PLAYout not WORKout: hopscotch (video post).


httpv:// Then, as so frequently happens, the student  surpassed… the teacher. UPDATE: Friday’s phone call/teleseminar was really fun. Thanks to all of you who joined us/asked questions live. You can listen to the recording here. How long? Im not sure as it’s not my technology….

Motivational MatchUps & Two Fit Chicks (video post).


Yes, People. It’s time for a new PODstallment of Two Fit Chicks & A Microphone. Please to click the image below & enjoy the Your Questions Answered! ride… If you signed up for a motivational partner you should receive an email containing your partner’s email address at some point today (*cue excitement*). Here are a [...]

MizFit Motivational Match-ups are back…

with a twist. If you listened to the latest Two Fit Chicks podcast then youre already well aware how important I believe accountability partners are to goal achievement/overall life success. If youre a lifer up in herre a long time reader then you’re well aware that we’ve done the MizFit Motivational Match-Ups twice already. I’ll [...]

To stretch or not to stretch: there is no question (video post).

Video thumbnail for youtube video To stretch or not to stretch: there is no question (video post). - MizFitOnline

httpv:// Now you. Do you make time for stretching? Or are you like I am was & tend to make that the first thing you trim from your exercise routine when pressed for time? Are you a ballistic stretcher even though many sources say not to stretch this way (I have friends who *swear* by [...]

MizFit PINK Monday Facetime (video/giveaway post).


httpv:// Who inspires YOU? Do you fall into the I’m awed by the woman down the road who bravely fights breast cancer without all the hooplah (and life-ease) fame brings along with it camp? Or are you, as many are, inspired by famous individuals like Christina Applegate, Edie Falco, Melissa Etheridge, Olivia Newton John, Suzanne [...]

Monday Facetime: your questions answered (video post).

Video thumbnail for youtube video Monday Facetime: your questions answered (video post). - MizFitOnline

This one is all about you. Three of your questions and ones which I think we’ve all had at one point or another. Hanlie asks: How do I determine which weights are right for me?  I realize that anything too light will not produce results, but I don’t want to hurt myself either. httpv:// RickyRae [...]

A case of the Mondays (video post).

Video thumbnail for youtube video A case of the Mondays (video post). - MizFitOnline

What did I learn from the below? I can hold my flip camera out in front of myself and video on the go. Rest is highly UNDERRATED (and this from a woman who rates it pretty highly!). The people at the Life Cafe (That’s a shoutout to you Lifetime Fitness!) think Im a nutjob. Please [...]

Fall Fitness.

I decided that since it’s only a day off for all of us USA’ers Id still do a post. That way, should you reside in the USA (*and*have the day off as not all of us do), you mightcould skim, snag some tips &, git to living life (not reading about living). Should you live [...]

Big Dietary Changes One Small Step At A Time.

This post is all about you. The collective you. The greater you who fill my in-box (which I adore) with your questions about health, fitness, tattoos and more. Recently Ive been receiving variations on this question a *bunch*: I’m ready to change my eating habits and don’t want to do a diet (I’ve done ww [...]

Bloopers & Random Facetime Monday (video post).

Video thumbnail for youtube video Bloopers & Random Facetime Monday (video post). - MizFitOnline

Because really.  Who hasnt asked themselves at one point or another: What is Miz’ favorite children’s book? httpv:// Would she be wholly, utterly and COMPLETELY inarticulate if *grabbed* at BlogHer and commanded to talk about her CORE on film for  The Juice. Does she ever employ the television (that’s a shout out to you Sid!) [...]