What 3 words would OTHERS use to describe you?


This flashback post is sparked by the interaction above.  As we move toward book release this post is more applicable than ever. A couple of months ago I stumbled upon this post at Mommalogues. I rarely visit the site yet when I saw a tweet containing the link/teaser below it snagged my attention. What three [...]

Everyone has a hard.

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(to The Chairman this is a hard) Ive long known everyone has a hard. Ive long believed in and been a champion of the quote: Recently Ive been more reminded of this than ever. Recently a few women—merely in passing and in the most matter of fact of ways—have shared their hard with me. I’d [...]

B.R.A.Z.E.N. goal setting (S.M.A.R.T. goal update).


What already feels like a lifetime ago I journeyed to NAPA for the Zooma Race series. I came.  I swam.  I saw.  I posed. I presented. I walked. And while it all was amazing (I loved loved loved walking the 10k!!) my fave facet was the opportunity to get B.R.A.Z.E.N. in front of a group [...]

4 Tips for taking criticism without falling apart.

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  I’ve been slammed with How did you get a book deal?! emails the past few days. While this isn’t the how per se—it has tremendously helped me both in that endeavor and life in general. Writer-Carla circa 2000. As a healthy living community we rarely chat about the learned skill of taking CRITICISM. We’ve focused [...]

We got a book deal! ((tosses #wycwyc’fetti))


As I sit here–blank post open on my blog dashboard–I barely know where to begin. I’m grateful. Grateful for the fact, once upon a LONG time ago, a blogger I admired (& was almost afraid to approach) agreed to do a guest post for me. Almost exactly six years ago today. This was back in [...]

Not my monkeys.


(this is her monkey) I know this is a crazy week for us USA types. It seems I’m the only one working we’re all off on vacation with, hopefully, more time spent frolicking than online. For that very reason I shall keep this brief. As terse as I can while still sharing the MONKEY MOMENT [...]

When saying YES is selfish.


(reminders around house help) The other day I had a conversation with a friend. Her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and we were talking through how that might impact her daughters’ summers. “We’re around all summer,” I said.  “Don’t hesitate to call!  I’ll always say no if it’s a bad time.” My friend sat [...]

Consciously uncouple with me?


Moulan & Ken shall NEVER uncouple. Disclaimer: This post was inspired by the blogger: Beginning Anew. We’ve previously established I’m *all* about this quote: It just makes sense. All we can do is what we can do so that’s PRECISELY the action we should take and do (do be do be doooo). It’s the message [...]

Why I’m awake at 4 a.m.

Do I need more of this?!

We’ve previously established I sleep like a toddler. I’ve bravely asserted I’m not sleep deprived!! and can continue my WONKYways for a few more months years. I’m up at 4 each morning and sound asleep by 10. When asked (and I am repeatedly) and I share that pattern the most common response is: Wait, but [...]

The secret of my success.


   my success box. I may be a misfit & oddly comfortable in my swiftly-wrinkling skin, yet even I hesitated before hitting PUBLISH on a post bearing today’s title. Success is such an odd word. One woman’s definition (money, fancy home, fast cars, unlimited access to high quality jerky) may look entirely unlike anothers (free [...]