Venus, you looked STRONG out there today!


(“photo” credit: the eight year old.) I felt strong, Carla! I’m in awe at how you juggle three tennis balls without breaking a sweat!  That’s amazing! Thanks! Ive worked really hard on this skill.  It took me forever to master, but now I rock it. Yep. I’m hanging over at Venus’ place today and we’re [...]

The tattoo stories

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To my chagrin I had no idea yesterday was National Tattoo Day.  I be celebrating up in herre today. And yes. Just possibly. Definitely maybe. With a tiny new piece of ink. When people ask about my tattoos (why did you get them? do they mean anything? will you regret them?) I respond: For me [...]

Go 4th and treasure.

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The seemingly small moments: she’s obsessed. The moments which can feel…never ending. she’s angry (?). The lollipops at 8 am moments. she’s happyhappy. Check out the world around you.  She’s fascinated. Allow your JAW to DROP. she’s amazed. Go forth, savor and treasure. She’s in.  I know I am. (comments closed.)  



enroute to Fitbloggin ’13. This year I wont be able to attend our family reunion Fitbloggin. (I’m gonna sit with that for a moment and drag you in with me. It’s the first one Ive missed. I was there at BlogHer back in the DAY when Roni conceived of the idea and have helped/attended each [...]

BRAZEN shoe charms are here!

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Life feels crazy here these days. Hectic. More than ever I find I’m searching for mantras, meditation, and *anything* else I can think of to carry me through. Sure, it’s mostly good-crazy (news to come! news to come!) yet, simultaneously, a little terrifying. It’s type of nervous-excitement where I crave a touchstone. A tangible reminder [...]

I’m your Venus.


I lament how EARLY my child gets up, yet I can’t say I don’t love our extra time together. We play kickball.  We hula-hoop.  We color.  We chat. Lately she’s taken to asking what I have planned for my day. What will you work on, Mama, when I’m at school? Quite frankly, even as I [...]

Happy birthday, Dad!


(before) Lately there’s been lots of talk about OLD SCHOOL BLOGGING. Bloggers doing posts with random life questions or the ABC’s of life (?) and referring to it as OLD SCHOOL. For me old school blogging is something completely different. It’s a return to the days when blogging was my life laid bare.  Everything hanging [...]

I introduced the Cadbury Creme Egg to the USA.


Once upon a time I meet a boy. He was different from others I’d dated—in myriad ways—one being he frequently told me he couldn’t wait for our “honeymoon period” to be over. I like the time when I’ve heard all the other person’s stories and start to hear them all for a second time. To [...]

Start spreading the news…


She’s leaving today! And she knows now. Broadway. Work for mama. Broadway. Back. And, being the misfit I am, I’m not here to seek guest posts (I do love me some real-time, real-life blogging)—but purveyors of F.W.B. and lottsa distractions to bother the husband while we’re away. Any takers? Any NYC-with an eight year old [...]