Aging without fear.


A few weeks ago I shared the picture above on Facebook. It was sunny.  Charming was happy.  It was sunny.  I was happy.  It was sunny (did I mention that?). I felt content.  And, in a way I can’t capture in words, I felt like myself. I’ve experienced this so rarely lately I shoved my [...]

It’s the “Be” in Brazen that Scares Me (guest post).

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  I’ve been thinking about what it means to be brazen since Carla’s original post and call to action to live brazenly alongside her. Why do so many of us – as was seen in the comments – think of brazen as bad? To live boldly and without shame? To work in a way that’s [...]

I’m a CHIMP.


If I could *choose* to be a CHIMP Id either be one of Jane Goodall’s or one of the Tornado’s. The former being understood & heard on an emotional level while the latter immediately clothed in bright apparel & have ears lovingly pierced with fancy hoops. I’d be a happy chimp either way. Alas, my [...]

If at first you don’t succeed—quit!

women bodybuilders

PRE-SOCCER GAME MONKEY BARS TIME!   I’m here to announce the Tornado has quit soccer. (collective gasp!) And I encouraged it. (louder gasp!) The thing is I’m a big believer in quitting. A quit’advocate if you will. A woman who’s BRAZEN enough to stand up and say she DOESN’T agree with the adage: A quitter [...]

Change is Good, right (guest post)?

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 Please welcome Jenny. She’s here to chat change, life, change, blending families, change and, well, her approach to change. (did I mention she’s talking change?)   It was the 35th anniversary of my arrival on this earth. I often kid people that “Beware the Ides of March” was not warning Julius Caesar of his assassination, [...]

Two steps to a bathing suit body!

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As this time edges near I think of last yrs sentiment: 2 steps 2a BATHINGSUIT BEACH BODY. #1 Put on suit #2 Go 2beach #stopthemadness — carla birnberg (@carla_birnberg) March 2, 2014   Ive thought about the above since I tweeted it close to three weeks ago. Ive skimmed magazines, read twitter, checked out Instagram, [...]

Twitter chat 101.

These 2 contain lottsa EGGy wisdom.

I am the Eggland’s Best EGG’vangelist and the below is a sponsored post.  The idea to bring ya’ll over to the Land of Twitter is all my own. (This will BREW while we chat.) I’m one *still* who loves to hang out on the Twitters. People criticize the platform and how it’s changed as it’s [...]

Food with BENEFITS (who’s down wit’ F.W.B.?).

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(ummm. that was for PUFFER FISH but OK.) I’ve talked before about the fact we DON’T do food sneaks. We all need to do what works best for our family and, for us, *sneaking* in the health means the Husband Tornado isn’t *building* healthy habits. We are big fans of the open sneak—but that’s not [...]

The only constant is change (guest post).

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“The only constant is change” That’s not my quote, but I believe it. Once you know that the natural state of things is to evolve then change is something you may actually look forward to. Maybe I believe that because of my background. To give you an idea, I went to three different high schools, [...]