Fitbloggin’ bound.


YES! we can go to Build a Bear.   YES! we can try on big girl prom dresses.   YES! we can have Gilmore & mama-shake for dinner.    YES! you may come to Fitbloggin'   ... Continue Reading

Dance, Doodle Dance!


Life is too short to not STOP, UNPLUG, and DOODLE DANCE for a DAY. A video posted by Carla Birnberg (@carlabirnberg) on Mar 12, 2015 at 4:43am PDT I need this. The Child always thinks she needs this. This how we will fill our HOTHOT Wednesday. And you know us--we shall call it cardio. ... Continue Reading

Charming the Therapy Doodle.


 I'm training to be a what?! A long time ago in a land far away, a Goldendoodle name Charming entered our lives. He was a recovery-canine of sorts for the Child (after a rescue effort gone awry) and the two quickly became inseparable. yep , we did the stroller to avoid Parvo. They played together.  She hauled him all over California. He became her ever-present sidekick. He was unflaggingly ... Continue Reading

“Im saving these until youre dead…”

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 4.06.36 AM

"Mama, I've decided something." "I'm going to save all these.  I'm going to save them until you're dead." "And then I'll show them to my children.  And they will be passed down...what's that word..." "Oh yes. They will be passed down through generations." "But only, definitely, after you're dead."   ... Continue Reading



  I love marketing. I love branding. I love trying new things. I LOVE throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. For those reasons, I was unable to resist trying Thunderclap for our book release on May 5th. What the heck is Thunderclap? (Thanks for asking!) The best way to explain it is to liken it to an online flash mob.  A group of like minded people sharing the ... Continue Reading

10 ways to support a friend’s book release

what you can when you can #wycwyc

Because you rock I've received this comment/question a bunch lately: I want to help with your book release, but I have no idea HOW. What can I do? Because I always need everything laid out for me (tell me precisely what you need, please) I've decided to do that unto you. Ten ways you can help promote a friend's book release. 1. Pre-order.  Simple, fast & easy--pre-ordering is far more ... Continue Reading

How to get your child to gobble healthy foods.


Lately we (the Royal. the 'social media we') have been chatting a lot about PUFFER FISH. How I've gotten the Child excited about it. Why I don't just puree, sneak & call it a win. Today I'm hanging over at Venus Williams' place and sharing my why. Revealing my getting-the-child-to-consume-healthy-stuffs-happily how. Join me?     Eleven by Venus is, indeed, a ... Continue Reading

A #wycwyc book trailer casting call (<—this means you!)


my mantra. my anchor. I may have mentioned at some point how Roni Noone and I have a book coming out soon (wink). I may have mentioned (or not? no wink.) how this has been an overnight success fourteen years in the making (yep. that's how long Ive had agents, not sold manuscripts, pitched, created proposal packages, almost sold, not sold etc). I'm sure I never mentioned how one facet of the ... Continue Reading