What are we giving ourselves this year?


  Ahhhh. If you live in the USA you may still be feeling the, uh, repercussions of the Great Thanksgiving Stress-Out. Family, travel,  food, schedules thrown off, routine replaced by mayhem. No matter where you reside or what you celebrate we’re all thisclose to being knee-deep in holiday frenzy. I’ve shared my grown-up tips for […]

Are you improving on the silence?


It will come as no surprise to anyone I do not rock the silence. I can (my masters degree in counseling taught me the skill of “sitting with the silence“). I try (I vow 1829 times a day to just *listen* when it comes to having difficult conversations). Silence is not my natural state. I […]

Venus and I are decluttering.


Click the OWL! Click the OWL! People, the time has come. I vacate this domicile in a grand total of TWENTY MORE DAYS (!). It was lovely to ponder JOY and finite space—but it’s time to get down & dirty. It’s time for hardcore, no nonsense de-cluttering. Ive dragged Venus in. Come join us.   […]

Im weary of the have a healthy holiday! stuffs.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.40.39 AM

We may fill our FANCY cups with ice water…or GINGER ALE! Ahhh People. I know it’s that time of year. I know it’s important to lead by example and share our best tips & tricks for navigating the holiday temptations, avoiding the pit falls and saying NO! The thing is? Quite frankly? In the vein […]

Adoption messages.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.36.09 AM

May 2006. For the first few years of this blog (back in the MizFit days when the tagline was …at the CORE we’re all the same.) I never mentioned the Tornado’s adoption. A smattering of readers came with me from my previous Guatemama blog. More than  few readers (Id imagine? no one ever said anything) […]

Does this go in my container?


ATX to OAK and BACK AGAIN? Two years ago I ransacked our house and decluttered. Top to bottom. Broken Barbies were smuggled out in the dark of night (hell hath no fury like a seven year old whose fractured toys are tossed away). Kitchen gadgets Id “hoped” to learn to use, but which were still […]

Great TEXTpectations.


I grew up during the heyday of note passing. I passed notes to friends when bored in class (what should we wear tomorrow? wanna match??). I passed notes to boys I liked (this was how I learned the timeless lesson now provided by platforms like SNAPCHAT *all* things are permanent and can be shared.  behave […]

Shedding good habits.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 6.59.41 AM

This originally started as a blog post all about the health benefits of raking leaves. When the idea came to me I grew overly filled with zeal as, back in the ATX, I had no such leaf raking opportunities. It had been 20+ years  since I’d last scraped up the fall stuffs (LONG before I […]

How do you make introductions?


Meet my friend, T. She makes others feel EMPOWERED. Back in 2001, after only a few weeks living in Austin, I was invited to join a women’s group. I wasn’t aware when I agreed to join how phenomenally successful & smart the women were—–I was just glad to be included and eager to make friends […]

Must we put others down to feel better about ourselves?


(Francis may view my tattoos as mutilation.) Today’s thoughts mesh perfectly with my post about women and OLD-talk. This is not the post Id planned to share. Slotted to share was a blog where I waxed eloquently about Halloween, my love of skulls, and why I fret *not* about candy-consumption or label-reading. That was the […]