Does this go in my container?


ATX to OAK and BACK AGAIN? Two years ago I ransacked our house and decluttered. Top to bottom. Broken Barbies were smuggled out in the dark of night (hell hath no fury like a seven year old whose fractured toys are tossed away). Kitchen gadgets Id “hoped” to learn to use, but which were still […]

Great TEXTpectations.


I grew up during the heyday of note passing. I passed notes to friends when bored in class (what should we wear tomorrow? wanna match??). I passed notes to boys I liked (this was how I learned the timeless lesson now provided by platforms like SNAPCHAT *all* things are permanent and can be shared.¬† behave […]

Shedding good habits.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 6.59.41 AM

This originally started as a blog post all about the health benefits of raking leaves. When the idea came to me I grew overly filled with zeal as, back in the ATX, I had no such leaf raking opportunities. It had been 20+ years¬† since I’d last scraped up the fall stuffs (LONG before I […]

How do you make introductions?


Meet my friend, T. She makes others feel EMPOWERED. Back in 2001, after only a few weeks living in Austin, I was invited to join a women’s group. I wasn’t aware when I agreed to join how phenomenally successful & smart the women were—–I was just glad to be included and eager to make friends […]

Must we put others down to feel better about ourselves?


(Francis may view my tattoos as mutilation.) Today’s thoughts mesh perfectly with my post about women and OLD-talk. This is not the post Id planned to share. Slotted to share was a blog where I waxed eloquently about Halloween, my love of skulls, and why I fret *not* about candy-consumption or label-reading. That was the […]

Is OLD talk the new FAT talk?

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 5.40.46 AM

Once upon a time there lived a Misfit and her Mini-Me. Our Misfit was all about taking up space in the world, being big, strong and HEARD. Her Mini-Me, while only 8.75 years old, appeared to follow suit. She, too, loved being brazen strong. She knew she was her own superhero: She loved the SIZE […]

I wore my #wycwyc tee out.

whatever I can do & WILL DO is enough.

I caint lie. I rock the #wycwyc at home. Yep. I used the R-word. I almost find it easy (now) and simple (since it’s become habit) only because it’s been the backdrop to my life for so many years. More specifically for almost nine years (guess who turns nine next month?). I rock the #wycwyc […]

Wanna be my BFF?

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 1.48.19 PM

(No idea who originally said this. I just love it.) Once upon a time I was a tiny misfit about to enter kindergarten. According to family lore (retold so many times I’m convinced I remember it happening) I expressed this trepidation to my Mom. “Here’s what you do,” she instructed me. “Find someone you like […]

It’s OK to wish Mamahood away.


Who wouldn’t wanna SAVOR these two? Last Saturday morning I leaped out of bed with an enormous To Do list. I had a few things I knew must be checked off by 530a (hold me) or I’d not be where I needed in order to slow down once the Child and The Chairman were awake. […]

Is there a happiness set point?


Our 2013 gratitude jar commitment has continued longer than I’d dared to hope. Quite frankly I’d envisioned the project as something Id have to nudge the Tornado to grow enthusiastic about. To my surprise, she’s usually the instigator of our gratitude moments. Sometimes she sneaks off into her room and writes/paints/draws her gratitude and brings […]