Are we as sick as our secrets?


Out & proud with the SecretStroller. Secrets are complicated. As with much of life they never felt complicated until I went from single, to married, to mamahood. Some were fun (don’t tell Mom but for her birthday I got her…). Some were not so (don’t tell Mom and Dad, but I didn’t get that job….). […]

The first signs of wings.


Since we’ve moved back to Austin the Child and I have been like frick and frack. I think it’s like this in most two adult households with kids. One parent has more flexibility and, as a result, has more interaction time with the child/children. I love my work and am grateful I’ve been able to […]

I loathe the phrase binge watching.


Once upon a time, as a practicum during my Master’s degree, I worked with college students. Mainly freshman women, but as word spread of our chats & hangouts (oops) I often ended up with a mixed aged group all chatting about the same thing: Food & body image. Years later, in a land far away […]

Im lonely.


I was skimming through Instagram recently when I spied a quote which stopped me dead in my tracks (an overused phrase, certainly, yet captures my reaction exactly). We’ll get to the quote in a moment, but first let me back up. I’m lonely. Have I mentioned that lately? Lonely. Lonely. Lonely. I’ve got that lonely […]

In favor of snap judgements.


We’ve talked about the fact I’m working not to be judgmental. I’ve not walked miles any shoes save my own (I may think I know what theirs feel like—I have no idea). For me, however, judging is different from intuitive living. Passing judgement is not the same as trusting our guts & going with the […]

How much do I charge?

where the magic happens. The other night the Child had a meltdown of sorts. It wasn’t either of our best days, a few misplaced words turned into an explosion of words and only hours later did we both entirely calm down. (Charming, proving canines are indeed smarter than humans, ran downstairs and “hid” on the […]

Life is a special occasion.


Ive recently discovered I’m kind of a hoarder. Not so much of things purchased–but of all things any things which have absolutely *anything* to do with the Child. Things we bought while living together in Guatemala. belt, bag, booties, hat = hoarded. Things she’s made for me and subsequently wanted to use/play with herself: ┬áno. […]

I don’t believe in writer’s block.


The other day a friend of ours brought up the notion of bloggers & writer’s block. Unaware my life is Groundhog Day she asked, when I touched on a topic similar to one I’d before, if I were blocked: Her comment sparked a few thoughts. First, as I’ve learned about myself with assertions that aren’t […]

I’ve chosen quantity over quality.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 1.48.19 PM

We’ve established I’m not a foodie. I do, however, have enough foodie-friends to be aware of the debate over quality of food (locally sourced, takes time to prepare) versus quantity of food (I think of this as volume eating). I’m no social media guru, yet I’ve been pulled into the quality versus quantity debate there […]

My personal first aid kit.


Since I was in college I’ve had a personal first aid kit. Back then I definitely didn’t refer to it as such (& lets just say its contents may not have been as healthy/positive self-care as they are now)–but I definitely possessed one. (apparently my kit included a curling iron) I’d redo my personal first […]