MizFit’s AllWhites® workout (video post)

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Subtitle: I told you this post was too long! Hi Miz, I’m a newish reader and had two quick questions I was hoping you would answer: have you ever been overweight and what are some short, easy fitness tips? I want to get lean and got a little overwhelmed by all the information in Tuesday’s […]

NO EXCUSES! exercise (part one).


OK, People. Im passionate enough about this exercise that Im willing to put my misfit heart on the line and admit Im really hoping  lots of you choose to join in. You may choose to do it the way that I did. You may choose to do option two below. I just hope you choose to […]

Old news…


if you follow me on Twitter, but I did a long run yesterday and MAN.AM.I.PROUD. This whole endeavor has been an experience in trying to shed my Im NOT a runner! mentality & yesterday was no different. Life conspired against me and, as a result, I was treadmill-relegated for my ten miler. (I wont lie […]

Dr Fitness & the Fat guy, MizFit Mama-Tips & Hallmark cards.

Today Im kindasorta my own guest post. Im over here yammering waxing eloquently about fitting exercise in to busy (mama or no mama) schedules. Im up in herre talking to Dr Fitness & the Fat Guy about everything from tattoos to twitter (the link is to my segment only.  The entirety of the podcast is […]

Do the companies *you* <3 love you back?

In the scope of my blogging habits this is kind of a last minute post. (translation: preempted is my post titled What I learned at Blissdom & Why I think conferences are so important. That’s coming next week.) This post focuses on a concept which has been on my mind since I met this woman […]

Vtrim: your questions answered (part 2).

You asked. They answered some in Part One. Please to enjoy Part Two. Kristen asked: “My husband always tells me to switch up my cardio routine. He said that even though I run a lot I will eventually stop losing weight because my body will get used to that type of exercise… Can your body […]

Vtrim: your questions answered (part one).

You asked. They answered. Please to enjoy. Hi MizFit Online Readers! It’s Beth and Heather, Registered Dietitians from Vtrim Online, and we’re here with answers to your wonderful questions from MizFit’s 12/9 blog post. We were excited to see so many great questions that showed us you do not take your health for granted. Especially […]

MrsFatass Exposed (guest post).


I love me some MrsFatass, People. There.Are.No.Words. Please to enjoy hers as she joins US in the Exposed movement. First of all, a gigungous thank you to MizFit for inviting me over to her place. Can’t even TELL you what a big fan I’ve become of that hot ass in a very short time; I […]

A call for questions from Vtrim (giveaway post).

Before I let the Vtrim Peeps take over the microphone for the day (I know. I so pun’y!) I wanted to take a moment and remind/let new readers know why I’ve decided to do so. I really like & respect their work. Vermont was just named the healthiest state in the nation by America’s Health […]

Viewer mail: learning to say no (Kuru giveaway post).


I saw your tweet about drawing boundaries and saying no. I’m terrible at this and end up angry and resentful about all my commitments. I know this isn’t a workout question but wondered if you could email me back? My entire reason for starting this blog was the hope that, through sharing my experiences, I […]