I introduced the Cadbury Creme Egg to the USA.


Once upon a time I meet a boy. He was different from others I’d dated—in myriad ways—one being he frequently told me he couldn’t wait for our “honeymoon period” to be over. I like the time when I’ve heard all the other person’s stories and start to hear them all for a second time. To [...]

Start spreading the news…


She’s leaving today! And she knows now. Broadway. Work for mama. Broadway. Back. And, being the misfit I am, I’m not here to seek guest posts (I do love me some real-time, real-life blogging)—but purveyors of F.W.B. and lottsa distractions to bother the husband while we’re away. Any takers? Any NYC-with an eight year old [...]

Reflections on my first 5k (Tornado guest post).


We’ve chatted about whether it’s OK to blog about our kids.  I asked the Child if I could blog our 5k.  She flatly informed me she was putting it on *her* as-of-yet-unnamed blog (runjolly.com or mizfitjr.com).  She agreed to an interview until her site is up.  Good crap I love this child.   Let’s start [...]

I’m a CHIMP.


If I could *choose* to be a CHIMP Id either be one of Jane Goodall’s or one of the Tornado’s. The former being understood & heard on an emotional level while the latter immediately clothed in bright apparel & have ears lovingly pierced with fancy hoops. I’d be a happy chimp either way. Alas, my [...]

Merry Misfit’mas!

Look Ma! Im #1!

After my recent ramblings about Christmas fatigue–it surprised Oakland friends we trekked to see Santa and plop on his lap. The thing is, while we don’t celebrate the holiday, Santa holds a special place in my heart. More specifically photos with Santa. Ive written about the Tornado’s adoption and shared how she resembled a Buddha [...]

What’s in your bra?

gum, keys, debit card.

This post is inspired by too many people and blogs to cite. Too too many to give adequate link-love. From SHAPE Magazine to my fave Coco there have been an abundance of “whats in your gym bag?” or “whats in your purse?” posts. And, seeing as Im the consummate misfit, each time I spy one [...]

Blends. Blogger friends. Whatever you call them…


Once upon a time there was a blogger lady whom I knew—but not too too well. I liked her writing.  I wished I possessed her knitting skills.  I COVETED HER CRANIUM (she.one.smart.protein-cookie.) And then my birthday arrived.  And then said blogger lady emailed me a you tube link. A link to her sharing a familial [...]

Happy EXERCISE like a pirate day!


To know our misfit trio is to know today is one of our FAVE DAYS and an occasion we celebrate with WILD abandon. We have pirate costumes. We have pirate tattoos (of the temporary & the not-so variety). We have a family flag of the pirate’y persuasion. We have pirate’y cold weather leg coverings.   [...]

Venus Williams….

inspires me with her tenacity & drive. is a tremendous trailblazer for our next generation of girls reminding them STRONG JUST IS. is the living embodiment of an UNSTOPPABLE woman. invited me over to her place today to SHARE MY WHY. made my year day.