Lolloping along.


When I first started blogging I spent lots of time responding privately to comments. Instead of replying in the post's comments I'd email people and share in a more intimate fashion. Doing otherwise felt awkwardly presumptive (who on earth makes it a priority to return my blog comments to see if I've answered a question/chimed in?) and, even back when I wrote mainly more about fitness, the ... Continue Reading

Disrespecting the day.

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I wake up happy. My coffee is ready and waiting.  I'm guaranteed a slice of silence before the Child & her canine companion awake. There is, for me, tremendous promise in the dawn of a new day. I have no idea what's to come and it could be fantastical, fabulous and greatly unexpected. In that sense I'm a true optimist.  I greet each gift of 24 hours with an overwhelming sense of ... Continue Reading

Currently, Lately.

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Once upon a long time ago I wrote a series of If we had coffee... posts. Led to the idea by Journey of a Dreamer (it seems she's lost credit for the concept?), it felt a fun way to share stories about my life. For a little while. I mused about dogs in carts and being an Orange Rhino and a child who was feeling not-ten-but-not-four. And then it seemed over. For me. (I'm a misfit ... Continue Reading

Her voice is part of the silence.

parenthood tv, Team Braverman

Well, it's happened again. As we've chatted about I'm either first to the party or the last one to arrive to the soiree shouting: Hey! Anyone else still here?? As with Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights and Nashville---I've succumbed to a marathon (not a binge!). As a result,*I* now wanna chat about something from which everyone else has moved on: Parenthood. I watched the discourse on ... Continue Reading

46 years mitzvahs. 46 years.

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We're a family who strives to live the notion of service being the rent we pay for living. More than caring about what our Tornado of a girl chooses as a career-path, whether she marries etc we are focused on seeing she's grateful, giving and realizes "there but for the grace of G-d go I" with regards to her fellow humans. Two years ago, after watching bloggy friends perform good deeds in ... Continue Reading

Im a Creative Giant.


(CLICK ME! CLICK ME!) Lately I've thought a lot about not allowing fear to hold me back. About disempowering the emotion and NOT letting it place my excitement on P-A-U-S-E. And then Charlie Gilkey invited me to be a guest on his Creative Giants podcast. I was honored. I was excited. I was paralyzed by the fact Seth Godin & Chris Brogan had been podcast guests, too. I ... Continue Reading

Compliment Clubs.


You rock that bandana! A friend sent me an article about a group of women who've created a Compliment Club. Ala the movie Fight Club (book by the awesomely quirky Chuck Palahniuk) the women created rules for a group whose sole purpose was showering others with compliments. The article goes into detail yet over-archingly the message is this: When you show up authentic you create space for ... Continue Reading

A BRAZEN flashback

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What already feels like a lifetime ago I journeyed to NAPA for the Zooma Race series. I came. I swam. I saw. I posed. I presented. I walked. And while it all was amazing (I loved loved loved walking the 10k!!) my fave facet was the opportunity to get B.R.A.Z.E.N. in front of a group of runner-woman. I LOVED ME SOME S.M.A.R.T. GOALS. Back in the day. Back in the 1980's when they ... Continue Reading

Everything I never knew I always wanted.


Oakland is one of these things. I'm a movie person. I should probably say was--motherhood got a hold of me and changed me from a 2 movies a weekend-woman to 2 non-child movies a year mom--but during my intermission I decided to change that. One of my realizations last week was I need to reintegrate lost pieces of my self-definition and shed those which aren't working for me. But I ... Continue Reading

Im your second best friend.

Fitbloggin' 15

A few months ago, I had what felt like a momentous conversation with a friend. We were messaging fast & furious on the Book of the Face (something I try never to do as I envision a Zuckerberg-glitch spontaneously making secret tidbits public) following a long discussion-thread on my personal wall. I'd started the thread in an effort to find a yoga retreat and, as a result of poor ... Continue Reading