I wore my #wycwyc tee out.

whatever I can do & WILL DO is enough.

I caint lie. I rock the #wycwyc at home. Yep. I used the R-word. I almost find it easy (now) and simple (since it’s become habit) only because it’s been the backdrop to my life for so many years. More specifically for almost nine years (guess who turns nine next month?). I rock the #wycwyc [...]

Wanna be my BFF?

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 1.48.19 PM

(No idea who originally said this. I just love it.) Once upon a time I was a tiny misfit about to enter kindergarten. According to family lore (retold so many times I’m convinced I remember it happening) I expressed this trepidation to my Mom. “Here’s what you do,” she instructed me. “Find someone you like [...]

It’s OK to wish Mamahood away.


Who wouldn’t wanna SAVOR these two? Last Saturday morning I leaped out of bed with an enormous To Do list. I had a few things I knew must be checked off by 530a (hold me) or I’d not be where I needed in order to slow down once the Child and The Chairman were awake. [...]

Is there a happiness set point?


Our 2013 gratitude jar commitment has continued longer than I’d dared to hope. Quite frankly I’d envisioned the project as something Id have to nudge the Tornado to grow enthusiastic about. To my surprise, she’s usually the instigator of our gratitude moments. Sometimes she sneaks off into her room and writes/paints/draws her gratitude and brings [...]

The self-fulfilling prophecy.


Lately Ive been a nostalgic Mama. Less than pining for times gone by (windshield not review mirror!) Ive more been watching the (no longer much of a) Tornado, considering who she was and marveling at who she’s growing to be. As  much as she’s changed—nine next month. when did that happen?!–in so many ways she’s [...]

Is FITSPO inflammatory?


CLICK MY TATTOO! CLICK MY TATTOO! Are the FAT to FIT!!! photos designed to make you feel poorly about yourself? I’m at SHIFT CON. Chatting about my Thirty second FAT TO FIT transformation! & speaking about the diminishing power of FITSPO in our healthy living community. At least *I* hope it’s diminishing. The rest of [...]

Meet my friend Melvin.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 5.37.40 AM

I smile each time I walk past this sign. The husband shared recently how much he’s seen me change since we moved to Oakland. “In the 21 years Ive known you (!) the only other time Ive seen you change so noticeably is when you moved to Guatemala.  You left Texas as Carla, took on [...]

The way you do 1 thing is the way you do EVERYthing.


do you give to YOURSELF what you offer others? I like to be on the cutting edge of everything. I like to be the first to know.  An “early adopter.” Always always the first on trend.  Unless I’m the last. Rereading the above it sounds as though I’m being hyperbolic—I’m not. While it’s entirely unplanned, [...]

The lies we tell ourselves: part one.


Oakland.  I had no idea Id love ye. The below is a flashback! post. The below is not out of laziness—it’s the first part in a 2 part series.  This piece was written right before our move to Oakland.   Ive thought a lot recently about the lies we tell ourselves and the various ways [...]

Teaching GRIT.


I’ve yammered endlessly about my approach to parenting. Practice what you long to preach. I’ve harnessed its power for fitness, mindful eating, doing unto others, the importance of friendship etc. I spare the child (most of) the lectures, choose to lead by silent example and hope it works. Which bring, again, to our friend in [...]