A day in my life.


My initial thought when I decided to join the Day in my Life link-up was: I can’t imagine anyone cares what I do all day/what my routine looks like? And then, like some sort of law of attraction, I began to receive a flurry of questions from friends online and off. How different is your […]

Gilmore Girls reinforced my mothering.


(our fancy ONLY for use while G.G. viewing cups.) Once upon a time, 15 years ago (!), a little show named Gilmore Girls was launched. I was a happy newlywed living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and cared NOT AT ALL about the WB channel or its offerings. Flash forward fourteen long years and I’d […]

2015’s word is silence.

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Last year was all about the truth. talking sharing nudging others to talk stopping the Fakebooking sharing our hards. I talked and talked and talked. *We* split wide open. *We* were candid about our struggles & the unspoken truths of our lives. We rallied to support each other rather than tear each other down (except […]

The world is full of nice people.

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post-race celebrating with Oakland friends. It’s the first day of a new school. Again. Third elementary school by third grade for those of you playing along at home. And the thing is, while it entirely feels like kinder all over again to me, so far the Tornado seems fine. She’s more excited than nervous. She […]

Before you go out on New Years Eve…

texa classic shoes

I’m wearing my PARTY SHOES! Stop and consider, again, how you will introduce your friends to each other. Before I go out this New Years Eve I’m pausing and considering precisely how *I* want to be introduced. In the most wonderful of ways, the words we choose to define others impact the way they view […]

What are we giving ourselves this year?


  Ahhhh. If you live in the USA you may still be feeling the, uh, repercussions of the Great Thanksgiving Stress-Out. Family, travel,¬† food, schedules thrown off, routine replaced by mayhem. No matter where you reside or what you celebrate we’re all thisclose to being knee-deep in holiday frenzy. I’ve shared my grown-up tips for […]

Are you improving on the silence?


It will come as no surprise to anyone I do not rock the silence. I can (my masters degree in counseling taught me the skill of “sitting with the silence“). I try (I vow 1829 times a day to just *listen* when it comes to having difficult conversations). Silence is not my natural state. I […]

Venus and I are decluttering.


Click the OWL! Click the OWL! People, the time has come. I vacate this domicile in a grand total of TWENTY MORE DAYS (!). It was lovely to ponder JOY and finite space—but it’s time to get down & dirty. It’s time for hardcore, no nonsense de-cluttering. Ive dragged Venus in. Come join us.   […]

Im weary of the have a healthy holiday! stuffs.

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We may fill our FANCY cups with ice water…or GINGER ALE! Ahhh People. I know it’s that time of year. I know it’s important to lead by example and share our best tips & tricks for navigating the holiday temptations, avoiding the pit falls and saying NO! The thing is? Quite frankly? In the vein […]

Adoption messages.

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May 2006. For the first few years of this blog (back in the MizFit days when the tagline was …at the CORE we’re all the same.) I never mentioned the Tornado’s adoption. A smattering of readers came with me from my previous Guatemama blog. More than¬† few readers (Id imagine? no one ever said anything) […]