back in the *day* when he was Page Six Six Six (anyone else remember that?). She used to joked (awkwardly she can now see with that 20/20 vision of hindsight) she had a BA, [...]

A long period of applause.


Mine would involve snacks served on skulls. The other night I watched as stars were interviewed on their way to the Emmys. Back in the *day* (AKA pre-Tornado) I used to camp out on the couch and watch the entire red carpet event. I snarked about the dresses.  I mocked the hair-dos.  I devoured each [...]

Use your gifts.


Once upon a time the Tornado was in first grade and was assigned the teacher everyone warned us (and her) away from. You want anyone but Mr. X!! He’s really tough on kids and parents. I was apprehensive but went into the whole experience with an open mind. To my surprise and delight she loved [...]

I am anxious.


Lately, to most anyone who will listen, I’ve yammered about how anxious I feel. “I know why,” I share to people who’ve most often already stopped listening.  “It’s because I’m living in the future.  I have lots looming ahead and I’m continually trying to figure out how it will unfold while simultaneously trying to be [...]

Does closing comments turn blogging into lecturing?


If you’ve read me over the years you know I’m a fan of the closed comments. Ala the now ubiquitous *drops the mic* when employed infrequently it can be a powerful blogging tool. Are you asking your readers to participate in a hair-brained scheme which is, essentially, giving them an assignment? Close the comments! Are [...]

Musings on enjoying the process.

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I don’t know what the blog version of FAKEBOOKING is—but, in rereading this post, I think I accidentally did it. It’s not that I wasn’t excited to get a book deal (those who know me well know this is a process I started back in 2000), I just knew–unlike my beloved fiction writing–getting a “deal” [...]

What 3 words would OTHERS use to describe you?


This flashback post is sparked by the interaction above.  As we move toward book release this post is more applicable than ever. A couple of months ago I stumbled upon this post at Mommalogues. I rarely visit the site yet when I saw a tweet containing the link/teaser below it snagged my attention. What three [...]

Everyone has a hard.

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(to The Chairman this is a hard) Ive long known everyone has a hard. Ive long believed in and been a champion of the quote: Recently Ive been more reminded of this than ever. Recently a few women—merely in passing and in the most matter of fact of ways—have shared their hard with me. I’d [...]