Whats wrong with average?


The photo which started it all... The Child and I have been going through old pictures. Everything from Great Grandparents to Mama back in the olden days. Pre-child. Pre-marriage. She discovered a stack from when I was in college and immediately remarked how different I looked. She couldn't come up with words to capture precisely how (I think she was too sweet to point out my current ... Continue Reading

Are girl squads the new cliques?


Birthday party, Mr. McFeely & Girl Squad?  I don't remember much from elementary school when it comes to friendships, exclusivity and cliques. I don't have memories of girls who weren't friendly or who closed ranks of cliques and left me on the outside. Do you recall any of that? I once asked my mom. I don't, but I wonder if it's the benevolence of memory? You were lucky, she ... Continue Reading

Starting my second life.


the night of my 30th birthday.  I have a number of friends---apparently I hang with a younger crowd--who've turned 30 this year. For many of them the transition from 20's to 30 has been challenging. A sense of leaving the freedom of youth behind and of the fact it's time to (finger quote) buckle down (unF.Q.) and commence adulting. or any day, really... 30 for me didn't feel like a ... Continue Reading

What book should be on my shelf?


my personal first aid kit contains a fave! We all have self- definitions. While this can be limiting at times, for the sake of today's navel gazings post, it's not. For today we are going to choose to view self-definitions as merely information on how we see/view ourselves. A chunk of my self-definition is I'm a voracious reader. A piece of my self-definition is: I struggle to find ... Continue Reading

Im no ringmaster.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 4.26.02 AM

This re-post is dedicated to a group of women who, on those days where I feel as though Ive been thrust into the Ringmaster role, rush to remind me it isn't my circus. (this is her monkey) I know this is a crazy week for many of us USA types. It seems we are all a bit frantic.  Some are off on vacation with, hopefully, more time spent frolicking than online. Others are trolling ... Continue Reading

Skinny shaming.


A few months ago I was asked to speak on a panel about fat shaming and skinny shaming. To say I wasn't all that excited would have been an understatement. I felt ill-equipped to address the gravity of fat shaming. I'd experienced through my clients. I'd not experienced it myself. And skinny shaming? A term that’s used to describe the act of degrading or insulting someone for being ... Continue Reading

Repetition is the key to mastery


this took repetition for me to re-master at 46. (photocredit 9 year old) When we lived in Oakland we had a marriage counselor whose name auto-corrected to Dr. Creepy. Remember, we have Dr. Creepy today!  Dr. Creepy called... That tidbit is only tangentially related to my post, yet each time I think about it I smile. So I share it with you. Currently, Lately I've realized (thanks to ... Continue Reading

The way you do one thing is the way you do EVERYthing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 5.40.46 AM

do you give YOURSELF what you offer others? I like to be on the cutting edge of everything. I like to be the first to know. An "early adopter." Always the first on trend unless I'm the very, very last. I'm rarely in the middle with most anything in my life. I'm always at one end or the other. First to know or *last* to find out. And, for now, I'm OK with that as it keeps my life ... Continue Reading

You shouldnt bowl fruit.


I know it's not a popular sentiment, but I'm ready for summer to be over. It isn't even so much the child-at-home thing either. MomCamp rocked & even our a/c dying during the first triple digits of the year was an adventure thanks to her attitude. Ive made poor decisions (when did I think camp which necessitated I send a daily *kosher* lunch was a good idea?), coupled with the fact ... Continue Reading

Lolloping along.


When I first started blogging I spent lots of time responding privately to comments. Instead of replying in the post's comments I'd email people and share in a more intimate fashion. Doing otherwise felt awkwardly presumptive (who on earth makes it a priority to return my blog comments to see if I've answered a question/chimed in?) and, even back when I wrote mainly more about fitness, the ... Continue Reading